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  1. Maybe this topic will give you more insight about teleports
  2. Teleports work fine when you can see the blue feet mark just above the ground when you are in World Editor. You can simulate a one-way teleport by placing one of the teleports a bit below the floor so you are unable to see the blue feet mark. This teleport pad will work only as "destination".
  3. I understand your frustration for not being able to connect to the game. MissD gave you a valuable piece of troubleshooting help. I advice you to check the game Discord server (or this Forum) to realize if many other players are experiencing the same issues before creating a topic called "DDoS". A second advice... change the topic title as, apparently, no DDoS happened.
  4. You must remove the religious signs... or someone will get upset
  5. There is a "Contact Support Team" link towards the bottom of the page
  6. Try contacting support using: https://3dxchat.com/support/
  7. This can happen near a prop containing a huge number of objects
  8. As far as I remember, even without being verified you can access the game discord server but you can't see/access most of the folders.
  9. Maybe 3dxChat forum is not the most efficient place to complain about 3dxModz. Btw I never had any issue with 3dxModz.
  10. I wish that collaboration would resume.
  11. Here are some tools: * Remove Duplicates tool by Chloe https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product/remove-duplicate-items-tool-by-chloe/ * Excel add-in to perform several tasks over your world file (most recent version 4.32) * Tool for creating some nice and useful effects
  12. If you already checked on duplicate props, you probably used a tool like Chloe's Remove Duplicate Tool. Flames and sparks don't contribute much to file size but they contribute to lag. File size is directly dependent on the quantity of individual objects you use. Some props that we add can represent several thousand objects. You can check how many objects your world has by using the tool I mentioned above. For a file size of 3.8MB you should have more than 50000 objects in it. I would advise to check how many objects there are on the props you add. I remember adding a jukebox that increased file size by 0.5MB because it was amazingly detailed. There is another tool (an excel file named 3dxWorldEditor) that allows you to reduce the number of decimal places stored on each object location, scale and angle. By setting the precision to 3 or 4 decimal places you can considerably reduce the file size without compromizing accuracy. I have seen worlds with more than 10MB that don't experience excessive lag, so it's a balance between some light effects and the actual quantity of objects.
  13. Try running the 3DXLauncher.exe instead of 3DXChat.exe
  14. I hope this helps... In the thread there is a link to an old World Editor manual. There are some Youtube videos about the World Editor. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8DR9j3AlMM
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