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  1. No lol. Its not an "amazing" game its a shitty money grab with graphics level of early 2000's and shitty "free" to play policy where you need to pay for premium (which costs about as subscription in 3dxchat, though now when we have reduced prices - even more) to play properly and on top of it - pay for clothes, hairs, sex poses, basically for everything. And all that while having graphics like THAT:
  2. I hope they'll just add a "switch role" thing for FFF like we already have in FF. Letting you switch position with any of the remaining two partners.
  3. Yeah its definitely not going to scare away new players, when already on the stage of account creation they are getting proposed to be someone's child. In a sex game. Don't get me wrong, I am not kinkshaming here, as long as it just online roleplay at least, but no need to try making others involved in your kink.
  4. Its not a first time we waiting for an update for half year. I hope the update will be good and with nice amount of new content at least.
  5. I am pretty sure you have more than enough smarts to understand that if something getting used by a huge portion of playerbase - it will not lead to any serious ban. Becasue it would mean banning hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousands of players. And I am sure you are realised it these days before too. Gizmo would not just go and ban huge portion of playerbase, it would be insane and damaging for the game and he seems to be reasonable person. Me, probably you, and most people with some brain matter in their head was realising that days that rochi's .dll is kinda grey area, semi-legit territory, formally against the ToS, but in reality not a ban reason. Following ToS to the letter would not be good at all. Lets just check some ToS points: 2.01. Excessive profanity and inappropriate language is not welcome. So all the dirty talk in sex theoretically can lead to ban. 2.02. Insults, personal attacks, abuse or harassment are not tolerated on any level. "On any level". So even "abusive" RP with consensual partner can theoretically lead to ban. 2.04. Allusion of racial or national supremacy, as well as discriminative propaganda on any level is prohibited. Yeah, BBC rooms not gonna live well if follow this to the latter. Or at least many of these rooms' regulars. 2.17. Discussion of social, religious, political, illegal or other controversial topics that may create offense is prohibited. Almost all WC belongs in the ban too. If follow ToS to the letter - it would be enough to get in the ban more than half of the server's population. And its okay. TOS / EULA is always that way, it gives devs/moderators ways to protect the game. Its reasonable. But not every law should be followed to the latter. There is such a concept as "common sense". No need to ban people who are not harmful to others / to the game. I mean, a person got banned for not doing anything harmful (at least if they tell the truth, I can't know for sure of course, I don't know them personally) - and you trying to push them down. What do you get from giving such a response? Scratching your ego?
  6. Wow so much hypocrisy. Couple years ago, before the release of 64-bit client probably half of 3dxchat's population, or at least a very big part of it was using rochi's .dll because it was making game so much better. If you played back then, even if you did not use it personally - you all had friends who used it. And yes, it was against ToS too. Not like ToS changed since then. And its okay that people used it, because it did not really make any harm, it was only making the game experience better. Yet now you are shaming / attacking OP because they also just using some harmless modification that just improves graphics. I am strictly against any harmful invasions into game's client and hacks, but why are you being such a hypocrites and getting so bitter about someone just tweaking game's graphics?
  7. Well, I said about the slider because I have seen such a slider working somewhere... in a place that better don't name here to not give these dishonest people advertisement. I think you know what I am talking about. I mean if they could make it work, I hope our devs can do it as well.
  8. This probably could be very hot for people with a related kinks, but sounds like way too much work for it. Maybe a simpler solution would be more appropriate - like just adding a pregnant belly slider to female avi character editor. And people with corresponding kink could roleplay the other parts of this kink. For example, safe/unsafe sex - you can use a /roll command for it with your partner, deciding which numbers will mean impregnation.
  9. IF we ever going to have a volunteer WC mods there should be tight limitations to their power to avoid abusing it. 1. They should be able to impose sanctions only on people that wrote in WC, not on any avi they see. 2. Those sanctions should be limited to world chat ban. 3. They should have direct connection with devs to be able to send devs screenshots of most toxic behavior so people who are keep insulting others even after their pervious WC ban or just extra toxic (calling for violence, telling people to kill themselves irl, etc) can get a real ban, not just a chat one. But the decision about this ban should be a decision of SGD, not a moderator. And yes, I understand that with such little authority - there will not be much people who will want to apply on moderator position. But that's the idea. Power-hungry, ego-driven people should NOT apply to such a position. And if its the only kind of people who will want this position - better to not have moderators at all than have this kind.
