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  1. Personal I will not talk about the real problem of the most used streams in 3DXChat because this would mean to talk about some mistakes and show how they can fix it and this is a border I will not step over again 😄 The most streamed 128kbps music is just a over scaled sound quality and does not mean the music quality comes with real 128kbps. When you say some streams sounds like 64kbit this can happen because it's exactly this ^^ The used Transcoder works just and always like an ripping tool and limiter but he will never improve the sound quality because this is impossible 😊 Reasons for a bad sounding quality can also be the used Transcoder and the way how you bring the music in your server (streaming or the used sound File).
  2. Music Quality over 128kbps isn't noticeable for default PC or Laptop speakers 😊 For 95% of the most players is there no sense to stream music with more then 128kbps on the contrary you will get more negative as positive aspects...
  3. 😅😋...



  4. Chilles

    New Forum

    Agree, there are still a lot functions disabled in this new Forum, maybe it runs currently with the basic default settings 🙄 Hmmm, interesting... What's your PC Operating System? Windows 10, 7, XP? Did you try an alternate Browser like Firefox or Chrome?
  5. Chilles

    New Forum

    Paste the Link and Press Enter could help 🤔
  6. 148452976,width=500,height=500.png

    I Love your Profile... 😍

    1. Shanti


      Haha thank you ❤️ !

      Gotta freshen it up a little I guess 😋


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    1. OliU


      Hello..errrrr.....Chilles :D

  8. Test Test, 1-2-3... 🤪

  9. Gray and retro is the new Black... 😎

    1. Alliehotass


      Soopa Kool WoooHooooooo 🤗


  10. Some years in the past I did suggest a modern Design for the Forum and Today I did use the occasion again to search this Design who was suggest 😅 Was a little bit hard but I did found it ^^ Well some years later is this Design still very nice and modern and I think it fits very good for the 3DXChat Community 👍 Not many adjustments should be necessary, is like a all in one package 😅 Elegant for IPS Suite 4.4.x Just my personal taste but maybe Like the Community and the Devs this Template too 😊
  11. @LovelyBritney Agree with you about an Size and Color Limit 👍 The Fonts as self are Limited of your System. If you use an Font which is only installed on your system then changes this font automatic to a standard font for the other systems 😊
  12. Well let's try 😅 This is a Test
  13. This functions should be still there but I think it's currently disabled 😟 For the Fonts you can also use Word, write your Post pre, change the Fonts and Copy/Paste it
  14. For example what's missing? The Forum update is like, you did drive 25 years the same car and then you get a new one of the same type and manufacturer 🤣 The first time it will be strange and unknown... Well this update was urgently necessary because the old one was just an security hole for privacy. 😵 Now should there be a lot more possible
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