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  1. Maybe devs afraid of copyright-related problems? I mean I doubt the problem is about the space on disk. Even if there is for example 10.000 players – if give each of us a 200mb storage for it – it will be 2 TB space in total. I don't think that buying a 2 TB of disk space for servers should be a problem even for a small team.
  2. What makes you all so confident about the "fact" that rape themed RP/rooms are against the law? And I am talking about actual law, not 3dxchat TOS. I know that rape themed rooms against the rules in 3dxchat and considered as a bannable offence. Devs made their decision, I am not discussing it here. But is it really a crime, something that can make 3dxchat shut down and destroyed in court? I mean, yeah, I get it – rape is a crime in any country, probably. And if there exist any shithole where rape is not considered a crime – then there is something definitely wrong with them. But rape ≠ ra
  3. Wtf is this logic lol. Low waisted lingerie not less sexy than high waisted one, it's just question of preferences. But yeah, there is very little selection of underwear in 3dxchat for the sex game and we need more, including the high waisted thong. I was making a request/post about it (not exactly the high waisted thong, just more lingerie in general) in another thread and many people seem to agree but... Well, we did not have new clothes for a very long time so I would not keep expectations high. But yeah, the hope is still alive.
  4. I am apologize for my misjudgement then. I did not know that she is a paid employee. I am deleting my messages.
  5. Well it's pretty understandable. We did not have a new clothes for more than half year. And I am talking about girls. How long boys have not new clothes I don't even know, probably more. I really miss having some new clothes.
  6. It's not that easy to relax and enjoy yourself when you are getting disconnected in the middle of your erotic play.
  7. These alone, even without DDOSes, are enough reasons to ban them.
  8. Indeed. No matter how much we will argue here, the decisions are up to devs.
  9. Well, actually they can. If they should or should not – is another question. But they can for sure.
  10. Presumption of innocence, fair trials and judges is indeed great. But it all related to law area. It would be the thing if devs would find that hackers and try to sue them. Then yes, it would be about presumption of innocence and fair trial. But when we talk not about real life measures, but about ingame ban, devs don't have to justify their decision. Of course they better do it (and they did it, for most of community at least) to not be seen like assholes by their own community, but it still does not mean that they have to do it and of course they don't have to give enough proofs t
  11. Well I am posting my "freedom of speech" point of view/opinion/assumption that your assumption was straight up stupid.
  12. What are you doing in this thread if you don't care?
  13. You have no idea what she was banned for. She could be automatically banned simply for posting a link in chat. Or it could be simply ban for advertisement, not because of nature of advertisement, but because of the fact of advertisement itself. People getting banned for advertising their rooms. It does not make opening room something bad. And about devs being "sensitive":
  14. Business fucking path! I have no idea from which country NoirDesire is but she sure have enough money to pay for 3dxchat, right? Let's face it: you just made some clearly retarded assumption about person investing her time and mental energy to keep surveys for half an year just to collect couple of dollars or even few cents. That was stupid.
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