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  1. Dear Cizmo , Thank you very much , dor the teleporter , I find the mega great , if you knew how to use it ???????Could you be so kind to write an instruction manual for it ???? Because it can not be copied..and you can not tap him so that you come to where you want to go ! ..thanks babybell

  2. Happy Birthday 3DXChat Community: 9 Years Our wonderful community turns 9! We sincerely congratulate you all on this event and are excited to share what we have prepared for you. Updates A lot of great content has been added to the game this year, including: Accessory System Lovense sex toys support New sex poses, hair styles, clothes New building blocks and materials for World Editor You can find more details on all the updates here. Holiday Update (Build 436) New pants New sex poses New accessory: deer horns with and without lights New particle effects for World Editor: Snow, Rose petals, Money rain, Fireflies, Bengal lights (max 20 items limit) 17 Firework effects: room host can start fireworks (max 20 items limit) New props Portals that can teleport players and bring new game mechanics New props Trees and money Character rotation (LCtrl + Click) Bug fixes: - lipstic color on accessories - hello wave animation - save character with hat - clothing compatibility - bug of cowboy boots (f) - indicator of put on and taken off clothes in the Clothes window How to install You can update the game by simply closing and running the game again. Or download the latest build if you have issues with patch process: The latest build download link Make sure that you install the game in an empty directory Start 3DXChat.exe Discount 50% on all memberships We have decided to keep discount on all memberships to give you the opportunity to be social and keep in touch with friends in a virtual, secure world. So enjoy and stay safe Create a new account (subscription) Buy Game-Time code (one-time payment) - Gift the game to a friend Invite friends by your Referral link (You both will get bonuses) With sincere congratulations and love, 3DXChat team
  3. I really liked the recent update but Gizmo..please please add new type of denim shorts, denim jeans and plaid skirts in casual look..i really love the hoodies available as the options in tops section is fine.






  4. bonsoir  j'etais sur le jeu j'ai eu une coupure electrique du pc a mon retour le jeu m'indiquait compte suspendu et je ne comprends pas pourquoi merci par avance de votre reponse


  5. 3DXChat 2.8 (Build 435) is available now!
  6. Dear Gizmo


    can you please confirm if there is any problem if there is compatibility issue in windows 11??





  7. I agree, it would be better to do so. A separate server for tests is a good practice. I hope we'll do that next time. As for the current situation, I believe that we will fix that critical error and release an update sooner than we will deploy a new test server. Thank you for your understanding and help!
  8. Dear players, This is a bug reports topic for build 434 (public test). You can also report bugs here https://3dxchat.com/core/bugreport.php Let's make the game better together! Thank you for your help!
  9. Hello 3DX Community! We are pleased to introduce you to 3DXChat 2.8. Thank you to everyone who supported us and took part in testing The main innovation is the accessory system. Here is a brief description of it: Accessories category (Head and Body have separate buttons) Select the location point on the character's body to place the accessory Choose an accessory item Choose a color or remove an item Download You can update the game by simply running the game, but we recommend a clean install: Download link How to install Make sure that you install the game in an empty directory Start 3DXChat.exe What's new: Accessories: Earrings, Rings, Tails, Wings, Headphones (M and F); Poses; Clothes, shoes, hats; Tights and stockings; Hairstyles; New skyboxes: Above the clouds, Space; Prints on clothes and underpants; New shapes and materials in world editor; Fix compatibility of shoes and pants; Security fixes; New FPS limit options added: 75, 100, 120; Fast SSAO, HBAO 1, HBAO 2. We removed the old SSAO effect from the game because it is buggy for many players. Instead, we added 3 effects to choose from: Fast SSAO - works fast on any hardware, low quality; HBAO 1 - optimal performance and good quality; HBAO 2 - a large load on the graphics card and better quality + the effect of colored shadows. Example of the HBAO 2 effect: Known issues: We are aware of a few known issues in this release, we will address them in the next hotfix. one pair of pants don't compatible with shoes compatibility of some underpants with some top clothing Please report any bugs found in this topic Content:
  10. Hello dear Gizmo you should come times quite quickly to your duty of care and the kick option here quickly install, otherwise it will be something bad for you, because is the competent authorities will otherwise turn on and you get really bad one on the lid it can then also be good, the 3DX EU far is blocked until you have complied with the. Every other chat has that only you do not, is it really totally indifferent to you that here your players are insulted and so the mood is broken in rooms ?


  11. We are working very hard, currently we are wrapping up security improvements and almost ready to go into testing phase. Expect the update in November if all testing goes well, but keep in mind we can always postpone it if bugs are found in this phase. We will add a bunch of new content for you all!
  12. Hey @Francescoit Please use English. Thanks!
  13. Dear Players! Emergency network maintenance will be performed in our data center during the following time frame: Europe entry point: September 30th - October 1st, during 22:00 - 0:00 (UTC) Several minor interruptions are expected as well as possible short service unavailability. Join our discord to stay informed The maintenance is necessary to make our service better for you. Thank you for understanding! 3DXChat Team
  14. Welcome to 3DXChat Official discord server https://discord.gg/3dxchat There are 28,000+ members
  15. Members only Registration on the forum is available for 3DXChat members only Become a Member How to create an account? Enter Members Area Click 'Create forum account' under Link account section Please note It's possible to create only 1 forum account per member By registering you agree to the Community rules
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