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  1. This poem I found today, hit a chord in me.... inexplicably so. I wished to share it as we are in a World Wide pandemic: The likes of which haven't been seen since the Bubonic Plague which Hit Europe in the 1300's. The Black Death, it was called. I share this now...... as I am not resigned nor do I surrender quietly. BY EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY I am not resigned to the shutting away of loving hearts in the hard ground. So it is, and so it will be, for so it has been, time out of mind: Into the darkn
  2. Date: THURSDAY April 29th TIME: 7:00 - 11:00 PM EDT Place: The Enchanted Forest, Spring Event: The Underground travels to a land of Enchantment! Everyone Welcome
  3. A Life, to imagine it could be different. My "friend" Derai, imagines this. She is unique. She is honest. She is who she is. I count myself lucky to be called "friend." Imagine a place, a time, when there was no "color" of a persons skin, And we see not their color, but just see People. Imagine living Life, in Peace... You may say I'm a Dreamer. But I am not the only one.....
  4. The cause of life is Love, the length of Life is chance, But the Heart that beats with love, is the cause of peace and serenity.🥰

  5. Its Time to Rock! This Friday starting at 12:00 NOON EDT Whiskey River opens its doors for an Amazing Rock Festival!!! Featuring: DocQ, Gith, JYD, Curiousret, DjFoxxxy, and Trey
  6. Hello you crazy & wonderful people of 3DX! The Underground Club is Still around! Yes. Still going and now more than ever we are determined to bring the best in rooms and music to all you music lovers. Now, in Partnership with the Rock Band, Bish, who will be doing Guest spots on every 2nd Thursday of the month, bringing their unique look and style to our club patrons and fans. This week on April 8th, we are opening "Angel's Beach Room" featuring Bish and Dj Oolisa as the pre and post band DJ. We know you will love it! Come Party with us, this Thursday and Ladies, bring your bi
  7. Come on in to the Newly Reopened Underground Club! Same great music by our Dj's and Same great people that make it fun. The Club has now been honored with the Regular players in the Venom Band, A new stage and set up for them and the dancers that join them along with a remodel of other areas has now been added. We are excited to bring you the Music that is Life, and hope you will join us weekly for the fun. We open at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, and close at 11:00 PM EST.
  8. Day Two! And tonight I play JOURNEY Songs, Classics and Live performances! From their Greatest Hits Album And Greatest LIVE HITS Album!
  9. I can hardly wait! This will be so fun and lots of chances to find those eggs and numbers too. Come out and enjoy everyone! Mamma AT is The BEST at Easter Parties!
  10. There is a special person I want to speak to now. She knows who she is. She is one of the most loving, kind hearted and talented people I know in this world. She has suffered and wept, cried and been hurt. Yet she is essentially a pure and loving soul in spite of all that. She IS strong. She is vulnerable and kind, but she is also a Towering force for GOOD in this life. I hope we all embrace her Light and pull her up from the darkness that temporarily has her blinded. I know in my heart of hearts, she is worth everything! She is OUT OF THIS WORLD And truly Gorgeous!🥰

  11. The cause of life is Love, the length of Life is chance, But the Heart that beats with love, is the cause of peace and serenity.🥰

  12. To Love Someone and be Loved in Return is one of Life's most precious gifts!

  13. HI Honey.....I think I messed up something in my settings.....wanted to send you PRIVATE message.......sigh


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