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  1. Gizmo gave you answers but to clear something @Alivia2 Thank you but I'll stay. Sorry if truth is so annoying to understand that you want to get rid of me just to proove you're smarter where you're not Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―. CAPS wasn't necessary, that purple wall of text is enough annoying to read No, you don't know what you read and what's more important - clearly don't understand what you read. Exactly this! But I know, reading with understanding is too complex for some adults apparently. Easier to make drama out of nothing without legit arguments to actually give it any sense.
  2. There was no any promise at any point, better read his messages again and carefully this time. Typically update is still in WIP state and will be released "at XX:XX hour Special 3DXChat Time Zone" meaning Soonβ„’ probably in next month up to next 10 years. Deal with it
  3. Then additionally try to give administrator rights to xdelta3.exe located in Patcher_Data folder. It is specifically decompression tool used by 3DXChat and the only thing that always get stuck without admin rights.
  4. Right click on 3DXChat.exe - Preferences - Advanced - Set "Always Run as administrator". Right click on Patcher.exe - Preferences - Advanced - Set "Always Run as administrator". End of all issues. 3DXChat has permissions problem, especially when installed on OS drive. Uncertified software is blocked by OS, especially when it's suspected as threat. Give especially Patcher admin rights and it should run without any issues. Additionally that issue shouldn't appear at all when game is installed on different partition than OS one. PS: That above done "after" wrong patching
  5. No, it doesn't πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ It's just too far away, static, always in the same position and completely independent from building area in comparison to custom light sources so effect is less noticable than with custom lights. Build that "box" and you'll see that wall from sun/moon side is always slightly brighter than rest. You can put custom light source right in front of the wall or wherever you want and if closer then issue is more annoying. But you can't move that static in-game sun/moon position at all, neither get your build closer to it. At that distance it's just too weak to go
  6. Light from the moon/sun doesn't respect this at all too. it's just static light, always in the same position separated and independent from building area and way too far away in comparison to light source right behind wall. I wouldn't expect any changes on that part in foreseeable future as this would require time and resources to actually rework some core parts of the engine 3DX was built on and most likely they don't have any of that or either we won't see any content updates for another year while they'll focus just on that game element. It's not a big deal to enable correct shadowing
  7. Wow, why so mean πŸ™„ You're wrong on part with "no hacks cause no protection" because 3DX has source code and server side protection. Despite fact it is poor and nowhere close to AAA budget games, it is still present. Nothing is unbreakable anyway. Unauthorized modification or injection of additional, malicious code into game or any kind of software libraries, forcing it to overrule secuirty checks and taking full administration level control IS a hack, so maybe you should go to school and understand instead. Forcing game server to accept unauthorized requests passing security checks and gi
  8. "Response is null" = connection problem. Old computer doesn't matter here due to different specification and that include network card and drivers. For beginning just simply try to switch between EU and US entry gates to the server and see if there will be any difference for you. If switching to US or opposite will help then just use that one to connect. There is no any real difference between US and EU entry gate other than small difference in latency as 3DX has only one physical server anyway located in Europe. If that won't help then try any free VPN service to check if tha
  9. Okay, so: 1. You pointed one of the most useless features of their hack to argument that you're right but you ignored that this hack contains a lot more features including gamebreaking breach in security of avatars who can be forced to do certain things at rooms like Leeloo mentioned? We had many proofs in pictures here and creators of hack have been even cheeky enough to record videos of those actions by themselves. 2. Change name colors is hack. Rochi's mod was also hack. 3. Change name colors is hack. TV mod was also hack. 4. Change name colors is hack. Specific example
  10. Since 3DXChat Terms of Service explicitely disallow any modification of game code call things by the name: It is hacking and they are hackers. 1 year ago and it was also a hack. Only in that case it was not created with desire to make a mess but to actually improve QoL in 3DX. Probably that's the only reason it was tolerated up until 64-bit release. Right but the only purpose of that bot was to automate responds to chat. It really never even require any changes in 3DX files so hardly can be called a mod or hack. Other than spamming messages it was basically useless and the tric
  11. Like @Diana Prince mentioned, in Windows Registry Deleting "3DXChat" tree comletely (don't bother with backups of that) will result in defaulting all visual settings of 3DXChat responsible for resolution and UI scaling and solve the issue.
  12. Okay, well, it was only example πŸ˜‰ Take "Rukyaa" and "Rukyaa" then. Seeing difference? Here at forum perhaps slightly noticable but in-game not at all. Except that one has " u " and the other one " n ". Avatar creator can be cheated in many ways. You answered yourself. Because it was avatar created on the new account but with the old name used. From new account perspective there was no marriage. From Alice perspective who never deleted her own avatar neither cancelled marriage, link to Bob's profile worked because someone took over Bob's name. The only failure in here is
  13. "Bob - Alice" happened due to deleted Bob profile. It's not any database error, it's a feature. I'm not sure how it is now after so many changes but if you deleted avatar and restored it at exactly same account it used to bring back even friendlists. That is not possible and never was. In Leeloo case.... well..... Leeloo & LeeIoo - see any difference? I guess not. But one name has small " L " and other one big " i ".
  14. At the moment only sharing whole avatar is possible and it will probably remain like that for a while πŸ˜†
  15. Unity is not guilty of anything... it's good, easy to use engine perfect for indie developers but powering also some of top AAA titles without any in-depth possibilities of hacking like here. At best you can only blame poor coding of 3DXChat and poor security of game libraries.
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