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  1. I think many people would want a face slapping of colders party.
  2. westt


    I'm starting to think that you really like metal.
  3. Thanks everyone who came to my wedding. I got married to an amazing woman, Sparks. It was a beautiful ceremony performed by Miss Clitia. Thank you so much Clitia. My wife vows were touching and from the heart. My vows were from the heart and true. It was the best day. Love you wife. Not the best pics, sorry I was a lil busy.
  4. Engagement announcement 15/05/21





    Wedding planning has begun. Advice welcome. 

    1. LucyLOL


      always happy to help hun :) x

  5. hmmm uhmmm I think it might be to big.
  6. ALT + enter switches back and forth full screen and windowed. Also esc will bring up the menu. F1 brings up settings. Hope that helps.
  7. I haven't taking/posted any pics in a long time. I went to a great room Nude in Heaven by xxNeroxx and I just had to take pics and post them. Thanks for this room xxNeroxx.
  8. Sorry to hear you are sick. Get well soon. 3 weeks paid sick leave? Do you get paid vacation days also? This is amazing. You have a great country and system. *westt shakes his head at his country and system*
  9. Went to DARK BREEZE-BISH Live!!! last night. Rocked out to the bands good tunes and threw back a lot of beers. After awhile I had to empty my bladder so I stumbled around till I found the nasty bathroom. As I was pissing and looking around at the piss, beer, puke, cigarette butts, and beer bottles I thought to myself, this would be a great place for a good dirty fuck. Just as I was about to zip up a hot sissy I recognized walked in. I knew what she was there for so I pushed my pants down and turned toward her. That sissy kneeled down on that nasty floor and used her mouth to get me hard and ready. I pushed the sissy up against the filthy tile wall and gave her what she wanted good and hard. I even covered her face with my big load for a bonus. On the way back to the party I saw a drunk slut stumble into some dark boiler room. I followed her into the darkness. She turned and fell all over me grabbing at my crouch and slurring that she was horny and needed some dick. I was more than happy to help her out. As she was slobbering all over my cock I took out my phone and snapped a pic. I sent it with the location to my sexy trans personal assistant. We both took turns with that drunk slut making her gag on our cocks and swallow our spunk. After the drunk stumbled off my assistant and I were so turned on by sharing her that we stayed in the dark boiler room for some time fucking like wild animals. Eventually we made our way back to the party and had a couple more drinks before calling it a night and what a amazing night it was.
  10. The pornshop has a movie screen in the new Lucy's Lounge area of the shop.  If any movie makers want their link to their movies posted on the screen contact me in game or here.  

  11. We did some multitasking at the Pornshop yesterday an interview and staff meeting combined. The interview went well and the person got the job after some intense questioning. The topic for the staff meeting was why don't we have some hot train poses. Such as A fucking B fucking C fucking D. We played it out in the meeting, it was very hot, but the pics didn't look all that good just people standing in a line behind one another. If you stop by the Porshop and not much is being said in local chat and you see several people in the office then we are having a staff meeting. You can stop in and say hi, as they say the more the merrier.
  12. How do you think Westt got into this situation?
  13. Something very surprising happened yesterday. I was freaking out and very happy. So @LucyLOL made a new office in the Pornshop, some staff and friends of mine were breaking the office in . I was having some hot group fun when in the background two people that I introduced to each other like an hour before GOT MARRIED!!!!!! I saw ChristyA pull out the ring and I was like wait a minute, before I could wrap my head around it ItsVicky said YES!!!!! I SCREAMMED and pull the camera out. So happy for you two. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  14. That looks like a hot first date.
  15. If you can't tell from the below pics, I really enjoy helping customers when I am working at the Pornshop. Customers come to the Pornshop for many different reasons, the music, magazines, movies, clothes, sex toys, gloryholes, strip show, sex doll, golden shower, pussy, ass, dick, blowjob, cum, or hot public group sex like what these below customers wanted. I did my best to make sure they left with a messy smile on their faces.
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