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  1. Saturday nights all right

    2022-04-30 18-21-20_168427a.png

  2. I think many people would want a face slapping of colders party.
  3. westt


    I'm starting to think that you really like metal.
  4. Thanks everyone who came to my wedding. I got married to an amazing woman, Sparks. It was a beautiful ceremony performed by Miss Clitia. Thank you so much Clitia. My wife vows were touching and from the heart. My vows were from the heart and true. It was the best day. Love you wife. Not the best pics, sorry I was a lil busy.
  5. Engagement announcement 15/05/21





    Wedding planning has begun. Advice welcome. 

    1. LucyLOL


      always happy to help hun :) x

  6. hmmm uhmmm I think it might be to big.
  7. ALT + enter switches back and forth full screen and windowed. Also esc will bring up the menu. F1 brings up settings. Hope that helps.
  8. I haven't taking/posted any pics in a long time. I went to a great room Nude in Heaven by xxNeroxx and I just had to take pics and post them. Thanks for this room xxNeroxx.
  9. Sorry to hear you are sick. Get well soon. 3 weeks paid sick leave? Do you get paid vacation days also? This is amazing. You have a great country and system. *westt shakes his head at his country and system*
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