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  1. It's not because everyone is covered in tattoos, it's because there only a few tattoo sets and we can only chose them as a set, not choosing a tattoos separately for each part. If we, for example, would have like 20 tattoos for each body section and could chose them separately for each body section, not as a whole set, - there would be so MUCH more variety and people with good taste could make a really good looking combinations. Right now, when all people using few same sets everyone have, wearing tattoos indeed makes your avi look less unique instead of more unique. Tattoos just don't work here the way they suppose to be working. And on top of it, texture quality of tattoos is mostly very low, making them look like they are from 15 years old game, in contrast to new clothes that look pretty good and up to modern standards of graphics quality. So yeah, tattoos in 3dxchat ain't cool the way they are done now. But I guess I just able not to focus on that when I am with a partner and still enjoy people even if they are covered head to toes in tattoos.
  2. Steam takes 30% per purchase. BMT Micro, which 3dxchat is using now, takes much less: https://bmtmicro.com/pricing Many people love Steam and if 3dxchat will be presented there - may decide to use Steam instead of subscribing through BMT Micro - which means less money for 3dxchat. Of course Steam can bring more customers. Or may not. Who knows. And about Discord... I honestly don't understand what is complicating about it? It's very easy to use software. And if you are not comfortable with using your main Discord account for 3dxchat's purposes - you can have up to five accounts connected to one desktop client, easily switching between them.
  3. That does sound like a problem indeed, I've seen lots of these myself, but what kind of solution we can expect from devs? Blocking room option for user? It may be convenient, but it will not fix the problem in anyway, these rooms will still be as popular as they are. People who would like to block them were not be staying in these rooms anyway. Disallow dance groups? People will be angry and rightfully so. It is not seen like anything bad by most, and in its core there is nothing wrong with dancing or dancing groups in general, it's the scale of the things that made it a problem. Banning bot accounts? Multi account is not against the ToS and if person just stays AFK and dance with several accounts at the same time - they are not violating any rules, I think. Of course rules can be changed, but every bot account = subscription. I don't see why SGD would go for it.
  4. That is sure one way to call it...
  5. I never played WoW, but I played many other MMORPGs and such a behavior definitely not a common thing. Yeah, i have seen some desync here and there in other MMO games too - but never as much as I see it in 3dxchat. Every week, sometimes even every day I am getting these naked bald people and only game restart helps. I never played any MMORPG that would have such a big problems with it. So yeah, I don't think if its correct to call it "bug" or not, but it's definitely a 3dxchat's problem. Maybe bad servers. Maybe bad netcode. I dunno. But I know that it's irritating as hell and it's not a normal thing (at least as often/much as it happens in 3dxchat).
  6. Bug that I personally hate the most is when instead of avis I am seeing naked bald people. Or other people seeing me this way. It's not the end of the world of course, and restarting the game fixes it and does not take long, but... It just happens way too often. And is not getting a fix for many years. Very irritating.
  7. These are real problems of the 3dxchat. But stuff like "Devs partying wherever they want instead of visiting every room evenly and prefer to work with DJs they already know and trust" - is not problem, it's just some whining. Well, in my opinion at least.
  8. Maybe because most people simply don't care? Things you said, I was not even aware of before - and now, when I know (ofc if everything you said is true) - I still don't see why should it be a problem for me or like... 90% of people here? Even during the biggest official events I have never seen much more than 200 people in a room. How much people in total visit the event and spend there more than 10-15 mins, like seriously spending lots of time there during the evening? 500? And how many of them really care about who is a DJ and all that room-hosts and DJ conflicts and fights? How much it is from total player count? Not from just online players - because if someone want to attend the event - they will try to login in game anyway if they have the opportunity. I am sure that most people here just for chat and sex (which can vary from colds to multi-paragraphs RP and all other forms available). Why would average player care about completion between DJs and Room Hosts? Your/their ego is your/their problems. I personally don't care which weddings devs attend and how much DJs they are working with. What really matters is a stable game and regular updates. If anything really holding 3dxchat in place and not letting it grow in numbers properly - it's lots of bugs and slow updates.
  9. It would be lovely for BDSM community, but I believe that before using time for adding chastity devices to the game, we should get more variety when it comes to male and female genitalia. Like, limp penises for men and trans women and futas. With an ability to chose the size. I think it's doable? I mean, not like flaccid cock going to be used for penetrative sex. Few pussy options for women, ability to get it wet during sex or foreplay. Such options would benefit everyone.
