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  1. Well last time we got some trouble and had to cancel the event but this time it's the good one here's the updated flyer, so get ready for the Friday 11th :
  2. And another one ! BEAT FOUNDRY CELEBRATE 2 YEARS OF EVENT CREATION WITH ANOTHER ANNIVERSARY ! For those who know us, we created some huge ass events, and we know ya all had a great time and that's what matter at BF ! So this year we will continue bringing more events, starting May 19th at 8pm CET and more surprise to come in the future... WE'LL SEE YOU ALL AT THAT SOON TO BE AWESOME PARTY, BRING ALL YOU CAN WITH YOU FIX YOUR ASS ON THE DANCE FLOOR AND GET READY TO RUUUUUUUMBLE !!!
  3. not hard all the rest look like shit just need decend models to do something ok. but as a matter of fact if you put aside the online part there's lot of porn game that have way better 3D models
  4. Game is badly optimized end of the story. use weird ass textures files and application, low res assets, really bad smoke effect, and not even a glimpse of a decent Screen Space Reflection. there's no physics what so ever, an awfull LOD, an awful IQ, no real time shadows (all prebaked) and to finish the picture the game use basic shaders (the exerimental shaders are bullshit). Oh almost forgot the game as basicaly no fucking screen space geometry processing (basicaly every fucking game use this to not have to calculate what's not seen on the screen... but not 3Dx, it force the computation of shit you don't even have on the screen space. So yeah i'll say it again the game is a freaking case of bad optimisation/developpement, it's the kind of mistake that you learn to avoid in any game dev school. Sorry if the dev don't like my comment.
  5. HERE WE GO !!!! The date is around the corner so i invite you to take a look at the final roster of DDJ that will spin during those 4 days. Some sneak peek at the room will be "show" right before the event stay tuned ^^
  6. the legend of the unknow black pumpkin DJ
  7. Thanks to AmyLoveheart for the pics it was a total blast, hope to see you all soon again ^^ for more wild party !
  9. HERE WE GO : We'll see you soon, more to come again, the DJ line up will be reaveal soon
  10. Date approaching like a wrecking balls, we're still working on the planning so everything go smooth Flyer will pop soon enough so you'll have all the infos (and yes again for 4 days with around 20 DJs)
  11. Flyer edited with the last infos : 7 DJ, 45 min each, different style, same fun. Flaunt will join the fun with us at 8PM CEST (yes i knoww it say 8PM CET but i'm a dork so deal with it lol) anyway 48 hours left to get ready to party ! sneak peek :
  12. What a good change to see people enjoying the game for what it can offer aside from the sex part. welcome to 3Dx and hope you'll have fun @Lynnibree you're everywhere xD
  13. And we're back too with the BF anniversary ! More info will drop soon but get ready for the 24 October, new club, new surpises again. expect a lot of fun ^^
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