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  1. This is not my first experience with DDOS. It appears to me that some people take great joy in taking down another's game. In another virtual world, I was accountant for a music stream provider. It is not like the company was making big $$. The first time, we changed the IP and cleaned up the mess...it lasted less that a week before the attack started again. We had made some changes, but it wasn't enough. The second time, we changed servers, the third time, we moved to a new data center. The fourth and last time, the data center made some magic with a another server that the attacks went to before the primary server. I am not a server expert, I am merely saying that sometimes, especially with a small company, it takes more than one change to protect against DDOS. Bad mouthing Lisa, Gizmo or the devs is just sour grapes. I am sure they are doing the best they can, every day we do without building (cause I know this isn't a sex game right?), they are losing money cause they are fighting the DDOS, paying $$ to try to correct the situation, losing members, not allowing new members to join and prolly the hardest thing ever to recover from: they are losing their reputation:( Just my .02, for what it is worth.
  2. You are not the only one:( The other avi's are also very dark and the females have no breasts.... HELP
  3. Tried to run the patcher today for the latest update...says Update Status Unzipping.... Wouldn't worry but it has been unzipping for hours. Thought it hung up, rebooted and restarted, it does the same thing...Suggestions?
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    OMG! New here and I love this thread! I just started building about 3 weeks ago and ran into issues with how to make lettering! I am sure everyone here knows how hard it is to do it by hand:) I also discussed TONIGHT with my boyfriend about building a silo home. I have been dabbling all evening trying to figure out how to start and I stumble on Jen's incredible bunker. You are all so very talented and imaginative and I thank everyone here for sharing your hard work. The only way it could be improved (IMHO) is to put it all in one place. People directed me to https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ and to https://3dxmodz.com/ then tonight I stumbled on this thread. It would make it so much easier if there was a single place to share:( I am hoping to get the hang of this and contribute back to the community someday:) Thanks again to everyone in this thread!
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