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  1. Dude. What is your problem @Kemistry ? You don't have anything better to do ? Every bit of time you spending on talking shit like this is wasted time in my opinion. I just realize that saying this to you is wasting time for me too. And you know that this is public right @Kemistry .. so everyone can read the BS your talking. Good luck and have fun. With much love DyllanD
  2. Hello everyone ! Don't forget it's party night. Feel free to come and dance with us.
  3. This Thursday @ Devine Pleasure i will play a 2 hour set. Be sure you be there so you don't miss out. Dylland1.mp4
  4. @Feuermond Serious ? You have nothing better to do than complain ? I think the game Rust will be perfect for you. Lot's of toxic people there. Have a good day.
  5. @ColinDude Your site is the best invention since Viagra !
  6. Hey Shane. I don't think it is about world chat. I have seen proof of people reporting an add that was made in local chat and then reporting it as spam in WC. They just only send as print of the actual add to 3dx without the whole chat window. That is how these loosers report people.
  7. Try to make the group you are in drama free first Talking about false accusations and drama.
  8. "just anything that starts with drama" .. so you are judge and jury now ? or the 3dx police ? Maybe they don't like you at 3dx because you complain so much ... because when i send an email to 3dx they respond mostly within 24 hours. They are very kind to me in their mails and help me.
  9. Nope. i don't think that is positive. Best solution : write an email to 3dx support. Explain the situation. Ask for proof. And ask the that the false reporter gets banned. Now, as soon as I see a drama in the world chat, I will report directly no matter what it will be like a drama, since some people have fun doing it, I will also have fun, at least those who will be blocked for certain days you will be the one who did that! and i invited all people make that for a true reason this times. you go and be salty and report people too and join the rest of the salty people
  10. And FYI. False reporting people should be heavy punished with a long ban so the person who false reported is reminded of what a looser he/she actually is. Yes .... you heard me right!!! You are a looser if you false report !
  11. Like you say. If the game was free you would complain less. Meaning you would still complain. Try to see things from the positive side instead of complaining. Or maybe try Rust. You will feel right at home there.
  12. High fives @Madalyn
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