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  1. Went to DARK BREEZE-BISH Live!!! last night. Rocked out to the bands good tunes and threw back a lot of beers. After awhile I had to empty my bladder so I stumbled around till I found the nasty bathroom. As I was pissing and looking around at the piss, beer, puke, cigarette butts, and beer bottles I thought to myself, this would be a great place for a good dirty fuck. Just as I was about to zip up a hot sissy I recognized walked in. I knew what she was there for so I pushed my pants down and turned toward her. That sissy kneeled down on that nasty floor and used her mouth to get me hard
  2. The pornshop has a movie screen in the new Lucy's Lounge area of the shop.Β  If any movie makers want their link to their movies posted on the screen contact me in game or here.Β Β 

  3. We did some multitasking at the Pornshop yesterday an interview and staff meeting combined. The interview went well and the person got the job after some intense questioning. The topic for the staff meeting was why don't we have some hot train poses. Such as A fucking B fucking C fucking D. We played it out in the meeting, it was very hot, but the pics didn't look all that good just people standing in a line behind one another. If you stop by the Porshop and not much is being said in local chat and you see several people in the office then we are having a staff meeting. You can stop in and
  4. How do you think Westt got into this situation?
  5. Something very surprising happened yesterday. I was freaking out and very happy. So @LucyLOL made a new office in the Pornshop, some staff and friends of mine were breaking the office in 😜. I was having some hot group fun when in the background two people that I introduced to each other like an hour before GOT MARRIED!!!!!! I saw ChristyA pull out the ring and I was like wait a minute, before I could wrap my head around it ItsVicky said YES!!!!! I SCREAMMED and pull the camera out. So happy for you two. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  6. That looks like a hot first date.
  7. If you can't tell from the below pics, I really enjoy helping customers when I am working at the Pornshop. Customers come to the Pornshop for many different reasons, the music, magazines, movies, clothes, sex toys, gloryholes, strip show, sex doll, golden shower, pussy, ass, dick, blowjob, cum, or hot public group sex like what these below customers wanted. I did my best to make sure they left with a messy smile on their faces.
  8. westt

    Gang Woman

    I enjoy group play like this. So if you see me around send a pm and add me to your list. 😜 westt
  9. Sending you good vibes @Nektar Get well soon hun. Big hugs πŸ€—
  10. I am not sure how I got to this strange place. @Vampixie is the person that is in charge here. I was scared and fascinated at everything I saw and heard. The announcement said it was the GRAVITATIONS Synth Club. I made my way around the strange place, so different than my world, but still the same. As time passed I relaxed and enjoyed myself, but I suddenly was back in my world, not knowing how I got back.
  11. I went to the Pornshop on Tue. when we are closed to do some inventory. When I walked in, I could not control my body, some force took me over. This witch appeared before me and I was forced to kneel down at her feet. The witch summoned some demon monsters from hell. They attacked me and transformed me into some kind of demon wolf monster. I am now at the command of the witch. She makes me do unspeakable things to myself and others.
  12. I think this might need more research. Let me know what rooms have dirty public bathrooms. Contact me if anyone would like to help out with this research.
  13. We had a staff meeting in the bathroom of the Pornshop. The main topic of the meeting was, why don't more people use the bathroom for watersports and group sex, that is what the restraints next to the urinals are for and it is a great spot for group sex. I don't know about you but group sex in a dirty public bathroom is hot. We found out that more people came into the bathroom while we were having our very professional meeting, as you can see by the pics I took, than when no one is in the bathroom. So in conclusion an empty bathroom draws no attention but a crowded bathroom draws a lot of
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