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  1. Yeah, I never seen it requested either, I think. Maybe I just missed it tho, I am not sure. Anyways, even if no one requested it, maybe Lisa or Gizmo just felt inspired to do so and wanted it in their game. Can't blame a creator for following his/her inspiration. Even if I personally would love to see, for example, nipple piercings much more than handbags.
  2. Devs actually adding a lot of stuff suggested by community. Its often takes a lot of time though.
  3. Would love to see it. And crawling animation/idle too.
  4. I think that first of all devs should focus on more basic stuff. Like... More customization for example. I love that they are expanding it by adding accessory system and adding more facial customization before, but there are still many things lacking. Body piercings. Custom nipple colors (I would love for example to make my nipples pink like I have them irl). Different skin textures for people who want their avi to look more aged or maybe just less perfect. More body customization, like an option to make body more/less muscular/toned, to add some fat for ones who would like avi to be chubbier, body hair for males, soft cocks for males/tgirls etc etc. There a lot of options to make the game look more diverse and realistic. Then, it would be nice to have some basic animations/stuff for RP. Like... ability to get a smartphone in hand (that could be usable with phone animation), to buy not only a beer but a cocktail / heavy drink / glass of wine... and maybe even bring it to someone... But no, I don't think that the game itself should take some completely new direction. It just needs more stuff.
  5. Well, realistically to wash off the cum you need a water. Or even just a pack of wet wipes. As a water source... It can be a shower, a sink, an ocean, a pool. And yes, I would not like someone washing their cum off in my pool haha, but hey - it still can work, right? But the problem is - it would require a lot of work from devs. To make game react on water sources by washing off the cum from avis, to add objects in world editor that can be used that way - sinks, showers, etc. Would be much easier to just add a button for it. And people who are more deeply into RP always could make it realistic for themselves / their partners - by using this button only when it realistically possible to wash off the cum.
  6. Tbh I don't think that's 3dxchat's "place on the market" tied to the engine. Even as it is, 3dxchat still one of the best looking online sex games. I making word online bold because yes, I know there are lot of better looking sex games, but its singeplayer games or mods for AAA games and it cant give the same experience as 3dxchat and other online sex games give. I think that reason for 3dxchat's relatively low online is almost lacking marketing / advertisement combined with lack of any kind of trial accounts. Yeah, they have invite the friend program and cooperation with Lovense but aside of it? I am not aware of any other advertisement. And, as sad as it is, advertisement often a key factor to popularity, sometimes even more important than quality of the product itself.
  7. Saving space on game servers? Lol... Did you see the quality of the pics in game? Its reduced to like... 100 kb at best... if not 50...
  8. I would also love to have butt plugs as an accessory / cloth item, to wear it even out of action. And if we making here a thread about people requests, one of the requests that keeps showing up for years - soft cocks. It would boost the immersion of the game a lot if guys and tgirls could switch cocks to limp while out of sex.
  9. For roleplay purposes I suppose?
  10. Not really, if you talking about banning players for playing on pirate server. I mean, from the first sight its indeed may seem like a common sense. But lets look at it again - what will devs achieve by it? They are losing a paying customer. Pirate server on the other hand - gaining more online, because the one who was banned going to play more there after that and not going to play on official server again. Banning the ones who gives links on pirate server or promote it - that what makes sense. On top of it, I personally know couple of people who started to play on official server after coming from pirate one because official obviously better than a rip-off. And well, its only the ones who told me that, most people prolly would not raise such a topics in a first place. But they probably could be also banned for being in pirate server's discord. So yeah, what you calling a common sense - actually not a very smart business decision if you look deeper into it. Of course banning people for any kind of advertising for pirate server surely reasonable, but for just being in their discord? Nah. Though yeah, with all that thread spamming - all what OP will achieve is a ban on forum.
  11. Well then I prefer no trials at all. I am pretty fine with fair pay to play.
  12. Steam does not just charging "something". Their charging is a FUCKING HUGE, 30%. And I almost sure there will be some Steam fanboys across the 3dxchat's population who, if 3dxchat will move to Steam, will prefer to pay for it there because its their favorite store. And they not gonna care that developers losing 30% of their income when they do so. Though yeah, maybe integration in steam could bring enough people to the game to not only compensate these loses but even bring more money, who knows.
  13. What do you mean by fremium? You mean a f2p model with a premium accounts? If yes - I really hope (and believe) it will never happen with 3dxchat. I saw these "free" to play sex-games where you have almost nothing for free and to play comfortably you have to play for premium (which costs about as much as subscription in 3dxchat) AND on top of it pay for poses, clothes, haircuts and all other shit. I really can't understand why would people ask for it, this system much LESS user friendly than a fair, honest p2p we are having now. 3dxchat does NOT need f2p with premium accounts, its a total bullshit. Trials and other ways to try the game - yes. I think it would be beneficial for the game's success. For example they could give us a 3 days / 2 weeks / 1 month game-time code every time we pay for our 1/6/12 months subscription game-time code. Maybe devs could make it so this game-time code can be used ONLY to make a new account. Yes, I know that some people will still misuse it, some people will make alts, some will try to sell these codes, but... I believe that most people not going to bother with any of this shit and can actually share this code with some online friend to let them try the game. Maybe they could let people get free trials ONCE from ONE credit card (you know, when someone pays like a one $, then this $ returned to them) - like a free week of game time that person can get one time using one card - it also can bring new people who will try the game.
  14. Cool. Though some people saw it as some gesture of bad will from developers, intentional attempt to degrade trans people, using it as some evil pun "TS A TRAP" Which kinda makes no fucking sense because if Gizmo and Lisa would hate trans people they would not add cocks for female avis in a first place. And as I said in this thread even before this patch - its a typo. Anyone can make a mistake.
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