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  1. Here's what I see happening. With everything going on in the world. somebody somewhere is working on a better version of this idea. And the second that floats, these people are dead in the water. Because they left their users with broken software far too often. Wait for it. You KNOW it's coming. Because these people don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about their users. And that means there's a ton of money on the table for the first group to do it better than 3DX.
  2. I'VE BEEN A PROGRAMMER FOR OVER 30 YEARS. THIS IS BULLSHIT! It's called "testing" and these people clearly don't ever do any. Unless you count the entire user base.
  3. PLEASE STOP BREAKING SHIT!!!!!!!! And fix this. For fuck's sake. I've been a programmer for over 30 years, and if I broke my code as often as these folks, I'd never work again.
  4. The color on beards and eyebrows doesn't stay, and as soon as you step out of the changing room they all change to black.
  5. I can't get in at all - too many attempts, it says.
  6. So, please explain to the class how this is a stability improvement? And remember to show your work. Seriously, WTF?!?!?!?!? How in the bloody blue blazes is this an improvement?? In case it wasn't obvious, I'm getting this stupid too many attempts message too.
  7. YOU ASSHOLES! It's a three-day weekend. Get your shit together, Lisa and Gizmo.
  8. OK, this is still happening. The slightest connection hiccup kills the PM interface. My friend is online and I can't PM her and neither can anyone else I've talked to so far.
  9. It has happened to me literally since day one in every version of the game I have played in the last (almost) three years. I have to move my focus totally out of frame with NOTHING behind it to safely close PM's. And I see people bitching about it all the time.
  10. OIK, are you serious? You've never clicked to close a PM and then watched your avi start walking to that spot?
  11. I'm in Window mode And Hi Diana! It's not that the coordinates are off, it's that it clicks on the menu choice *and* whatever is behind it. Like when you close a PM and your avi starts moving towards that spot. It allows you to click on multiple things with a single click. FYI - I'm a programmer for over 30 years. I've done interface work, although I've not seen a problem like this before. I'm fairly certain I can see what's happening, it's just never been this bad before. It's always affected the PM closing, everyone has experienced this. However now it's interfering with the
  12. What did you do to the interface? There has always been a problem with click through, where you click on something and it clicks on everything behind it as well. It makes closing PM windows a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS. Now it makes Save Selected to File almost useless. Every time I get something selected and try to click that menu choice, it also clicks on whatever is behind the menu selection, removing the focus from whatever I selected to save. It's getting really bad.
  13. No, we were able to verify that the gift does not arrive until she exits the game and restarts it.
  14. And again... she has a little hiccup and all of a sudden she disappears and I can't message her or send invites or gifts.
  15. Oh, when this is going on it also blocks invites and gifts?
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