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  1. one object per font would be a great help. its already working with larger more complex objects like vehicles or plants too. I made myself a row of fonts with as less objects as possible ... but a longer text still wastes a lot of objects. https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product/simpleabc-by-paulinus/
  2. these self-appointed guardians of political correctness have already done enough cultural damage in RL, are they now reaching for 3dx and VL?
  3. this happens to me vice versa. So appearently it is just an issue if male invites female. and its ok, when female invites male
  4. Very well done, looks really good. But try this up or down a mountain and not on a relative flat area (y)
  5. as long as you don't do that. the room data are not assigned to your avatar anyway. So, if by any means you would be disconnected before you did this, all your work would be lost. For me it seems that this memory space assigned to you avatar for editing is using parts of it for cache and this cache is getting to small for copy. or undo-operations, when regular data amount grows ... and thats why deleting, scaling etc is still possible.
  6. Might it be you re not reading? This thread is about EDITING, not about PLAYING. This Issue appears when editing ... I had already quite a lot of visitors, also with weak Computers, which did not have the slightest issues when visiting the room .. just longer loading times. So what? Feel free to visit only smaller rooms with Mega-Dancing parties as many as you like, but accept, that there are other interests in this game besides fucking and dancing too. And -yes - this "Minority" is paying their fees too.
  7. I'd really love to have an object like a flexible tape that you can run across irregular surfaces and that clings to the surface with just little distance. Filled with matching textures it could make perfect footpaths through your landscape. But not limited to this use.
  8. you have to ask your internert provider to change you IP, you cannot do it yourself. And yes, using a VPN changes your IP, thats why most time its working with this workaround. If you got this issue with VPN too, the try to use another VPN server location within VPN.
  9. Try if you can change your own IP-address with your provider. I had the same issue .. its working now after my provider gave me another IP-address. Seems the 3dx game server is still blocking some IP adress ranges.
  10. Sorry, but the comparison with the clothes lags. It is not more intolerant than to complain about glare from oncoming headlights that are not dimmed on the street. And reading the initial post on this thread it starts with "Just saying ...."
  11. so far i experienced up to now the coordinates always were related to the pivot point of the object and the locations of these differed for every object
  12. I got a static IP-Adress too ... My provider changed that now on my request to another IP and its working now without VPN on both (USA and Europa) servers maybe its interesting for support: had before (not working) and now (working)
  13. do not hesitiate, you are not alone with these connection problems.
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