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    Please respect my wishes, if you want to contact me:

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    - If you mind fuck me, I will hunt you
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  1. We moved the party to next week. Let’s hope that the servers will be stable again than.
  2. image.png.d82c11d7b561fb570dd32b3df3c4e468.png

    This is just a theory of mine but how likely or unlikely is it?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. panCDCA


      Wouldn't surprise me.

    3. panCDCA


      My guess, is it is a certain someone who brags about her discord channel and is mad because she was banned for spamming it.

      Good riddance. I just hope they catch whoever pirated it and sues the living Hell out of them.

    4. chloe


      I don't think so pan since the one totally lacks any idea of technology 

  3. Thanks @Beatmasta❤️

    More info here: 


  4. For all who know the BUNKER or want to know more about it....... @Beatmasta was so keen to make a promotion video for us. The result is better when I imagined in my wildest dreams You can even download the video in 4k resolution - just visit Vimeo for this. 1000 times thanks to the artist who shot and edited this video for us.😘 We are so happy now to have such a great video now and... it is not the first time you did this for us I guess most will not remember your first video (since it is so long ago). 4 years ago.............. Also an amazing work so cool to have now the possibility to compare the "good old days" with the new ones
  5. Originally we did planned for this Friday to have our 5th Anniversary party - right now nobody knows if this will happen or not. We will see
  6. Server maintenance and now DDOS attacks again - seriously, this becomes unbelievable... fix the servers NOW - can't be to hard, or?

  7. If the promised feature comes that your room stay open even if you get a DC, than 20 bucks a month for a bot is a waste of money. And I also think it is more than 20, since the bot costs money and the additional account as well.
  8. ObsessedStatistian was solely responsible for her ban - just as you are responsible for yours ^^ By the way, that was a second account of somebody else, if I may give this assessment. But even you should be aware of that, right? The only thing you can be proud of is the fact that people are willing to take the effort to get one for you
  9. ahhh so she looked into the mirror than - that explains her statement "U've seen me get people banned here before"
  10. huh - you first joined the forum on June 11th? sry for this off topic question ^^
  11. Sad to hear this Torax. Thanks for some amazing parties ❤️ I hope that does not mean you stop doing parties but just look for a new concept
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