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  1. So its not a science if you don't approve it? Just like... flat earthers, you know? Not a science if it... goes against your... ideology I mean... Who the fuck is World Health Organization, right? Some nonames I suppose. They definitely have no respect in a scientific area...
  2. @Tsela https://www.cbsnews.com/news/world-health-organization-removes-gender-dysphoria-from-list-of-mental-illnesses/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5860545/Gender-dysphoria-no-longer-considered-mental-health-condition.html Its kinda funny how you try to appeal to science when the modern science is not on your side. Yeah, though the thing is... You are the one who resembles a flat earther here, not the other way around.
  3. Nice lol An adult male person or person identifying as one. An adult female person or person identifying as one. I don't know.
  4. So if woman infertile - she is not a woman anymore? If man can't have children - he is not a man? Interesting definition, indeed. Would be very suitable... for, I dunno, 18th century? Not sure though, sounds pretty barbaric even for this age lol.
  5. True. I think I am done with this discussion. There definitely not going to be any kind of agreement along the different sides of argument, neither anything new and worthy generated.
  6. 1. Who cares what violent transphobes using to justify their violence? They are ALREADY violent transphobes. They became violent transphobes not because of some silly meme in the internet. And they will always find a justification for themselves, they don't need this meme, they can use anything else. 2. Even if, to some degree, this kind of meme can add some fuel to these menially ill people's hatred, its still not a reason enough (from my point of view at least) to censor it. We should not take away from ourselves to not provoke some little percentage of really twisted fucks. Aggressive / violent video games? Censor it, or some mentally unstable person can be provoked! Suicide themes in art / films / games / music? Censor these fucking artists, what if some vulnerable depressive emotionally unstable person will end up jumping under the train? Memes? Censor it, what if it will fuel someone's hatred? Fuck this shit, fuck censorship and fuck sheepish society that throws away the freedom in the name of new sanctity - safety! If someone commits violent crimes - throw this fuck in the jail. That's all. No need to take away people's freedoms. And yes, I know that there always be some very little percentage of really fucked in the head people who are not going to be stopped even by fear of life in prison. Yeah, it is so. World is not a perfectly safe place. Never have been. So what?
  7. Transphobia does not only mean fear, often (I would even say in most cases) its about dislike / hatred towards trans people. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/transphobia https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/transphobia I agree about political correctness though. Censorship will not bring us anywhere good. Maybe some EXTREME things should be censored, something like direct calls for violence, but "it's trap" is not even close to something like that.
  8. But if you going to call transwomen a "guys in the skirts" isn't it a bullying? I mean bullying does not have to be physical. And many, I am not dare to state "most", but many for sure, trans women are vulnerable persons. So your words about standing against bullying vulnerable persons sounds kinda... contradictory. And yes, I already can see that someone noticing contradiction in my position as well and they can say something like "But calling transwoman a "trap" can be considered a bullying too, why are you against removing the print from the game then?". But I'll explain. Because no one forcing people to use this print on their clothes. If someone self identify's as a "trap" (even if only in game) - they can wear it. Btw I would not be against "Queer" print as well. There are quite number of people who self-identify this way so why not, no one forcing others to use it.
  9. Good luck making it all in a few days lol
  10. Well, first of all, because most of the futa avis in game are not trans women irl. Woman with a cock is a pretty popular fantasy, and aside of actual trans women there a lot of bi-curious guys, sisses, crossdressers, femboys playing as one, and even bi women with fantasy of having cock playing as one. And all these people care for futa avis. Actually, some of real trans women playing as a biologic women in game, without any cock additions. Not saying that trans women don't play as a girls with cock in game of course. Everyone are different. Boy with a pussy... Well, very rare thing kink-wise and probably would be used only by actual FtMs. So... Low demand (I mean not how much it needed, but more like how much people would need it) - so not many people talking about it. I met couple FtMs here, but they were just playing as a man avis and seem to be happy with it. But of course I can't talk for others. A lot of non binary people here as well, but almost all playing as either girl with a cock or as a girl avi switching between vagina/penis based on the mood.
  11. Now, this IS transphobic. But I doubt it has anything to do with that meme print. Lexxxxi simply a salty, toxic, hatred driven bitch. Always has been, at least since I seen her on this forum.
  12. I don't think it was intentional. Most probably just a typo, 3dxchat developing team is very small, I don't think they have any dedicated testers in the team. There are typos even in bigger projects with bigger development teams. I play in one online game (not an adult one though) and just in last update there were couple of typos pointed on reddit. Better just report it as a bug. Well, I'll do so myself too when I'll be in the game, but I guess it will not hurt if you do so as well.
  13. Depends on the age of respondents a lot I think. Among the mature people who grew up on start wars films probably will be the first. Among the younger generation who grew up spending most of free time online - the second.
  14. Because real world violence has nothing to do with a silly internet meme. People may like or hate this meme, find it funny and cool or distasteful or even offensive, but its still just a meme. It's not a call to violence even if you for some reason want to show it this way. Real life violence is terrible but it has nothing to do with a meme inspired print on panties in a sex game. Most transphobic countries are not the ones where people spend the most time on internet, its countries with lack of liberal values among the majority of population, or the countries where homo and transphobia induced by most popular politicians rhetoric to gain more popularity among bigoted population instead of trying to educate them, or induced by religion.
