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  1. Hey @Misschief What is your Motherboard manufacturer? Is it MSI? If yes then please view this topic for a solution https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=327051.0 The problem is: Intel 9th gen CPU with MSI MB can cause BSOD problems. In Unity games especially. The solution is to set CPU Core Voltage to 1.3V in BIOS. Learn more here https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=327051.0
  2. Hi Gizmo

    if you can pm me i want ask something about the game for you

    its an idea for make something cool on game

    Thanks i wait you message

  3. Can you PM me please, it's about a 3dxsoftware problem.

    Tried support but it didn't help, its been going on for months.

    Can you listen to the problem ?

    Its very specific.


  4. bhYyCSb.jpg?1

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  7. Xmas Update! Build 404 ✅ Santa Claus Outfit and a new Hairstyles have been added Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  8. Build 403 ✅ Clothes and Hairstyles have been added ✅ Improved female breast shape (smoother) ✅ Clothes color bug fixed ✅ Pubes fixed ✅ Seam penis bug (f) Thanks to @Redji and @Manyasha 😎
  9. Please contact support team https://3dxchat.com/support/
  10. Hi Giz!

     Thanks you for your XGold anniversary gift!

     Not really too much we can do with it in-world at the moment, but thank you.


  11. Christmas Special Offer 2019 Dear friends, the long-awaited season of holidays comes, and we have something special for you! The offer has ended. Thanks to everyone who managed to join DISCOUNTED PRICE: Annual 3DXChat Membership for only $64.99 $91.99 Renew your existing account (subscription) Create a new account (subscription) Buy Game-Time code (one-time payment) Limited time offer! So don't miss out! Please Note: Special offer may end at any time. Get it now! Subscription orders will be billed every year at a discounted price, unless you cancel the subscription from the Members Area. Game-Time code is one-time payment, you can activate the code any time, you can gift it to friend, see here how to activate Game-Time code Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, 3DXChat team
  12. Hello 3DXChat Community! 😍 Bug Tracker: Report errors here Important: You may need to reconfigure some parameters of your characters. Male/Female body ✅ Tattoos added! Further new tattoo styles will be added later. Female head ✅ New face shapes. New option: Intensity ✅ New eyebrows. New options: Contrast, Luminosity, Offset, ScaleX, ScaleY ✅ New eyelash options: Contrast, Luminosity ✅ Added several types of rouges ✅ Added face tattoo. Options: Color, Intensity, Contrast, Luminosity ✅ Eyes Makeup option divided into 2 options: Eyes Makeup Contour, Eyes Makeup Shadows ✅ Eyes Makeup Contour. Options: Color, Intensity, Luminosity ✅ Eyes Makeup Shadows. Options: Color, Intensity, Contrast, Luminosity Male head ✅ New face shapes. New option: Intensity ✅ New eyebrows. New options: Contrast, Luminosity, Offset, ScaleX, ScaleY ✅ Added face tattoo. Options: Color, Intensity, Contrast, Luminosity ✅ New beards. New options: Color, Intensity, Contrast, Luminosity Thanks to Keksy and Slut for help!
  13. Hey @Doc Renew should be at the special pricing
  14. You can move virtual persons (bots) using left mouse button click + Ctrl key
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