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  1. If you only have one avi and you are trying to change it I think you can make a new one then delete the one you want gone, but I am not sure, maybe someone can verify that.
  2. I suggest you browse the Internet and see what is going on in your own country, as I said it is in dispute right now and your government is realising they have to do something to protect womens rights. I also suggest you look up female in any dictionary. Plus if you were to get together with a man and let him believe you are female, declare yourself as female, marry him and let him find out you have a penis on your wedding night, do you think you won't find yourself in trouble. The laws are still not clear on it, and there has been many instances of where the law on the matter has been found lacking and courts have decided so. If you were to marry a man in the manner I said before and it went to court it would be decided you deceived the man and the marriage would be deemed invalid. Reason being you are not female. You cannot play pro sports as a female, you cannot do the female roll in sex, you cannot have a baby, you can marry as a female on paper but you cannot deceive your partner to do so, you have to make them aware of your true gender which is one of the 50 odd around transgenders. There are a lot of things both legally and through what is possible that you cannot do and I can, why because you are not female and I am. You can say I am wrong all you want, but it is you that is wrong, your gender is not female, it is one of the transgenders, it is only your gender identity that accounts to laws on certain matters where your gender identity can be female. female /ˈfiːmeɪl/ adjective adject female denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) which can be fertilized by male gametes. "a herd of female deer" relating to or characteristic of women or female animals.
  3. This is where the problems lays, no matter what name is used there will be people that will say it is offensive. The only gender many of them want to use is female, they will not be happy with anything else. I am not going to get into the reasons why and just say that some are innocent and some are not. What I will get into is that every time this comes up in these forums or discussion in the game I as a woman feel my rights, feelings and needs are being pushed to the side and hardly considered. For all these different types of genders to be included under female it means that us females have to be included in it as well. I understand that there are so many different kinds of transgenders or reasons for men playing as women that finding one name to represent them will be a problem, but when that one name is female it then puts us females in the same boat and creates a lot of problems for not only us females but for a lot of others as well. That is what many of them are not willing to accept or show any real consideration to us for.
  4. Your gender is not female, your gender is one of the 50 odd genders that account for all different types of transgenders and others including male and female. When it comes to things in life where only 2 genders are counted for such as public toilets, dorms and legal matters such as marriage and devorce. Laws have been introduced to account for that in many countries yes. These laws have been added so transgenders are accounted for in those areas. But those laws are not meant to make it that you can say you are female, only that gender identity when it comes to areas where only 2 genders are provided for can be female. Your gender still remains to be one of the 50 odd, your gender is not female.
  5. For starters there are not many countries, there are some but by far more do not. The UK for instance is now in dispute on the matter. Here in Australia we do not. In most countries Gender is black and white when it comes to male and female, if you have a penis you are male. Gender identity is becoming more accepted around the world as something where a person can have a penis and that persons gender identity can be female, but it is not widely accepted that persons gender can be female if they have a penis. In fact it is hardly accepted at all. Gender and gender identity are 2 different things and like you have here, I have often seen in these forums where people are trying to say that where things have been accepted in gender identity means it is accepted in reference to gender, it is not, it is only accepted in gender identity. In by far the majority of places in the world and by far the majority of people and laws around the world, if you have a penis you are male. I personally and I think that most would like to keep it that way. We accept that transgenders who for instance are female born in a male body want to identify themselves as female, but if they have a penis physically they are male, they cannot perform the female side in sex acts, they cannot have babies. You may not like it but you are different to us, you are not a female. Why is it that many of you seem to feel that us females are not entitled to have our own gender, that we should be happy to share our gender with you. You are different from us, you have a penis, and that difference needs to stay separated in reference to gender.
