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  1. Beta test start to be announced towards the end of this week
  2. You mean 10000 rocks This represents a file size of almost 700kB. It's a great tool. Thank you so much for sharing!
  3. At the bottom of this page you will find how to contact support: https://3dxchat.com/support/ Be patient, they may take some tome to reply. Meanwhile you can check the status of your account in: https://customers.bmtmicro.com/main.jsp
  4. The issue is that since last update you can't climb stuff with a slope of 45 deg or more. To fix the stairs without the need to realign them, just change the Z scale from 1 to 0.9999 (don't use more 9's). This will bring the slope just below 45 deg. Not much to do with the mountains, unless you flatten them out significantly
  5. And the best is that 10 days have already elapsed since this note was published
  6. It's coming !!! Probably a beta version will be available towards the end of June 2022
  7. World file size is only affected by the quantity of props, not their scale. Example: the two grass patches shown above by Alexa occupy the same size in world file. A tool to reduce world file size by reducing the number of decimal places of coordinates, angles and scales can be found on the below thread. Using 4 decimal places (0.1mm 0.004in) is enough and won't create gaps. (the tool does much more than this ) Depending on the file you can reduce size by 20 to 30% or more.
  8. To check for duplicated objects try Chloe's tool https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product/remove-duplicate-items-tool-by-chloe/ Simple, easy of use, efficient.
  9. This video shows how to add poses to generic objects
  10. Go to "Select Location" and "Customize". On "File" select "Load from File" and choose the downloaded room. If you just want to add objects to an existing room, select "Merge from File" instead.
  11. I never experienced anything like this. The most I can suggest is to temporarily relocate the start point to see if the problem remains.
  12. Do you have any teleport overlapping the "start ramp" (spawn)?
  13. CatKatW


    Welcome back to posting
  14. Alternative answer (not as funny, I admit): Select all building and raise it a bit so it won't be at the same level of the infinite ocean
  15. Advice: Don't ask Totally agree and I don't think it would hurt anyone having this option available
  16. Why not adding this belly slider thing to men too? With free beer everywhere, bellies will surely grow...
  17. I didn't have this issue so far but I'm glad to know how to fix it if it shows up. Thanks! Female avas are a bit taller than male probably due to the heels (you need to make taller doors) but never found an issue with teleports.
  18. With WC Opt'ed Out this could leave an empty Chat Box... and I don't know if the game is ready for this (all is programmable, of course). With WC there is always at least one tab in the Chat Box. I disabled WC notifications and I minimize the Chat Box whenever I don't need to chat (when I'm building or alone at my place). If someone tries to chat me I will hear the notification. Btw, I assume most of the WC hardcore users are in other rooms while chatting at WC. But at least they are distracted
  19. I don't understand your question... A teleporter placed in a room is usable by everyone in that room (owner and guests). If both pads are slightly above the ground, you have the traditional two-way teleporter. If one of the pads is slightly below the ground, you can only go in one direction because this buried pad won't be detected. If both pads are slightly under the ground will make teleport totally useless.
  20. I don't use a VPN (because I don't feel the need). I get maybe 2 or 3 Connection Refused messages per year which go away with a second attempt or after some minutes or hours (or days on more serious situations like the DDoS attacks almost two years ago). I get 2 or 3 Connection Lost situations per week which go away with a second login attempt. Maybe I'm lucky. It's annoying but I can handle it. It would be a bit easier with more communication from the devs. Im sorry if other users are experiencing worse situations.
  21. There is a hot thread about the same topic running at the same time: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/14055-world-chat-is-a-cesspool-chat-mods-please/
  22. I think we can easily reach an agreement here... bugs fixed, more poses, more clothes and my two cents... quickly
  23. You can also place the teleporter pad vertically in case you don't have too much space. By default you can only rotate the pads horizontally, but if you change the Global/Local switch to Local you can now rotate it vertically. It can be handy on some situations: I had 3 pads in a corner forming an "L" and I was having trouble accessing the central pad because I was always being caught by the lateral pads. Making the lateral pads vertical gave me room to access the central one. Just make sure you keep the zone with the printed feet slightly above the ground (otherwise you will have the one-way teleporter effect).
  24. Tags always have the same poses associated. Maybe you are overlapping tags and only the most external tag is being selected. Example: you can add a sofa tag to a sofa you built and you can also include a chair tag on top of it. But if the chair tag is placed under the sofa tag, you won't be able to select it (and the associated poses). On the other hand, if you place the chair tag over the sofa tag, you will only access chair-related poses on this part of the sofa.
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