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  1. I saw somewhere where I think it was Alivia who said that Lisa had stated that clothes were not getting added because it needs a script writer to add them. Having been around for a long time and seen how the devs say things and what is actually meant by what they say my opinion on that is she was more likely trying to say that is is not just creating clothes that needs to be done but they also need to be scripted into the game. And that Gizmo who does the scripting has to find the time to do that. Now before you Alivia go saying it does not involve much scripting I know that, very little
  2. Again we see something that keeps getting asked for in these forums. Categorising the room list has been asked for many times before and I agree is something that is really needed. Not only will it make it easier to find what you are looking for but will also make it so we don't have to see rooms like rape rooms show in the list when we are just trying to find a good dance room to go to. Everyone is entitled to play the game the way they want but seeing loads of rooms listed for things I find off putting was always a bit of a turn off for me. Likely it is the same for people who were look
  3. I went on about this for a long time in these forums and I feel it is something that is a lot more important to the game than people say. If you are not a DJ or a builder there is very little for you to do in the game other than sex. At gatherings all you can do is press a button to do a particular dance move and chat. There needs to be more for people who don't DJ or build which I think you will find is the majority. I haven't been in the game for a while but from what I have seen in these forums dance groups seem to be getting popular. Wouldn't it be good if they had a tool to be able t
  4. I just looked at the new update and noticed 12 new dance moves, well done devs, I think this update is a good one as it has a variety of things for different people in the game. One thing I think could make a big difference to the dancing in the game is to have it so the dance loop will finish before the next selected dance begins. Maybe have it a setting we can select to have it either the way it is now, which is as soon as you select a different dance move it starts, or it starts after the loop for the present dance move is finished. This will make it so dance groups can build rout
  5. What you just talked about can and does cause major problems for people in the game, it did for me several times. Often I found myself not wanting to log in because I knew a someone would be demanding on me and just waiting for me to log in. These people tend to do nothing wrong other than wanting you to be their best friend and play your game as their best friend. They don't seem to understand that because they count you as their bestie that it does not mean you see them the same way. No matter how hard you try to explain it to them nicely it never seems to sink in and they just continue to h
  6. After having a bit of a read through this thread there are several things I would like to question. One is to the people that keep saying the devs have no evidence, how would you know what evidence they do or don't have. It seems this has been going on for a while now and it would not be hard for the devs to code flags for when certain happenings go on in the game. If a certain command is made to th3e server then they could see who made that command. Now I am not saying they have done that, only that it is possible. So there is no way any of you can know what evidence they do or don't have.
  7. Alivia I noticed something in all the names you mentioned where people had imposter avatars, all of them have a small "L" in their names which leads me to believe they are doing what has happened several times in the game already. You can create an avatar and use a capital "i" which if things are still the same will look exactly the same as your names. Alivia and AIivia are actually 2 different names, one has the small "l" and the other replaces it with a capital "i". Some people who had either a small "L" or a capital "i" in their names use to create an avatar themselves using the other meth
  8. This is one of the bigger reasons people stray away from this game, to many people in it see it as how you have put it here, a porn game. It is not meant to be a porn game, for those who do not realise it there is a difference between seeing it as a porn game and seeing it as a sex game. If I play in a sex game I do not expect to have to play as if I was in a porn movie. Yes some people will want that from their game but it does not mean that because it is a sex game that everyone should have to see it as porn and play as such. There are lots of different ways people look at what sex
  9. My heart goes out to you Alesya, I hope you are not suffering as badly as it sounds and you get past this very quickly. Please stay strong and get well soon.
  10. I doubt there would be many would abuse the kick/ignore function that way, where there had always been lots that abused that the owner did not have the power to remove them. As Xizi said, why would you want to stay in a room where the owner is like that anyway, I feel pretty sure their room won't be that popular. There are always pluses and minuses with everything added, I think with the kick/ignore function the pluses well outweigh the minuses. Good job Gizmo with finally adding it.
  11. I can't believe some of the opinions people have on this. One being that a room owner should have no right to boot and ban people from their room because it doesn't belong to them but to SGD. What a load of crap, people spend months sometimes building their rooms, DJs spend months learning how to DJ and creating mixes. Each event involves hours of planning and hosting. All done to not only get enjoyment from the game for themselves but give enjoyment to others. Some may think, I think very few though, that it does not give them any right to be able to stop people from upsetting to often destro
  12. This has been brought up hundreds of times before and yes twice Gizmo has said it will be added but has not followed up on it. People have argued that any room opened to all makes it public and that room owners should not have the right to boot people from public rooms. Well night club owners, public bars, sporting events and very much anywhere in real life where an event is held if someone miss behaves they get thrown out. It doesn't matter it the event is open to the public or not, the event organisers have the right to remove people who cause a disturbance. So why should it be differen
  13. I doubt very much they are the words Lisa used, it would be more like they haven't worked on the pose editor as they have been working on other things. You have gone from one extreme to the other Alivia, you use to get in these forums making similar claims in favour of the devs, mis representing things that had been said to argue they were working hard on the game and how we could expect things soon. Now you are doing completely the opposite. You add words like you have here to try make your argument sound more convincing but just end up mis representing points that have been made. I wou
  14. Yes I know what you are talking about, and I have had said similar things myself about how slow they progress with things and how many times they have said we will get something that never comes. But there must be a reason they stopped with the pose editor after having done so much work on it. The teasers they showed were using the 3DXChat avatars and some things he showed I think were more than what appears to be in the pose editors you get from the Unity store. I have seen where Gizmo gets enthusiastic about things he is working on and he seemed to be with the pose editor. He even said so on
  15. I still doubt that very much, as in people will be able to see the pose without having the file, even if only a temporary file they have to have the animation file to be able to see it. As far as the rooms remaining open goes I am not sure how Gizmo has set that up, it could explain why there was trouble with servers as if he is somehow hosting rooms on the server when the owner logs out. Or maybe he found a way to transfer hosting to others in the room which could explain why they close when the last person leaves. Likely that is what he has done, the hosting side of the room gets transferred
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