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  1. Hi, Gizmo! So when are you gonna finally bother answering me ?

  2. Baba

    Hi Gizmo, prob i am to late , but i forgot...i brought up a new friend, but forgot we could have a bonus for that..the clients name is/was neveahjet….



  3. And again we cant log in, Gizmo whats happening now????


  4. Actually, we added donations to support party organizers (they can also be builders, DJs, or anyone else). We want the game to have more awesome events and parties so players can support the hosts they love. This does not mean that players have to pay. Asking and demanding payment is prohibited. Donation is a voluntary desire to support the host. If someone demands payment from you, refuse it.
  5. It's a good idea to have a room name filter.
  6. "Donate to the host" sounds better. The idea is about to support hosts of User World (builders, DJs, party makers, event hosts). Now players are able to support any host on patreon if they like. But this is not Begging/Soliciting. I see no conflicts with the rules. We are considering adding xgold transfers in the upcoming updates.
  7. The game installer has been updated to 422 version, please follow these steps if you have issues with patcher https://3dxchat.com/support/#updates
  8. Send 


  9. Gizmo

    Build 422

    3DXChat Community! Build 422 is out and available now. Fixes: Ignore system fixed. Yellow messages in chat fixed. Clothing bug after user rooms close has been fixed. Daily rewards. XGold purchases. Referral program. Blurred tattoos. Changes: ✅ User Worlds sorting: Older open rooms are now sorted higher in the list than new open rooms. ✅ Users now get automatically transferred to the Character editor after User rooms are closed (to avoid some bugs). ✅ EU Proxy deleted (Unused). ✅ The number of attempts to enter the username and password before a timeout occurs is 5 attempts. After that, the timeout is 15 minutes until you can try again. ✅ Unity engine version updated to 2018.4.24. New features: ✅ Buy XGold for other players ✅ Players are able to UP any room that they are located in. ✅ Players can donate to User World hosts (Experimental) Learn more Content: ✅ New Hairstyles, Poses and Tattoos
  10. Dear LISA and Gizmo, you must hear us! I am OLESYA, Alivia, Anaganda, Teana, Alliehotass and others and more than 2000 gamers who are our friends! The game loses its soul! I have been in the game for 6 years! I remember how the game began to develop! I remember how the administration communicated with the players and listened to them! There was mutual respect for each other! But now the main thing for you is to earn more money and you are not interested in communicating with the players on the forum! People started leaving the game on an unofficial server! If you read the forum you will see a lot! Many people want to delete their account on the forum! because you don't answer them! You ban people who advertise their locations! You ban people who show videos in the world about locations that people have made! But you don't ban rape rooms and Pedophilia! I wrote you a letter Lisa and told you that it is difficult to gain the trust of players but easy to lose ....... game or you will lose them! I speak for over 2000 players!

    1. fnikon


      Bueno... la verdad es que yo no entiendo nada.

      Sigo bloqueado, con la única razón de que mi actividad es sospechosa.

      Nadie podrá corregir su forma de jugar, si no se les dice lo que hacen mal

      Estoy bastante indignado, y me siento engañado y estafado por esta plataforma.

      Gracias por leerme


  11. Dear @gizmo and dear @lisa
    Thank you for coming to my assistance. I have been a customer since April 2018 on your platform. This morning I used the game correctly. And this afternoon I have a surprising message. My account has been blocked. Could you tell me why? I have a very frequented sim at times and I am thinking of participating in 3dxchat's economic model. Maybe I was wrong to advertise my room last night on the world chat. I beg your pardon. I won't do it again. only in private chat. Could you reactivate my account please to find my friends. Thank you. Thank you for the quality of the game.

    1. fnikon


      A mi también me ha ocurrido lo mismo. Mi cuenta ha sido bloqueada sin razón aparente. Nadie habla de porqué se bloquean cuentas.

      Me parece un abuso, no decir las causas del bloqueo...


    Beautiful Olesya travels to the #3DXChat locations, watch for her journey
    Desert island
    1. fnikon


      No entiendo porque me bloquean la cuenta... Ojalá puedas ayudarme. Gracias. (:-{)))

  13. Dear Gizmo... I just want to know when ignore option in game work properly? .. bcoz some  people can come in public room after ignore and make all mess and spreading negativity with all room guests.. and I can't stop them from coming into the room, so it's request please fix it as soon as possible 

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