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  1. Thank you for proving my point. Data, data, data, I cannot make bricks without clay!
  2. All The Men Still Look Like College Drop Outs. Can we PLEASE get some decent men's clothing? You asked us what we wanted, and we told you. It gets really old just seeing thousands of versions of the same guy.
  3. Did that maintenance window finish? I've got a friend who can't get on, she's getting a 'Connection Refused' when she tries to log on.
  4. This is getting really old. The US server developed this issue a while back, where it kicks folks off left and right. Constant disconnects. Then last week the Europe server started doing the same thing. The US server was doing it again last night. It looks like it mainly affects the west coast of the USA. In their own bloody survey, random disconnects was one of the main complaints. DEVS, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! FIX THIS! This is a new problem, this just started happening a short time back.
  5. OK, the US server kicked me off three times tonight, I swapped to the Europe server and the problem went away.
  6. I wonder if whatever was causing those random disconnects finally gave up the ghost...
  7. I was thinking photo slots lol.
  8. And check it out - before you choose your avi your X-Gold is 123456 lol.
  9. Just wait, re-installing won't help. This kind of thing happens all the time.
  10. I've been experiencing random disconnects all day. I can always get right back on, but it's really annoying. I spoke to others, and some folks are seeing the same issue while others are not. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to it. I've rebooted my pc and my router to no effect. Needless to say it's a damper on sexual encounters...
  11. OK, back on topic... 1. A tuxedo 2. A business suit with a tie 3. Jeans you can change color on 4. More than one shirt that doesn't look like it come out of a laundry bag or a cops locker. 5. Socks (mentioned already, ad nauseum, added for completeness) 6. Some shoes that are not sneakers or pointy-toed dress shoes. And shoes with real colors, so they can actually match the clothes. 7. A pirate shirt (what the hell lol) 8. Boots (hell, guys can wear thigh-highs too lol) 9. Long Hair for men. Get with the now. lol 10. In addition to a cops uniform, how about altering that a bit with some sci-fi flavor? 11. A priest's cassock 12. Robes And as far as that goes, here's a big one: MEDIEVAL CLOTHING Make the RP's a little more interesting. I mean, a cop or Santa Claus are the only costume type clothes.
  12. I just got the red DISCONNECTED box, so I tried the Europe server and it was just the opposite - I could see everyone, and the room list was there and I could change rooms, but my friends list didn't show anyone as online.
  13. OK, since this topic came up.... When I logged on after 431 installed, I was the only one in the room I was in. I could see my friends list all lit up, so I could see other people were online. If I tried to switch rooms, it would start spinning and not stop. The Private Room list was not populated. This persisted for 5-6 game restarts, then after waiting a few minutes on the last one where I texted some of the folks online to see if the PM system worked, and suddenly everything populated and started working. I'm not sure if it was me waiting longer, or the PM traffic, or neither.
  14. Could we please get some men's clothes with some style? Not more crap that makes us all look like bum college rejects? I love all the new stuff you've made for the ladies, but as far as men's offerings, this is really shit. Almost everything looks like you picked it up off the floor. I mean, for fuck's sake, a baggy sweatshirt and a hoodie??? How about a poll for that on Discord?
  15. Here's what I see happening. With everything going on in the world. somebody somewhere is working on a better version of this idea. And the second that floats, these people are dead in the water. Because they left their users with broken software far too often. Wait for it. You KNOW it's coming. Because these people don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about their users. And that means there's a ton of money on the table for the first group to do it better than 3DX.
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