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  1. I doubt very much they are the words Lisa used, it would be more like they haven't worked on the pose editor as they have been working on other things. You have gone from one extreme to the other Alivia, you use to get in these forums making similar claims in favour of the devs, mis representing things that had been said to argue they were working hard on the game and how we could expect things soon. Now you are doing completely the opposite. You add words like you have here to try make your argument sound more convincing but just end up mis representing points that have been made. I would be very surprised if Lisa used the word fictional when talking about the pose editor. The teasers shown were showing work done using the 3DXChat avatars, Gizmo asked and answered questions about the pose editor and he also created this thread "Pose Editor" So calling it fictional is just a little over the top. Yes it is fairly certain they have stopped work on it, but you, I or know one else other than the devs have no idea why or if it has been cancelled or can be expected to be worked on again later. It may be he found something that would make it to hard to add, or use to many recourses, we don't know and that is the problem. Another thing I would like to point out is how people keep expecting things can be done in 3DXChat because it has been done in other games, most of which are games that are far lower in graphics and animation quality. So I thought I should give some examples of what that could mean. Two games of the same genre, one uses textures with 1024 x 1024 texture maps and the other uses 2048 x 2048. Those map files are not twice the size but 4 times the size. Not only does the server have to be much more powerful and its connection to the Internet need to have 4 times the bandwidth but so does our computers to be able to run it. So just because certain tasks have been done successfully in a certain way in lower graphic detailed games does not mean it can be done in 3DXChat.
  2. Yes I know what you are talking about, and I have had said similar things myself about how slow they progress with things and how many times they have said we will get something that never comes. But there must be a reason they stopped with the pose editor after having done so much work on it. The teasers they showed were using the 3DXChat avatars and some things he showed I think were more than what appears to be in the pose editors you get from the Unity store. I have seen where Gizmo gets enthusiastic about things he is working on and he seemed to be with the pose editor. He even said so once when I brought it up in a post. There must be a reason why after doing all that work that he has either put it on hold or decided not to add it at all. I for one would like to know if it has been completely cancelled or not and why. A pose editor would make such a big difference to the game, much bigger difference than any other addition there has ever been before. It is about the only thing that would have ne re sub and I know a lot of others that have left that feel the same. I think after all the teasers, him creating this thread and very much saying we can expect it by saying the things lost by losing the ghost will be replaced by the pose editor, I think we should be told something more than it hasn't been worked on for however long they said. In my opinion if they were to release the pose editor they would see into the thousands of people re sub, and even if a good number of them only stayed for 1 month it would mean very much an instant return of into the tens of thousands of dollars. The numbers would remain higher and the average length of time people remain in the game would increase. So I just can't understand why they stopped with it. I understand it could be difficult to implement as I have tried to point out in my posts, but I also understand it would not be impossible.
  3. I still doubt that very much, as in people will be able to see the pose without having the file, even if only a temporary file they have to have the animation file to be able to see it. As far as the rooms remaining open goes I am not sure how Gizmo has set that up, it could explain why there was trouble with servers as if he is somehow hosting rooms on the server when the owner logs out. Or maybe he found a way to transfer hosting to others in the room which could explain why they close when the last person leaves. Likely that is what he has done, the hosting side of the room gets transferred. Otherwise it would put a lot of strain on the main server. I know 100% for certain that is the way Unity works, when a scene is opened, which in this case is a users room, then that persons computer does a lot of the work as a sub server, or at least that is how it use work. For the room to remain open when the owner logs out then that work has to be done by some other computer. I will have to have a look at Unity, maybe they have even done something that distributes the load between people in the scene and it was just an upgrade to Unity and nothing Gizmo did. Was there an update to Unity at that time he added to the game?
  4. I haven't been in the game for a while but I think you will find that someone else has opened the room for them, simply has the same room file and opens it. Like can you open your room and log off and the room remains open ? I bet you can't.