  6. It may not be important to you but it is to a lot of females and hetero sexual males. You may feel it is not needed but give us some respect for our gender and our wants and needs, many of us do feel it is not only needed but badly needed. Transgenders always ask us to respect their needs and wants and to see things from their point of view and we all try our best to do so, but the more I see answers like yours the more I think many of you are not willing to do the same back for us. If you are a transgender that has had the operation and wish to present yourself as female in the game I doubt anyone would have any objections to that. But when it comes to us having to share our gender with people who wish to use a penis on a female body then it is something else. If any creature has a penis it is classed as male. Why should our menus have so many poses in them we would never use, why is it that females cannot have our own gender, why should hetero sexual males have to keep trying to find who is actually being a female in the game and so many other problems caused by us females having to share our gender. If you read back you will see what we are suggesting is that the new gender added be a new "female", and that one that is at present called female now be left as it is and called something else. So for you using that gender will mean your gameplay can remain exactly the same as it is now. The only difference will be that the new female gender will actually be female, no penis, no penis menus. So for all us females and hetero sexual males we will not have a heap of poses in a our menus we will never use. So when a hetero sexual male approaches a female he will know what he is meant to be getting in to. So it is not so one sided where actual females are far less than males playing as females. There are so many things that would improve for females and hetero sexual males which makes it well worth doing.
  7. There has been thousands of times people have come in these forums and said they stay because of the friends they have in the game, many have even complained about things when they have said the only reason they stay is because of the friends. So saying people stay only because they are satisfied is not the case at all. I will not comment any further on how many people are satisfied in the game or not, that are still playing I mean, as we can only guess there. But I will say from what I saw there has always been far more that have left than have stayed, many don't even complete their 1st month. So saying that people are mostly satisfied I believe to be totally wrong. The devs have been very up and down in their approach to looking after the game, they have often gone from not doing much to regular updates for a while and then back to not doing much. There has been others that have developed things like animations for the game just to end up getting burnt by the devs. Frenchtouch for one after having several dance animations added to the game sent the devs some more animations and clothing to not only not have them added, did not even hear back from the devs at all. She eventually gave up and left because of it. It took over a year to update the game to Unity 5 and while we all waited the devs told us to be patient and that in updating the game to Unity 5 it will allow them to give updates far quicker, yet when we finally got the new version updates actually became far less frequent. There has always only been Gizmo and Lisa, I know that from a person that use to be in constant contact with the devs. For the 1st couple of years I played I would say both worked on it fairly consistently but still not what I would consider full time. After that though my opinion is that they only work on it on occasions, not even enough to justify a full time job for one person. We can only guess as to the reasons why. It was constantly thrown at us that we pay to play and not for updates, and that was from the devs themselves trying to excuse the lack of updates. But as I said back then with just about any game like this updates are expected, especially where the game has so many bugs and is far from finished. Because of that we do not only pay to play, we pay expecting updates. If they were to announce there would never be any further updates how many would stay. So the truth is it is not a matter of if they need to supply updates it is a matter of how many updates they should and what is in those updates. They have always continued to overlook things that have been constantly asked for with many of them being told we will get them. So do people have reason to complain, most definitely yes.
  8. I agree they will never be stopped from doing so, but I have never made any claims that creating a 3rd gender or any other suggestions I have made would do that. I have always said it should not be made so easy for them and there are things that would reduce the amount that are doing it. If what you are saying is correct then it would have to be that not one would take up the 3rd gender and all would use the new female avis. My belief is there would be an amount that would take up the 3rd gender which will reduce the amount females who aren't females using the female avis. Which would then increase the percentage of female avis actually being female behind the keyboard. 1 in 3 is far better than 1 in 5 for instance. There are a lot who fail to see the harm they are doing, they think they are doing nothing wrong as there are no rules against it, a lot will even say they are not deceiving anyone and are not lying. I am sure if it was made somehow that they have to openly lie, like tick a box to say they are women in real life then there would be a good number, at least some, that would not be prepared to do that. The way things are they have an open door to do it, it is all got up for them to be able to do so. As you just pointed out in your last post, how many have come in these forums saying they are sorry for the trouble they have caused, but what you didn't point out is how many of them have said they didn't even realise they were doing wrong until they were so caught up in it they had no way out. I know after talking with some of these guys that have gone through it that at the start they thought it was all quite innocent, they listened to the people saying things like it is all just a game and if anyone gets hurt it is their own fault, but later found out their part in hurting people was not innocent at all. This is where I believe if people had to openly lie and tick a box to say they are female in real life then the numbers doing it would be even further reduced. But all that is not all we are talking about, females needs our own gender for other reasons as well, the main one being not to have things menus that should not be there and have no reason to be there, to have it so men playing as hetero sexual men can know that the female avi they are chasing at least is meant to be a female and not have to wonder if they are trans, futa/shemale or what ever.
