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Found 2 results

  1. Allow sex with clothes on (remove automatic nudity / or add an option to enable-disable it). Automatic nudity is a very annoying and unnecessary feature during sex. It prevents enjoying the sensuality and eroticism provided by bottom chlothes (panties, skirts, upskirts, shorts, pants and jeans). It is assumed that they put this function to prevent the clothing intersecting with penis during sex and may look bad and unnatural. However, only a few clothes look bad, most of them look good and natural during sex, plus we can always take them off. Panties: Clothing intersecting with penis is imperceptible and pleasant. (looks good) Skirts/Upskirts: There is no clothing intersecting. (looks good) Shorts: Clothing intersecting with penis is pleasant. (looks good) Pants/jeans: Clothing intersecting with penis is pleasant. (looks good) Tight/long skirts: Clothing intersecting with penis is not very pleasant. (looks bad) Advantages of removing auto-nude (at least on option to disable it) Sensuality and eroticism in clothing and roleplay. Natural, pleasant and progressive nudity. Oral sex, foreplay and all sex positions with clothes on. Total control of clothing during sex. Touching and stimulation of the genitals without fucking. (all sex positions as foreplay) There are just a few clothes-positions that bring intersecting and cutting problems and looks bad, but I think that is no reason to eliminate all the other options that looks really great and we could enjoy in the game. It has been requested for years and I would like them to try to fix this problem.
  2. Is it possible not to take your clothes (top and bottom slot) off during sex? And if not, can this feature be given later? I think it is a pity that the miniskirt simply disappears during a blow job.
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