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  1. Gizmo needs to look at what is available at trubones now, I know he has used stuff from there before. 4 of the best dances come from there. In the last vid I think that some of the animations could be converted to work as position changes from sex poses to other sex poses already in 3DXChat.
  2. There are animation editor scripts that work really well in the Unity assets store, I actually got the one I think Gizmo was working on putting into the game. My opinion on it is it wouldn't be that good for animations like dancing but could be used for making simple sex animations if done properly. The clips that Gizmo showed appeared to be work he was doing on the pose editor and looked like he was doing a lot of work on it to make it really easy to use. My opinion is there was something else that stopped him from adding it, maybe something to do with how much effect it would have on resources or maybe something to do with people being able to copy animations from elsewhere and add them. But also they have never said it will never be added, just said they aren't working on it. I haven't added any animations to the game but I do know and have done animations, both sex and dance, dance using motion capture. I have also as I said got a script from Unity that allows you to add an animation editor to your game and even just as is, how it comes, is pretty good and easy to use. For simple animations it works well.
  3. From what I have seen before with people creating poses for the game it seems to be a matter of timing. I mean it seems that Gizmo has times he spends on the game and others where we he doesn't. He has always been reluctant to make any sort of time commitments and I would go as far as saying that it also seems to include the small amount of time it takes to add player created content. Could be a number of reasons why he does that, could be he works elsewhere or on other projects or maybe is just having to good a time partying on all the money he has made from the game. But there definitely seems to be times he spends on the game and others where he doesn't. And both can be months.
  4. Still come in sometimes, mostly to answer messages. I have noticed there is not much going on in the forums now and less than half the people logged in at any time. There use to be over 100 logged in pretty much any time but right now there is around 40. It seems to be getting less and less every time I look.
  5. I agree 100%, always have done and always will do, so do a lot of people. The way alts are often used in the game can completely destroy peoples games. But unfortunately the devs don't seem to agree.
  6. The loss of the full ignore system has often come up in these forums and has been in debate since even before Pandora. It not only made it so Pandora could scan the game and gather information about everyone but the system itself could be used without any hacks to find out who owned alts. People complained about witch hunts and they did happen, even before Pandora. There have been a lot of suggestions made, things like being able to identify alts but there are reasons that they will not be accepted. But no one would disagree that alts are often used to harass and cause problems. I suggested this in another thread but thought it was worth creating a new thread specifically to see what people think, it is a solution I don't think has ever been suggested before and could very well work. My suggestion, keep the single ignore the way it is now but also have a full ignore that is limited to how many times we can use it, say once every 3 days. Pandora could not do it scans then as it could only do one person every 3 days and witch hunts would take for ever to do. As they are the 2 main problems then I think it can be a solution.
  7. Hey I don't think this has ever been suggested before and you will need to think about it for a bit to see that maybe it could be a solution, as when you 1st look at it sounds totally radical. But what about have it so we have the present single ignore we have now but also have a full account ignore that costs say 5k. That way pandora won't work without paying for it and people won't go on witch hunts as it will cost them. And if you have someone that is really harassing you it will be worth 5k. Or maybe have it so there is a limit to how many times you can use the full ignore each week or even each day. If you could only do one a day then pandora won't work and even witch hunts wouldn't be easy.
  8. It wasn't just pandora, I agree with JackPine that there could be a full ignore system put in that pandora couldn't take advantage of. When it was all in the works and full account ignore was taken away it also came out that people didn't like the way the full ignore system could be used just in game, to find out who owned alts. For example you suspect someone, ignore him or her and see if the suspect alt is ignored as well. So even if they can make it so pandora couldn't take advantage people would still complain. Yes if we could see what account alts belonged to can effect the game in ways Xizi pointed out but having it so alts are known to be alts without being able to see what account they belong to does not. For example there was a time I and my BF had alts that we used to go in the game and have it so we could get some private time without people knowing it was us. It would have made no difference what so ever if it was shown they were alts. But people don't even want to allow that. Reason being there are so many people playing 2 or 3 games in 3DXChat, and mostly around the same friends. They see it as doing nothing wrong, but they also know if they get found out people won't like it and for good reason. It is not just some people playing more than one game, there are lots of them. there are more female avis in the game that are played by men than there are females, and most of those men have a male avi as well. If one had to be shown as an alt they couldn't do it. That is the main reason it is all left the way it is and why we no longer have a full ignore system.
