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  1. That's what happened to me. I built a room for someone as a gift, and they came back and said the stairs didn't work. The same stair setup I had been using for years. They fixed it themselves by replacing the stairs with teleport pads. It was more than a little embarrassing. I didn't check the stairs operation, because why? Before this, they have always worked. And having to adjust the stair angle is not something most people do.
  2. LOL, forgive me, it was an Incredibles joke...
  3. But devs, this is really messing up some of the rooms, making some of them impassable. This is a serious bug. Waiting to release a fix for this along with whatever you are currently working on is not really an option. This needs a hotfix.
  4. So far, the folks I've talked to have been divided. Some go through and make fixes to their stairs, others have setups that are complex enough that this is problematic.
  5. You know, you should toot your own horn a little. You give us the player count in the private rooms. I'd like to see player counts on the public rooms, and an overall count somewhere. It'd be cool to be able to see how many people around the world are online at any given time.
  6. I don't want to have to go through all of my builds and edit the stairs. That's way too much work.
  7. I talked with some other folks, and this apparently started happening with the latest update. One person suggested it had to do with the angle, however I'm using the stairs at their default angle. The consensus so far, though, is that it had something to do with the last software change. Also confirming that frustration over the clumsy stair issues runs fairly high.
  8. I've noticed in several privately-built rooms that stairs have been causing problems lately, rooms that haven't had issues with them before. Then a build I made for someone came back to me because the stairs weren't working. This was using a duplicate of a stair setup I have used in many builds with zero incident. I tried to realign the stair sections to no avail. It still had that odd hitch that for the most part completely blocked the use of the stairs. So, I went back through my builds and ALL of them are having the same problem. These are stairs in rooms that have worked fine for years. Anywhere two sets of stairs join up to make a longer set, that join is for some reason not allowing avatars to cross the division. This is messing up the movement in a lot of rooms. I can't say when it started because I've gotten lazy and tend to use the good old partnered pose transport to move upstairs directly to the furniture. But developers, this is having a seriously detrimental effect on getting around in several privately-built rooms I've been in for (I want to say) the last month or so? It's really hard to say because I don't regularly use the stairs in my own rooms. Like I said, laziness effect. This needs to get looked at soonest, it seems like a pretty serious movement bug. Thanks.
  9. Please. I have been very patient. Would you *please* move the pose where the woman has a cock out of the M/F Oral Poses? Please put it with the other poses where the female has a cock. Really tired of tagging the wrong one in the heat of the moment. It's a real mood killer. Your partner is all of a sudden stroking a cock she doesn't have.
  10. Has anyone ever asked for an actual color picker in the color picker window in the World Editor? I mean where you can click on a color, and it captures the values in the window so you can duplicate colors easier. It sure would be a useful addition.
  11. Thank you for proving my point. Data, data, data, I cannot make bricks without clay!
  12. All The Men Still Look Like College Drop Outs. Can we PLEASE get some decent men's clothing? You asked us what we wanted, and we told you. It gets really old just seeing thousands of versions of the same guy.
  13. Did that maintenance window finish? I've got a friend who can't get on, she's getting a 'Connection Refused' when she tries to log on.
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