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  1. Building together isn't such a big thing I think. You just need to store the .world-file on some cloud space where multiple users (that know the source) can access this file to work on. Pretty simple in my opinion. You just need to organize somehow that not 2 people are working on the same file in the same minute. So it needs a system to 'checkout' a file for working on it that means nobody else is able to open the file in that moment, and 'checkin' the changed file when someone is done. This ensures that you are always working on the latest version of a built. Only thing you can't control is that someone is removing details somebody else previously has added. So If I have an idea to add something to a built that might fit from my point of view pretty good might be removed from a co-builder again that doesn't share my opinion. So beside sharing a .world-file communication about what you want to build is key to ensure the output is at the end finally what you expect to have...
  2. There are multiple Discord Servers existing just for 3DX-Content such as clubs, bands, dancegroups or whatsoever. So I believe lot of players of the game are sharing their Discord-Data to connect there. Much easier. Discord Server of Stardust Group has more than 150 Members, others like Safe Haven already more than 500 Members, abd the official 3DX-Server more than 2000..... So easy way to go is via discord....
  3. That indeed is a good point I didn't thought about. In fact there can be used various objects that have been created by others -even a whole room can be used as a template- to build something new that is not 100% own work (because of multiple freely available objects that can be downloaded from sharing sites). Those people that love to share there work for free propably don't care about copyright or something like this. Maybe they would change their opinion when knowing that others are going to make money with their objects and things developed. As a product manager/product owner I can imagine various ways to change the business strategy behind the game. Most of them would require mayor software development. Without knowing about the technical complexity of that game I'm simply not the one to analyze and identify what is possible just technically and what isn't. And also from a business perspective it's not simple and clear which of these changes might help to improve the game from a quality perspective as well as from a perspective of acceptance and entertainment. Actually the game is how it is. It's not perfect. I'm mising things too in the game. And I think the speed to improve the game could be higher. But I also don't know anything about the organizational structure of the 'company' running the game, nor about costs and income. I have no idea how many people are paying to play the game, how many people are working on development, maintenance and so on. I even don't don't know where they come from or if there is a business plan and business strategy behind that all.
  4. Honestly, everyone can think for themselves if they like or understand why people try to sell their builts here. Just try yourself build a complex room with several levels, chambers, furniture, poses or lighting to make it an awesome built. It takes seriously a lot of time to build these complex rooms generally. My own skills are just below basic, and I'm happy there are still people sharing their amazing work for free. Also I know that there are people building rooms in comission as a kind of ordered work. 40 USD for a room sound pretty expensive. But maybe you should take into consideration what kind of features the room has already. Also you should imagine how much time it took for a single builder to develop the idea already and finally the room. And for some of the rooms shown around here I'm pretty sure we are not talking about hours but days, weeks or even months. So I would think that such a price reflects the efforts put in by the builder first and overall. Especially when he/she simply don't knows how often the room might be 'sold' in case its decided to offer it for purchase. All those builders have started weeks, months or even years ago exploring and developing their individual skills to get to the level they are today. And I appreciate their individual efforts to build this amazing rooms. Just think yourself about how much of your sparetime you are willing to spend on building complex rooms for free because you just enjoy working creatively in the world editor. And still nobody is requested to 'buy' such a room on one of these sites where things like that are offered. You still can try out the hundreds of free rooms. Or the ones that are included as a standard. Or simply try yourself. Have an idea, start with a planning, and finally figure out yourself how to work it in World Editor and assemble all those elements, furniture, lighting, poses, etc..... I'm pretty sure most of us will need almost the same time to develop their own skills to get in the same position those experienced builders are today. And maybe think about what money you might have earned within this time when you would have been doing a regular paid job at this same time. It's still a free decision to sell your build, or pay a builder for his efforts and time spent for finishing this thing. Some will do it, some won't. As long as there is a basic funcionality available when a user subscribed for the game, I'm pretty sure things work properly. I don't need to run a private room. There are plenty of rooms open every day. So you can chose yourself where to go. I'm even pretty rarely inviting people to my private room generally. If you still chose to have 'your own thing' you have to build it. Or find it somewhere. Be lucky if the room you're looking for is available for free. //Daniel aka LadiesToyDE
  5. Thank you!! That explanation makes pretty much sense. Nevertheless it's confusing from a visualization point of view because it looks pretty much similar like the WASD hint. Another font color would perhaps show that it's not keys on a keyboard in this certain case..... Generally it would be helpful to find a way to navigate flycam incl. rotation only with the keyboard. It's perhaps easier to use one tool exclusively instead of using mouse and keyboard at the same time...
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