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  1. In case of Official rooms it is not a bug of 'too thin objects'. It's related to broken Screen Space Reflections feature. Just turn off "Detailed Reflections" aka SSRR in Graphics Settings and issue should be gone for good. Last time I reported outdated game renderer I heard they may fix it someday but it's not top #1 priority at the moment. Official rooms have really nothing to do with World Editor creations. They've been all made directly in 3D modelling softwares.
  2. Gizmo gave you answers but to clear something @Alivia2 Thank you but I'll stay. Sorry if truth is so annoying to understand that you want to get rid of me just to proove you're smarter where you're not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. CAPS wasn't necessary, that purple wall of text is enough annoying to read No, you don't know what you read and what's more important - clearly don't understand what you read. Exactly this! But I know, reading with understanding is too complex for some adults apparently. Easier to make drama out of nothing without legit arguments to actually give it any sense.
  3. There was no any promise at any point, better read his messages again and carefully this time. Typically update is still in WIP state and will be released "at XX:XX hour Special 3DXChat Time Zone" meaning Soon™ probably in next month up to next 10 years. Deal with it
  4. Then additionally try to give administrator rights to xdelta3.exe located in Patcher_Data folder. It is specifically decompression tool used by 3DXChat and the only thing that always get stuck without admin rights.
  5. Right click on 3DXChat.exe - Preferences - Advanced - Set "Always Run as administrator". Right click on Patcher.exe - Preferences - Advanced - Set "Always Run as administrator". End of all issues. 3DXChat has permissions problem, especially when installed on OS drive. Uncertified software is blocked by OS, especially when it's suspected as threat. Give especially Patcher admin rights and it should run without any issues. Additionally that issue shouldn't appear at all when game is installed on different partition than OS one. PS: That above done "after" wrong patching may not work as intended.
  6. No, it doesn't It's just too far away, static, always in the same position and completely independent from building area in comparison to custom light sources so effect is less noticable than with custom lights. Build that "box" and you'll see that wall from sun/moon side is always slightly brighter than rest. You can put custom light source right in front of the wall or wherever you want and if closer then issue is more annoying. But you can't move that static in-game sun/moon position at all, neither get your build closer to it. At that distance it's just too weak to go annoyingly through walls like custom light but it's still making wall and corners brighter unless walls of that "box" are really huge.
  7. Light from the moon/sun doesn't respect this at all too. it's just static light, always in the same position separated and independent from building area and way too far away in comparison to light source right behind wall. I wouldn't expect any changes on that part in foreseeable future as this would require time and resources to actually rework some core parts of the engine 3DX was built on and most likely they don't have any of that or either we won't see any content updates for another year while they'll focus just on that game element. It's not a big deal to enable correct shadowing in Unity. The main part stays in necessary optimization of that feature later or it will simply cut off majority of 3DX members from comfortable gameplay as hardware requirements will change well above capabilities of built-in CPU graphic cards. At the moment 8 up to 10 year old PC can easly run 3DX at maximum setting without even getting too hot. Even some older are capable to. Considering frequency of updates even if they actually have more than 2 developers it's still small, indie studio. Last time asked about this Gizmo only said "maybe in future".
  8. "Response is null" = connection problem. Old computer doesn't matter here due to different specification and that include network card and drivers. For beginning just simply try to switch between EU and US entry gates to the server and see if there will be any difference for you. If switching to US or opposite will help then just use that one to connect. There is no any real difference between US and EU entry gate other than small difference in latency as 3DX has only one physical server anyway located in Europe. If that won't help then try any free VPN service to check if that will make a difference. If so then it definitely is connection problem on your network.
  9. Like @Diana Prince mentioned, in Windows Registry Deleting "3DXChat" tree comletely (don't bother with backups of that) will result in defaulting all visual settings of 3DXChat responsible for resolution and UI scaling and solve the issue.
