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  1. From what I have seen before with people creating poses for the game it seems to be a matter of timing. I mean it seems that Gizmo has times he spends on the game and others where we he doesn't. He has always been reluctant to make any sort of time commitments and I would go as far as saying that it also seems to include the small amount of time it takes to add player created content. Could be a number of reasons why he does that, could be he works elsewhere or on other projects or maybe is just having to good a time partying on all the money he has made from the game. But there definitely seems to be times he spends on the game and others where he doesn't. And both can be months.
  2. The person who created this thread did so to ask if something could be done about rape rooms from appearing in the rooms lists, something that is already against the TOS but happening to often and dozens of threads have been made on the same subject in the past. A decision was made and posted by Gizmo to word filter the rooms list to help prevent these rooms from appearing. There was no mention of any other fetishes being targeted. There was also no mention of chat boxes or profiles being filtered. This thread has continued to go way off topic including discussions on what causes rape, child pornography, racism and other things not relevant to the original request. @Gizmo Please close this thread as the decision has been made and things have gotten out of hand. Thankyou to Toposecreto77 for once again bringing this topic to light and all others who posted to help the decision be made. Thankyou to Gizmo for seeing that something needs to be done.
  3. Stacii stop, you are making an idiot of yourself
  4. Stacii it is the same here in Australia, not that I want to get into this discussion about laws but just thought I would add this. There was a guy charged here with possession of child pornography for having drawings that he had drawn himself. Consenting adults can do any roleplay they want here as well, it isn't as far as I know against the law. But it is to advertise for others to join you, not only for kinks but for sex. People get away with it in ads for someone to have sex but they have to be very careful in how they word it. No one would be able to advertise for rape sexual roleplay without finding themselves in trouble. I am pretty sure it would be the same in the US.
  5. I can see what you mean and your reasoning to this but I don't see it as being that simple. In this way of thinking you are suggesting that the game must remain open for everyone to enjoy and peoples boundaries should not prevent others from enjoying theirs. There will be a certain amount of people that would be disgusted or uncomfortable enough that choose to not stay in the game because of these rooms being allowed, that is certain and the only thing that could be argued is the amount. You may agree or disagree with how they feel but does anyone really have a right to insist they shouldn't. So that leaves a choice, cater for the people who wish to have these rooms or cater for the people who see it as something enough to not want to stay. I think the majority don't care either way and would make no difference to them. But out of the 2 groups I mentioned it is either one or the other. Either way one or the other cannot be totally catered for. One way the game loses an entire group and the other way a group can still do what it chooses but can't advertise it.
  6. This as far as I am concerned is not about or stopping people from roleplaying rape, I don't think that would possible for starters. It is also not so much about if you care or don't care about people doing so. It is more about them not being able to be in our faces with it. I have seen people saying we shouldn't bring real life into the game but then go on to say what laws are around the world regarding roleplay. Roleplay may not be against the law when done by 2 consenting adults in the privacy of their own home but it becomes a different story if they were to stick a sign out the front inviting others to join. You will never see that or see an add in the paper for it anywhere, not only if they did it would bring the authorities down on them no one would want to bring that sort of attention to themselves. So if you are going to bring in what is allowed or can happen in real life be realistic about it. Plus if it was not possible to open these rooms with the anonymity the game provides how many do you think would do it. This, and the decision Gizmo has made is about stopping people from being able to advertise these rooms in the rooms lists, not about stopping people from doing what ever they want in their own privacy, nothing more. Being able with some effort, block a person who opens one of these rooms is not sufficient. It not only does not stop the room from being seen in the first place it also does not stop others or even the same person with a different alt from opening others. Being able to advertise these rooms in the game shouldn't be tolerated the same way it wouldn't be putting a sign up in front of your house in real life.
  7. I agree, my argument has always been for people to include rape to be above that line in the same way they do child abuse, as many already do. My opinion is there is more that feel it should than there is not. When it comes to other things like BDSM then I myself do not feel it should be included in the filter and my opinion is that most would feel the same. So even if someone did try to call for it they would not get much support and a lot showing they do not agree. Because of that I don't see it and also hope it will not be a problem.
