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  1. why not add the feature in the clickbox to turn it off ... same way as you turn the colored names on or off Should be just a minor addition to the game engine and everybody is free to do as he likes
  2. i had this issue too some time ago. VPN helped (I used PROTON), but as final solution I asked my provider to give me another IP-Adress. Working fine again since then.
  3. sounds logically to me ... but in this case it would be nice to know these words you should not use. (even if it's bullshit to ban "rape" or open "rape"-rooms when everybody anyhow has to accept any sex pose before it works).
  4. What is wrong with the word "grape" in the room name when trying to open it for public? I wanted to open a room, but as soon as I use this word the systeme brings "bad room name" This happend to me already once with another word (which i cannot remember) Are there forbidden words and which are they?
  5. it is for sure not a country or IP based blocking, as my shoutcast2 stream from the same provider work perfect.with same IP and same URL-design. And, btw, as I have written before, I made up a test account at another provider and with this the icecast stream didn't work either , where shoutcast2 works good too.
  6. @ SAMS this workaround is a nice try, but does not apply AutoDj. I Got no problem with streaming in shoutcast2 without autoDJ anyhow. Its for sure "something deeper" problem as @SerentiyWillow stated before. for info: I started a test together with my provider with 5 several url's to my test Icecast2 stream and after checking the log protocols the answer from my provider was this: translation: I'm afraid you would have to contact the chat operator about this. The requests arrive and are successful (status 200). I see no reason why this shouldn't work at this point: So I am very sure this problem is caused by the new Winamp client they installed with the update in replacement of the very well working BASS client before.
  7. just to be sure I now tested also 48000 on my test icecast stream and it makes no difference in notworkling
  8. well, as I always want to know whats going on, I made a test account at another provider and created another Icecast2 stream IT IS NOT WORKING in 3dx EITHER! go and try yourself: http://server3.streamserver-unlimited.de:8800/live I keep it alive for 24 hours.
  9. darf ich deine stream url meinem Provider übermitten, damit der sich ansehen kann, wo eventuell Unterschiede sind?
  10. I still do not know if your stream is icecast or icecast2. ? I dont think its my provider, as others got this issue too; support answered already; they excuse for these inconveniances and are working on it. and yes, of course the MP3 encoding is 128 for me me too, I was talking about the streaming bandwith So lets wait, if there will be a solution, I will stream in shoutcast2 in the meantime
  11. yes, your stream is working in my room. but I still miss the answer: is it icecast1 or icecast2 ? (or which version of icecast?) (mine and Shirlzzz's is icecast2) that's why I provided 2 url's, one for http and one https my stream is 64Kbit only anyway ... and below 40Kbit it starts sounding awful. btw: I also tried to connect via VPN and also changed between US and Europe server with no result. my ticked on support is still open for that.
  12. is YOUR stream icecast1 or icecast2? Because my provider checked the outgoing stream from the server and states that its correct and playable in e.g. Firefox, VLC und Dragon Player . I am rather sure, the new 3dxchat integrated player is the problem, as it also refuses to play shoutcast1 now. And i m not the only one with streaming issues after the update. PLEASE SUPPORT, COMMENT THIS!
  13. I am NOT using ogg, I am using MP3
  14. I disagree. The old 3dx had an integrated "Bass" client to play the music, the new update got an "Winamp"client integrated now. So that does NOT mean your webbrowser plays it the same way as the 3DXCHAT radio. but a cross-check would be nice anyway, so I set my testserver with icecast protocol to autoDJ for the next days (5 listeners at the same time limit). url for the stream are: https://server36246.streamplus.de:11044/stream.mp3 or http://server36246.streamplus.de:11232/stream.mp3 both are working in my Brave Browser, which shows Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 as client. and both are NOT working in the 3dxchat radio player, whiche shows WinampMPEG/5.09 as client edit; btw: the old room radio player showed "BASS audio library 2.4" as client
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