  9. I really don't think that would be as much a problem as you think it will be, there may be some ask for that but I don't think it will be any sort of deal breaker or even close. You say rightfully ask for it, then what about the right us women have to ask for our own gender and men have to ask for a way of being able to see who are women and who are playing as tgirls or what ever. The rights of the Tgirls/Shemales and others are constantly being thrown at us and I believe we mostly do consider those rights, but what I have seen is it rarely goes back the other way. Our rights are not only constantly overlooked but if we try to bring them up we get accused of hating, bigotry and being unreasonable or unfair. Mostly when a 3rd gender is asked for in here most people seem to think it is more for the Tgirls/futas but it is not just for them, it is also for the hetero sexual players to get a better go in the game. And mostly it is not the hetero sexual players that are against it, it is more the Tgirls/futas that are and one has to wonder why.
  10. Why would it take a lot of work, and who has ever said it would need a bulge to be added. All it would need is for what is now female to be changed to shemale/futa whatever and a new female gender added without the option for a cock and all the poses in the menu that we will never use. Yes there may be some work in making it so lesbians can still have a strap on but that could also be left that lesbians use the shemale/futa gender until they do that. As it is not only females have to put up with a lot because we have to share our gender with so many others, it also means men who wish to play as men and lesbians have to also put up with it, it causes problems for them as well. It is not only making it so a lot of hetero sexual women do not want to play the game, and I can tell you that is fact as I am one of them and know of a lot of others that have left because of it. But I also know of a lot of men that have also left because of it and will say that a lot of men will not even try 3DXChat because of the reputation it has. Although people seem to want everyone to believe that hetero sexuals are the ones that get everything it is actually hetero sexuals that are getting the roar deal in 3DXChaT. It is not only us women that have to put up with sharing our gender and all the problems it causes it is also hetero sexual men and lesbians that do as well. Yes there are a lot who do not want it changed but it has little to do with the amount of work it will take and more to do with how it will effect their gameplay. There are so many in 3DXChat that seem to not want it because the percentage of men that play as shemale/futa has increased so much because so many people that want to play as heteros have left. Look at the upcoming update, the new collars, Slut, whore and so on, do you think that is aimed at what women want or to attract women to the game. It is aimed at what men want on female avis. It is aimed at the market the devs have chose to cater for. If the devs want to get numbers growth really happening in the game it is my opinion that adding a third gender is more important than all the other updates put together, the way the game is now many hetero sexual people will look at 3DXCHat as not being very attractive to them. To me it makes no sense to alienate hetero sexuals which is by far the biggest market.
  11. This was your opening line in this discussion, answering my post where I had said that there is a difference between sex and porn and that many in 3DXChat do not want to accept that. All you have done is show that I am right as you most definitely are showing you do not accept the difference. Not all sex shown in movies, stories or any other means is considered porn. The dictionary and very much anything you find describes porn as being exclusively to arouse. For example love making in a romantic movie is not considered porn by most but by some is. Porn sites, movies and very much anything produced to be porn does almost always contain a certain type of sex, it is largely expected from the viewer. That type of sex is widely known and talked about as porn sex and you can't deny that, it is well known. It is sex where females are often abused, used, disrespected and looked at as just a tool for males to get aroused. It is not a good reference to what real sex is all about. But for some it is taken that way, they see what they see in porn as being what to expect from sex. Again that is well known and if you do any searching on the net you will find huge amounts of discussions on it. It is a major problem in our schools where lots of the children are accessing porn and taking what they see as being the norm in sex, what they are expected to do and what is expected of them. There are people in 3DXChat that play the game more like a romantic movie, where they build up to the act of sex and make it more like you would see in a love scene in that romantic movie. They do not just run around looking for sexual arousal. Therefore it is not porn to them. There are others that consider anything to do with sex is porn and that is all they expect from the game. Then there are people that think sex is really like what they see in the porn sites, where females are there to be used and abused, be submissive and act like a porn queen, that is what they expect. These people seem to think that anything to do with sex is porn. Now you can argue all you like that all sex in 3DXChat is porn, you may think it that way, who knows you may be one of the people that believe real sex is actually like what you find in porn movies. But to a lot of people in 3DXChat not all sex is porn as not everything they do is exclusively just to arouse, you may not understand that but it does not mean it is not there. To wrap it up, 3DXChat is described as a virtual sex game. If it was described as a virtual porn game to some it would make no difference and mean no difference, but others it would.
