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  1. Seems someone pursues a new hobby. Saw an avi named Rubberducky this monday evening. Don't know if he causes any trouble so far. For me it was a déjà vu, because nearly one year ago such a person ran around the world of 3dx insulting and harassing different people. That time it caused a lot of work to convince everyone that it wasn't me. The main problem is that you need a lot of luck to catch those people and ban them. The delete their fake avi's and create new ones. Nowadays a look in the gift list is a quite good possibility to make sure that you're talking to the right person. You can't
  2. At least he got a work around others don´t have. And it´s a bit disappointing that there is no response by the support team.
  3. Robbert, there is the possibility to use free vpn software, but the speed down your connection to 768 k/bits. Not very useful to play a game with a constant music stream. Else you have to pay a lot of money to use a professional service. In my opinion this can´t be the solution.
  4. Actually it seems like the forces of the dark are stronger. It´s gettin worse day by day. The game is almost unplayable. The log. file was sent to the support team more than once.
  5. Here´s my trace from germany. Seems like it´s the same route. Images2PDFC: Console application of Images2PDF. Copyright by pdfforge GbR © 2010, 2011, 2012 Use the parameter /? for more information. C:\Program Files (x86)\PDFCreator\Images2PDF>tracert Routenverfolgung zu whatihost.com [] über maximal 30 Hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms 1 ms easy.box [] 2 59 ms 55 ms 54 ms 3 51 ms 66 ms 51 ms 4 63 ms 80 ms 72 ms 5 96 ms 84 ms 73 ms
  6. Actually a lot of players suffers from the same problem. Me included. We loose the connection to the game server for a second and got disconnected. The connection to the sky.ffm server isn´t affected, same with the Dj servers. If we stay disconnected at the map we are still able to see our friendlist and the change in it, when people log on or off. I tried to make a trace to the main server but it wasn´t successful. A ping worked properly.
  7. WoW. Awesome new map. Going to check it out this evening.
  8. Rubberduck


    One night a man, his wife and a friend decided to have dinner together, so after eating they opened a couple of bottles of wine. Upon finishing the wine the friend realised it was late and he should go home, but the man insisted he stay the night, because he was drunk and in no condition to drive. The man finally agreed. One problem occurred though they had no guest bedroom and their couch was small and uncomfortable. So the man's wife said "Why doesn't he just sleep with us?" The two men agreed and promptly headed for bed.A few hours after they had gone to sleep the man's wife woke his friend
  9. To make the carribean feeling complete it would be nice to get dreadlocks and a cool hat.
  10. Great work Sol. I love my new pink sunglasses
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