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  1. So if someone created a room and called it child molesting adventures or child rape you would be fine with that to? I doubt you or anyone else would. Yet the same could be said for them to, it is only role play, no children are actually being molested or raped. So my question to you is where is the difference, why is it that one evil is accepted as not acceptable and the other is ok when both are really the same. It is a line you choose to draw, if it involves children then pretty much everyone agrees it can't be allowed. Children are vulnerable and innocent and it is easy to determine the wrong. But so are women who are raped vulnerable and innocent, and that is what needs to be recognised. By recognising that child rape or molestation rooms should not be allowed because you find it wrong and vulgar to even fantasise about it, but then saying it is ok for rape rooms you are then not recognising rape with the same respect. You are not seeing people who fantasise about rape in the same way which means you are not putting enough meaning to what it means to a woman to be raped. The word itself is not what use to have me thinking I shouldn't be playing this game. It was when ever I saw one opened it would always have so many people in that room. That would have me thinking there are far to many people in this game that put far to little to the meaning of rape. Far to many people that have rape fantasies. Seeing that was what use to hurt and have me logging out.
  2. Thread number 14,652 on the subject, but hey, everyone is happy, so some people like to say.
  3. Because there are lots that have come in these forums and said they like being indistinguishable from females because they don't get the usual disrespect that they get if people know they are futa or transgender. Others have said they get more action and others have argued they have a right to be able to tell people what gender they actually are when they feel fit. I couldn't remember how the poses were done in menus as to FF and such, is why I asked the question. But I do remember that as a hetero sexual female I had a lot of poses that I would not ever have use for, but they must have all been futa type poses, some of which were really hard to tell they were for futas.
  4. Ok maybe I came back at you a bit strong and as I said I could have worded it better. I do tend to feel that almost everyone in these forums knows my stand on this subject and have to keep in mind I am not in here as much now and there are people who don't know. I did get a little offended when you said I wanted 15 genders as I get so sick of people over sating things and making claims that I have said things I have not. But lets forget about the misunderstandings now that we know what each other is really meaning. I will say I know there are many different types of transgenders in rl, something like over 50 of them. In real life almost all of them want to be included under the female gender, there has even been laws past in some countries that allow them to be defined as a female, even if they still have a penis. I know it is causing a lot of problems in certain countries and ending up in courts. One I noticed reminded me of an experience I had myself when I was going to uni and living with 3 other girls in Melbourne. We had made friends with a transgender that lived a couple of doors up from us in the same apartment building we lived in. She was fine except sometimes she got on our nerves insisting she knew more about being a women than we did, ie, how to dress. We even went to a bar once with her that was mostly transgenders and met some of her friends. Once when she was at our place we all decided to go swimming at the indoor pool near us. She came, and as we were going there a friend of hers called her. That friend invited herself to come as well. The problem came at the pool in the changing rooms, they both had penises and although the one we knew was considerate of us and trying her best to not make us feel uncomfortable, her friend did. Her friend was constantly looking at us, making comments and had us feeling we definitely had a male in those rooms with us. I read a while ago where there was a court case I think was in the UK where the same thing had happened, but was something to do with a company changing room. The result was that the transgender that was taken to court was defined to be not a transgender but a female impersonator. That seems to be happening quite a bit in some of these countries that have allowed them to be legally identified as female and females in these countries are pushing to have the law changed back. We don't have it as law here but the transgenders tend to want to use the female toilets and changing rooms. I can also see they have a problem when it comes to things like that, they are not really welcome in either. But perhaps feel more welcome in our changing rooms. The thing is it is not comfortable at all having someone with a penis in the changing room with you, checking you out as you change. I don't know what can be done about it but I do think it needs to be recognised how it makes us females feel, not just put our feelings aside and say we have to get with the times. In the game it goes even further, people have no way of knowing until they undress and put a cock on themselves. Yes I can see how that can be good for them, but again it is us that have to make sacrifices for them to be able to do so. I feel those sacrifices are played down far to much and we are expected to just bare it so they can be seen as female. But what that means, because there is so many of them in the game, is that all ,females are seen as being mostly not female. So females who play and want to be treated as female have to put up with being seen as most likely not being female. If the genders were defined with one or 2 extra genders for futas and transgenders that would only improve. Yes there would still be a lot of guys playing as girls, but at least people would know they are not playing as futa or transgender. And the menus could be sorted to only have the required poses. For lesbians and bi, that is already sorted in the way of recognition by the preferences in our profiles. And that could also be used to set what poses show in the pose menus. If your preference is women only, why have certain poses for sex for MF, if your preference is men only, why have poses for FF. If you want to change it so you get the poses you don't get, all you would need to do is change your preferences.
  5. Yes I agree, I want to be able to identify myself as being a female, that is the whole point of this. At the moment we can't without actually putting something in our profile ourselves. Even if we don't worry about if we are actually females in rl or not, the way things are when a persons sees us in the game they have no way of knowing what we are in the game. We could be female, futa or transgender.
