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  1. Being able to turn off your online status was something I use to push for. It is common to have people on your friends list that you want to keep as friends but don't want to have to see every time you go in the game. Some people get very clingy in 3DX and it can produce problems. You should be able to go in the game and spend time with people that you want to at that time without it being made public you are online. If I remember correctly when you open a room you can set it to public or private. Why not have it so if you have a room set to private, or are in someone elses room that is set to private, you can then have the option to set your online status to show offline. There are a lot of reasons and times where people do not want to be disturbed with pms, especially in a sex game.
  2. As I have said before in this thread and a lot of threads before, I don't believe that a verification system is really needed and would not benefit the game if it was added. The game would loose a lot of the player base it has and would also prevent a lot of people from joining. What is in my opinion needed is something to decrease the problems that are caused with the way the game is setup now and stop the discrimination that is actually occurring. There needs to be a question answered when creating an account "Actual real life sex" with the selection of Male, Female, Transgender and Not telling for the options. The answer to that question needs to be placed in the permanent section of the profiles for all avis created on that account. The Gender question when creating an avi needs to include Transgender and have the pose menus divided into the three groups. That is needed not only to show people what the player is playing as but also to stop what has been complained about lots of times in these forums, a cock suddenly being on your avi because a pose was mistakenly selected that uses one, all the poses that only transgenders will use are mixed together with the poses that that heterosexual women and lesbians use. Those menus need to be separated. Transgenders can have all of what is in the female menus as is as I believe they do use all of them, but why have poses in female menus that cause this problem for females being heterosexual or lesbian. If these things were added then there would be no discrimination in the UI of the game.
  3. Oh this is just a scream, I almost wet myself laughing. "You either needs to learn english" drop the "s" off the end of needs and telling someone they need to learn English using the correct English to do so may not sound as stupid as it does. You have insulted myself and others in here not only saying we are discriminating against people but calling us names when you do so. I have tried twice now to get you to explain where this discrimination has happened, and yet again you fail to do so. It is obvious you are not answering and showing where this so called discrimination has happened because there has been none. In fact there is discrimination happening in the game setup the way it is now. Women, heterosexual or lesbian, should have their own classification in the game. And also transgenders and crossdressers should as well. There is discrimination against all of them as men do have there own classification. A man playing as a male can be confident that everyone in the game will have little doubt to no doubt that he is actually a man in real life. Whereas Female in the game represents all other genders. And that is discrimination. When threads like this one appear in these forums, and there has been many times. It is people trying to do something about that discrimination that is in the game already. And for those who say you can put it in your profile, yes you can, but profiles can be changed at any time. I have seen people with female avis say in their profiles they a male in real life, then the next time I see them they don't. And also it is actually a form of discrimination to have it so one group needs to put something in their profiles and another does not.
  4. Your reply still did not give any example of where the discrimination you are talking about occurs, and then after that you have the gall to tell me you are teaching me. I think you need to teach yourself what discrimination actually means. Asking people to apply their real life gender to some sort of form or have some sort of gender verification is not discrimination against any gender. As long as it isn't aimed at one particular gender. If they were to say something like all transgenders must complete the form and have it so other genders did not, that would be discrimination, but that is not is being asked here is it. Or maybe you think it is discrimination to the people who wish to hide what gender they are, sorry but that is not discrimination either. Again people who do not wish to hide it are also being asked to do the same which makes it not even discrimination to them. Now that is the way I see things so if there is somewhere where actual discrimination is occurring please do educate me.
  5. Please let us know where you see gender discrimination here because looking back through this thread I can't find anywhere where any gender discrimination has occurred. Or do you think that trying to find a way to make it harder for people to deceive people is some sort of gender discrimination. Plus hopefully it won't be long before you realise that laughing at people and slinging insults without giving any even half decent arguments in your posts, only makes you look foolish and unintelligent.
  6. Thank you for verifying what I have said about how a lot of guys see this game, a porn game. Just because it says sex game does not mean it is a porn game, you can play porn in it if that is what you desire but it is far from being a game just meant for porn. There is sex in porn yes, but sex itself does not mean porn. When it comes to what sex represents there is far more sex in the world that does not involve porn than there is porn related sex. So classing it as a porn game just because it is called a sex game is far from correct. The game caters for lots of things around sex, it allows people to date, and if you disagree with that then why does it have places where you can go to dance and other things that only have to do with socialising and the lead up to sex. The game even has allowed for relationships in things like marriages and such. Plus it also says in the game description "community and virtual world" So it is most definitely not meant to be just a porn game alone. A lot of men who play as females treat it as a porn game, far to many in fact as I found there to be to many expecting me to perform like a porn queen when it came to sex. They get to expect it because of the amount of men playing as females will give them that, so that is what they come to expect. That is a large part of the reason there is so few actual women in the game. Looking through this thread, as usual when a thread is created on the subject, many of you want to insist it that so many men playing as females is not a problem. It creates so many problems I find it hard to believe that people can think that way. It creates problems for men who want to play as men and find a female in the game where they can even have some sort certainty that the person behind the keyboard is actually a female. I don't think I would be top far wrong in saying that would be by far the biggest potential market for a sex game. It creates problems for women both heterosexual and lesbian. Heterosexual women have to put up with a constant doubt over their heads that they are actually a women in real life, if you upset someone or even someone gets jealous of you then rumours get spread that you are a male in real life. For lesbians they have the same problem as the men in that they have problems being able find a female that is actually a female. In fact most of the men playing as females seem to play as lesbians. In the 4 years I played in the game I saw the amount of women, especially heterosexual women, decline. I saw the amount of men playing as women increase. So much so that I believe the devs decided that men playing as women was their main market and started mainly catering for them. Men playing as men, lesbians who are actually lesbians and heterosexual women are never listened to or looked after when it comes to additions added to the game.
