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  1. I seen her alot lately come to a General room I am DJing at and friend me so that next time she is on i connect you tw. Sadly I am not friends with her but i can help to connect you. OOlisa or DJlisa
  2. another cool thing has been happening recently. DJlisa ( My other Account has been getting a larger FL. OOlisa and DJlisa have been opening or Friends rooms to advertise where i am DJing in a Ganral Location. Was a suggestion my Dave of DoF fame. and now alot of Friends come to the General room I am in to support me. I can't thank them enough for their support and it really makes me happy to see them. I do feel loved from this.
  3. May 26- 2022 Had amazing thing happen at sins recently. The Fireplace room was full of people It was BDSMetal gang. They wer all there to ourne the passing of Zorro (MrZOE) icebox started making a request for the memberZorro. Then more made requests. It turned into a wake. with many telling storys of this member. he was deeply loved and the storys were heartfelt. Much like when Shovelhead an Curvedwood left us. this touching display of affection made me cry Z
  4. So I have been DJing General rooms alot. But i still get asked to DJ Partys which gives me great pleasure to be honored like that. I always try to please with my tunes and now have sooo much tunes. two 256Gig sticks worth. I still love to do requests as it helps people feel included in the room. I am in a DJ gang which is like a family to me and i love them all so dearly. I have not taken a new husband and while i still miss that intimacy, i enjoy the freedom of being single.i come and go as i wish and provide pleasure to anyone who wishes to be ruiine my m mad bedroom skills. I only shark once as for me it is the excitement of variety. Problem is the guys i have ruined become pests which harshes dafuq out of me. i have learned to avoid the guilty they use as a weapon to bed me but i still feel sorry for them as ik they are just wanting to have fun and drain their balls up inside me. LOL So little time.... so much dick here. I have done some RL DJ gigs which is awesome but i am still a poser on the decks and am not the DJ i hope to be some day. Practice makes perfect and that is why im sooo good with my mouth......... and throat.nuff for now
  5. help for noob dudes: We are all here for the sex. The classic line from most dudes is "hi, how are you" so tired of that line. The greatest ex organ here is the mind so try something original. Starting out with a clever Role play is a good start. Also , a compliment on a girls out fit is good. we all spend time in the dressing room trying to look preety so a compliment is an acknowledgment of that effort will be appreciated...a surefire way to get a girl into bed don't talk reallife shit. This is NOT Eharmony or Match.com we dun come here for real shit but virtual stuff Asking questions also helps to pique interest. Its got to be tough on dudes looking to hook up as they get shafted in the dressing room. clever outfits can still work for attraction but its more the RP makes us wet. and don't go straight for the ass. its nasty and needs to be approached slowly and in the heat of passion. i actually like pose hoppers too now that the Lovense toys are here. hard brutal jungle fucking gets me moist and can be a refreshing scene.
  6. so i left but then i came back after a month. It wasn't fair to my good friends i have made here to leave them as weel just because my hubby was going though a midlife crisis. Plus becoming a 3DX public room DJ was to important to forsake the game just because i had issues with doing skype with my hubby. I knew it wouldn't end with just voice so that was mostly why i left. Fortunatly he had divorced me when i came back so with that relief i started up again. and. YAY, he has moved on and married one of our old friends. Im so very happy for him although i am all alone now and dealing with the pests who have accumulated over the last few months
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