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  1. Hello! You're entitled to that opinion, and that's perfectly fine. Here's the deal: the game only offers a radio music player option, and each user can set up the URL of their preferred music stream in their location. To set up the URL of a music stream, you need to select the music player object. Clicking on it will bring up a window where you can input the music stream URL. Remember, our player only supports certain audio formats, namely MP3 and OGG. This means that other audio formats won't be playable (for example, AAC).
  2. 5th place: JOY & FakeWifa Our magical encounter begin 3 month ago. My lovely Fake wifa accept my proposal per accident and since that day my life got upside down. Lovely words Like: "where you fucker?" came Out of my speakers when wifa called. Another day my private Chat got exposed to all public and you stole my pants in Front of all people... But at end i want wish my littke Fake wifa Monster a happy v-day and Happy 3 Month anniversary
  3. 4th place: SoPokky & his wonderful man I met a wonderful man at the Gay Club! From the very beginning, I realized that this is the person with whom I feel comfortable, we can talk about any topic. As time went on, every day with this man became like a holiday. After a while we started dating, it turned out that he was very sweet, caring and very hot. A week later, we married each other. We speak two completely different languages, but love has helped us understand and get to know each other better. And let's be honest - Google Translator has not been canceled This Valentine's day was wonderful, great music, good people, and most importantly, the time spent with him.
  4. 3rd place: Amaraaaa & MisterDJ "It's the encounters with people that make life worth living!" Guy de Maupassant Even in a 3D world, it is very important to meet people, no matter on what level. Every encounter makes sense and gives you something to take with you on your way through life. Sometimes encounters are short-lived and sometimes something great comes out of them. Friendship, love, family! I am grateful for all encounters! However, the most beautiful of all encounters for me was on July 19th, 2023! When I stood in a white, long dress opposite the man who took me as his wife! It was an emotional, dreamlike, breathtaking wedding. And I will never forget this special encounter... the beautiful thing is that I meet my husband anew every day. We grow together, learn from each other and really appreciate having each other! At this point, thank you for everything, my darling. You give me support, hope and trust... apart from your endless love! Love you MisterDJ
  5. 2nd place: xLiONEL and xSweetbunny * Our love story began in the world of 3DX chat.... * This is the story of xLiONEL and xSweetbunny. It was September 30, 2023 and I can still remember that day clearly. It was a day that started quite sadly from my point of view. I was in a room full of people celebrating and having fun. I looked at all these people, but one person kept catching my eye and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was also sitting alone and I noticed without knowing her that she was sad. I was just on my way back to the dance floor when she suddenly came to me. Like an angel that had flown down from heaven. She hugged me without saying anything. Even without knowing me, she noticed that I wasn't feeling well, because she felt the same way. We started writing to each other and immediately realized that we got on very well. We started writing more and more to each other and eventually started dancing together. We wrote a lot and sympathized a lot. At that moment, I already felt a warm feeling in my chest. And this feeling only intensified from day to day. But this is where our journey began..... From that day on, we were in contact almost every day. We wrote, phoned and sent each other lots of pictures. On October 30, 2023, the time had come. Our big wedding together in the game, with lots of friends and family. And what can I say, she made me the happiest man in the world. Despite all the difficulties due to the language barrier. No matter what happened, she was there and I wanted to be there for her just as much. We started to support each other in every situation, no matter what. We even started to learn each other's languages so that we could talk to each other even more. I still can't put into words what I would do for her. All I know is that I love her and want to cherish her forever. And our journey is far from over..... BECAUSE FOR ME IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM OR WHAT LANGUAGE YOU SPEAK. LOVE HAS ITS VERY OWN LANGUAGE!
