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  2. LOOKING FOR SEX TECH USERS FOR CHANNEL 4 DOCUMENTARY Following the success of the first series, Sex Actually with Alice Levine on Channel 4 (UK) is back, and Alice will be discovering just how some of our romantic and intimate relationships are conducted in 2022. In this series, Alice will spend time with people willing to open up and offer a glimpse inside their world of sex and intimacy. By getting to know them and immersing herself in their lives, Alice will honestly showcase some of the types of connection on offer, challenging both her own and the nation’s attitude to love and relationships. This is a sex positive, open-minded series and all our filming is conducted by a small, sensitive team. We’re particularly interested in hearing from people who play 3DXChat with connected sex toys. At this stage, we’re welcoming calls and emails with anyone interested in sharing their story with no obligation and in strictest confidence. If you’re interested in finding out more, please email casting@mindhouse.co.uk or call / text / Whatsapp Barnaby on 07818631524 Sex Actually is made by Mindhouse Productions, whose creative director is Louis Theroux.
  3. @Gizmo Hey, I think someone reported me as a "Hacker" and now my entire machine is banned. I have 4 accounts, which are all banned for no reason. I found some bugs in the game and I was showing them to people, and a couple of days later (today) my entire computer was banned. For the record, I am not a hacker, I just like to find bugs and glitches in the game. I found a new one last week that I had never seen before. I did not know that this was against the rules, and apologize here. If one of the developers would like to contact me, I can show you clearly how to replicate the bugs so that they can be patched in a future update. Thank you, I just want to connect I have been here for 3 years and spent a lot of money. I don't condone hacking or using any third-party programs. Anything I have done, has been achieved with the vanilla 3dx client. Again, I'm happy to explain how the bugs work so that they can be fixed. Cheers!

  4. Hey @Gizmo can you please contact me directly? My entire PC was banned, as I believe that someone has reported me as a "hacker". I'm definitely no hacker, but I did find several bugs in the game. I'm happy to share the details with you and clear instructions how to replicate the bugs so that you can patch them in a future update. Please let me know, I'm here for almost 3 years and I enjoy the game. This has resulted in 4 accounts being banned (all happening today). I've written to support but I believe this is something we can discuss directly to help you understand and fix the bugs.


    Thank you!

  5. This is a good idea, it is included in the list for discussion. But it is not worth counting on in this competition. Also, we do not recommend using 2 toys (Dolce and Hyphy) until the next patch is released. The release time of the patch is to be specified. I will let you know when it is available.
  6. Dear Players! Scheduled network maintenance will be performed in our data center during the following time frame: All entry points: April 23, during 00:00 AM - 01:00 AM (UTC) Several minor interruptions are expected as well as possible short service unavailability. The maintenance is necessary to make our service better for you. Thank you for understanding! 3DXChat Team Join our discord to stay informed
  7. The legendary adult publication HUSTLER Magazine wrote about 3DXChat Featured Article "Virtual Sex in the Real World" Sneak peek of HUSTLER Magazine's April 2022 Issue Read more about Hustler Magazine on Wikipedia
  8. Hi! Thanks! Will be fixed in the next patch.
  9. Hello. I need ur help. Can u answer in private?

  10. The installer is running super slow and it does not seem to actually be installing the game.  It says, "Downloading additional files...", but never goes beyond that.  Please help.

    1. PussyPet


      Nevermind. The Mega worked.

  11. Hello . here is the problem of your last update
    support does not respond to this problem

    unable to uninstall the game

    PS:I am not a computer scientist to use a program to crack the uninstallation. I have to pay to repair windows 11. the next update will perhaps cause me this problem of not being able to play and pay to repair window if you do nothing to repair it. I'm not the only one...thanks for your understanding

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  12. Hey @Erynn Try to change camera zoom in the settings window here:
  13. Our entire team is safe and we are working hard on updates. If someone's account has been blocked and the support request has not been answered and you are sure that you have not committed any illegal actions, then contact us through this form.
  14. how can i get help with my account if none of the supports are answering ??

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