  6. If you had bothered to read almost any of my previous posts you will have known that by me saying having to share my gender is meaning I object to having to share my gender, maybe I could have worded that better but if you had been following the subject you most definitely will have known that. I have always strongly objected to having to share the female gender with so many other genders. I have always said that us females should have our own gender. If you read the rest of that post it should be obvious what I meant, why would I go on about how it is to hard for guys to be able to tell what they are getting when they approach a female if I did not.
  7. You have to to be kidding me, where do you get I want to play as a female and not want anyone to know I am a female, have you even read the things I have been saying? If so you would have to be completely stupid to think that is what I want. My biggest complaint for not only these recent posts but also posts over many years in the complete opposite, is that people cannot see we are females. Yes it not just about you and me, but is not just about them either, which it always seems to get to. Do you honestly think we should keep giving up on what we want and need to make us happy with the game because it may upset some others. And where did you get I want 15 different genders, obviously you like to exaggerate heavily to try make your point sound more valid. I only asked for one extra gender, but later agreed with Xizl I think it was, who suggested that maybe 2 additional genders could be better and her reasons for the possibility. So where did you get I want 15 different genders, no where I bet. And there you go with your "think out of the box" BS again, hmm, if we do that we will all be happy, lmao, really, is that what you think. Maybe you should try thinking out of your own box and seeing what so many are talking about here. We are the ones considering others and you are trying to make out you are considering us when you are not. You are trying your best to sweep this under the carpet and get us just to accept it and put up with something we really hate about the game. Also I think I know better than you how much work would be involved in adding one or 2 extra genders, there would be some but know where near as much as you and others are trying make out. But that is how it always goes when the subject comes up, people will argue it is to much work because they really have no other argument for saying it shouldn't be added. So I will ask you this, if the devs did decide to add it tell me how it will make people unhappy, what problems will it cause for people, because so far your argument for why it shouldn't be added is badly lacking any sort of plausible reasoning. As for those that want to be one thing and then another the next, read what Xizl said that I agreed with, that would be covered with Futa and for the ones that want to always have a penis is covered with transgender. Try reading through the subject and seeing what has been said and understanding where people are coming from, then when you do, try putting a little more thought into what you say as your comments are well off mark. What you are actually saying by "try looking out of our box" with the comments you make after it, is actually saying to look at what is in someone elses box, hop in there and forget about our own. So stop trying to make out we are being unreasonable when it is actually you that is being unreasonable.
  8. You know what, I have heard things like think outside the box, get with the times and other things people try to say to make it sound like us who want our own genders to be recognised in the game are somehow being out of touch. The truth is the ones who cannot admit that it creates problems for lots of people in the game are the ones out of touch. You say we are the ones that need to think about others and how they want to play but give little consideration to the many who have constantly come in these forums asking for this to be recognised. Not only is it always in these forums it is also always in discussions in the game. "There are so many variations to satisfy everyone" if everyone is satisfied why is it so often brought up in these forums and talked about in the game, why do people leave with for many it being one of the main reasons they do. There are several options that are not available and some people just refuse to acknowledge that. One that concerns me is to be able to play as a female without having to share my gender, without being able to be identified as a female without having to find our own way of doing so. To be able to have guys approach females without having to wonder what they are actually approaching. At least be able to tell if the girl they approach is going to have a pussy or a penis. Isn't that an option, one that is not available, one that I think most people would expect to be available. Or maybe it is just that most that do consider that option important have chosen to leave.
  9. I am trying to remember now just how the menus worked, I do remember that it was getting to a point where it was ridiculous how many poses were in my menu that I would never use. However I can't remember if they included lesbian poses or not. Do lesbian poses only come up if you partner with another female?. If not then there is a need to have them separated, even just for size of menu sake and to not have poses that will not be used. Plus I did not mean there should be a lesbian gender, I meant that an "L" or something can be used in programming to separate what comes up in our menus, we would never see the "L", it would just be used as a variable in the script. If a female selects women as her preference then why should she get all m/f poses show in her menu. If a female selects men as her preference then why should all the ff poses show. That is if they do now, I just can't remember if they do or don't. Yes I agree that there maybe should be 2 more genders as you have shown, to separate the players that want to keep a penis and ones that want to have both, for the same reason I think us women need our own. It is however not just that sometimes we accidently get a cock, or that the transgenders that want to always have one should be able to do so. Don't you think it would only be doing half the job if they do that and still have the poses in the menus that could then not be used at all. So yes maybe the extra gender option to have futa and tgirl is a good idea, I don't really know though as it does not really involve me and will leave that to the transgenders. But either way it can all be defined by adding the genders and having it so what we choose for our preferences can call only the poses we will use in our menus. And there are several ways that can show what gender a player is that looks female. It can be something that appears in our profiles, a mark along side our names above our avis, different coloured names and other ways. My opinion on that is I think different colours for the names above us would be the best, easy to see no matter where they are.
