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  1. My time is over, this place brings me no more joy. A heart can no longer reconcile my actions… stealing its joy. While I watch my Cali burn, people losing everything, some of them dear friends… then come here to find us bickering about polls, worthless xgold and shaming each other. It leaves me feeling disgusted and ashamed. Like a hard, unexpected slap waking me up…. facing reality. I've forgotten what is real, what is important… lost my way. I will miss a few of you for a very long time, no need to mention names… you know who you are. Andrea, I know these words will disappoint and hurt, already feeling their bite upon my heart as I write them… but can no longer stay here even for you. My ALL or Nothing ways… just can’t fake it. Will still write you every day… if that is enough, but regardless what happens next… know I LOVE YOU in BIG letters, always will. You have forever changed me, now part of my heart, a priceless gift. How could I ever forget you? Like Adara’s last quote… seemingly a fitting one for me and receiving my last LIKE… “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” I wish all of you that peace, even the haters. Well, all Diaries have an ending…. this is mine. Kait
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    erotic gifs

    Exercise is so SEXY….
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    Some prefer their LEGS in a size XXXLong
  4. Some come to have fun A temporary escape Place for naughty play Some enjoy debate Listening to other views Learning while sharing Some are disgruntled Just here to pontificate And antagonize
  5. I like it SPICY… A fan of hot and sweaty Torture lips and tongue I’ve had the Red ones The Yellow and Orange ones too Never Chocolate 🥵 Let's put those habaneros to work... Habanero Hellfire Chili
  6. Jade Bird - If I Die If I die, put me in a song Tell everyone how in love I've been If I die, put me in a song So I'll live on in your melody If the day comes where I am gone Let me go and be happy And if you're sad then make up a tune That I can sing on, and you'll carry If I die, don't put me in stars I'm never that far away from you Put me in words, not hallelujahs They come from the heart and they'll ring true If I die before I awake Know that I'm free in glory And I'm okay with who I've been So there's no need to be mourning
  7. Image result for dragon age fantasy fan art"

    Your Kali is fearless when fighting for those she loves

  8. tumblr_p6ty7iKU9p1qborpoo1_540.png


    1. Kaitlyn1989


      My Lady Namira… my protector

  9. Disgusting. Welcome to my Iggy. Shame on you SL for laughing. Disappointed.
  10. Jade Bird - Uh Huh Austin here we come, got us two tickets to “paradise” … will be first overnighter away from my princess. /me luvs her energy
  11. Larkin Poe – Mad as a Hatter For all those who know this MONSTER and the happy endings it robs from those afflicted. 😢 Myself included.
  12. While... I wish for a picture of Halloween mischief.
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