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  1. It's not about being a sheep. At least not for everyone who are prioritizing rooms with big numbers. It's a lot about what people looking for in game. And most people here not for good rooms. It does not mean that people love mediocre and straight up shitty rooms, it just means that rooms quality is not a priority for most. Most people here for virtual sex of different kinds, from lifeless colds to delicious erotic roleplay with a lot of purple or some lovense included plays and everything in between. And where it is easier to find a partner, in a room with 50-100 people or with 0-10 people? I can openly state that I am in 3dxchat first and foremost for erotic roleplay. I know that on this forum such a "confession" may seem like a shameful cringe, but whatever, it's about this forum, not about the game - if we'll look at the game it will be obvious that most people looking for some virtual lewds in one form or another. And yes, It does not mean that I can't enjoy other aspects of the game, I can appreciate a good looking room, I am even using a self-build room as my own place and spent fair bit of time in world editor. But its all about priorities. Yeah, sometimes I feel like looking at the good room. So let's say I'll drop at, for example, moon landing location. I'll spend few minutes - looking around - either walking or looking with free camera. Very probably that I will enjoy what I see. And what I am supposed to do after it in a room with 3 people online and not really suitable for ERP themes? I will just leave - and go to another room. Maybe I'll feel like checking another little room (just to leave it soon again) - or maybe I'll just drop in a room with a lot of peeps where I can get hit on or chose from many profiles someone I like to write myself. Yeah, great fucking idea. Let's ruin the fun for all these people who are flirting / fucking / just having a good time in a room when it will get automatically closed, just so you and other builders with hurt ego can feel better about themselves.
  2. Do you really expect people to read such an amount of text without paragraphs and punctuation?
  3. You can try to use FPS Limit in settings. In average it might help not loading your GPU to 100% and keeping temps lower. You also might consider turning off reflections and setting detalisation range to high instead of very high. These two options eat very much resources in some rooms without giving THAT much to the picture. Just like RT in most modern games lol. But... 3dxchat IS pretty capable of loading 3050 to 100% even with fps limit lets say to 60, it can get very GPU hungry when it comes to large public rooms with a lot of people. Honestly, would be nice if devs would add new DLSS / FSR to the game, in 2k and 4k resolutions it makes game load GPU much less while keeping the picture very good on quality preset, sometimes even better than it would look in native with TAA of FXAA. Though I am not sure how hard/easy it is to implement, I am not a developer, but I know that even modders were adding DLSS / FSR to some games through the mods and considering that devs upgraded game to a newer engine I think its possible, right?
  4. I don't think that manually making the price is actually a good idea at least without making a tight price limit. Some people can go scummy with this and make it like 10.000 xgold for a glass of wine - and someone can just buy it without looking at the price. It's just how human psych works, when it comes to "cheap" little things - some people sometimes buy them without even bothering to look at the price. I personally would be happy enough even if food and drink would cost as much as it is now, but if devs would make it free for room owner and also for guests IF room is open for group/friends or if you just manually invited person to your apartment. So basically leaving consumables paid only when it comes to opening room for public. And if its about making more xgold leave the game... Well, just make a commission higher, not 90-10 but like 80-20 or 70-30. But making us pay for drinks in our own place and making our romantic partner or friend to pay for everything when they come to our place just feels wrong tbh.
  5. Xizi

    3DXChat Development Update 1

    I dunno, I am not game developer myself. Are you? If we believe Xaufin's words it can take up to several months if things not going smoothly and they obviously has some theory and practice to back up these words, and I have an internet friend who works with Unity and I heard something close to that info from him as well when I was asking questions. So I kinda see no reason not to believe this information. Depression is a big word. We are talking about game. Yeah, a game that makes people emotionally involved a lot, but still a game. If someone really getting depressed because of lack of update in a game they clearly should check their life priorities. But I sure can understand that people feeling some negative emotions about it, I am a little frustrated myself, not gonna lie. Though I don't really understand what you expect from devs here. They have a business partner. They most probably have some kind of a contract with their partner, that involves some kind of obligations and responsibilities. What do you expect from 3dxchat's team? Tell Lovense "Hey guys, we know that we have a contract and stuff but we will not post advertisement because people on our forum feeling depressed about lack of update, so we will not be posting anything till update released!" I mean... It does not really work like this.
  6. Xizi

    3DXChat Development Update 1

    Honestly, I don't get this take. I mean "instead" part in particular. Migrating game to another engine can take months of work as @Xaufin said. Making a merch post will take... how much? A hour of time? Anyway, I pretty much doubt Gizmo writing merchandise posts himself, probably partners just asked him to post it - and why not if it provides game with more money and causes no harm...
  7. There is nothing wrong with it. Actually, its pretty good that 3dxchat is getting advertised. More people = more money, who knows, maybe eventually they will be able to hire more staff and we will not have to wait half year for update. Also more people good not only from business side of things, but for player experience as well. Bigger online = more people to connect with, easier to find people you like. I mean, I sure do share your frustrations about not having an update for so long and not even having proper communication about it from devs since last blog post, but I don't think there is anything wrong with advertisement and merchandising. 3dxchat is a good game (or metaverse, call it whatever you want) even with its very slow updates, or we would not be paying subscription and playing (many of us for years already).
  8. Today I noticed that gallery's pics quality got much worse. And I am not talking about just my gallery, I am talking about each gallery I checked. Is something wrong on my side or others noticing it too?
  9. Xizi


    You only will receive a message if you are in the room hosted by a person who is ignoring you. You will be kicked out of it. In all other cases you will not receive any kind of message if person ignores you, unless you open their profile. Nope, it's not the only way. They could open your profile through the gifts, and it does not even have to be your gifts to them. They simply can find someone who has a gift from you and get to your profile through a link from the gift. It also possible that you were talking with them and went offline but they could be online for many hours and still have chat tab with you open - this way they also can iggy you even if you already offline for hours.
  10. Wow it's already 4 years since then! It feels so weird to read my post from these times... Time flies so fast! Have to say though, Gizmo and team added everything from that post aside of clothed sex Don't know why they still not letting us have it... If it would be technically impossible, it would not be in DLL, right?
  11. I know that engine update can be very important. My previous reply to Maria was of a sarcastic nature.
  12. Yeah, indeed, I am pretty sure a competent team would go through an engine migration in a few days... It's just a tiny unimportant little thing to update an engine, right?
  13. Is it possible to buy gametime code and then use it later, few months later or even a year later? Or they have an expiration date?
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