  9. This has been suggested before, it tends to get bad reactions from EX especially. Although lots agree it is something needed there are also those who don't and fight hard to not have it. I myself had fought for this many times and got nowhere. I came to believe that Gizmo wants to let people be able to have 3 separate games going with their avis and doesn't care about the negatives it causes. Also doesn't care about how it makes it so easy for the ass holes to be ass holes and hide behind alts to do so.
  10. Pandora scanned the game, it used the full ignore system to get the playerID and once it had that could use it to find out other information about the player. It couldn't go back and find details like past alts a person had but could keep its own record of such. ie, you create an alt and Pandora scans you it would then store the information on that alt and keep it. So if someone used Pandora to view your details even if you had deleted that alt months before it would still show up. The way Pandora will have worked meant the person who created it had to use one of his accounts, be logged into the game and run a script to go through all the saved playerIDs, scan them for new info and also look for new players through info they got from them. There is a player I suspected as I knew he knew how to do that sort of thing plus I use to often see his avi just standing around afk for hours. That same player I also suspect as being the main person behind the copied game. It is my opinion that Gizmo took the easy way out as he could have done what they do in other games and set up his on scan to look for people accessing the game data that way. He could stopped Pandora from being able to get its info that way. I had the same problem as Loruna, I use to have a male avi for the same reason as her, lots of us do. I also once let a friend create an avi for himself to go in and check out the game. Except for that one I had named my male avis names that people would not able to use to hassle me that way. Names like MyMaleSlave or BetterrThanBob meant they couldn't say I was suing them for anything other than I was. But when I let my friend use it he named it Billy something and a particular person in these forums made a big deal out of it. So I understand fully what Loruna is on about. I don't agree that is the worse of the 2 evils though. Although Pandora had its down side it did stop a lot of what is common in the game that can make a persons game hell. The players that like to do things to hassle other players were made to think twice before doing so, they took a big risk in being found out if they did. So the amount of times that happened went well down and it appeared that most that did went to extent of creating more accounts. The game creates a lot of distrust and a lot of that happens because of the way people use alts. How many times have you seen in these forums people saying things like stick with people you know, don't trust people until they prove they can be trusted and things like that which is really how you have to play the game if you want to stay safe. New players have to put up with people not trusting they are actually new players and can often cause them to not continue in the game. As I mentioned in an earlier post the popular players are the main ones targeted by these assholes using their alts. I saw loads of players who had done lots for the game, creating fun for others that had become popular for doing so just to see them have to start keeping a low profile because they had been targeted. The crap I cooped from that same player who had looked at me using Pandora with him using alts to hassle me, having to watch for alts trying to effect not only my game but my friends games, not being able to trust new players that approached me and a lot of other problems that miss use of alts created was far worse. Now I don't agree with letting Pandora exist and do agree that if something like that should be around it should be handled by the devs themselves. I suggested once, when it was all hitting the fan, that a system should be set up where if a player is creating trouble for you, we should be able to place a report and request a either a full account ignore or be able to get that info. If that was offered Pandora would not have been able to do business and the assholes will still had to think twice before doing the things they do. For me it was a big part of deciding to give up on the game. I got pissed off with not being able to do a lot of things I enjoyed doing in fear of attracting these assholes attention.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but from what I remember is that each character you create they are allotted a brand new reference number. Which means all anyone who has been ignored has to do is delete that character and create a new one and be off the ignore list. That allows them to just keep going back and creating problems. Why not have it so each space, the 3 slots we have, each have a static reference numbers. Have the ignore permanently placed on the slot so they cant just delete and make a new character to keep harassing. That way they could only do it 3 times instead of the unlimited amount they have now. 3 ignores and your done instead of constant harassment.
