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  1. I personally would love some chaps incl. the color- and texture-option like latex, leather and stuff. but thats just my thing maybe. I do like the idea of wearing suits generally. Especially with an optional vest and tie. Of course only in combination with the same color- and texture-options mentioned above already...
  2. LadiesToyDE

    BBC's !?!

    Watch out guys'n'girls. This might happen if you are looking for a BBC. Some dreams still might come true, but I guess for most its a bit different and strange experience...
  3. Luna GO.mp4 Tonight's the night The Luna Club 04.05.2022 - 9PM CEST
  4. Well, from an individual point of view you might be right. But being thrown out of your country by a war like this and a threat of a ww3 with nuclear weapons is much more worrisome I would say.....
  5. Congrats. When I do a simple search for 'Blender' as a keyword, I get a result of 7 pages with about 60-70 threads or posts covering 'Blender' as a word. And by checking just 3, 4, 5 of the first results of this listing shows that there are plenty of people that recommend to use Blender as a tool, but are afraid this objects cannot be used since there is no chance to convert it to the right format or whatsoever. This is some easy thing and didn't took more than just 5 Minutes. So I just don't know what you are complaining actually. Maybe it's annoying, not clever or whatsoever that there is no chance to use external tools in that way you like to have it. But the information about it is existing in the forum already. And you're right that there might be better ways of exchanging information and knowledge. Nevertheless keeping it simple and lazy by asking similar questions again and again is just a way to worsening the problem, because with every new thread targeting the same question, the forum gets bigger and more difficult to find what you or anybody else is trying to find..... And -by the way- 'she' is a 'he'.....also easy to find out by looking at the profile. Or the picture. But requires again some initiative to do a bit more...
  6. I don't have any concrete evidence, but as most of you know this platform is run by russian/german people. So I think it might be possible that these people are actually affected by the situation of the war activity in Ukraine and maybe also by sanctions put in place against russian company's, people, banks, etc. I'm not sure if this is really the case. Also because there is just a major lack of transparency and knowledge about the organisation/structure that runs this game/platform. But with developing effects and sanctions because of this situation, there might come up even more issues with the platform and the availability of the acting people (in case my information is correct and the 'team' managing 3dx is located on russian territory). Just a guess from my point of view....
  7. I'm sure this video is nothing more than just an aprils fools joke. But the idea is maybe not to bad. Whatever somebody requests, there are many things to improve and to think about. I'm not asking for this, I just wanted to let you participate the fun thing I found on the web
  8. This is some thing that might work in 3DX much better than in RL, but well....
  9. My Avast raised an alarm too. But as far as I understand the message correct, its not pointing an issue with the software, but with the webpage 3dxforum.com. So maybe this is something @Gizmo, @Lisa or @ColinDude can check or might answer..... This is the warning poped up on my PC (in german):
  10. I'm not using VPN at all and its working without any issue for me. So maybe VPN is indeed the problem. Just try without using VPN...
  11. Thanks for answering a post that is more than 7 years old....
  12. @Moderator - please close this topic as solved. Thank you !!!
  13. The prices have never changed since I entered the game first almost 7 years ago. Except the Covid-Lockdown-Discount. So just take into consideration that also the very basic first version, with limited options in clothing, building, room sharing, etc, has always cost the same, the game, the community, etc. has really made a lot of progress over the years. Maybe still not enough for many people, but for me its meanwhile pretty obvious that the developers are doing this project pretty private. A company running a platform like that would have made much more progress the same time, but also would have changed the fees already several times and also tried to monetarize this game much more with ingame-shops, and other stuff. Maybe people are used to a higher speed of progress and development because they know this from professionally organized and managed applications and games...
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