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  1. 11 Years of 3DXChat: A Big Thank You! Today marks our 11th anniversary, a journey that began on December 6, 2012, with the introduction of 3DXChat. It's been years of hard work and dedication, refining the gaming experience passionately. We're deeply grateful to our passionate players who've become integral to this adventure. Your unwavering support motivates and inspires us to elevate 3DXChat daily. As we celebrate this milestone, we invite everyone to join us in the ongoing development of 3DXChat. Your enthusiasm and support make this journey rewarding, and we look forward to crafting more joyous experiences. Cheers to another year of innovation, collaboration, and shared passion in 3DXChat! We're actively working on an upcoming update, and it will be available soon.
  2. And the WINNERS are: 1st Place: MisterDJ_Amaraaaaaa (300,000 XGold + Lovense Toy) 2nd Place: Clodilla (250,000 XGold) 3rd Place: oOMaryOo (200,000 XGold) 4th Place: Thinker (150,000 XGold) 5th Place: Aiyanaaa (50,000 XGold) 6th Place: kiraXX (50,000 XGold) 7th Place: DjBlackBeautyFire (50,000 XGold) 8th Place: xComfyX (50,000 XGold) 9th Place: LeonG (50,000 XGold) 10th Place: TaoJaffar (50,000 XGold) Congratulations! Gold will be credited to all winners. And we'll email the winner of the Lovense Toy to confirm details. Thank you all for participating, good luck next time
  3. Please include Voice and Webcam for GroupChat.

    Discord is way too complicated.

    Also considered to advertise 3dxchat on Steam? 

    There a already some X Rated games avaiable and after the Review in US Hustler Magazine and German Der Spiegel enough raised interest internationaly.

  4. A new Lovense toy has been released! And it's fully compatible with 3DXChat! Meet Solace App-controlled automatic thrusting male masturbator Buy this toy and sync it with 3DXChat for even more fun!
  5. Dear players, To ensure a fair and transparent voting process, we've shifted the best Halloween costume voting to Discord, eliminating the risk of manipulation. Join our dedicated channel and cast your vote to celebrate the most outstanding costumes. How to Vote: 1 step: Join Discord server 2 step: ⁠Verify account 3 step: Vote in this channel Thank you for your participation!
  6. Halloween Costume Contest Finalists - Cast Your Votes Now! Dear 3DXChat Members, The moment you've been waiting for has arrived! Our Halloween Costume Contest finalists are in, and it's time for you to make your voice heard by voting for your favorite costumes. What makes it even more exciting? You can vote for MULTIPLE costumes in this round! How to Vote: Visit our dedicated Halloween Contest Voting Page: https://discord.gg/pYPQx2un Check out the fantastic finalist costumes. Click on ALL your favorite costumes. Prizes: The winners, as chosen by your votes, will not only bask in community glory but also receive incredible prizes: 1st Place: 300,000 XGold + Lovense Toy 2nd Place: 250,000 XGold 3rd Place: 200,000 XGold 4th Place: 150,000 XGold 5th to 10th Places: 50,000 XGold Voting Period: Voting will close on 2023/11/19. Don't miss this chance to support multiple fantastic costumes! Spread the Word: Encourage your friends, and fellow community members to participate and vote for their favorites too. Let's turn this Halloween Costume Contest into an epic celebration of creativity and community spirit! Voting Link: https://discord.gg/pYPQx2un Thank you for being an integral part of our lively community! Let the voting begin, and may the most outstanding costumes emerge victorious! Best regards, 3DXChat team
  7. @GottaGo Hi, you should contact support and send your log file.
  8. Hi since 28th 3DXChat has been really slow every time I login worlds are blank profiles are blank and they finally show up more than half hour its hard to play like this I even delete and reinstall I even try to reoprt bug but even that didnt work it keeps freezing when press submit and nothing can it be fix back to normal please.

    Screenshot 2023-10-28 115813.png

    Screenshot 2023-10-28 115840.png

  9. Happy Halloween, dear players! We've conjured up a special update packed with new items, including new clothing, masks, tattoos, and lovely gifts. But the fun doesn't stop there - join us for our Halloween party on October 31st at 8 PM CET! Dress in your new in-game costumes and enter the costume contest to win XGold and Lovense toys. Get ready for a night of spooky fun! What's new Note about new Sex Poses and Animations: Currently, we're hard at work making animations perform much better with a new system. Once we're finished, you can expect a great selection of new animations. We ask for more time to ensure everything runs smoothly. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. Thank you for being a part of our wonderful community. We look forward to seeing you in the game and hope you enjoy the new features and content we've prepared. Stay tuned for more updates in the future, and until then, may your gaming experiences be filled with joy and excitement. With sincere appreciation, 3DXChat team
  10. Dear Afroditaa, We extend our sincere gratitude to you for your participation in the interview. Your warmth and enthusiasm brought a smile to our faces. As developers, we are delighted to have a dedicated player like you in our community. It is incredibly gratifying to hear that our 3DXChat project is significant in your life, enhancing your experiences and enriching your leisure time. Your passion and commitment serve as a constant source of motivation for us to improve the game for the entire 3DXChat community continually. Dear Varz, we appreciate your valuable insights during this interview and eagerly anticipate future conversations. Once again, Afroditaa, thank you for your time and dedication. I am sending warm regards and virtual hugs your way. Sincerely, Gizmo & the 3DXChat team
  11. Hello Gizmo, 

    i have a few ideas for new stuff. How can i contact you ?


    thank you

  12. Would be fun if you had someone working for real at the report section. Very annoying to be banned constantly for no reason when you have people calling everyone names and they still are there. 

    Screenshot (779).png

  13. A new Lovense toy has been released! And it's fully compatible with 3DXChat! Meet Ridge, app-controlled vibrating and rotating anal beads Buy this toy and sync it with 3DXChat for even more fun!
  14. Only the new photos. Only newly uploaded photos will have improved quality. Old photos will remain unchanged.
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