  6. 1st place: BORZYI & ❤АмурА❤ Our story started a couple of years ago... We first met in the open spaces of the 3dx chat at the Fresco club, and a conversation ensued, which later turned into something more... We met in real life, and a year later we got married on the day we met, in a couple of months we will have 4 years from the day we met and 3 years since we have legitimized our relationship. And for this we want to say a huge thank you to such a cool project that allows us all to communicate without borders and find not only friends, but also true love! We travel a lot for work, and games help us enjoy each other's presence when we're not around. Take care of your loved ones and give them only your love and care
  7. Announcing the Winners of the Social Media Challenge! Greetings to all participants and lovers of virtual romance! We're thrilled to announce the winners of our Social Media Challenge, hosted in partnership with Lovense. The love-filled festivities brought together numerous couples in the specially crafted Valentine's Day location within 3DXChat, and we were delighted to witness your passion and creativity. Let's unveil the champions of our challenge. These individuals have captured the essence of romance and shared their unforgettable moments with us, spreading love across Discord and Twitter. Join us in congratulating the winners who will receive exciting prizes, including 3DXChat XGold and Lovense toys (with the exception of the sex machine) of their choice. 1st place: Lovense toy of choice for each member of the couple (excluding the Sex Machine) 2nd place: 1 year subscription to 3DXChat for each member of the couple 3rd place: 6 months subscription to 3DXChat for each member of the couple 4th place: 50,000 XGold for each member of the couple 5th place: 30,000 XGold for each member of the couple We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants who shared their love stories and made this event truly memorable. Your enthusiasm and engagement have made this challenge a resounding success. The winners will be announced in the next few posts! And remember, love knows no bounds, so keep spreading the love in every virtual embrace. With love and anticipation, 3DXChat & Lovense team
  8. Dear friends, I want to give a big shoutout to the organizers of the Valentine's Day party. Huge thanks to everyone involved - the DJs, dance teams, location builders, photographers, and all the participants. Every 3DXChat party is awesome and unique. Yesterday, I felt so much joy attending the party and seeing all the players having fun. It's an incredible feeling of pride for our development team. We've created an amazing platform where people from all over the world can come together and enjoy virtual parties. A massive thank you to everyone who sent me personal messages and gifts. Yesterday, I received so much positive feedback and gratitude for the update and our work. It truly inspires me, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work on and improve this project for you alongside our amazing team of developers! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the update and the party. We see your positive feedback and will continue to strive to make you happy. With love, Gizmo
  9. Happy Valentine's Day Dear 3DXChat Community, Happy Valentine's Day! Join us for our Valentine's Day game content update, party, social media challenge, and exciting prizes from 3DXChat and Lovense. Let's celebrate love together! With love, 3DXChat Team Game Content Update Valentine's Party February 13 / 8 PM CET / Supported by 3DXChat and Lovense Social Media Challenge February 14, the party seamlessly transitions into a challenge, which lasts throughout Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day! Today's the day to spice up your celebrations with Lovense and 3DXChat! Our exclusive event is now LIVE, and we can't wait for you to experience the romance in the specially crafted location within 3DXChat. How to Join: - Look for the 3DXCHAT VALENTINE'S DAY location (will be available Feb 14) in 3DXChat and teleport yourself there - Find a partner & join the festivities Social Media Challenge – Participate in our challenge on either Discord or Twitter for a chance to win 3DXChat XGold, and even Lovense toys of your choice (sex machine excluded)! On Discord, share your best encounter by posting a screenshot along with a short description of the image in the 3DXChat VDay channel on the Lovense server (https://discord.gg/lovense) to be eligible. On Twitter same but also use the hashtag #LoveIn3DX when posting. Good luck! Let the love flow, and don't forget to spread the word! This exclusive location will be open all day up until midnight PST, so join the celebration whenever you can. If you don't want to wait to see if you're the winner, grab your toy here at 55% OFF until midnight PST. Thank you We've worked hard to bring you this updates and events. Feel free to share what you enjoyed the most. Remember that even if only one aspect of this update benefits you, it would already be a rewarding outcome for us. Warm wishes, 3DXChat team
  10. wannn kann ich endlich meiner freundin die nippel saugen in einer oder mehreren Posen

  11. Big thanks to all the amazing party participants and organizers who made it all happen!
  12. Hey @Wizard If you want to know my opinion, I like it, and I would gladly do something like that. Unfortunately, we are not currently working on it, and it's not in the plans for the near future. However, the idea of updating voices and moans resonates with me. Thank you for mentioning it
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