  5. Olivia you need to read up on how Unity works, the game servers don't send out that much, mainly data from the database servers. When a scene is opened (room), all the room, texture, lighting and such files are sent to each visitor from the room owners computer. It is done that way so the game servers do not have to be so powerful. Plus if things were set up the way you are talking about, lets say there are 5 rooms opened like I said before, all with 100 people in them, each using their own pose. For everybody to see all the poses that would mean in each room 100 files would need to be sent to 100 players times 5 rooms. Every time any one of the players in any of those rooms changed to another of their own poses all 100 people in that room would need to receive the file from the server. That would be happening far to often and the server would need to be able to cater for it. At the moment the game server itself does not have to do that much work, most of it is done by the data servers and the client computers when they open rooms. It is very likely the main server would need to be much much bigger than now just to cater for that. As for the devs not being able to do the piercings, I don't believe they can't do it but rather like a lot of other things, they just can't be bothered.
  6. Alivia I wish it was as simple as that but it is not. When you create and save your room you are able to use it when you open your room because of the way Unity works. When you open your room you create a new scene in Unity and the game, each player that then enters your room is transferred in the game to the scene you have created. As they enter your scene they get information from both the game server and your computer. It is your computer that sends them the file with the room information. It is also your computer that then sends all the information of movement, animations being used and other things that happen in the scene you host. When animations are called each player has to have a copy of that animation file in their computer, without it they cannot see the animation. If a pose editor was to do what you say and only store the file on your computer then no one else would see the animation. So for example if it was done in a way where if we were to see all the animations a room host has in there collection, then when entering a room all who do would have to be sent all the room owners animation files. We can only see an animation if we either have the file stored in our own computers or if it is sent to us when called. The biggest problem is if it was able to be done the way you think is for everyone else to be able to see the animation you use. Lets say you go to Love Island and there are 100 people there. You use your custom animation, for everyone to see it your computer must send the animation file to each person in there. Now lets say all 100 are using their own custom animation. All sending their own animation files to everyone else in there. That is 99 files being sent and 99 files being received by everyone in there. They mostly are not big files, but the volume of how may times they will be sent back and forth will create problems. In other games where they have pose editors to see another persons animations you have to click on that person and select to see their animations, your computer then downloads their animations and you get to see them. Or they have it so if you go in someones room you download the animations the room owner has to offer as you enter that room.
  7. What you seem to be talking about is not the menu system that we have in the game for poses now. You seem to be referring to some sort of filtering, where we would get to choose which poses appear in our menus. And yes that would make it usable but is not what we have now. Without some sort of filtering system the menu would end up having thousands of poses that we have to try scroll through so finding particular ones we wanted to use would be a real effort and pain in the ass. But yes a filter system where we got to pick poses we would use and those we selected only appeared in our menus would get over that. But that then can create other problems, to have that filter system new databases and scripting to read to and from those databases would need to be added. As there are several categories for poses it would need to be either one fairly complex database or several for each category. How much of a strain that would add to the data server would need to be considered. Then there is also for each pose/animation to work where the pose involves 2 people both have to have that animation file in their own client computers. That would mean either having loads of updates and massive amounts of animation files stored in our game directories in our own computers or loads of file swapping going on while we play. It would also involve creating a system for us to be able to select the poses we want to appear in our menus. So it is not as easy and possible as you seem to think.