  10. Why do people think it will be so hard to implement. 1) Create a 3rd gender and call it what ever the transgenders are happy with, 3 genders, Male, Female and Trans for instance. 2) Lock out the penis option for Female but make it so a strap on can be used. 3) Remove all the suck penis poses from the female menu where they get the penis to be sucked, and if it is not to much work make it so if you select men only as a preference then you don't get the strap on option and related poses as well. 4) The transgender avi will have all the poses that female avis currently have, it is just a simple name change for the gender for them. There is no need for markings above the avi, people will see male, female and transgender in the places they are shown in as male and female now. You will see that in your friends list and other places where the genders are shown. All that possibly may need to be added is a "female" or "transgender" shown in the profile information section so people don't have to write it in themselves. There would be no need for altering how they go about making poses now, it would only need changing how they allocate them to the different genders, for transgenders it wouldn't change at all, they would still get all the same poses they do now. Lesbians get the same minus the suck cock poses where they have the penis being sucked and females only get female poses. It can be done in 2 ways, allocate them manually as they make them or spend a bit of time making it so all they have to do is place a "F" "L" "T" "LT" against each pose and have them called to the menus from that. If a female want's to use some of the lesbian poses in a 3some all she has to do is change her preference to lesbian or bi for that session. It would take a bit of work yes, but not the huge amount that some people seem to be trying to say it will. If we go off how many times this subject has come up in these forums and how many females and hetero sexual males have actually left the game with it being one of the main reasons they have, then it should be obvious it is something well worth doing. It could only stand to keep more females and hetero sexual males in the game and perhaps even have some of the ones that have quit go back. No way would there be any female would say I don't want to play now because we have our own gender. And I doubt very much that transgenders would start quitting because they get their own as well. So what really is the problem, why are people really against it? Just thought I should add that for hetero sexual females there does not need to be any sort of penis lock out made, it would happen from the gender and preference selection which sets what poses are made available in the pose menu. If there are no poses that use a penis then a penis won't ever happen. For lesbians it just needs to have it so if female is selected as the gender then the cock is automatically made a strap on. and again no penis would ever appear.
  11. It's simple, there needs to be another gender, not so much for the transgenders as others seem to think but more for us women. Men and women have by far the biggest numbers in real life with transgenders being well behind in numbers. Yet in this game women are not important enough to have our own gender. All the menus and game play shows just the 2 genders, male and female. With males you know what you get, if they are gay they show that with their preferences. But for females it includes all the transgenders and looking at what their preferences are does not tell you which gender they actually are. And that goes for all the females to, who should be the majority but because of the way this game has been handled likely is not, especially if you include all the guys playing as girls. If there was a third gender, one that included futas or what ever they wish to call themselves, and the female gender was left for females, then when you see a female in the game you can at least tell what they meant to be, or what they are at least playing as. Plus the female gender would not have all the poses we do not need or use. The truth is we already have female as brand in the game, the problem is it doesn't mean that we are, it means we are either female or futa. So as far as if I mind if I have a sign over my head to say I am female, it is already there, it is just not representing us properly.
  12. The truth to all this is that a lot of different genders are having to share the female gender. There is something like 50 different types of transgenders all of which are included in this game as females. If you take any female in the game you have know way of knowing which gender they are. All you have is preferences in what they are looking for which does not tell you which gender they actually are. I, as a female that use to play felt we are being disrespected by the game developers, we should have our own gender and not have to share it. If you are shown as a female in the game other players should be able to tell you are female, or at least play as one, as a lot of guys do play as females. To have it so we have to show it in our profiles, actually state we are a female, or have to say in conversation we are is BS. Guys don't have to do that so why should we. Why should we have to be really careful about the poses we pick to make sure we don't get a dick. Those poses should not be in our menus, females do not use them or need them. It just really seems we are considered not very important to the game. It is one of the main reasons I chose to give up the game.
  13. Hmm, servers again, how many times is that now. You would think they would have learnt and put in servers that would cater for expansion by now. Must be at least a dozen times I know of they have updated servers with each time taking much longer than anyone else does to do the same. Or maybe it has been all just one big project like many others that never seems to get done.
  14. I for one would like to know about the pose editor. It is really the only reason I still pop in these forums on occasions, to see if there is any news on it. The pose editor would be about the only thing that would get me interested in going back into the game. The game is basically boring unless you want to try DJing. I, like many others, stayed in the game because of the friends I had in there, they were what made it fun, not what the game itself offers. Like many others I got sick of waiting for all the promised features and sick of all the BS that is allowed to go on in the game. And I agree that the devs deliberately miss lead, just short of out right lies, to keep people waiting for things. They do not produce anywhere near as fast as they should so they post what we can expect to try keep everyone hanging in the game waiting. And it works as there are lots of people still hanging in there waiting.
  15. All that is needed is a kick from room button, which is what Gizmo said twice now he would add. If the owner then wants to make sure that player cannot get back in the room the owner can place the offender on iggy. Simple as that, and very easy to add as the coding is already mostly done and in the game already. A simple button that the owner has that will send the offender to their own room, just like when a player clicks on their room in the UI to go to their own room. When an owner clicks on another player in their room there just needs to be a boot button in there to call that same script to send that player to their own room. One thing that often happens in these forums is when something is requested and starts off simple, people start adding to it and make it complicated which could be the reason many things get dropped.
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