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    Please respect my wishes, if you want to contact me:

    - Don't hug or kiss me if we are not friends
    - Never send unasked invitations
    - I am absolutely faithful so never ask for sex
    - Do not sneak with several avatars on my friend list
    - I am absolute not a friend of role played drama
    - Do not send me unasked pictures of yourself, you will not get one back
    - Never ask for Skype or any other real life contact
    - If you mind fuck me, I will hunt you
    - Never tell lie about me, I am very unforgiving
    - I don't care about your true sex as long as you really feel like the gender you play

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  1. @☙𝔼𝕩❧ Sorry for spamming your diary... I will step out again!
  2. Then this wasn't you but others. Thanks for committing that everything else is true.
  3. A lot of rooms were stolen in this time, not just yours (which I didn’t knew so far). My club as well and also the White Palace of Pierrousss, even right before the grand opening. I will not put my hand over him since we are no longer befriended. But what I know that neither Ex ever stole a room from somebody nor did I. But you still was so keen to call me a room thief. Jade, even if a room from you was stolen you still have no right to play the victim here. You throw so much mud on others that it is for me not a huge surprise that some of the mud came back. Your Safe Haven is exactly the opposite of what you always claim. I saw so many bad talking on it like on no other community server.
  4. No need to add any further comment on this
  5. I don't mean your Jazz events.... oh and I tried what? I would never try to split what fits so perfectly together ^^ Don't worry - I didn't tried or will ever try. And it is remarkable how you claim that her success is based on your Safe Haven! If I just could advertise in your Discord...................................... ROFL nope sry I am not jaleous btw I still wait for your Bot - second time its delayed good night
  6. Only you are crying all the time in the forum Jade
  7. MUUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... she would get the numbers also without your Safe Haven.... I just remember your own recent parties.... not so big deals or? Just saying ^^
  8. LMAOOOOOOO - yeah dream on Jade ^^ and you really have no right to call me psycho since you are the psycho queen
  9. Bullshit - tell me why I should respect a person who directly attack me without any reason.... yes I know you know what I am talking about Jade. Don't play the victim here - only some of your stupid Discord followers might believe you but I don't care about them... have 600 or 2 millions of them. Oh and I gave you a chance to appoligize and how long did it took before you attacked me again? Before I allow you to use any of my services I would prefer to cut me of a finger!
  10. Thats awesome for SAFE... whatever and I believe that everyone should treat each other with respect... but do I cry like you when that doesn't happen? Nope.
  11. Wrong! I dont allow bullies and haters - thats all
  12. Do you speak of yourself again?
  13. Reported false report again.
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