  8. There are a number of reasons that Gizmo and Lisa may have stopped with the pose editor and for those that think they were never really serious on it they should think why did Gizmo create this thread. The teasers he gave did very much seem to be work in progress for a pose editor actually being worked on in the game environment. There are 2 or 3 good ones available in the Unity store and it appeared he was working with one of them improving it and making it fit the game. Early in this thread you find where several of us were trying to figure out how they could implement a pose editor in 3DXChat, as to how they could have it work. For example they could not have every pose created by users get added to the existing menus and have them appear the same as any new pose created by the devs do now, the menus would just become massive and unusable. We talked about maybe they would have it so you only got poses that a room owner owned when you were in that room or having to click on each user to be able to see their use their poses as they do in other games. The thing is is that it could be possible they are having difficulties in finding a way to implement a pose editor without it being to big a strain on servers or Unity may not supply a way for them to be able to just have it be supplied in our rooms. What would be really good is if they gave us an explanation to things like this and let us know if we could still expect to have it added some time in the future. Saying it hasn't been worked on for 2 years doesn't really say it has been completely dumped or why it hasn't been worked on. It could also be that Gizmo has been trying to find a way to stop people from hijacking his script as it seems there are now 2 copies of the game around. From the teasers he seemed to have put a lot of work into the pose editor he was working on so I could understand him maybe being worried about it just getting hijacked if he did add it. Looking at the teasers he had done some very advanced addons to what is around and I could understand him being protective of it. I just wish they would let us know the reason it has been put on hold as there are a lot of people that come in these forums that could possibly help find an answer to the problem. @Gizmo and @Lisa Can you please let us know why it has been put on hold?
  9. You need to eat more Jack, you aint got no bum. you get picked on when you aint got no bum.
  10. This is great and thank you for that information. Can you possibly let us know why the pose editor has been withdrawn from being added to the game. There are a lot of players that could maybe help sort out the problem.
  11. As I said in my post the forum gets a lot of traffic of which a good number of them are likely to be people looking for information on the game. Looking at the amount of guest are in the forums that figure is likely to be hundreds every day. The forum as it is is like you say, not really meant to promote the game. There are a couple of links to pages that are there for people who are looking to review the game but they are not very well done. Also they are not really that obvious for people who are looking to review. Yes lots of people look at reviews where 3DXChat have maybe paid for good reviews but there are also others that have bad reviews. No matter what happens on that side of things does not matter to what I am saying, which is because the forum comes up high in the search engines if you search "3DXChat", then it is almost certain a lot of people looking to find information on the game will click that link. It is very unlikely that players from the game would generate 100 guest at just about any time. Also how many players are going to do a search for "3DXChat" and click on the link for the forum. If you look at what Lisa said she actually stated the new server is optimised for a large number of visitors. Servers for a Unity game to cater for tens of thousands of visitors does not have to be a massive server. The way Unity works is to put a lot of the load on players/client computers when they open their rooms. When they do that their room becomes a new scene in Unity where the players/client computer does a lot of the server work. So if there is 300 people in a room then it would be more based on how good the room owners computer and Internet connection is. That has always been that way and is why some people can host with a lot of people and others can't. As the numbers have grown in the game the number of rooms open in the rooms list has grown. If the player population grew to say double what it is now that list would grow accordingly. Getting 100 people in your room has always been a high number to get, that was the same when there was only around 3,000 people in the game. Now it has around 7,000 if that is correct, 100 still remains the same high number for rooms. If they had some better links, like even just saying "About 3DXChat" which then leads to a well done promotion page, then potential customers could be more drawn into signing. At the moment they have "Download and play 3DXChat" which a lot of people would think that is just to download the game after you have decided to play. Another is "Read First" which links to a page that does have some information on the game but does not really sell it. Plus again how many potential players would click on that. It needs something like "SEE WHY 3DXChat IS THE NUMBER 1 SEX GAME IN THE WORLD" then the potential new players would be more likely to click on it. From there the page it links to should be very well done in the aim of selling the game to potential customers. If I was one of the devs I would think about maybe a competition for people to create videos to sell the game. Then create that page with really clear and well presented information of what the game is today, not what it was several years ago. I did this thread because I believe they have for at least four years been likely missing a lot of custom because they have not recognised the potential of the traffic that the forum gets and how many are likely potential new customers. Plus also a lot of those review web sites that you were talking about are really old reviews, they talk about how the game and what was available from years ago. So anyone looking at them and then looking for something from the game itself are going to see what the game offered years ago. Plus I have never said anything about Gizmo living in a Villa, but have said I think he would be doing well out of the game and have even said he may be just happy with the amount he is making and could be the reason he doesn't work on it much. But I still think he would be interested in anything that could raise his returns without having to do a lot of work to do so.