  10. I am afraid that if devs would follow such way - we could end up waiting for an update for couple of years or something. I mean, we still have some bugs that are not fixed for many-many years. It feels like they are seriously lacking manpower when it comes to coding. Like... They make sexy poses, great clothes (even if slowly) with very good customization... But coding-wise... We wait 9 months and getting update with most annoying bugs still unfixed. I dunno how they are doing financially, but I think they really need to hire a good programmer, with their current team they obviously can't handle polishing the game's code. Not meaning it as an insult and not trying to be toxic towards them, really, but I think now it's just a matter of fact. They need more coders and the one/ones good enough to fix the bugs. Though, I must admit I am still not regretting voting for update to be released sooner than later. I mean game was a mess if we talk about bugs - even before the update. Now its still a mess when it comes to bugs, but at least I can wear new cute clothes. So, while I am not entirely happy with how it goes, I still feel like update is better than no update. Yeah, can't understand it either. I remember a couple-few years ago there were number of people on forum who tried to submit clothes to the game and devs was not accepting because these clothes were not meeting their quality standards. Yet, for many years already - we still having these old clipping panties. They were clipping and skin was showing through them 5 years ago when I just tried the game for the first time - and its still this way. I think you know which one I am talking about. Anyways, I still hope for the best. Maybe they really actively fixing stuff now and released the update early to give us something while they finishing fixes. Or maybe I am just too naive and "want to believe", dunno.
  11. Is that really a "worst part"? I keep hearing it from many people how communication is most important part and all but... are you really being honest with yourselves when you saying these words? I for myself can honestly say that worst parts for me are slow updated and lots of bugs. If I would see less bugs and more frequent updates - I would not really care much about little communication. And if we are going to have updates once 6-9 months and tons of bugs - no communication going to fix it, even if GIzmo going to talk with us every week. Sex, even virtual one, is much more complex thing than just poses. Foreplay, clothes, immersion and excitement which comes with it - all are very important. Bugs ruin immersion - and no pose going to fix it when it happens. And honestly - I would prefer a panties or few with new customization system over any or almost any new pose.
  12. I don't think it is actually works this way. People create something primarily when they have a desire to create. Yes, some idea like "I want to make a replica of my real life apartment to make my naughty adventures in game feel more real" or "I want to build that stylish futuristic nightclub I saw in that sci-fi film" sure can give a motivation to create and learn, but only when a person has that basic desire to build and create. When they are lacking this desire - less free shared and editable rooms will not make them create more. It will only make them chose from less options and make their user experience more poor. I do understand though that content creators have no obligation to make other users' experience better. It's clearly a voluntarily act and not a duty. I am just saying that you should not expect that it will make other people more creative. It most probably will not. The real problem that I see with a non-editable files is that it can create conflicting and unpleasant situations when it'll come to selling world files. Yes, a fair and honorable person will openly state that file that they sell is non-editable and will make a protentional buyer aware of that fact before the purchase, but not everyone are this way. And some people may think that its not in their responsibility to make the buyer aware of it, especially considering that non-editable files definitely going to sell worse than editable ones. And if their protentional customer not going to ask about it before the purchase - author may even feel like they did nothing wrong with selling non-editable file without notifying about it. Which may lead to the drama when the buyer will discover that they can't even move a couch or add a table to the place they just bought and will feel scammed. Another drama may happen if someone will find a way to crack the non-editable files protection and will share such an instrument. Which very possible to happen, even Denuvo that costs huge amounts of money is getting broken again and again. And then, if such tools will eventually be released, each and every non-editable file that content creators shared will be in danger. And you will not be able to take it back, because who knows how many people already downloaded it. I can only guess what a huge drama going to happen in 3dxchat's community if such a thing will happen and how much hate 3dxchat's dev team going to face from some creators if this will happen.
  13. But why would people buy the room without password? I mean, if you would be stating it clearly before the purchase that you are selling room without password. Like... What the point of buying a place if you can't even change a color of the wall or change some furniture. Even if devs going to add some new objects with poses (like table, or pillory, or cage)- a person bought such a room would not even be able to add it to "their" home. While instead they could download one of, probably hundreds at this point, freely available rooms and truly own it, being able to do what they want. And if you are going to sell your rooms without notifying pre-purchase that you are not going to provide the password - then it would be kinda scummy.
  14. Wow, that's insane. Most of that thread is just their endless complaints and requests to ban someone.
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