  8. While I have seen people mention other things like BDSM in these rape threads I can't remember ever seeing any threads created with people trying to say BDSM rooms should not be allowed, and think the majority of people by far don't care about hem. So I don't believe there will be a problem where people try to get the same thing done with things like BDSM, plus if they did they wouldn't get much support.
  9. This is about the best thing I have seen you say in these forums. Something else that needs to be considered though is the effect it can have on numbers in the game and the harm it can do to the games reputation. Would allowing rape rooms bring in more custom or deter people away, I think we can work that one out easy enough. If rape rooms were allowed to be shown in the room list without restriction can it cause authorities to come down on the game, I think yes it would eventually happen. Rape and child abuse rooms being able to be advertised should not be allowed and prevented in any way possible. As for the rest I am not even going to bother participating in that argument, they don't concern me.
  10. The truth is there is so many ways they could do better and very easily, they just don't put enough importance on it. For example as I said before they scripted in being able to cop an automatic ban if you mention the name of the copied game in the chat box. So they could easily make it the same for naming a room with words they shouldn't. Another is if they want to be able to let these people do as they want then give them a separate tab for porn. It is seeing these rooms open with so many people in them that bothered me, if I didn't have to see it then that would make a difference. Same goes for other things I didn't particularly like in room names like "Little schoolgirl home alone" and names that represented sex with underage people and again seeing how many people would be in those rooms. Those types of people I don't want to be constantly reminded are abundant in the game, why should it be allowed to be so in our faces.
  11. Yes Jack it doe4s get tiresome and appears to often in these forums. But you also have to look at the reason why it does. It is because they continue to appear in the rooms lists and nothing gets done. They can't say they can't do anything now as they have already shown their hand in scripting in an automatic ban if you mention a certain copied game in the text box. Or so I believe anyway if what has been said in these forums is right. It would be a very simple task to have it so if people tried to create a room with the word rape in it they couldn't and get a warning for doing so. Plus if nothing is said, if it doesn't keep getting posted in these forums and protested against, likely it would just run wild and become a real problem. The thing that gets to me with these rooms is not so much the naming, but more seeing them get so many people in them. Just something that just might make a few people think. If rape fantasies aren't such a bad thing like people try to get us to believe in here, why don't you ever hear anyone admitting they have those fantasies.
  12. Why is it that you and others continually insist on making this point, I seriously don't think anyone would believe you can be actually raped in 3DXChat. Even the comment you quoted on was someone mentioning what is roleplay in rooms and would have done so knowing that no actual rape has happened. Like isn't it obvious. But you seem to want to make a big deal out of it, that you cannot actually be raped and that it has to be consensual. You say you can understand why people get upset about it but seem to want to use this as an excuse as to why it doesn't upset you. Yet you then go on to say how a child abuse room would. This is what I am talking about, how you and others seem to use this to make a difference between the 2. ie, rape rooms don't worry you because you can't actually be raped, it is only roleplay and has to be consensual. Well it is the same when it comes to child abuse in the game, it can't actually happen, has to be consensual between the players and is only roleplay. So why is it that one you don't seem to care if they are there while the other you do. Both should be looked at the same way, both should not be tolerated at all.
  13. Xizi, why is it you and others seem to want to always bring out that you cannot actually have rape in 3DXChat, but then go on to say you would be offended if you saw a child abuse room. Well the same thing could be said for child abuse, you can't actually have child abuse in 3DXChat either just the same as you can't have actual rape. Both offend me, both should not be tolerated. But for some reason there are people that want to draw the line when it comes to child abuse but not at rape. Which can only be taken that they believe rape is not such a bad thing.
  14. Still come in sometimes, mostly to answer messages. I have noticed there is not much going on in the forums now and less than half the people logged in at any time. There use to be over 100 logged in pretty much any time but right now there is around 40. It seems to be getting less and less every time I look.
  15. I agree 100%, always have done and always will do, so do a lot of people. The way alts are often used in the game can completely destroy peoples games. But unfortunately the devs don't seem to agree.
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