  12. I totally agree that the ignore system should be on the whole account, the way it is it makes 3DXChat a haven for people who just like to make there game playing games with other peoples emotions and people who don't care how their game effects other peoples game. Although the full ignore was mainly taken away because of Pandora I don't think it was the only reason. A lot of people came in these forums complaining about having their alts found out and it being an invasion of privacy. The problem is and what I think effected the devs decision to make it a system for just the one avi is that even without Pandora people could use the full account ignore system to find out who alts belonged to. The problem is there are just to many people in the game that believe they should be able to play 3 separate games with the 3 characters they have. They make it sound innocent but in most cases it is not. I remember one person coming in these forums complaining that people had found out about his 2 different characters. One he played a nice guy and the other he played an asshole. He was nice to people on one and a real prick to the same people on the other and when those people found out he couldn't seem to understand why no one wanted anything to do with him on either character. Others seem to think that using an alt to influence and manipulate people they play with on their main character is fine and just part of the game. Then there are those that use alts for payback and spend their time making a persons game as hellish as they can, that can happen just because you say no to sex to someone. All these things are made very easy for these people to do in 3DXChat with the present system. The biggest problem is that if a player gains any sort of popularity in the game they are the ones that attract the attention of these people and lots of them end up playing the game keeping a low profile to avoid the trouble it causes. Most of which had gained their popularity through creating fun for people in the game. So the effect it has is to take a lot of the fun out of the game in a lot of different ways, but leave a hand full of people to have fun the way they like to which is messing with others using alts. @Gizmo Why should people have to play your game having to constantly keep their guards up against alts. Yes people can make more accounts and do the same thing, but why make it so easy and have it so they don't have to. That just encourages these assholes to 3DXChat because it is easier to do in here than it is in other games. My opinion is that this is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, that 3DXChat has failed to gain the numbers it should.
  13. Removed because I am sick of getting involved in his BS
  14. Why would I jump on it, it is hardly even worth mentioning, well to most people, as to a lot of the things you are trying to make something out of. You believe what you want to believe, others will remember where I have mentioned the EULA in other threads in these forums before, up to years ago, lol As for the free dances, I had said I had seen free dances in the assets store and you said you would love to see any free dances as if they do not exist. I had even said I did not know if they were the ones that had been talked about or not but had seen free dances in there. And they are free, no matter how many licenses would be required. Sellers often offer free stuff to try to promote their new stuff. With those dances they are free so people can see that they do work and then possibly buy the ones that aren't free. That has been going on for years. the only limitations that are on those dances is how many FREE licenses you will need. There has actually been better dances offered for free a short time, then the price put back on them, again another promotion to try get people to buy the whole package of multiple versions. You were claiming to know all about the TOS and telling people to go look, when you didn't know until you actually went in and looked. I already knew what was in there from having looked many times over years. My company, my own company, uses Unity as a viewer for our clients. We supply 78 clients with a platform, it is not a game, it is a 3D viewer that allows our clients to present the product we supply to their clients for clarification before the order is placed. I cannot tell you more than that as it is rather unique and if people found out what it is it means people in 3DXChat will be able to find me. We have only purchased 12 assets, some scripts and items that are just for aesthetics. You can choose to believe me or not, doesn't bother me, but you asked so I answered the best I could. Now I have had enough of your BS, you just like to argue and try to present yourself as someone knowledgeable when you obviously knew very little.
  15. OMG you are still trying, 1, If you go to the TOS and try to find out anything about licensing it mentions and refers you to the EULA, everywhere in there. So your way of thinking to try to say I didn't know about the EULA is totally flawed. I have been looking into and using things from the assets store for years, I didn't even have to look at the TOS or anything in there to be able to say what I did, which has remained the same all the way through this conversation. You are the one that has to change what you were saying as you found things by finally looking to see if you were right or not. 2. This link you talk about I think is the one where sellers can have a link to support "visit site". Are you trying to say that people have to review what is said on the sellers own website before buying, lol. Are you aware that they can have different licensing available on other websites and it makes no difference what so ever to the license agreement they agreed to sell by on the Unity store. If you sell on the Unity store the license agreement is subject to what you have agreed to in the Unity store. I have seen where some sellers had put things in the description limiting the use of the item, I 1st thought that was what you meant but it seems you didn't and are saying to see if there is a link to their website and check out what they say on there. If so you are wrong, as I just stated what is in there own website does not change the license they have agreed to sell by in the Unity store. I would even doubt that putting things in the description would be legally binding. Back peddling, where have I back peddled, I have stuck with the same thing all the way through this, it is you that has changed what you are trying to say. You are even trying to find things in the Unity site that hasn't been mentioned that is totally irrelevant to the conversation just to try to say I didn't know. Just because I don't mention things that are irrelevant to the conversation doesn't mean I don't know about it. You claimed there are no free assets in the Unity store, there is, there is even a link right at the bottom of the page that lists all the free items. You claimed you cannot just buy from the store and include it in your game without getting direct permission from seller, you can and the license agreement is completely covered by the terms the seller had agreed to when he placed it in the store. Everything I have said has been correct where as you have had to change what you believed as you finally went to the Unity site to see for yourself. Now stop all this BS as all you are doing is making yourself look an ass who is desperately trying to save face.
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