  10. Sadly, in some services you actually can. In China they even have goverment-driven social rating. I just wish 3dxchat is not going share this vicious and straight up dehuminizing practice.
  11. So... if the game already has quite a lot of drama... then it will not hurt to add even more of it? Tbh I don't see how the advantages of this feature can outweigh the additional toxicity and drama it will definitely bring. I personally strongly against it.
  12. Every avatar on account can have their own spouse. Any gender combinations. But one avatar can have only one spouse, no multi-spouses.
  13. Yeah. They definitely should work on the pose menu, making a clear distinction between anal/vaginal poses and poses that require female partner to have a cock/strap-on.
  14. Well, I am not sure if devs care about game or not, I think its important for them at very least as an income source and anyway neither me or you cant get into their heads. But yeah, I agree that 3dxchat needs more love, more time and work invested in it, so it could bloom and be a better place (even if I love it as it is, I see how much unused protentional here, well, I think almost everyone sees it). And yes... updates are so slow, and I am not only talking about clothes and sex, but also quality of life futures - like the word filter you were talking about... But I honestly don't think we can do much about it. I mean we can complain here, but will it have any effect? The only somewhat effective way is stopping to pay/play - but... It can just kill the game instead of giving motivation to devs, so its not my way.
  15. I do understand that people are getting offended by reading World Chat. But I don't understand why people trying to make their problem (inability to just close it and don't look at it for whatever reason, maybe they are very emotional and easily getting hooked seeing some shit in chat) into a community problem (bringing mods who will either 1. Be able to abuse power. 2. Or... will cost money to devs). There are two easy solutions: 1. Option to hide world chat. To hide it completely in settings so it does not even appear on game load. 2. Complete removal of WC, its a fucking trash anyway.
  16. Well its not your own private forum neither the game is, so your desires and wishes has the same importance as the other paying customers, not less, but not more. If someone wants free speech in WC - they are entitled to have this opinion and voice it, as much as you are.
  17. Sad... Well, then I really don't know how to solve this problem without getting a new problem.
  18. It's not always possible to sort out wrong people on the pick. You'll need to constantly monitoring their actions to push the ones who want to abuse the given power away. And there a lot of power hungry, ego-driven people who are wish to be moderators. Not many people want to clean other's shit for free, just to create a better environment. Sometimes "nothing" is better than something. Honestly, if I'll have to chose between power abusing and hate-speech - I chose hate-speech. I can always block a toxic bully. But if I'll be on a wrong foot with some moderator - I don't want to be a victim of his ego and risk ending up in ban because he/she or his/her friends do not like me. I would like it.
  19. World Chat is disgusting in its current stage but I don't think its a reason to have moderators. Why? Because its either hired moderators - which means spending money and I am not sure a small company like SGD can afford these expenses... and even if they can - better spend those money for additional assets for the game... Or... if its not hired mods - its mods from the players. Which means some players will have a power to mute/ban others which almost 100% will lead to power abuse at some point. Better cancerous world chat than power abuse because its very easy to avoid WC and not so easy to avoid power abuse if you are end up in conflict with some mod.
  20. Why changing it? Better just add a new one. More variety = better.
  21. The question was not addressed to me, but I do have a different opinion. While your suggestion definitely sounds good, I don't think it has to be done. Because it would mean a lot of work for devs - to add alternative options for many clothes in the game. Even now we rarely getting new clothes. And if they will work on this feature - we probably will not see new clothes in a year or even two. And even after this we will have less new clothes because devs will have to make several models of some/many of them (at least two) - normal and pushed down / aside / ripped / etc. So if I would have to chose - to have more clothes or to have option to get panties/bra set aside and pants/jeans pulled down/ripped - I would chose more clothes. Simply allowing clothed sex is not perfect, but a real and simple solution.
  22. I believe its "sex positions" thread not a "posting sexy renders thread"?
  23. True! Though... Does a calm world chat really worth it? Having volunteer moderators from players may end up causing more drama and problems that WC could ever did. Giving some special people power over others can end up being a huge mess, especially if these people are hungry for power. And hungry for power people are exactly the type who probably will apply for moderator position first. Other thing is paid moderators, who don't involved in game itself and who going to lose their income if they fail too much. But... We are talking about small company with not that much financial resources and even if they have money to hire a mod - better push that money into development of the game. Buying more assets in unity store, hiring some part time artist, etc. I mean if people getting their mood ruined by reading WC and talking with trolls in it - there is a very easy solution - just don't open WC, don't waste your energy, time and nerves on this garbage.
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