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  1. Sorry Alice, guess my thought was more an overall Dev type thought in this forum thread... Nothing intolerant about it really.
  2. Just saying if you are someone that logs in, and you go to an in-world club with many ppl. One day probably soon those special XGold trails will look like a room of nothing but swirls of color with barely seeable avatars.
  3. Versioning things that can be purchased is common in digital formats like software to create revenue. From software to virtual gaming. Thinks, maybe should use baby steps 3DX. Is smart to do it as a business, but maybe go in baby steps, just saying. None of my business though, just a suggestion.
  4. My point is in the title, sorry 3DX. I think you are missing a lot of good feedback limiting yourselves this way with Discord only, just saying.
  5. Sorry Giz, I have free thoughts/observations about 2.9, but not going to join your Discord to let you know my thoughts.



  6. Hi Giz!

     There always seems to be some confusion with custom props, and the specific sex poses that work with a custom prop. Example, singles laying on a wall upside down, when supposed to vertical etc., a couple upside down when shouldn't be, etc...

     Adding text to explain anything in-world is very difficult. Would it be possible to also put in front of each pose in-world a number or letter to clearly match and make it easier for a newer member to enjoy especially. A single number or letter would be easier especially if you put them in Materials, just saying.


    Sorry, meant to say Objects not Materials.

  7. Hi Giz!

    I have a builder suggestion.

     3DX has a build option for male and TG glory hole. My suggestion is you and team create a female glory hole option for builders.

    Just a suggestion...

    1. Cassey


      I forgot to mention it is sometimes called a reverse glory hole.

  8. Not sure why it is not possible to go back to rooms we found fun, maybe creates lag pre-loading rooms, not sure. I think many of us would like that unless only I think that?
  9. It is a learning curve for sure, but does not take too long to figure out. The below tutorials at the link below helped me. https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/world-editor-tutorials
  10. Hi Giz,

    I have 3 personas, my main one, my deco one, and my test one. Whenever I change from one to the other I have to "Reconnect" and log in again. Is that on purpose?


    1. Cassey


      Oh, I just saw your response to Jannick's below.


  11. Since you are new playtowin Lisa's post is at this link. https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/10971-build-420-test-server/
  12. Hi Pluush, I tried on a few outfits trying different custom colors a little while ago, and they stayed when leaving the clothing editor in the 421 test server.
  13. I just checked, and Load from File isn't working. Reverts back to build you were in when clicking My World again like already said above. Considering what has been going on, it's nice to be able to log in though. The rest will come I imagine.
  14. I know someone at a company that uses radware. Radware has branch offices all over the world. He said, "Trying to mitigate attacks like this manually today is almost impossible." Also as neilquinn said above if hosted in the cloud a datacenter that has mitigation options like Cloudflare.
  15. Considering Cloudflare is checking our IP address when we come to the forum to see if we are one of the IPs attacking, I would say something is going on. Lisa posted they are working on fixing it. I believe her, no business wants angry customers unless 3DX does which would be weird. lol
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