  15. There is nothing wrong with being offended. Actually, everyone has a right to be offended. But... Being offended is not a reason to ask to take away people's freedom and bring the censorship. Or at least I believe so.
  16. I suggest adding "SLUT", "WHORE", "BITCH", "BIMBO" as underwear prints. Classic, I know And maybe something more nice too like "TASTY", "HOT", "Princess", "QUEEN", "KING", "Good girl", "Good boy". And maybe something nasty, but hot as well, like "CUMDUMP", "FUCKTOY", "CUNT", "FREE USE", "OWNED", "PIGGY", "SIZE QUEEN".
  17. No, I don't think that removing this print would lead to "sterilizing" the game. Actually, without this print alone game would be only better for my taste. A tiny little bit better, but still. But I think that removing a print because it offends someone would create the precedent. And since then everyone can ask to remove something that offends them using this precedent. Which eventually can lead to censoring game more and more. But I don't want to set such a precedent. "Slut" and "Whore" are being seen by some people as a slurs too. Sexists slurs, shaming women who like promiscuity in sex. And I like being called these names in a heat of hot sex, I want those on the clothes and collars. Yes, EVEN if it offends others. Same goes for rough sexual poses, with choking, slapping, physical domination. I want it. Even if it hurts someone's feelings and wakes up bad memories. I hate censorship, I love freedom. Freedom for me is much more important that safety (mine or other people's) from offensive content. That's why I don't think me and you can really come to an agreement, I think we just have different priorities and believes. I would not be. But not because its offensive tbh (and IT IS offensive, I am just say that its not the reason in my case) but because it can create so much outrage that it can lead to death of the game, companies (the one who host servers or BMT Micro) can refuse to work with SexGameDevil if it will become a scandal, etc. Some things better just not do in a first place. Like adding "N****r lover" print. Well, adding "IT'S A TRAP" print was a poor decision too in my opinion, though about this case I believe that removing will cause more potential damage than leaving it be.
  18. While in general I enjoy the new update a lot, I personally find "IT'S A TRAP" print pretty distasteful so is all this meme (Yeah, I know that irl it can be a serious issue, but in internet its mostly used a meme still). But, while I personally dislike this print, I don't think that removing it from the game would be a good idea. It would create an incident, where content can be removed because it offends someone. Then anything including the word "sissy" may end up removed as well because for some people this term is offensive/insulting slur too. Then it can be some rough poses with face slapping and choking because for some people it can wake up some pretty unpleasant memories of being raped. I don't want to play a "sterile" game where everything that is offensive for someone or some group is getting removed. For some people even words like "slut" and "whore" may be too offensive. So what? No one forcing you to use this print. You can even block people who are using it if it offends you. But censorship is a worst solution. Let this place stay free.
  19. Some of the earrings and a lot of rings are unisex or male ones. Hats are unisex as well, glasses - there are so much and for everyone. Shoes... girls got sandals and boots as well as men. Underwear... Well, yeah, in this department women got more, so what? Its always going to be this way lol. Its the same way irl or in most adult games, women underwear much hotter, of course its more of it than a men one. And yes, you can bring an argument like "We all pay the same subscription, why guys getting less" but well... There is no rule in ToS that would require devs to give same amount of clothes to both sexes.
  20. is it? I mean... It works the same way all the time, you change something with your avi, clothes or face or body, enter some room - and then when you next time load the game - you are having the same outfit you had before. Actually it might happen even without entering the room. Or you work in editor on the room, it also automatically saves your changes on the server from time to time. I mean it was like this always, no? I kinda... not sure how its possible not to notice it if you play for at least couple of weeks. Well, with clothes at least. With world editor of course its possible, many people don't use it. But most people having problems after changing their avi anyway, not room.
  21. That sounds kinda weird considering that it was half an year since previous update. Sounds like a pretty long time to me. And of course players want getting bugs fixed AND new stuff added. What's wrong with it? It's how it happens in most games. Not trying to bash devs though, new update is pretty cool, even if it took them so much time, and its indeed both fixes some bugs (clipping issues with jeans and sneakers at least) and adds a lot of new stuff. Plus its probably took them a lot of time to work on security issues, hope now things will go faster when they done with working on security of the game (I mean I hope they are done, for now at least ) and they will be able to spend more time on fixing old stuff and adding new content with new updates and maybe they will come much faster than a last one... Hopes, hopes
  22. Thank you for answer! Can't wait the new update to go live, it's pretty cool ❤ Love new lingerie, new prints and accessory system! And it's very nice that you are giving stuff to trans/futa/sissy community too. I am still having my hopes up for the piercings in future updates Hope the idea of bringing it to the game is not abandoned, it would be very hot!
  23. @Gizmo@Lisa Heya! I understand that you probably don't want to open test server for public like in the 2018, probably because of ill-intended people who can try to hack server defences with unlimited free accounts, not afraid to be banned. But why not open a test server just for current subscribers? With separate avatars and other data. 1. We could test all new stuff without afraid to get our avis on live server ruined. And yes, I know that its mostly people's own fault that they did not load reserve .avi files but hey... Still safer this way. 2. We could play together and give new update a stress-test. 3. Just in general I think people would be eager to play and test much more (and find more bugs in process) , if they can interact with each other.
  24. If I remember well it was a feature in Rochi's dll, not a basic game stuff.
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