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    Lake Erie, USA
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    I write, sometimes. Published on Literotica. Gamer girl, but single player mostly. I read. I love Terry Pratchett and David Eddings. Somewhat introverted and a little kinky.

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  1. A silence broken

    Happy Anniversary

    Love YOU… Andrea



    "And I know you'll take me anywhere I wanna go

    And I know you'll make me learn everything that I wanna know

    The truth of it is, it doesn't get better than this

    The truth of it is, it doesn't get better than this


    Only when we discover, that's when we find each other

    That's when we both get…. Better than this."


    For someone who already had more than they deserved

    Thank you for making these past 5 years…. BETTER

    You are the icing on my cake, the spice in my life.

    1. Lady_Andrea


      5 years

      A cyber eternity

      millions of words of love

      thousands of meetings 

      I LOVE YOU, peaches


  2. I wanna eat you, just like the story says

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