  12. A few years ago I did a post in here about something I had found while going through my old study books. It was all about how conscription based businesses reach a maximum depending on the 3 aspects I mentioned in a post earlier in this thread. How many join each month, how many stay past the initial period and the average time people stay. What happens is that in any subscription based business it will over a certain time reach its maximum numbers as it gets to a stage where there as many leaving as there is new custom. If the 3 sets of numbers stay the same it will from then on only hover around that figure. I saw 3DXChat had seemed to reach that stage at around 7,000 players about 3 years ago. When I started it was growing by about 1,000 per year, I saw the celebrations of it reaching 2,000 and grow from there. I saw it grow rapidly in numbers when some really good updates were added but soon after drop back again. I also noticed that the yearly big update which would attract a lot of players back lost a lot of its ability to do so. Gizmo has often tried different things to try build the numbers, so I doubt very much he would be looking to keep it where it is because of server size, plus it is not that hard or expensive to set up bigger servers. What I have seen over the years is Gizmo go very up and down on what I would call enthusiasm towards working on the game, especially as its growth in numbers began to stall. In answer to your question LucyT I know that RLC had in the tens of thousands and yes I would say that 3DXChat could get there as well. 1,000 new players a year is only 20 per week which is very low, if they doubled that then over a few years the 7,000 would double to 14,000. If they improved the amount that keep playing on after the initial 1st month it would again make a huge difference. Then if they did as Alivia said and started adding better features to the game more regularly people would tend to stay longer improving the numbers again. My opinion is the game could easily get well into the tens of thousands.
  13. If someone types 3DXChat they have already found out about the game and very likely know a little of what to expect. Xizi is right in what she says, the main website is really old, I don't think it has changed much from when I started in 2014. There is so much more can be done to show people a better view of the game and influence them to give it a try. It has very much always been that the forum comes up before the main website in a search, I think that is because the forum generates its own traffic which counts towards where it is placed in the search. A lot of people looking for the forum must just type 3DXChat. Yes the devs could pay to get the main site up higher, from memory that works on a bidding system and how much it would end up costing I don't know, but it is not really the point. They already, and for some time now had the forum coming up high in the search so they could just utilise that. Even just a better link on the front page of the forum to show potential customers where to go would make a difference. The forum is rather easy to update and add to where as updating the main website would involve more work. They could easily add to and continue to update the front page of the forum and improve how they cater for potential new custom that go there. Over the years I have seen the devs try different things to try generate new custom, they even had competitions for players to make banner adds and have tried placing those adds in various places. They have shown they want to increase the amount of people joining the game but have always failed to do the basics. Search engine optimisation and such. The easiest thing for them to do right now is to take advantage of the traffic already going to the forum, of which I would say there are quite a few just trying to get information on the game and what to expect. A catchy way of guiding those people to some well thought out representation of the game could generate quite a bit of new custom and can be very easy to do.
