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  1. Hi 3dx players, This Sunday 14 march we organize a Sunday evening party at the Alando Palais. Line-up : Dj Sinja 20:00-21:00 Dj Front 21:00-22:00 Dj Delight 22:00-23:00 Dj Chloe 23:00-24:00 Special thanks to the TMF dancers and Sinja for the room.
  2. Small mistake in the left corner. Starting at 8PM ofcourse !
  3. @NoirDesire First of all i want to say i love your surveys. Maybe a good idea to a survey what hardware people are using. If they play multiple accounts the same time If they are using wifi or cable connection to the router. etc etc. Some devices switch band for example. If there is package loss then 3dxchat will give the disconnect message. There are so many variables that can cause problems. For now i only see people having problems and everyone looking at @Gizmo to fix them. Many people use old hardware. "don't expect to move mountains with a lego bulldozer"
  4. @Rand You are right. Mostly that is because we are talking with text only. Mistakes are made fast. People don't hear intonation of the voice neither face expression. In the long run it is important to have fun. Gather people around you that you feel safe / good with. People who take you who you are. People who take the time to listen to you when you try to explain what you feel. In RL people write whole books about feelings that can be understood with just one look in someone's eyes. A feeling you both understand when you look at each other. In 3dx that is missing and people don't
  5. With time i will post who i forgot ... first in mind .. Galaxxxy
  6. Hello everyone, I am very greatful for knowing you all. This way is my way of saying thanks to everyone. Happy Christmas and an amazing 2021 Greetz Dyllan ! 1830038867_thankyou3dx.mp3
  7. Fake... we talking about fake ? His dance group are some avi's. True. Sasha .... He ain't no fake. You ? For all i know you are ... (and i will use your own words...) a 64 old whore from Bochum. And how about "Virtual Dj" is that your avi ?
  8. I can agree with most you say @Kemistry. That is why i started 3dxlive. But when you make it personal. That is where i come in place. And i will be straight to you .. as i always was and always will be. You mentioned Devil Dancers specifically .. and then said "people who create whole dance groups of fake accounts only with the sole purpose to raise the visitor number of their location". You assume. And you know what they say about assume. Assume makes Ass out of u and me. In this case more you than me. You don't know Sasha. You have never talked to him. You just judge. You
  9. Dude. What is your problem @Kemistry ? You don't have anything better to do ? Every bit of time you spending on talking shit like this is wasted time in my opinion. I just realize that saying this to you is wasting time for me too. And you know that this is public right @Kemistry .. so everyone can read the BS your talking. Good luck and have fun. With much love DyllanD
  10. Hello everyone ! Don't forget it's party night. Feel free to come and dance with us.
  11. This Thursday @ Devine Pleasure i will play a 2 hour set. Be sure you be there so you don't miss out. Dylland1.mp4
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