  10. At the moment only sharing whole avatar is possible and it will probably remain like that for a while
  11. Assuming you haven't clean out your registry on previous computer with 3DXChat yet: 1. Hit Windows + R keys combination ---> input: regedit ---> Enter 2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER ----> SOFTWARE -----> SexGameDevil -----> 3DXChat 3. Select: MyPaletteColors then click on File ---> Export ----> Save as whatever you want as long as it's .reg file 4. Move saved file to new computer and launch it then confirm changes. 5. Done. You can export entire SexGameDevil registry tree so it will save also most of your in-game settings like chat window configuration etc.
  12. Uninstall Kaspersky and switch to user friendly Anti Virus software like ESET in example or just use Windows Defender, it's good, surely better than most of popular AV softwares on the market like Avast, AVG and it's lightweight. Kaspersky was made for paranoics, sagnificantly slows down devices (mainly noticable in games) and tends to throw random false positives. It also gathers user data and sends it to Russia, another reason to avoid using it.
  13. Sounds like world is corrupted on server side. You need to ask support for world reset to default state.
  14. 1. Download script from attachment (source code below in case you or your anti-virus software might be worried): @echo off set /p "folder=Drag and drop your real folder here: " mklink /J "3DXChat" %folder% 2. Place downloaded script in Documents or My Documents folder (that part is very important). 3. Move 3DXChat folder from Documents to anywhere you want. 4. Run script. 5. Drag and drop previously moved folder from new location directly into window which will be open by script. 6. Enjoy new screenshots location. This is not perfect solution but at least useful workaround. You still will see 3DXChat folder in Documents as a symbolic link/shortcut but screenshots won't take space from OS drive anymore. If you'd like to reverse those settings simply delete symbolic link folder created by script from your Documents folder then bring back actual, original folder in its place. Make symlink for 3DXChat.bat
  15. They gave up on this forum long time ago. What's the point for them to be here? Community rarely or never appreciate any kind of their work, posts are full of disrespectful, agressive comments and all the same people with their never ending drama titled "Where is the update and why devs are so bad?". I have to remind you that once they tried to launch moderated discord server for community. It was closed in less than week due to toxicity beyond the scale. Honestly, being at their place I'd do exactly the same, ignore every social media and continue work in silence at my own pace. It is clear that they don't care if people stay in or leave the game so what's really the point of this never ending, years long topic? They always did whatever they wanted and nothing will change that. Either they're 100% sure of this project success no matter of comments or they've multiple side projects and aren't bothered about incomes from 3DX too much. But one thing is well known... the more louder and agressive was this forum -> the more silent and ignoreful were devs. You can make hundreds more of topics like this and you'll still face the cold wall. All the same complainers arguing here since years should ask themselves what they really want... if 3DX is so bad what's keeping them here then? I don't think Gizmo is standing behind them with a whip, forcing them to pay for sub yearly or monthly and year is more than enough to decide if either you've patience for this devs or not. Surely, you're right that customer may have demands for product quality. This would probably work with legitimate, fully operational company like Electronic Arts... actually it already worked a few times. But you keep forgetting that 3DX devs can just simply vanish without goodbye and you MAYBE will be refunded by BMTMicro but surely won't be able to get any refund neither answer directly from company with most likely non existing office and real address probably somewhere in Russia. Sorry but "I'm paying, I demand" rule doesn't matter in this case, that's sad truth. This case in term of content became so repetitive that at this point it's just boring junk. More or less copy-pasted avg. every day or second day since years in nearly every second topic. Have that ever changed something here? Tip: Go and scream to the wall for a few hours to release those emotions - you'll more or less get the same effect, only tidy up forum a bit. I'm annoyed with updates, lack of communication and many other things too. But I'm not spamming that loud daily at forum in hundreds of cloned topics. There are better topics to talk but 3DX forum is especially unwelcoming because each time when you open it, you already know that you'll see more of the same, usual trash topics and you don't even need to read posts because their content is known upfront too. PS: I've no idea how can you judge piercings quality basing on unfortunately framed picture with resolution of 10 years old smarthphone wallpaper which basically gets totally pixelated once zoomed on PC screen... Not like I believe in miracles but I'd hold on reviews until actual release or better previews. the picture is very unclear for now...
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