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  1. How hard would it be to add the clothes prints to to the hats as well specifically the top hat, Rochi was able to it and it made the hats look awesome  .  I know it's a little thing but with the already limited clothes choices  it would be nice

  2. @Aliviax Thank you! Filebrowser will work with multiple accounts in the next patch.
  3. Players use different streaming services of their choice. If you don’t hear the music in user room, it’s probably due to problems with the streaming service in your country, or problems connecting to this streaming service from your location.
  4. If you want to contact us then please use contact form Thanks!
  5. See here how to always run a program as admin on Windows 10. Set up game files (3DXChat.exe, FileBrowser.exe and Patcher.exe) to always run as admin. It should help.
  6. Gizmo

    Say Hello!

    You can introduce yourself to the entire community in this thread. Say hello and write about yourself. PS: Spamers will be punished
  7. I'm sure this is a false alarm. There is a patch 394 available.
  8. Some firewalls can block the game from accessing the server via that ports as well. So you are doing right! Guys please follow these steps if you have any issues with connection to server https://3dxchat.com/support/#connect
  9. Thanks for the report. The new bug (music double play) will be fixed in the upcoming patch.
  10. No spam "game" topics, sorry
  11. Spam. Locked and will be deleted. Warn points will be given to the topic starter next time.
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    Hi I have played 3dxchat a couple of weeks and Everything has worked alright. Today 16/9 it doesn't work anymore. When I tried to start the game it says "Failed to load il2cpp". Have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game at least 3 times (and restarted). Have tried Everything on the Customer support page. When I press The Patcher (as admin) it's just black and nothing happens. When I try to start the game it still says "Failed to load il2cpp). 

    Please I need help What can I do?

  12. Build 394 New Content: ✅ 10 materials added ✅ 10 building blocks added ✅ New poses added ✅ Spot lights added Bug Fixes: ✅ Gifts count ✅ Show profile bug ✅ Edit Profile gui bug ✅ Radio lag ✅ Save ambient value
  13. My computer warns me NOT to install 3dxchat) this program (file) on my computer.


    Why does my computer security state that???? :(

  14. There is a limit 1 post per 24 hours for new users only. New users should get 3 approved posts to lift the limit. This is how we fight spam accounts.
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