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  1. I did, over 6 years ago, lol, and Lovense actually came in the forum, made an account and answered peoples questions. Back then I had one and so did my BF, but I doubt many would buy them just for the game.
  2. I doubt very much they would go about it that way when it can be done with a control that would work on any pose. Plus if they did it that way it would mean that any new pose would have to have extra work done to allow for the Lovense toys. It is likely it will just work off the speed controller and a speed rating set to each pose, which only involves one addition to a database for each pose. It's been over 3 months since he announced it. If a company was to assign that job to an employee they will have well expected it to be done well before then. It is not 3 months work, my opinion fro
  3. I wonder what Lovense is thinking now as it appears Gizmo isn't applying any more time to this update than he usually does. Lovense will have expected a professional attitude and prompt responses. I doubt very much that the needed coding would be more than 3 months work even for just one person. If Gizmo is treating them like he does his customers what would they think. It is possible this update will go in the same direction as the pose editor.
  4. Yep, I can imagine what those messages would say. "Not much done this week sorry, got to pissed while partying with all the money we are making from you guys.
  5. This is what I 1st commented on, which is to say it does not cost thousands of dollars to create anim files for the game. Your next comment included the following... You stated it costs thousands of dollars a second to create animations and as we are all talking about 3DXChat here it could only be taken you were referring to how much it costs to make the animations for 3DXChat. Later what you said can only be taken that they can be done cheaper but that cheaper being like cheap and nasty, bad quality. You did not distinct between sex poses and others like dance poses but instead seem t
  6. I am sorry THX but you need to accept that you are one of the people that doesn't have a clue how things are done in the way of animating our characters in 3DXChat. You have not presented any facts as the links you provided have little to nothing to do with creation of anim files for character animations in a game like 3DXChat. I can tell you with 100% certainty that sex poses in 3DXChat are not created using motion capture. Others such as dances are but as Lunarelf said most, if not all have been purchased. Plus if what you say was correct then Loruna and Takisa and others players from
  7. Sorry THX but this is totally wrong and misleading. You are comparing completed movie quality video production animations to anim files that just control a 3d model in a game. If what you say is true then Goose, who maid several anim file sex poses in a matter of a few hours would be worth a fortune. Not meaning to be insulting here as it seems to be a common mistake, thinking there is a lot more to creating the anim files for the game than there is. Sex poses for the game are not that hard to make and not done using motion capture, with a person very well practiced in it can be done in high q
  8. This forum gets about 2,000 visits a day, yes most don't participate but I think it does have a lot more influence than you think.
  9. I agree, some of the people who complain do go overboard and get really insulting. But also some of the people complaining about the people complaining get very insulting and disrespectful as well. Often to people who don't deserve it.
  10. I wonder what the game would be like if it was not for the people that came in these forums complaining about the lack of content, updates and what was being included in the updates we did get. Will we have had the room editor, I doubt it as that took a lot of so called complaining and pushing in these forums to get that. Will we have had DJing in our rooms, doubtful as again that took a lot of pushing and complaining to get that to. I know that as I was one the people constantly coming in these forums so called complaining and pushing for those 2 things. If I and the others that did all that
  11. I did a quick search to see what came up if I searched 3DXChat and Lovense and the second thing that comes up in the list is my old post in here from November 2014. There is some interesting reading including where someone from Lovense joined the forum to be able to answer some questions. 2014 Lovense post
  12. Leelo they are not just for heteros, and I am sure that what ever Gizmo sets up for the game will cover all genres. It was a long time ago when I had mine but even then I could have given control to anyone who had the app, male or female. Since then Lovense has made it so they can be set up for cam use and all the different cam sites have their own settings thingy in the lovense setup on the web. I would imagine that 3DXChat will have something like that where we would go in and setup how we want it to respond. I will say this, the lovense toys are really good, the one I had was like the
  13. Just to let you know, I started the make your room a dance club thing. I was the 1st to make a dance club in my room, long before the room editor when we had very little we could do to change our rooms. I loved creating rooms and was one of the main people pushing for better room creating abilities in the game. But now like a lot of other people I don't have that sort of time available. I can't spend hours and hours creating rooms and am now one that would look to just get in the game for fun when I can. Lots of people do not have the time to build rooms or put together DJ mixes. I would guess
  14. I just think there are a lot of things that could be added that would make a much bigger difference to the game. What ever happened to the pose editor. Last I saw about it is that Lisa had said it is not being worked on at the moment, which people seem to have taken as it has been dumped. I don't think she meant we can no longer expect it to be added, more so exactly what she said, it isn't being worked on at the moment. Which can mean we can still expect it in the future. Another thing I think is needed and in my opinion is the most needed is a decent way for us to make our own dance ro
  15. Yes likely won't be anything harmful, but that's not the point, your point was to say it will be good for 3DXChat in the way of promotion when really we have no idea of what it will do in the way of promotion. I don't think you could compare what could be done to earn money from sales of Lovense toys to what can be with Patreon. 2 completely different products. Plus what do you think Gizmo could do in the way of rules, no player can sell Lovense toys? Because that is about the only rule that could do anything to prevent it.
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