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  1. I think there is a miscalculation. The price is not half the old price but more than 20 times cheaper. Old price 1.248.000 gold / year New price 65.000 once.
  2. Looking forward seeing everyone tonight ! Kiss D
  3. Thursday 17 June, starting at 20:00 CET we welcome you at The Airport 4 hours, 4 dj's and the best music. The party will be held in the Milliways VIP Lounge Dj Katka - DyllanD - Dj Felia and LizzSmexy See you all tomorrow See the full promo :
  4. YESSS MIOBI!!!! I am looking forward to it. Amazing to have so many dj's. Hope to see you all tomorrow !
  5. It was an amazing party @Felia and @chloe ! Thanks, Dyllan
  6. @Kemistry Congratulations with your magazine. It looks really amazing. And i respect all the work that has been put into it. You, being someone who is a master at telling what others do wrong or what others can do better... At least run the text through spelling check of MS Word next time. I am sure that Google Docs & Open Office have this functionality too. With love, Dyllan
  7. Instead of letting one person win 3 x 6 month you could also let 3 people win each 6 month of game time @Kemistry Just food for thought.
  8. Dear community, I have read all of your posts. I would like to try to give you my thoughts about it. @Gizmo designed an amazing game. He is a dev. But he is also owner of 3DXCHAT. As owner of my own company (RL) in know how it is to run a business. Especially if you have to do it alone or with one partner. Then work is hard. You have to be Dev, Marketing Manager, Project Manager and accountant at the same time. (and even more) There are just so many hours in a day. Designing and doing the upkeep and bugfixes in a game like 3DXCHAT is hard work. Then an oportunity comes by where Lovense and 3DXCHAT partner up. That means a lot of programming to integrate Lovense into the game. Having to find a way where hosts or dj's would get all the same chance would bring so much extra work that it is impossible to integrate this into the time there is to arrange the partnership party. The most logical was to pick people who set up the event between 3DXCHAT and Lovense. 3DXCHAT has an amazing community. And 3DXCHAT is growing. More opportunities like this will come in the future. Hope you understand the situation and support 3DXCHAT and Lovense this friday and help 3DXCHAT grow even more. Dyllan
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