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  1. Peace out, friends. It has been a wondrous ride.

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    2. ☙𝔼𝕩❧


      I remember the moment of your coming back, it was at the Jazzy Lounge. I wish you all the best and to see you again someday.

    3. IVIonique


      Goodbye love <3 Wish you the best.

    4. JunBug


      ❤️ It was really nice seeing you around again Mael , -hugs-

  2. After weeks of planning and several setbacks, we're proud to bring you the event of the year so far. A huge collaborative effort between the members of Bass Factory, a DJ label and Discord server that Pierrousss, Alerinna and I started just over one month ago, with the intention of bringing the best DJs, builders and other creative minds of 3DX together under one roof. This event also commemorates Mega Clubbers, which was acquired and became our creative department. Our ambition extends beyond the games limitations, where within our group you'll find no drama and no lack of respect. We strive, not only to create the coolest events on the calendar, but also provide a safe haven, where everybody's welcome to come, hang out, share music and pictures, voice chat (not mandatory) and contribute whatever they're inspired to. Anybody who'd like to join only needs to message either myself or any Bass Factory member for an invite. Our sincerest thanks to everybody who helped make this happen, for your patience and endeavour. Special thanks to Rosa, who will be hosting the magnificent room for us. Powered by BunnyBot
  3. Looking forward to bringing you all some cool tunes, and hearing everyone else spin ♪ ♫
  4. I'm not sure that quite counts as intelligence, dude
  5. Okay. One question: Why, if you read everything the community writes, do you reply so infrequently? I guarantee that complaints would be much less if you simply communicated with us more. This would also greatly improve the general perception of your work ethic and level of caring for the player base, perhaps even to former standards, if you were consistent over time. This has probably been asked before It isn't that we (most of us) don't appreciate what you create for us, as such. Moreso that you've outright ignored literally dozens of requests and good, fairly easy to implement ideas that would notably enhance many players' experience. Then, also left several bugs unfixed for months (in some cases years), with no indication as to when, or even if, they'll be addressed. Being so often promised and then not delivered quite what was expected leaves those who pay for the continued development of this potentially wonderful game quite rightly disappointed. However, in my book, being ignored is even worse For my own part, today's patch holds nothing interesting, except for the lighting and undefined bug fixes. The other stuff is... fine, I guess. I don't personally pay an expensive subscription to a social sex game to spend my time building rooms, but plenty of others do enjoy that, and I've enjoyed hanging out in their marvellous creations. So kudos to both devs and builders alike for this. The majority of us, though, would like to see more poses, both sexual and non, more clothing options (for both genders but especially men), and better stability, so that we're not crashing mid-party every few hours I could be more specific, list and describe and elaborate on each point, but this post is already long enough. Purely meant as constructive criticism, to encourage a healing of the rift between developers and the large number of players, who're understandably vexed and unsatisfied with this game's progress. I'm not foolish enough to expect an eloquent reply, though one would be nice. Good day to everybody ,(^._.^)ノ彡"
  6. The "just a game" rhetoric is tired and unhelpful. We may not be a large community, but the "game" is also a social platform. Would people not complain if Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, etc. went down without warning? Those don't even require a paid subscription, and some people don't have time to play much other than weekends (whatever their timezone). We'd be far more inclined to give the devs a break if this wasn't a recurring issue and they simply communicated with the player base. Oh, the server's back up? Right. Everyone have a great night, then
  7. I realize no-ones post was directed at me, but I'll reply to some points made nonetheless. Mine was after all intended to spark discussion. Firstly, most of us do like the game we have, hence why we yearn for more content, rather than giving up and playing something else. The unused gym membership analogy was a bad example, as we are still here, but I get Rob's point. It certainly isn't real life either. We should all keep that in mind, no matter how deep our connections with people in-game can become Secondly, "shit happens" sounds lazy and uninspired to my ears. Yes, there have been updates. Mostly unimpressive, very infrequent updates, far less than was promised. I'm not sure which games (worth playing) offer less content for even the special $60 per year holiday price. That's a brand new AAA title with dozens to hundreds of highly detailed locations and items and such, depending on the genre. Some of us do actually have a clue what it takes to develop a game - doesn't matter for how many players. Many of us are past the point of constructive criticism, because previous suggestions and even offers to help were clearly ignored. Also yes, the devs have been somewhat active behind the scenes and occasionally dropped communication on certain topics recently, but nothing like 2-3 years ago, and we get dead silence when the server goes down randomly. But again, I pay my subscription to enjoy the company of this community's many wonderful members. To me, that makes the game worth its asking price. Doesn't mean I and others aren't going to complain that things could be much better
  8. I have to completely agree with Riela, shocking as that may sound. Though, I'm sure this will get ignored and buried now that the server has gone back up. Everyone will just complain in World Chat for another few hours before the situation is temporarily forgotten about. When I first joined the game, updates looked fairly promising. Then, over time became less frequent and also less inspired. However, I've always maintained that I'm here for friends first and foremost. Updates don't even make a distant third anymore... I'll let your devious minds fill in the second spot The devs have proven by their attitude and past year or so lack of communication with the player base that our wishes and expectations aren't going to be met. I'm not even confident that they're capable of delivering half of what the community asks for. However, I could list a bunch of things that I'd consider basic game features, which would be relatively easy to implement, and yet I still don't ever expect to see. I couldn't care much less about the World Editor either. On which note, some of you are really easily impressed, lol. I'd much rather have a dozen new poses, some more character customization options, fixes for the multiple relentless bugs and engine instability, etc.. Posting here and reporting bugs or requesting features is indeed like throwing suggestions into a trash bin. Not a week goes by when I don't have a conversation with someone about ideas they'd like to see realized in-game, and I have to gently inform them that an excess of ice cream will also make them fat... The fantasy world they describe does not yet exist outside of their imaginations
  9. Dearest Athene, I just have to break this down due to the hilarious irony *chuckles evilly* "Tbh Silent..", starts with an abbreviation, then misses the comma that should precede Silent's name, and ends with an ellipses that's both misused (which I don't personally mind, but since we're being technical) and lacks its third period. Let's continue. "Yes there's lots of ways", again misses the comma after the opening word, and should be "there are", since you're talking about more than one way. "And might I suggest...", starts not only a new sentence, but a new paragraph with a conjunctive. In fact, the whole post up until "Finally" could have been written as one paragraph, or each suggestion presented as bullet points for legibility and to keep the reader's attention. The ellipses here is also even more egregious than the first. It should be a colon, nothing else. "(ie;)", should first of all be "e.g.", since you're giving an example, followed by a comma, not semi-colon, before "thru". Furthermore, "ie" (which, by the way, means "that is") should be written "i.e." (with periods). "But sometimes", again begins a sentence with a conjunctive, and should instead read, "However, sometimes". Then, "does" (already written by you with quotations) should be written with typographic emphasis: either bold or italic - your choice. Hope that helps
  10. Happy Birthday Mina! I wish you a most wonderful and memorable day, full of smiles and laughter and those happy tears! You are one of the loveliest, most caring, faithful and respectable friends I have. I hope this day makes you feel even half the appreciation you deserve. Lilly, your initial post was totes adorable (have we learned to expect anything else from our precious Doll?) and I echo its sentiments wholeheartedly ❤ Hugs and kisses to you both
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-tW0CkvdDI
  12. Thanks to everyone who attended Apologies for the audio problems. I will have them ironed out before streaming again!
  13. For anyone who wants to listen but can't be in-game for whatever reason (NSFW lol), here's the link to my stream ♪ ♫ I'll be starting in 25 mins
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