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    Prefer writing to talk... slow foreplay
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    not with YOU

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    Tethered to this world by another
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    Ryleigh.... Minnie me, the apple of my eye, ruler of my heart
    Tristan.... My RL spouse and hero that lets me be me.

    Andrea.... the reason I am here. An accidental encounter now unable to separate. Who says love needs any of our 5 physical senses to take root, grow n consume us? Not ME.

    More about ME...

    Though I have been a member of your forum since the summer of 2018... as of Dec 4th... now an "official" game playing member too. My name in game is "MAMAPEACH", drop bye, say something more than hello and give me a taste. See if you like my flavor.

    Quirks n stuff:

    Extrovert not an introvert
    Impetuous not petulant
    Playful not hateful
    Flawed but always ME
    Flirtatious but faithful
    Spoiled but grateful
    Dirty but Clean
    Naughty and Nice

    Wired my own way and not changing, not suited for all. Here for Andrea but that doesn't mean I can't have FUN with others. Do enjoy being a playful tease n always up for chatting & meeting interesting people, sharing hugs, laughs n spreading smiles...

    I like all flavors... but do have a real weakness for bats n balls. As a lover of all things ORAL... explore with my mouth, in search of things that begin soft n supple but can be made to grow, harden n erupt.

    Vacations set free the stresses of body, but imagination frees us of self... becoming anything we can imagine.

    TURN ONs: creators, honesty, humility, bravery, strange n unique, playful, kinky but caring, dirty but clean. Mostly trust n commitment... things you would expect from a true friend, with or w/o the bennies.

    What turns me OFF: see above and just ask Alexa, Google or Siri for their antonyms. Add to list...
    - abusers, haters, pedophiles, decievers, TRUMP

    Made it this far??? OK... the Boring IRL Stuff:

    Birthdate: (3/1989), Married (5/2017), Mama (9/2018)

    Nurse... not the fun kind. I pray YOU or a loved one never has to see one of ME, even if you are on my TURN OFF list... Oncology nurse here, cancer is a monster that preys on more than just the host, touching ALL that care.

    Originally from the Sierra mtns of Cali but now living in hot n sticky TX until the love of my life can figure out to get us transferred back home. That would make MY story perfect.

    LOVE TO... Socialize; chat, dance, n flirt. The Outdoors; snowboard, bike, hike, run, kayak n scuba too. Music, Family n friends. SEX, SEX, SEX.... pretty much insatiable. Who the fuck wired me this way?

    Andrea.... unexpected, inexplainable, uncontrollable. An accidental meeting between imperfect pieces that when met, fit perfectly. She is my drug, my secret addiction that spreads into my RL, making Tristan the true beneficiary of this relationship. Andrea my spice, hubby my proving ground n playground too.

    Well, gotta go work on ME, my outfits and learn to get around a bit better in this world.. pretty much a klutz atm.

    CYA laterz….

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  1. Elise LeGrow – Weed n Wine Two trusted friends
  2. Our DEV team…. hard at work
  3. Not yet anyway… welcome back sneaking past the queue… excuse, me, pardon, sorry… giving Ex a playful pinch as I slip past to the front of the line. That I’ll teach ya to multitask but i got a patient that needs tending... Surely ExHaran will show up… closely behind.
  4. Hmm, reminds me of another kind of BLOW Hole…… Listen carefully… can ya here her whistle?
  5. Welcome home Andrea, let your nurse take care of you… i GOT this, got YOU. :wub:




    1. SusanLouisa


      Welcome home Lady A! ❤️

  6. Its Friday….

    Image result for i'll take care of you - lesbian art

    Blowing Bubbles… of course ;)


    1. Lady_Andrea


      I'm home, peaches. Everything seemed to go well. I made some Jello and pudding which I will eat later. I got Percoset. yayyy


    2. SusanLouisa


      Love love love bubbles...

  7. mmm, you did say… Uplifting Its Friday… looking forward to Happy Hour and some naughty FUN, show me, please.
  8. tumblr_pjzm4l2kYu1y2u8o1o1_1280.jpg

    Yummy. :P Make ya a deal Meiling… you keep what’s gift wrapped and I’ll take the dress. Though I don’t sport the moguls she does to fill it out. :huh: Nice.


  9. Bans Briana for making assumptions... never said I "followed" rules, only that I knew them. Instigator here.
  10. Bans Rodin and the lot of you silly irresponsible pranksters promoting all this nonsense n laughter in our NWFO.. cluttering the library with SPAM… where is your respect for rules? This is a library… Shhhhh
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