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  1. Overall, negative WC could perhaps be seen as an unfortunate, twisted expression of real-world struggles people happen to be going through.. ..and an opportunity for therapy-minded 3dx citizens to 'maybe' help those struggling to find a better path (rl & virtual) ..perhaps thought of as a gamified psychology session. Having said, not everyone wants or has the capacity, resources, or time to take on the task/burden to help others in need.. ..therefore, nice that we have the 'Ignore' feature.. ..which generally incentivizes people to be civil, or be blocked from having their negative messages received by a significant portion of the population. If people insist on being negative and risk being ostracized & outcast, make it their problem...simply 'Ignore'. Extending this feature (suggestion box item): Could perhaps have a metric whereby 'if' a certain % of population blocks someone, access to certain game features would be revoked for that blocked person. And, to be redeemed, they would need to demonstrate some level/degree of consistent 'positive' behavior ..perhaps even allowing them to 'buy' back into the revoked features...with the funds being used to cover initial cost/admission for new 3dx citizens (a 'positivity' scholarship if you will).
  2. Second this request, for the cathartic benefit implied and imbued to those who might otherwise seek out these negatively consequential behaviors in real life. 3dx already does, and has further ability to, help make the real (non-virtual) world a better place.
  3. Hence 'Metaverse' movement. Expanding just a bit on earlier thought process: From sounds of things, they've made the map within the UE5 Matrix link free to clone/modify/use (conceivably to encourage use & dev on UE5).. ..one might then port/replicate/add whatever 3dxChat functionality possible. Certainly way more than .world files that make 3dxChat function, but initial thought to maybe start with files available at https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product-category/browse-all-items/shared-rooms/shared-resorts/, see what happens, and tweak from there(?)
  4. Hereby submitting a vote of Support (& maybe helpful links, although perhaps go without stating) for TashaTight's spirit of experimentation... Near the bottom of.. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/wakeup ..'Get UE5 Early Access' How to Import Assets from Unity 4 to Unreal 4 - Cliffnotes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAd0ysRIcX8 Import Unity 5 assets in UE4 https://forums.unrealengine.com/t/import-unity-5-assets-in-ue4/96543/7 Notion being to clone the pre-built, procedurally generated map shown in the UE5 link and tie-in as much functionality from 3dxChat as possible. Would be amazing to freely roam that map (like in GTA5) with a focus on non-violent 3dxChat activities & fun!! (role playing, fashion shows, orgies, etc... oh my!!! :) ...said experimentation sentiments certainly extended to Gizmo, Lisa & all of 3dxChat as well :-) And, while on topic, fwiw link to list of additional/related ideas: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/13653-3dxchat-bridge-from-3rd-party-games-openvirtual-worlds/
  5. Addition of.. 1. @Gizmo (noticed this within a few other posts; please let me know if not advisable) 2. Metaverse/Crypto Incubator link(s) within original post above.. ..w/Happy 2022 Greetings to all!
  6. Unfortunately do not currently have the skills or time to create, however adding to many items on todo list. In meantime,... ...figured why not share the 'idea' here in the 'Development & Suggestions' Forum. Respectfully, no. As I understand the world, there are a lot of great people in India. If we open ourselves to enabling experiences from other cultures, we're likely to increase user rates and, by extension, income to developers to improve 3dxchat over time. Not to mention just being a fun, multi/new-media format to learn a seminal historical practice.
  7. Secondary support vibes for a simple way to get Oculus Quest/2 & other VR options for 3dxChat. @Nymphpott @DJ_DJ (seemingly still new enough to this Forum that I may not know how to tag others) Acknowledged regarding: however could maybe be moreso useable in a future update? ..and, even if limited, would still be great to experience the many great 3dxChat room builds within VR... ...as well as maybe just spectate/POV on other's amorous adventures... ...and potentially a new/expanded [VR optional] experience for the new Chaturbate integration ( https://futureofsex.net/virtual-sex-entertainment/chaturbate-approves-3dxchat-adult-game-in-model-streams/ ) ...perhaps functionally similar to the following VR in youtube (which may also serve as an APK workaround/solution for getting windows-based games to function in Oculus/Meta VR?):
  8. "GTA 5 has sex animations... and many others + is better for roleplay (FiveM)" Have not had a chance to try FiveM, but from limited prior GTA5 customization experience; degree, range, simplicity, & results (i.e. attractiveness) of avatar customization seems better in 3dxChat? For example, I can imagine a Victoria's Secret fashion show in 3dxChat much sooner than in GTA5. Environmental realism, object physics & reactions, scale of map....GTA5 is off the charts. Avatar/Character face/body customization, simplicity, attraction, with realistic & detailed sex poses...3dxChat. If there were a way to combine the two?.. ..perhaps part of what is driving current Metaverse gold-rush...additional info regarding in edited original post above.
