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  1. This is still happening - anyone know why?
  2. On the Tech Support forum, they talk about this being related to the Female standing pose #5. If that pose is the default for a lady, it causes the bug.
  3. Well, we're trying to do it from the profile menu accessed from the chat window. The option is there, but it doesn't function.
  4. Still can't Ignore someone from the World Chat window. Please fix this.
  5. Next challenge - make the circular tube sections narrower.
  6. OK, odder still. Now, sometimes people are appearing in the back room instead of the lobby. It seems sporadic and random. That's odd enough, what's odder still is while it's never happened to me, it's happened to my wives almost every time they come in lately. Anyone else it's happening to all the time?
  7. And once again it's SRO in the Sin Club, and they are stacking up in the lobby.
  8. Oh, I know. I was just curious if you'd tried the higher resolution.
  9. It is possible to run it in 4K, in case you haven't done that.
  10. About the Spiral Staircase object: Could we have one that spirals the opposite direction as well? I have some places I've been wanted to use those, but I need a matched set spiraling opposite directions.
  11. Apparently you have to be in the same room with someone to Ignore them? I saw someone say something really abhorrent on WC and I wasn't able put them on the Ignore list. I DO NOT want to have to track this person down to Ignore them Please fix this, it's really annoying.
  12. This falls under the 'problems with sizes between characters'. It would have to be reactive enough to different sizes be even close to effective. The whole animation would have to change for to work with AA cups all the way to DDDDs. That makes it really difficult.
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