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  1. Lol and what did you expect? That Lisa will give you a personal couching and train you to make animations?
  2. Lol can you not be bitchy at least at the first day of update.
  3. A good update! Would love to have a high heel shoes with a same curve and heel height as new boots though. Would be hot. Something like this:
  4. Hey @Gizmo! Like the new update, though I found one nasty little bug with a new pose. Here the videos. Oh, and it's glitched only in FF version. MF works fine. Pussy.mp4 Cock.mp4
  5. No one uses it because its boring to death. It does not mean that the very idea of adding minigames to the game is bad though. But the mini games should be entertaining. And they should be available for players to add in their rooms. Who cares about official rooms, most peeps getting bored of them in their first month here. I would like to at least have a spinning bottle prop to add it at my place and play with friends. Not trying to say that adding the Lovense support is bad idea though. I am not using it myself, not interested in paying 120$ for a vibrator that costs 20$ just bec
  6. There is nothing wrong with regularly updating servers, pretty understandable why they are giving it so much attention considering problems with DDOSes 3dxchat has before. And no, they should not provide any information about what are maintenance for. Why making it easier for potential hacker giving them any information? Would be better if they would inform us why its taking so long to get the new update for the game itself ready though...
  7. Xizi

    Build 428

    People was complaining about piercing not because people don't want piercings but because how poorly they were made. It's ridiculous to make piercings as a texture in 2020. I am not one of dev-haters on this forum but in all honesty tattooed piercings are just too trashy for a modern game. And I don't understand why can't they add them as 3d objects. We are talking about piercings. Not about pose editor or some other too complicated stuff. But whatever.
  8. Oh, so sending free stuff to devs is not good enough, better make users pay their money for the work they do? Sounds like a great plan. I wonder how low self-esteem of a person should be to to pay money just to let someone use what they made.
  9. It's not correct to compare 3dxchat with single player games or non-adult games, at least money-wise, because they are not competing with each other. You can't substitute 3dxchat's experience by playing some AAA single game, because it single and not adult. You can't properly substitute 3dxchat experience by playing MMORPG, yes it's online, social to some degree and even have some ERP communities in some games, but it does not have sex, parties and all the stuff we like here. You can't even substitute 3dxchat with some single player lewd game from steam – because its lacking communication
  10. Listening to your customers does not mean always cater only to the needs of majority. BDSM community also customers and also paying for this game. So yes, let's see this from a business point of view. Right now, when I am writing this post, video about new cage pose has 230 likes and 449 dislikes. Which is 33,9% and 66,1%. So basically, if we believe the poll, at least 3 out of 10 people playing 3dxchat has interest in BDSM. I don't know how much of them just has a light interest and for how much of them BDSM part is crucial to have fun, but to make it easier let's make it a third
  11. I hope "more avatar customization" includes piercings... I really miss it in 3dxchat.
  12. Yes please! Crawling movement would be so hot! And maybe leashes too 🥰
  13. That's funny how a person shaming others for their kinks and "ego problem" writes a post just to feed her own ego by judging others from her imaginary moral highground and bragging how good she is at using ignore button. Impressive!
  14. Yeah, if this cage will be the only update we getting after 4 months – it's going to be pretty sad. Well, this and probably Lovense integration. I hope there is something more in store, after a 4 months of waiting...
  15. I remember shit-shtorm on this forum when devs added face slapping pose, about how abusive and wrong this it and how it hurts someone's soft feelings to see such a pose. But know what? No one forcing any of you to use it. Different people are getting excited by different stuff and they doing it CONSENSUALLY. Yeah, someone might say this is niche, but so what? it's not TOO niche. BDSM community is huge. Yeah, not a majority of players, but still a very big part of community. And the very same logic can be applied to different things. Like, why adding tgirl/futa option to the game if not everyon
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