  9. Bump.. ..with an added request for a jacket layer for winter clothing.
  10. This perhaps for the great room builders of 3dxChat: Might be neat to have rooms / .world files that correspond with specific places in other games... ...to create an 'almost' seamless, Metaverse-like experience from a given 3rd party game to the related 3dxChat room. For example: Any racing game (i.e. Forza Horizons 5, GTA 5, etc): after racing, winners can 'drive to' a designated spot within that game and then manually shift to the related 3dxchat room and enjoy the winners circle 3dx style. Same could be done at select points in just about any game... ...making 3dxchat a kind of 'sex engine' for 3rd party games that don't already provide such functionality. Benefits for 3dxchat: 1. Attracts new players from other games/Metaverses into 3dxChat. 2. Presents opportunity for 3dxChat (or an approved clone) to serve as a 'sex engine' for 3rd party games/metaverses...something which may be enticing to Angel investors & Venture Capital funds seeking to invest in a strong Metaverse opportunity/asset. Therefrom, potentially providing capital to further improve 3dxChat and/or clone ..i.e.: a. transitions to newer Unity engines (& perhaps related port to Unreal engines) b. addition of interfaces for additional user-created content (poses {related post}, clothes, etc) c. scripts (for user-created dynamic/moving objects) d. Oculus Quest 2/Meta integration (related post) e. Marketplace integration (akin to marketplace.secondlife.com, etc) f. Crypto/NFT integrations* https://www.kucoin.com/blog/a-deep-dive-into-the-metaverse-tokens-in-kucoin-s-newly-launched-metaverse-trading-board-en https://www.kucoin.com/blog/gamefi-is-booming-as-play-to-earn-games-are-getting-widely-popular https://www.kucoin.com/markets ('Metaverse' tab, 15+ Metaverse-related tokens & growing) *Things moving fast in this space, indeed to extent that partnering with the right Crypto team may be >= traditional Angel/Venture funds (although Angel/Venture might be more motivated as a result)? (e.g. https://blog.victoriavr.com/blog/victoria-vr-closes-a-5-5m-round-of-funding-to-build-an-open-metaverse/) Metaverse/Crypto incubator: https://metalaunch.io/ https://vespertinecapital.medium.com/metalaunch-launching-the-hottest-metaverse-and-gaming-projects-3049d8eeac2a In meantime, experimenting with a 3dxChat clone (i.e. keeping existing 3dxChat as is, but leveraging work of existing platform) into a Crypto/GameFI capacity might be a way to jumpstart a-f above. And, if CryptoClone successful, NFT's generated therein (i.e. user-generated rooms, avatars, clothes, poses, etc) could be shared with existing legacy 3dxChat on a discounted/freemium/gamefi basis (perhaps tying into existing XGold daily allowance/savings?).
  11. Hi Loruna, thank you for the kind reply! And for all of your great contributions to 3dxchat! Acknowledged regarding your new life, sounds like it is keeping you busy in wonderful ways. And nice of you to mention the possibility of other pose creators. Still new enough that I wouldn't know who they may be (for possibly adding them here), but perhaps they'll find our posts eventually?
  12. Might be neat to add all Kamasutra positions to 3dxchat. Doing so would not only add value to existing 3dxchat members, but provide another key value proposition when marketing to new players (e.g. "Come learn Kama Sutra", "Cum learn Kama Sutra", "Kamasutra with new friends worldwide", "Kamasutra Worldwide", etc). Related links and additional positions references: https://www.amazon.com/Kama-Sutra-Beginners-Illustrations-Incredible-ebook/dp/B08LHJ4RLV https://sexinfo101.com/positions https://sexpositions.club/positions https://www.thekamasutra.co/ As quick aside, still new to forum, tried tagging/including our fellow member Loruna (@loruna3dx on Twitter) in this post, as she seems to have the skills to make such a thing possible, if we can find a way to compensate her sufficiently for her time, craft, and passion.
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