  12. A typical answer from someone who doesn't even participate in sex in the game. "Porn sex" is now a very well known term and being recognised as a major problem facing youth. People are believing sex seen on porn sites are what sex is all about and what is expected of the them in acts of sex. Porn sex is unrealistic, not healthy and does not portray what sex is really all about. If all you do in the game is watch the avis having pixel sex then yes what you have said is right, but many of us do much more and expect much more than just what is seen on the screen. You may not get it or be able to do it but that doesn't mean no one else shouldn't or can't. I myself never got involved in what could be said is porn in the game, but I did have sex in the game where there may not have been any real touching in the act but there was most definitely aspects of what is in real sex. Feelings, respect, learning about each others desires and likes and using them for arousal, making sure you are satisfied sexually and you satisfy the other sexually. Lots of things that are in real sex can be achieved in how people go about having sex in the game. Porn sex is nothing like that, mostly porn sex involves the female being submissive or abused, very little respect is given and sexual satisfaction is mainly focussed on the male. In real life girls are growing up thinking that is our role in sex, to be there to satisfy the guy and get what we can from it. The game is very much like that, lots of people have that sort of expectation, that porn sex is what real sex is like. There is a huge difference between people that want to experience what is more like real sex than people who look to experience porn sex. So most definitely NO, not all sex in 3DXChat is porn. A couple of good pages on the subject... https://www.yourtango.com/2017301853/15-major-differences-between-porn-sex-vs-real-sex https://fightthenewdrug.org/differences-between-healthy-sex-and-porn-sex/
  13. There is a difference between sex and porn which a lot in the game do not seem to want to accept. While I agree that 3DXChat is mostly a sex game I do not agree it is meant to be a porn game. While some peoples idea of sex is porn I think for most people it is not. I do agree that 3DXChat should continue to be promoted as a sex game with social aspects, but I do also think the devs need to recognise that the game has over the last couple of years gone much towards being more porn. I think a market for a porn game would be much less than the size of a market for a sex game, so in that respect I kind of agree with Alivia. One thing I noticed in respect of updates and how they effected the numbers in the game, mostly in how many players they brought back into the game. Is that the updates that had the larger effect on numbers never had anything to do with sex. I think the update that generated the biggest response in numbers was when the new beach was created and another was when they added the 4 dances which also allowed us to sync dance with males. All the updates that did generate a good growth in numbers were social based additions which I think really shows what people are looking for. The lack of things to do other than sex means that for a good number of people it is only time before they get bored with the game, sex alone is not enough to keep a lot of peoples interests. For some it is, mostly those who want the game to be a porn game. So over time their numbers have continued to grow in respect of percentages in the game. I don't know how many women have fantasies of being a porn queen, but I for one don't and my opinion is not many do. What I found is that expectations in the game were going more and more towards what would be expected of a porn queen. Now I am not trying to say that anything can be done or even should be done, that's entirely up to the devs. I guess what I am trying to point out is that I think certain people need to stop looking at porn as being what sex is, although porn involves sex it is only an offshoot of sex. Most sex in the world does not involve porn. So it is my opinion that the majority of people that go into the game where it is advertised as a sex game will be looking for sex and not porn.
  14. The boot from room feature, having been told twice now over 3 years that we will get it, well it would be like xmas any time we do get it.
  15. Just an idea that will likely get a lot of objections, but what about making it cheaper for the people who only use one slot, something like $10 a month for one slot, $20 a month for 2 and $30 for 3. Have it standard silver and gold membership. Maybe drop the 10k charge for changing characters. I think it should be cheaper for people who really only play one game than the ones who play 2 or 3. Just a thought that I am pretty sure most won't go for but worth seeing what people have to say.
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