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  1. Put it on ur calender Sunday October 10th 2pm est.... come rock out with us
  2. Come join us on Oct 10th for a night of rock and roll by 5 of the great female rock djs in the game. Door opens at 2pm est. Wear ur pink to represent Breast Cancer Awareness. For entertainment The Barebunnies will be here......... Hope to see you all!!!!!!
  3. Pop that in ur profile or gallery and be eligible for the trivia................. come on over and have some fun
  4. Tomorrow is the first day of the festival guys come on over and enjoy the music and the room........... we will be waiting for you... i wanna see u pop lock and drop that shizzzzzzz
  5. "HipHop Nation and Empire Evolution presents to the community a hip hop festival. Sept 24th-26th at 6pm EDT we will be playing all the best music from hip hop to reggae. Come and join us we have 3 days of the best Hip Hop djs in the game. Its a event you wont want to miss. There will be a lil something for everyone so come and enjoy. We have put alot of hard work and dedication in to this project. We have two great dance teams to bring you awesome entertainment. Our festival room was built by DomMac with the help of JunBug. So come on down and check it out. You really need to be a part of this............."
  6. Doors Open at 8pm cest 2pm est time............ Can wait to welcome you all in!!!!
  7. One more day.............. Friday is coming and so isnt the GForce Dancer. Come to GSpot for a hot fun night filled with pleasure, excitement, music and much more.....
  8. hmm what to wear for this event................. something easy to get out of i suppose lol
  9. Oh yea baby this friday the sexiest men of 3dxchat performing live for you all!!!! Dont miss it
  10. Lets have some hot sexy fun and help you find the pleasures you need in your life...........
  11. We are back with our hot smoking club and are amazing sexy sexy dancers to bring you another hot show. Its all about the fun and the time we all spend together as friends. Come out and join us and all we can promise you is a great time and a great show from our dancers and great music from our hand selected djs who always put on a live show. Bring your GSPOT_-_10th_Sep_8PM_cest(1).mp4 best friends and your family. We will show everyone what a great time looks like. Doors open at 2pm est 8pm cest on Sept 10th with me Jazzie Navarro and Lexzia as ur hosts for the evening.
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