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  1. Well, they are busy with a good and useful stuff too, like new clothing customization for example... But yeah, I don't understand why they can't give us an option to leave our clothes on during sex while we ask for it for years. I may be wrong, but I don't think its too much of a work if it could be added among many other futures with a Rochi's dll before.
  2. At least let us get clothes back on. I can accept that my skirt/pants/panties getting taken off when I am giving guy a blowjob (even if its very silly), but at least give me the option to quickly wear them back on - because now I have no option to do so.
  3. Pretty please? And just more aggressive / punkish hairstyles in general.
  4. Not personally into catch and fuck type of rooms, but more options for RP rooms including the block of free camera sure sounds very good.
  5. Yeah, I heard they don't. Just saying it would be nice.
  6. I don't care about SL. But we already have a precedent of stealing 3dxchat. If they'll steal the latest version of 3dxchat - the official version going to lose a huge advance over a pirated one. I am not against devs accepting stuff from the players who are willing to provide by the way. Like... 3d models of clothes, hairs, tattoos and stuff like that. But if you want 3dxchat to become open source you gonna get disappointed lol, I am pretty sure it will not be this way. They already made it less open for modification when they moved from 32 to 64 bit client.
  7. if the devs will open source the game, it will be stolen the very same day and they will lose a lot of players/income because of pirate servers which will be as good as official one with latest version of the game, but free.
  8. I think that outwear clothes (not only new jacket) should belong in their own category so they can be worn with top or bra being visible. First of all I am talking about these two: But our old jacket can potentially look good with some bras or tops too. Of course I understand that even with an open jacket and more so with overalls and regular jacket - some of the tops not going to work fine. But I guess devs can make it so some bigger tops like hoodie for example cant be visible under the outwear and some other tops models getting partially cut when its used with outwear. Plus I don't think that people want to be ugly themselves and gonna chose the clothes that look fine together. And also... a coat... I understand that it covers whole body and any top should stay hidden under it... Why I want it to be an outwear then? Well, for RP purposes mainly. When I am coming somewhere wearing a coat, I want to have some normal clothes under it, maybe even a dress - not just a set of bra and panties.
  9. They can look good with some stockings. Better put them in their own category and layer.
  10. You should probably write to the support and ask them to reset your avatar.
  11. Lets say its even 100.000 How much pics an average players has in their gallery? Yes, there can be some very old players who also maybe love making alts and they may have like 3 avatars and everyone has 10 pics and they have like 30 pics in total or even more. But its very little amount of people like this I guess. There is also can be someone who was playing just one month and all they have is 5 pics. There also can be an old player, but who don't do alts and just play one avi. Many different scenarios, but I don't think that if we take an average numbers - it will be more than 15 or so pics per person. So... 2 mbs per pic. 30 mbs per person in average. 0.03 GB. 0.03 GB x 100.000 = 3000 GB = 3 TB. Plus lets say a couple terabytes more for future. Is it too much? 5 TB is too much? Okay if its too much, there are other options. They can for example make a script that deletes gallery pics if person had no active subscription for year. It will limit the numbers very much. Down to like 20.000 I guess if not less. So it will be 0.6 TB for current people and maybe 1 TB in case online going to grow. 1 TB is also too much? Well if ONE additional TB of space is too much to spend to give more comfort and joy to paying customers... I dunno... That's just weird. I am, like many people here, using discord. Without nitro, I have a basic free version. Do you know how much space I used to upload pics and gifs there over the few years I use it? I honestly have no idea, but probably several GBs at best, maybe 10+ GBs or even more. It allows 8mb per one picture. For a free user. But in the same time I pay for 3dxchat - and asking to give me 2mb per pic in gallery where slots after 10th one cost terrible amounts of xgold is... too much?
  12. Its already enough to pay for gallery slots in geometric progression. I really never going to understand why its SO pricy while the final quality of images in our galleries are so low (Our pics getting compressed VERY hard). To save storage on server? What a bullshit, places like MEGA and some other file servers providing a few GBs of space for people for FREE, and here we, while being paying customers, cant even load our images in a good quality (which probably anyway would not take more than 100mb of space for the whole gallery. Hell, they could at least keep the original quality of the images, if its not bigger than 2-3 mbs which is only like 20-30 mbs for a 10 slot gallery!). And its all while to get a 11th slot (for example) we need to pay fucking 76800 xgold!! Honestly, I love 3dxchat, I play this game for almost 4 years, sometimes less, sometimes more, but generally its a very nice game/metaverse (call it how you prefer) and I love the idea of subscription/p2p - because its just much more fair than "free" to play games, but... The monetization in 3dxchat was always so weird. Insane prices on a shitty quality gallery slots, now insane prices to RENT, not even to get, but just to RENT, colorful names, room boosts that stop working the second when another person boost their room so you can spend 300 xgold for a few seconds of boost.
  13. The problem with this logic is that it can be used to justify anything related to xgold. Even adding clothes / poses for xgold. Like... "Oh? You want this dress that costs 20k? No one forces you to invest any money aside of your subscription fee! Just wait 2 months and its yours! Oh, you also want these new sexy heels? Well I am sorry its 50k, so yeah, 5 months waiting... But hey, no one forces you to pay!" I mean it works same way in many mobile games where you can instantly get something that others need months to achieve. So I really hope that this microtransactions system not going to be extended further.
  14. I don't see him proposing to remove two way portals.
  15. I like that idea. I think it also would be nice to add an option to disable flying camera in the room's settings to create a more immersive, realistic and private experience. I know that some people probably would dislike it, but hey... no one forcing them to stay in such a room.
  16. I hope it's never going to come to this.
  17. Uhm... And why should it matter what kind of cock these guys have irl? Its not like there is some rule about making an avatar looking the same as the real physical body of the person who plays that avatar. As long as its not getting grotesque and stupid huge to the point when its not working well with poses, its fine I think.
  18. Do they really? I see very little amount of people with colorful names.
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