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  1. All you can do is save your builds. You can load a file into the World Builder and save files out of it, but the rooms on the server appear static. You can't change what's on the server at the moment.
  2. The World Builder won't load changes to rooms. This may be due to it being a test server...
  3. Actually, with this latest patch, the problem appears to be gone. What a relief.
  4. Thank you for giving me back my white beard!!!!
  5. Come on, Gizmo, I was supposed to get married today...
  6. OK, the builder has become very hard to work with now. I have to try over and over to get a file to save. What the hell program has a 30-second to a minute delay in a save file showing up??? WHY DOES THE INTERFACE LET GO AND GO BACK TO THE PROGRAM BEFORE IT IS FINISHED SAVING???? I have to try over and over to get a file to load. I have to try over and over to get a file to merge. I have just tried over a dozen times to get a file to merge with no results. This is really pissing me off. I have a deadline for the work I am doing, and the work is going very slowly because of this. WHY DID THIS GET BROKEN????? What the hell problem was being solved by the change in the file handler???
  7. This thing needs to fucking save when I tell it to. This really pisses me off. FIX THIS SHIT AND QUIT BREAKING IT!! This interface was working FINE. Why did this get messed with??
  8. And tonight I lost over an hours worth of work over this bullshit.
  9. The file interface bug is really annoying. I just had to try over a dozen times to get a build file to save. And having to do file loads and merges many times before it successfully loads/merges is getting old as well. Ever since the change to the file interface this has been really iffy. I have to check each and every time I save work to make sure the file is actually created. And before someone says "you just have to wait" that does not do the trick. Yes, sometimes there is a delay. But other times the saved files never show up.
  10. Could we please have that switch added that literally every other video game on the planet has? The switch that allows one to invert the vertical on the mouse? This game is backwards from every other game I own as far as mouse controls. PLEASE??
  11. I had to open the Camera interface and turn it back on.
  12. ::looks at clock:: just baaaaarely...
  13. See, now I thought the whole point of us all using this thread to report outages was that Gizmo got notified when new posts were added to this thread....
  14. /me taps you on the shoulder
  15. I said Hey Gill, forget the cods, this guy needs a sturgeon
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