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  1. Thanks to guests of our party yesterday night in the BUNKER. It was a blast 🤘 Special thank you to our guest DJs TeresaScharfberg, VenomousVixen and Xanar and to the dancers of the SIRENS. You all rocked and made the evening special. this was the last party for this year but we will see us next year - promised! Many Kisses And Merry Christmas Felia and Chloe
  2. Was an awesome party, looking forward to the next one 👍😍
  3. I have some crazy dance music for you all See you all tonight WOOOHOOOOOOOO !!!
  4. rock-xmas-party8hk99.jpg

    Sirens are on board \m/

  5. Looking forward to it woot wooot wooooot paaaartttyyyyy
  6. WEDNESDAY DEC 4TH 9 PM CET ▒ NEW BASEMENT ▒ WITH JuXXX HCMRaven Felia and Erdz This will be the last NEW BASEMENT party this year.
  7. Chloe goes ACID tonight.... will be fast and amazing
    with: Zanok, FrontDE, Felia and Chloe

    I hope to see lots of Techno lovers tonight :) 

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