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  1. I think this might need more research. Let me know what rooms have dirty public bathrooms. Contact me if anyone would like to help out with this research.
  2. We had a staff meeting in the bathroom of the Pornshop. The main topic of the meeting was, why don't more people use the bathroom for watersports and group sex, that is what the restraints next to the urinals are for and it is a great spot for group sex. I don't know about you but group sex in a dirty public bathroom is hot. We found out that more people came into the bathroom while we were having our very professional meeting, as you can see by the pics I took, than when no one is in the bathroom. So in conclusion an empty bathroom draws no attention but a crowded bathroom draws a lot of attention. Another very successful meeting.
  3. I have this problem also. It is very very difficult for me to take a picture with the ui invisible of me cuming. I have to hit the cum button then hit the ui invisible check box then hit the take picture button. As you can imagine by the time the pic is taken the cum has landed lol. The 1 and 2 keyboard presses don’t work with the ui invisible. At least not anyway that I could figure out.
  4. Went to the Pink October BCA event hosted by MochaHunny. Please donate if you can. They even managed to get me to dance. I am the one with the bad moves and no rhythm.
  5. westt

    Porn Star Crushes

    Jill Kelly!!!!!
  6. I enjoyed reading this pilot issue of the magazine. Maybe for the peep'em section write up a little beginning like I was out for a walk on the beach at (room name) and I spotted this couple undressing ...... Just an idea.
  7. These two pizza delivery guys got a tip they will never forget from twins!!
  8. It's always nice to hang out and relax with some friends.
  9. westt

    Say Hello!

    Hello Nicole. Welcome to the 3dx world.
  10. A friend invited me to this exclusive club that only opens once a month, Rock Bunker. It looked like we were going down into some fallout shelter. Once inside we had some drinks, enjoyed the music, and she even got me to dance in front of the stage. We snuck off to the bathroom where I gave her a good spanking for making me dance. I found a quiet semi private bedroom that we made good use of after the spanking. It turned out to be a very exciting night.
  11. patch is working for me. thanks.
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