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  1. I have tried to log in and when I click login it does nothing, I click again and now my account is blocked?? I tried my other accounts and now they are all blocked as well. I sent a message to Lisa on Discord and to support. https://gyazo.com/19710c727a8e65a78c1e98c586df36ee
  2. Stella I know Troyski from our group woke up to a ban and another friend that was just posting for host in another room woke up to a ban as well for SPAM. Doesn't make sense and the definition of SPAM can mean so many things when you read the EULA. I think if they enacted some new rule or system at least some type of notice would be delivered to the users.. All this and now servers are down as well! SMH
  3. Stuck in queue, loads, disconnect... repeat... repeat... repeat...
  4. I"m so glad they continue to work on updates to the game but is now the best time to share a potential update when they could instead provide a status on the DDOS and/or an ETA of when the game will be back up.
  5. Logs me in after waiting in a queue then once in game will show "connection lost"....
  6. The new one piece lingerie disappears when going into water. When viewing someone that is in the water from outside the water they appear nude. If you go look in the water with them they appear to have it on. Gif example link https://gyazo.com/cf1dc4aa74515c9745979b145fe5da7b
  7. RUB IT IN JEAN hahahaha this sucks... so bad..
  8. I log in and get the red "reconnect" over and over
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