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  1. Bran

    Mods Farewell

    There’s so many things I could say, or try to explain but to no use. I have been for over a year struggling and fighting to make 3dxchat the best game on the market, having my head on the block most of the times, but as I did it with a clear conscious and for the best of the server I continued to push. Insisting on respect for all players, on frequent updates based not on what devs decided but on what players wanted. I know most of you, especially those who have already left, know of my hard work and struggles. Seems the ppl that complain and back bite won, and without any previous notice or one word I was removed from this Forum, the forum I fought so much for and helped to create and have looked after it since day one. Oh well... Of course still wanting the existing Mods to carry out events, dj activities look after the server etc. We are all adults and professionals and enough is enough, we don’t owe anything, we don’t get paid for the long hours, not even free accounts, all we have ever done was try and build this server out of our own good . We may or not reconsider our positions if the same admin post their apologies for their unbecoming/unprofessioanl conduct. It is with some pain that we bid you all farewell as Mods and thank you all for your support.
  2. Thats sounds to me (noob) like not enough RAM or .....
  3. I have been speaking to several players and these are facts: Several players have on one day at some time experienced similar issues, where they kept being disconnected from game, including myself.Its been a one time situation.There is no pattern like: server overload (too many ppl online); after a patch; etc So, its very dificult to determine what the problem is, especailly when its only happening to a few players and only once. All this in all truth indicates the issue is on the players side and not server, various facts could be the reason; faulty internets, wi_fi users, etc Im not a computer expert, so I can't suggest solutions, but I advise once again to farward all complaints to our 3DXCHAT Support and let our devs help you.
  4. HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY Wishing you all a day as unique and special as you all are ! The history of all times and of today especially, teaches that women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves. Bran
  5. it's a common approach with many MMOs that go Free to Play. Not that common, games tend to go pay way and not free to play, which definatly is not this case anyway. As for the 30 to 300 cost, didn't we also get a gold increase from 100 to 1000? No, we all got dif. amounts ... [EDIT] Here's a thought. Would somebody give one friend preferential treatment over another because that friend gifted them while the other did not? Dont see what this has to do with what has been said....
  6. Any progress/Updates? as Ive said b4 cant w8. Itll bring me bk into 3DXCHAT ASAP. I have answered you via mail and will repeat it now. Shemales will come hopefully but it is not a priority now, we have more urgent things in progress, such as many basics still missing.
  7. Bran

    A story...

    "I have come to save you all !" as he moved towards Loki. Maineiac looked huge as he moved across the room but at the same time he also reminded Bran of someone...could it be?
  8. Eugene, on 26 Feb 2014 - 8:57 PM, said: I don't mean love or relationships. I can rephrase my question. What kind of clothes for you is the most attractive? What kind of girl you turn your attention first? What clothes? He was quite explicit when he said: *But i like classic style,long dress and sport maybe. Much better if woman can use different style wise. Knows how to combine them.* I totally agree, I prefer when an individual whether man or woman create their own, personal style, whether it be a combo of others or a unique. I also cant agree with your discription of *classic office style* if I dressed like that during my professional office hours (reference to the 2nd photo) I would either get a constante raise( muahahah) or not be taken very serious in my business. Also what you refer to as *sporty* i would say a more casual style, as i see nothing in it of sporty like tenis, track suits etc, cant imagine anyone doing sports in heels, tight denims etc. I would consider a *sporty* style more of a baggy, confortable, low heeled tennis etc...(as Rob pointed out).
  9. We wont get anything as admin has re-assured us there will be no rebranding, 3DXChat will remain as we know it, 3DXChat <3
  10. People please stick to the Forum threads so I dont have to delete your posts:((((( <3
  11. I would appreciate you taking care how you talk about players and staff members. There was never a pissing match nor are there any hatchets to be buried, I beleive we all friends and still are. gizmo and i with jobs to perform, but neverthless friends with all players
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