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  1. Or neither of those. That's possible too. And we not going to know till devs tell us something or release the update.
  2. That's ridiculous. First, in 3dxchat these poses looks different. Second, even if they have a lot of similarities its just stupid to blame someone in stealing sex positions, like, you can't invent some completely new (and in the same time practical) sex pose, people having sex for 40 thousands year (And I am talking only about Homo sapiens) and of course our kind already tried hundreds if not thousands of sex poses, and sex poses going naturally from our anatomy.
  3. Not sure if it's really like this or not, but I got the same impression.
  4. Now we don't even getting those... Last thing in discord about future update was in the end of June. And since then... Silence. I mean of course devs were writing some stuff about maintenance, events and other things, but I did not see any new info about update. And it was already almost 4 months since the last one. Kinda sad tbh. I mean I understand that there can be all kind of problems in development and it was Summer, maybe GIzmo/Lisa/both were having some vacation time but... would be nice to keep us informed and not just hold us in silence.
  5. Uninvited hugs and kisses are already more than enough, I definitely would not want some random guy slapping my ass or groping me. I mean if there will be an option to disable this from people who are not on friendlist - sure, would be a good addition, but it would be a disaster if random people could do it to anyone they wish to.
  6. Okay, then why are these panties still like this? I mean if there is higher standards now (which probably good) why not fix old stuff? It's not like things are set in stone and can't be changed after they were added to the game. It's not like devs did not have time to fix it, it was like this for how long? Years... And its not just about these panties, I just use it as an example (and because I personally like them very much and would wear them a lot if they would work properly). There also other clothes-related stuff that is not right, a lot of examples in this thread. I am not a hater, I love this game a lot and I like many stuff that devs bringing up, including most of new clothes added, but I am just feel frustrated about all this situation to be honest. Old stuff not getting fixed, new stuff will be here no one but devs knows when, we did not have any news regarding updates since end of June, and clothes from players also getting refused so we not really getting anything new.
  7. What about these panties? Do they meet the quality standard of the game? I am sorry, I am not trying to be offensive or anything, but honestly at this point I just don't understand this logic... I mean some of the stuff you are adding looks very good, but its hard to say that game visually a perfection, it has some clothes-related glitches that are not getting fixed for years long, but in the same time you're for some reason not allowing some pretty cool looking stuff from players...
  8. Well how about you'll tell it to SexGameDevil first lol. Because its from their official site. You can check it out here yourself! http://3dxchat.com/ WOW! That definitely makes it NOT a game, right? Right? Just like... you know... World or Warcraft... which... allows you to interact with people using an avatar in a virtual world. Does it mean that WoW is not a game too? You know, some people even build up families after meeting their partners in game. I mean, rl families. Now, shocking truth! Game can act like a social network! But it does not stop being a game because of it. I know that many folks here never / almost never played videogames and see it as a kind of entertainment for kids and nerds so it might hurt their ego to admit that they are playing a game and even paying for it monthly/early but well... Face the truth lol!
  9. That's hardcore. Did now know that laws in Germany THAT severe. Hell... going into a jail for "consuming" a story...
  10. Why are you so confident about it? I mean sure, CP is against the law in almost every country, sex or sex-related activities with minors as well, but well... There are no minors in these kind of RP, it's two adult persons. Maybe they both are sick as fuck, but its not illegal to be sick. Not trying to defend these kind of rooms, they disgust me, but I don't really understand why are you so sure that its against the law.
  11. The question is, where it goes from banning the advertisement to fighting the kink itself. If its about forbidding people to use word "rape" (or similar) in room names, advertising such kind of thing in WC and so on - I think its fine. But someone can say that stating something in a profile - is an advertisement too, and here I hope we can draw a line. Rooms - are one thing, but forbidding people to list their kinks in their own profile - even the kind of kinks that can disgust other people - is too much. I mean if people will not have right to list it in their profile - how they suppose to find partners for these kind of play?
  12. I think its a bad idea. People tend to misuse their power. Especially, when they not getting paid for it. Moderating a community is a work. And most people want to get something from their work. If not money - it can be psychological profits. Feeling of power. And if I'll have to chose between some ego-driven fuck on a power-trip and few nasty rooms - I prefer nasty rooms. Nasty rooms are much easier to ignore than power abuse.
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