  7. I find it hilarious how so many people who are obviously men playing as women and keeping it secret come in these threads on the subject trying to defend what they do.
  8. The way it is now people don't have to lie, they see it as the gender on their profile is the gender they are playing, the gender of the avatar. As I said there would still be people that would check the female box when they are male, but not all would. There would be a number of people not prepared to have to actually lie. So in my opinion, that would mean less people doing so. Most who are not prepared to lie would check the "not telling" box, as they do in this forum. Which would at least give players who choose to be more sure about the gender of the person they are with a better chance of it being true. The problem with it is, the ones who do want to deceive people about their real life gender aren't going to like it, it means they cannot do it without openly lying. Or they would get less people interested in them if they chose to check the "not telling" box. The idea is to make it harder for them to do so, and easier for the people who want to at least know there is a better chance of them being the gender they say they are. Also they would know that the person has had to openly lie to deceive them. I know there would still be a good number of people doing that, but it would make a difference if they had to openly lie about. At the moment they hide behind it is just a game and nobodies business and that the game does not call for them to reveal their gender. And that is what has left it open to what has happened, full of men playing as women and claiming they women in real life.
  9. The problem with having it so there are virtually 2 games, one verified and the other not, is that the game as it is needs to have the belief that there are players who do play their real gender. If it didn't most of who play even if they play as a different gender, need to at least believe there is a chance the person they are with is a woman in real life. I don't see how what I suggested would increase the options for trolling.
  10. I am not saying they should have a strict method of verification, that would be hard to add and if they tried that they would loose a large amount of the player base they have. I once asked for an addition to be added to the profile they have in the game, much the same as they have in this forum. "Real life sex" male, female or not telling. Knowing that there would still be a lot who would still lie. But there would also I feel be a good amount that when having to openly lie to answer that would not. They would likely as many do in this forum tick not telling. So it would at least reduce the amount of occurrences. They could also add that if you want to have 2 different gender avatars in the game you that you cannot select not telling which would reduce it even further. But nobody seemed to like that idea as it is not catering for what had become the majority in the game. There are a number of ways they could make it harder for these people to do what they do, but they won't even try and in fact had taken things out of the game that when taken out made even it easier for them.
  11. It gets me whenever this subject comes up in these forums how so many people try to dismiss concerns by saying it is just a sex game, trying to make it sound ok for people who lie about their real life sex. 3DXChat, different to many other games is also a chat, you communicate with others more than most other Internet games. If in a chat website where it is just a chat site if someone was to lie about their gender it is not accepted, why should it be in sex chat game, and possibly even more so. If it is just a game and ok to say you are a different gender in real life that you really are, then why is it that when someone gets caught doing so very much the majority of people in the game dump them. I saw that happen many times in the time I was in the game. It doesn't matter if it is in a game, be a sex game or not, if people lie to others that is not a part of the game, it is not telling the truth about something that many people consider important. All of the many that I saw people caught out had lied to everyone. Do you really consider that should be accepted as part of how the game should be. In my opinion the majority of people who played the game would very much prefer honest answers to the question, but for some reason the game has been forced to cater for the minority who believe they should be able to lie about it. What I witnessed over the time I played is that minority become the majority as many left because of it and the game has built a bad reputation with it. 3DXChat has become known to cater for men who want to not only play as women but also pretend to actually be a women, so that has become the majority of the player base and is what the devs have for some time now been catering for.
  12. Gizmo needs to look at what is available at trubones now, I know he has used stuff from there before. 4 of the best dances come from there. In the last vid I think that some of the animations could be converted to work as position changes from sex poses to other sex poses already in 3DXChat.
  13. There are animation editor scripts that work really well in the Unity assets store, I actually got the one I think Gizmo was working on putting into the game. My opinion on it is it wouldn't be that good for animations like dancing but could be used for making simple sex animations if done properly. The clips that Gizmo showed appeared to be work he was doing on the pose editor and looked like he was doing a lot of work on it to make it really easy to use. My opinion is there was something else that stopped him from adding it, maybe something to do with how much effect it would have on resources or maybe something to do with people being able to copy animations from elsewhere and add them. But also they have never said it will never be added, just said they aren't working on it. I haven't added any animations to the game but I do know and have done animations, both sex and dance, dance using motion capture. I have also as I said got a script from Unity that allows you to add an animation editor to your game and even just as is, how it comes, is pretty good and easy to use. For simple animations it works well.
  14. From what I have seen before with people creating poses for the game it seems to be a matter of timing. I mean it seems that Gizmo has times he spends on the game and others where we he doesn't. He has always been reluctant to make any sort of time commitments and I would go as far as saying that it also seems to include the small amount of time it takes to add player created content. Could be a number of reasons why he does that, could be he works elsewhere or on other projects or maybe is just having to good a time partying on all the money he has made from the game. But there definitely seems to be times he spends on the game and others where he doesn't. And both can be months.
  15. Still come in sometimes, mostly to answer messages. I have noticed there is not much going on in the forums now and less than half the people logged in at any time. There use to be over 100 logged in pretty much any time but right now there is around 40. It seems to be getting less and less every time I look.
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