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  1. Yes, the quality of images we get is straight up mocking considering how much xgold gallery slots cost. No need to decrease the quality of images if they are less than 1 mb. 99% avis don't have more than 10 slots. Is 10 mb of server space for every avi is too much pressure on a server? No, it's not! In reality - many avis, especially alts or just some thrown away avis of people who was playing the game for a month - don't have more than 4-6 slots.
  2. You saying it like 3dxchat stagnating and staying in place while other games are getting updated and evolve which is not really true. 3dxchat is updating and developed. Maybe not as quick as we want and not always in a direction you or me want but it is developing. I joined the game at the end of 2018, so a little more than 2 years ago. Since then there is ~2 times more poses in game than before, ~2 times more female haircuts, a little more clothes, more advanced facial customization - more faces, option to morf face a bit, much more eyebrows. Tattoos. 64-bit client with less crashes and
  3. If we talk about blowjobs, I would love to be able to keep any kind of bottoms. Actually I think we should be able to keep our bottoms during any pose that does not require access to vagina/penis/anal. Yeah, would be great. But for some reason devs are not adding limp cocks in the game, even if it seems like an obviously needed and pretty fundamental thing for sex-game. And without limp cocks there is no way to make cock visible under the skirt/dress, it would just go through.
  4. This forum half-dead most of the time. It was like this for a very long time. Nothing new about it, doubt it will ever change. I hope we'll get one of these cool updates Gizmo was talking about soon enough though and not end up abandoned or prolonged for months.
  5. Of course adding weather effects will make game better. It's more about: 1. If devs can or can not do it. 2. If they think its worth the time and work.
  6. Yeah not bug at all lol. Definitely does not look like one XD
  7. Because on January 21 Gizmo said that update will be in about a month? So its a middle of the February at best probably. Probably even later. Dunno what makes you think that we'll see any update this month. I mean maybe there will be some surprise little update, who knows, but I would not keep my hopes high about it. I just hope that these two updates Gizmo was talking about going to be a good ones and worth waiting. And well... Just going to be, in general.
  8. Yeah, maybe at least some approximate ETA. Like which quarter of the year or something like this.
  9. @Lexxxxi What a bullshit lol. You made some idiotic theory that divides all people in 2 categories just because it's easier this way for you, not because it has anything to do with reality. I actually was craving new updates less when I just started than now, when I am already two years in, because when I just started the whole sex/social game experience was a new and exciting thing for me and it was great as it is. I know people who here for less than half-year and don't care much about updates. I know people who here for several years and crave more new stuff. Take for exampl
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