  14. I started playing in 3DXChat in 2014 and have been involved in these forums for much of the time since then. I haven't played for over 2 years but still do often look in these forums to see if anything interesting has been added to the game. Not long before I joined I was a university student at which I did a side course for certificate 4 marketing and communication, really just an entry level course for marketing but did get some good insights into the basics of marketing. Over the years I have watched what 3DXChat has done with it's marketing and have noticed they don't even seem to know the basics. They have failed and continue to fail badly in several aspects of which some should be very obvious. For example this forum is and always has been its most valuable marketing tool. The forum generates more potential customers than any other medium they have yet they have never applied anything in the forum to influence potential new customers to join. If you type 3DXChat in google the very 1st link that shows in the list, here in Australia anyway, is the forum. So a good number of interested people who are looking for information on 3DXChat would find their way to the forum. This is apparent through the numbers that visit this this forum. There are always close to 100 guest showing as actively looking through the forum and a good percentage of them would be people looking for information on 3DXChat. To get an estimate of how many of these could be potential customers you can work on estimated averages. If each visitor stays for an average of 1 hour then 100 times 24 hours is 2,400 visitors per day. If the average of these guest visitors are people looking for information on 3DXChat is say 50% then the forum generates 1,200 people per day looking for information on the game. Now those figures can be lower or higher depending on what the percentages actually are but I think it is fairly safe to say there are plenty of potential customers finding their way to these forums. What does the forum do to turn all these potential customers into customers, very little. There should at least be a very stand out link to the main 3DXChat website, there would only be a small amount would click on "Download and play 3DXChat" when they are just reviewing. Also the main website, 3DXChat.com, does not even appear in the 1st 2 pages of the google search when 3DXChat is typed in for a search. And even then the main website is very outdated and never really has been a good influence to have people join the game. My opinion is the front page of the forum should include very well done marketing strategies to influence as many of these potential customers to join as possible. If done right it could possibly produce as many as 100 new customers every day. In an online game such as 3DXChat there are 3 main points in a marketing strategy that need to be constantly reviewed. 1) Attracting new potential custom and influencing them to join. 2) Watching how many new customers stay after the initial 1st period. 3) The average time each customer stays a customer. 3DXChat has always failed badly in all 3 and over years and has really only tried to find new ways to attract new custom. There has never been enough done to try improve on the amount of people that try the game and do not go past the 1st month. There most definitely needs to be more done to help new players settle into the game. Sorry ran out of time, I will add to this later.
  15. Derai I know where you are coming from as I have been there myself. I grew up not so much hating myself but hating the life that had been given to me. I had a lot of bad things happen to me when I was young that had me believing that is my life and how things are for me. I would see others that were always happy and never having to face the things I had to and would get really jealous and angry. When I was in primary school I was super skinny and had no bum, I was always teased and tended to react to it badly which just made things worse. Later in high school when I had filled out and the boys started to notice me, 2 of them lied about me saying I had done things with them I had not which gave me a reputation I did not deserve, plus the queen of the bitch brigade who had already decided she didn't like me made sure she made it stick. I won't get into what happened when I was 16 although I have talked about it in these forums before and some people do know. What it all did to me though is have me thinking that is how my life is, like it was so much different to everyone else and I just had to bare it. For a long time even when things were going right for me I would always be waiting and expecting something to come along or happen that would stuff it up as that was what always seemed to happen. It is only recently I have realised that I no longer think that way. I was lucky, I had people around me that could often figure me out and seem to know just what to say to pick me up and help me get back on the right track. So I thought I would like to share some of things that were said to me that stuck and did a lot to help me through it. Life for everyone is full of things that go wrong and things we don't like, we are always having to do things we don't want to and face things we would rather not have to. It seems we all have to do that much more than we get to see things go right and do things we really enjoy that present moments of true happiness. But when those moments do happen that is what makes it all worth while. Unfortunately we live in a world where times of real enjoyment are much outweighed by times we do not really enjoy, like having to work and do things we just do not like having to do. To many things happen that have us feeling down and make us unhappy at that time. But without those times could we really have times of true happiness that leave us feeling really good. If everything always went right and there was nothing that happened that would have us feeling down could we still find those times where we experience true happiness that makes it all worth while. Wouldn't it all become boring and have us still looking for something more. We have to accept there will always be things go wrong and always be things happen we do not like, that it is part of life and actually needed to allow us to find those times of true happiness that makes it all worth while. I learnt to push myself through the bad times and not put so much to them. I focussed on doing and planning things, working towards things that could have those moments of true happiness happen for me. More times than not they wouldn't work out but the more I tried the more they did happen. It wasn't easy as even when I did get good things working I could not get past expecting something to come along that would stuff it all up. But I kept thinking about what I had been told, that without the bad times we can't really get the good, that without things that go wrong we can't really have things that go right. I found the more I pushed aside the bad things and focussed on finding, or more so pushing and planning for the good the more good things happened.
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