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  1. Morning came early…

    Leaving no time to check mail

    Caught up in routine



    Now just getting home

    Finding this gem in my box

    Stealing it….. as mine




    OMG… it's sooooo YOU. :P

     /me luvs it... Loves YOU


  2. Katie Melua - Just Like Heaven... A touching rendition of the Cure’s Just like Heaven. One of the most beautiful love songs written included in my wedding playlist.
  3. Caravan Palace - Clash /me luvs her enthusiasm... and that beat there's no standing still listen to this
  4. Collective Soul - Better Now Got ED in my head… His voice capturing my ears Smile owning my eyes My first CRUSH... ED Roland
  5. My thoughts… anytime we ask the Devs to get involved, regardless of intentions or outcome… we are the ones giving up control and power. Why do we need the Devs to get involved when each of US already possess this power… the power to choose? WC is what it is…. Which is many things, just not the same to everybody as Allie pointed out. There is NO "unanimous" right or Wrong. IF you like the content in WC; all the Ads, spicy banter n drama… then hang out, enjoy or even participate. Your choice. If you’re only interested in using WC as an end to a means… perhaps looking for an answer to a question… give WC a shout out. There are many experienced, talented, wise and helpful peeps out there listening, just not always chatting. Or perhaps ya wanna know if someone not in your Friends List might be online and where they are… give them a shout out, maybe they’re listening. And when you no longer have use for WC or never did… with the click of a tab you can escape. And if that’s not enough, with a quick change to Chatbox settings you can even eliminate WC's notification ping. GONE, no WC. Again, when WE keep the power… we get to choose. But as soon as we give it up… we don’t. Everything… comes with a cost. PS.... BIG sorry to @Feuermond for stepping on your post so quickly, was just finishing up my verbose post when ya beat me to it.
  6. @ MistyMu….. /me is a BIG Nataly Dawn fan, THANK YOU for sharing. 👍 Plus, any rendition of Heroes is OK with me... beautiful song by an amazing artist. This rendition extra special... performed with passion. VERY NICE.
  7. Soulful eh… OK, how bout Tracy Chapman’s rendition of Ben E King’s STAND BY ME. A fitting song for today… Valentine's Day
  8. Be someone special

    Be more than just a lover

    Be my Valentine


    Willing to know me

    The good, the bad, the broken

    All of my pieces


    Love me as I am

    Without trying to fix me

    That’s your gift to me


    You’re my Andrea

    You’re my preoccupation

    You’re MY Valentine


    Time has tested us

    Distance measured commitment

    Yet here we remain….



    Together :wub:

    1. Lady_Andrea


      Happy Valentine's Day, my love

  9. /me prefers mine in a darker shade with a bit more meat
  10. I'll add one... Gary Jules version of Tears for Fears Mad World featured in the movie Donnie Darko? A slow, haunting version… neatly wrapped in an odd flic containing both Gyllenhaals, Jake n Maggie. Yummy, I could eat them both… Gary Jules – Mad World
  11. Move along… nothing worth reading, just me venting in Haiku. He’s a hypocrite… Enjoys pontificating A Master-baiter Quick to blame others Twisting their truth into lies Rules by deflection We all know his schtick Bellowing his Bravado Belittling all He’s a pompous arse Engaging in subterfuge Stuffed FULL of himself A good purge… is healthy. Don’t want toxins festering within. Now… back to regular programming.
  12. Weird Science – one from Onigo Boingo One for Briana…. One for the 80’s Lovers One for the Dreamers
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