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  1. Talking about better avatar details, I would love to have an option for a high res skin texture for avatars. Of course it would increase VM consumption, so it probably should be optional so people with an old/integrated graphic cards can still play with decent FPS.
  2. Well that's better of course, but its still terrible. Its still means that people should have pay additional currency for a basic game functionality. It may be acceptable in some "free" to play money drain game (especially on mobiles where people are believe that its normal and its how things should be), but its totally not okay for a honest p2p game. About the rest of your post, its all about making the game worse for a regular player and better for dolphins and whales, making game less of honest subscription based p2p venue and more of a mobile game-style """free""" to play shit where you need to pay for everything. Next step would be VIP subscription and additional customization stuff for xgold, I am pretty sure you would enjoy it lol.
  3. I have a colored name, bought it when the prices got reasonable. I am not feeling misled or scammed in a slightest. I knew/know that many people don't like this new feature at all and have it disabled and I am fully support their right to do so. It was like this since the very moment when colored names was added to the game. Is this some kind of bad joke? So a regular paying customer, who don't buy xgold, just pays the subcription - have a right to stay 300/50*15 = 90 mins in public rooms? 90 mins in public rooms and then go away and do something else in private because few ego-driven room-hosts are having a bad feelings because of unfair competition? Like... Lets wreck the game quality for 90% of playerbase to please few dozens of room hosts? Great idea.
  4. No need to remove and replace, just add more new stuff. Especially something pretty and/or sexy.
  5. I was playing back in times when rooms was sorted by numbers and it was much better this way, at least from the point of regular user. Much easier to find a room your friend inviting you in when they just telling you how much people in it. If it was worse for the ego-driven room-hosts who want to feel good because they are popular - can't care less. Hosting room is not a big deal, everyone can do it, you don't even need to create the room yourself, don't even need to keep your PC on - as long as at least someone stays in your room.
  6. The feature to disable colorful names was introduced in the same update as a colorful names themselves. People was knowing what they paying for. No one forcing you or anyone else to use room boost.
  7. What do you mean by "fakes" and why do they need a hideaway? Anyway, speaking of the subject, I am not sure if an invisible mode is a good or bad idea, but what I am sure would be good to add is an AFK status and Busy status. Of course some people going to ignore our status anyway, but in general it would make life easier.
  8. Yes please! I have few dozens of outfits and whenever I want to change something about my avi - I need to either make these changes with every outfit save or just do outfits again instead. Both ways take so much time...
  9. If you really liked someone just send them a gift with some nice words of appreciation. No need for no fucking rating, enough of this bullshit irl and in other areas of our lives.
  10. Which update? The last one? Or with new clothes customization, the one that was tested on beta?
  11. I love the new 11th nipples btw. Looks (for me) better than any of the older ones. Still would love an option for more clear pink or - if possible - color choice.
  12. I like new nipples added in last update and the new update in general! But I still miss the opportunity to make my nipples pink so much... If its not possible to add a nipple color, then maybe its possible to add a pink nipples? I mean, I understand that I am just one customer and there are thousands of people and everyone have their desires, but I guess I am sure not the only one person with a pink nipples who want to have the same color in game
  13. I suggest adding such an option to settings because there are tons of people, including me, who like to keep 3dxchat on while doing some other stuff on PC, be it work/studying/gaming or really whatever else. Yes, I know it can be done thorough the Nvidia panel (not so sure about AMD) but it would be easier for users to make it through the game settings and on top of it, Nvidia only letting to make inactive window's fps as low as 20, but maybe its possible to make it even lower though the game's settings to really minimize resources consumption of the game while its inactive.
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