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  1. You get those warning messages when you mention the pirated version of 3dxChat
  2. The button should be visible near the top left corner. You may need to log out / log in. I heard the button vanishes sometimes.
  3. Select "Center" instead of "Pivot" Activate the Snap Angle (2nd magnet on the right side) Select the grouped object and rotate it. It will "jump" on 15 degree steps, just count 6 to make 90 deg. You can adjust step angle (Snap Angle) on the Settings (default 15 deg)
  4. Support is slow... but not sleeping Welcome back to the game!
  5. It's worth trying... https://3dxchat.com/members/ Link Account Verify Discord
  6. Did you go to the 3dxChat Members website and verify for Discord?
  7. I don't know if this forum is actively scanned by the devs for beta-related bugs. It could be better to also post your comment on Discord.
  8. 10k per month is still more than you can earn by logging in every day. That's why I changed my initial suggestion of only one 0 down before posting Make it a one-time fee on current prices and I'm fine with it. Just not monthly
  9. I hope it's just a "bug" that will be corrected on the final version. And it's easy to fix... just drop two 0's on the monthly prices and it will be fair and affordable
  10. First step... https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/14274-3dxchat-29-open-beta/
  11. Hi Vivienne, welcome to 3dxChat! 1. There are a few "official" rooms (Sin Club, a beach, a beach club, a yacht, Fresco Club, Old West scenario...) always available. Some have usually a good number of players, others are nearly empty. Then you have the custom built rooms, shared by players. Usually there are several dozens of shared rooms, ranging from 0 to more than 100 players in. Some of them are amazingly built (using the in-game World Editor), some others are modifications of publicly available rooms. If you can see these rooms on your list, it means you can go there (some rooms are only shared among friends or groups, so you may not be able to see/access them). You start with the default apartment. As mentioned above, there are some sites that share some rooms for download and use (many are free, some aren't). Some of the most popular: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com (no register required), https://3dxmodz.com (register required). 2. Some body details are adjustable but not to extremes (far from that). Avatar height, vagina and penis size are not adjustable. Limbs are adjustable in thickness, not length, Chest and butt sizes are adjustable. And a lot of face characteristics. Some tattooing too, not much. And some appendixes like wings, ears and tails (not much as well). 3. Contrary to other games, all available dressing stuff is free and available for use. Also contrary to other games, variety is not awesome (far from that). There is some casual stuff, but the majority (at least for women) is quite sexualized. We are waiting for a significant update during the next few weeks with some new stuff. 4. You can't transfer money (XGold) within the game and there are no organized escort services. In reality, there are no "real" escort services at all. Of course you can say you are an escort and you want to receive "gifts" for your services (it's common to see profiles asking for 1 gift for 15min, 2 gifts for 30min, 3 gifts for 1h or something like this) but very few players give it much importance. XGold, the game currency, is not very useful. You can use it to buy gifts for your friends (it's just a symbol with an added text) [cost 300 XGold], to create new avatars (you can have up to 3 with your subscription) [cost 10 000 XGold], to change name or gender [cost 20 000 XGold, even you only change one of them], to marry [cost 10 000 XGold to the "proponent"]. When you pick a bottle of beer, it announces a cost of 35 XGold but nothing is charged. If you login every day you can collect nearly 10 000 XGold in one month (300 per day) You can find videos on Youtube about avatar customization (body and dressing), building using the World Editor and some existing rooms. I hope this helped making you more willing to play
  12. You must register/sign in to see/download contents
  13. Do you think someone searching for Roleplay-related subjects will reply you? I know you can be desperate because of the issue you are facing, but think first and then act. This has happened with some other players, but the game is running fine for the vast majority. Try following Meiling's suggestions on the other post you made. Good luck and welcome to 3dxChat.
  14. and next time don't post such question on the Tutorials topic.
  15. Beta test start to be announced towards the end of this week
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