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  1. Just doing my part… CLEANING up


    and satisfying certain cravings ;)

  2. 5f0806c035b80a7ae32c8ae10a6ae21ef9094d3c

    1. Kaitlyn1989


      mmm, Good morning YOU… in need of a CLEAN UP too? Exploit my morning craving?

  3. FUCK covid-19  😡

    Ruining my vacation

    No more snowboarding


    Closing all resorts

    Wasting all this fresh powder

    People out of work


    The Silver lining….

    Spend more time with family

    That IS why I’m here. ;)

  4. Snow, Snow and more Snow, making my homecoming… perfect. :D



    There’s no place like home

    No feeling as comforting

    That of belonging


    More than memories

    More than familiar faces

    There’s a connection



    Also… undeniable

    My community

  5. I can taste you on my tongue…

    I can still feel what my hands have done.



    I got YOU on my mind,

    More than anything or anyone.

    What we have is a connection...

    Front row seats to each other’s affection

    You’re such a thirsty Rose…. :)

    I can still see YOU when my eyes are closed.

  6. Well, if the "media" won’t provide it I will… PERSPECTIVE

    Over the last 10 years influenza has claimed on average over 30,000 lives each year just in the USA alone. Most of these deaths related to preexisting medical conditions, especially respiratory, or compromised immune systems. Our elderly and sick the most vulnerable. Almost all of which go completely unreported by the very same media. WHY?  




    Educate yourself. Don’t believe everything you hear or read… and don’t believe everything the media feeds you. They thrive on panic, great for business.

  7. The 1975 - Me & You Together To LOVE… regardless what it looks like
  8. Green Day - Oh Yeah! One with our smartphones We’re Reality Living Present, but not here
  9. Somethings just go better… together
  10. Thinking of YOU


    When my mind wanders

    Unchaperoned… on its own

    I often find YOU

  11. tumblr_nrxbbtntRz1rijq88o1_540.jpg

    Love you, Princess

    1. Kaitlyn1989


      It’s ALL about ME

      She’s pretty greedy that way

      Spoiling her Peaches

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