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  1. My Avast raised an alarm too. But as far as I understand the message correct, its not pointing an issue with the software, but with the webpage 3dxforum.com. So maybe this is something @Gizmo, @Lisa or @ColinDude can check or might answer..... This is the warning poped up on my PC (in german):
  2. I'm not using VPN at all and its working without any issue for me. So maybe VPN is indeed the problem. Just try without using VPN...
  3. Thanks for answering a post that is more than 7 years old....
  4. @Moderator - please close this topic as solved. Thank you !!!
  5. The prices have never changed since I entered the game first almost 7 years ago. Except the Covid-Lockdown-Discount. So just take into consideration that also the very basic first version, with limited options in clothing, building, room sharing, etc, has always cost the same, the game, the community, etc. has really made a lot of progress over the years. Maybe still not enough for many people, but for me its meanwhile pretty obvious that the developers are doing this project pretty private. A company running a platform like that would have made much more progress the same time, but also would have changed the fees already several times and also tried to monetarize this game much more with ingame-shops, and other stuff. Maybe people are used to a higher speed of progress and development because they know this from professionally organized and managed applications and games...
  6. Well, the original price is 20, but the covid reduction makes it even easier and cheaper ....
  7. There is already a pretty cheap option to try this game first. Just subscribe for a single month, and everything is fine. Just 10$ for a trial. No limits. All functionality. Thinks thats pretty fine to give this platform a try when you hear about it. And if you even don't want to spend this 10$, then you can find lots of pics, videos and information on the web already. or on discord. I think there is absolutely no need to offer access beside the existing options.
  8. Well, I never tried to. But with the experience of something of 6 years in the game I think with a standard monitor the game works somehow fairly good - beside all these bugs known and got used to it meanwhile. Oculus seems to be a nice addition for a better 3D-Experience. But for people that are used to watch ther keyboards while typing in chat, such an addition would make communication much more difficult I guess. Or maybe I just don't know how it really works...
  9. Thank you @MeiLing So in germany, first lockdown has started 22nd March if I remember right. Thailand started Lockdown already 8weeks earlier (18th JJanuary 2020). So this definition is unfortunately not very exact. I'm almost sure not many people might remember the exact date, but it would be pretty helpful for me. I was charged 2020 and 2021 with the full price of 100 USD / 92 EUR for the subscription. And I would like to clarify this with the support team, but need to know when the prices have been reduced first.
  10. Hi everyone, does anybody knows since when these reduced subscription rates are charged?
  11. That's really a pretty nice thing!!! and it might be an inspiration to others for similra profects...
  12. Check this section... https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/forum/11-technical-support/
  13. You mean 'buy', not download. Maybe just a small but pretty important difference...
  14. Since Steam is something like a marketplace it's obvious that they are charging something like a comission. Whatever that means. It still can create a benefit for the owners of 3dx. If they are able to increase the number of subscribers significantly the net outcome of this investment might raise the income for them significantly too. Nevertheless its not clear if this is something of their vision / product roadmap or whatsoever. More users require additional investment in infrastructire as well. Just imagine that there are 6.000 people online where actually 1000 already experience lots of glitches, lagging or whatsoever. In my eyes the latest update adding all these animated wings and tails has resulted already in a significant loss of performance. Rooms that have loaded before the update within 3-10 seconds now need 30-60 seconds. Sometimes it seems that it needs minutes to load all Ava's in a room. And my very own conditions haven't changed at all. So yes, it might be interesting to have more active people on the game of course. But it doesn't makes to much sense when the game and infrastructure is not able to handle such a sudden and significant increase...
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