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  1. Through every forest
    Above the trees
    Within my stomach
    Scraped off my knees
    I drink the honey
    Inside your hive
    YOU are the reason
    I stay alive

  2. 83e5b79c736d15b0ee6e8ba75de4ffbc--destie

    1. Kaitlyn1989


      Mhmm, YOU are my pillow.... snuggled n cuddled all the night long


    1. Kaitlyn1989


      We do have an anniversary coming up 😉

      Getting us one year closer to... forever. 😘

      Je t'aime Andrea


    1. Kaitlyn1989


      Listening, week late

      But the feelings same as last 

      Friday... I'M in LOVE




    All the LOVE in the world and the dangers it keeps.

    I will give up my heart to show you the way.

    I will be Grateful... at the end of the day.




    Pretty Woman stop awhile
    Pretty Woman talk awhile
    Pretty Woman give your smile to me


    Pretty Woman look my way
    Pretty Woman say you'll stay with me
    'Cause I NEED YOU, I'll treat you right 😘
    Come with me baby, be mine tonight

  7. YES, it's possible Though no easier or fair We reap what we sow But don't confuse lust or infatuation for LOVE The first two... easy, taking no effort or commitment LOVE... will demand all of it. i've been fortunate to experience all 3 in my 6+ years... here n there. But aways been careful n practical, no diff than RL... where there are angels and monsters too. I've also been blessed n lucky meeting good peeps, finding the Forum my oasis. It was there Andrea's writing first caught my eye, later my heart... for 6+ yrs The reason i stay, also the reason i can't leave... bc that is how LOVE is. Uncompromising, illogical and GREEDY. But i got no regrets. Regardless, what the future knows... enjoy these feelings for they are priceless but be patient and careful as you make your journey. Remember... it's not about the destination.
  8. I am a fighting chance I am a wrecking ball I am a bounding heart I am Alive, that's all
  9. I too LIKE this idea... not only for our Friends List but the Rooms List too which has grown a very long tail. meow
  10. The Show Must Go On... Happy Birthday Freddie.... Inside my heart is breakingMy makeup may be flakingBut my smile, still, stays on My soul, painted like the wings of butterflies Fairy tales of yesterday, grow but never die I can fly, my friends I'll face it with a grin I'm never giving in On with the show I'll top the bill I'll overkill I have to find the will to carry on The show must go on
  11. The LIKE is for the lyrics a bit too much screechy guitar for these ears. Sweet Nancy was so fancy To get into her pants... We had to be the aristocracy So, we put her on the Hit list Of a common cunning linguist A master of many tongues And now she eases gently From her Austin to her Bentley Suddenly she feels so young
  12. Mhmm, got to feel that LOVE Sunday morning
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