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  1. stream works for me in game
  2. @Diana Prince Yes MyRadioStream should be fine
  3. I have a question. Does no one have sound in your room @Hincholas ? Or some users ? Some streams have limited numbers of users that can listen to the stream.. if that is on max some users might not hear music. Just asking
  4. Hello @Lisa How does .... Buy XGold for other players .....Not conflict with what is in your rules ? Because according to your rules if someone asks for gold it's against the rules. Why did you implement this option ? Can you give us some thoughts behind it ? 2.06. Begging/Soliciting in any form is prohibited in all game chats and channels. Begging/Soliciting includes but is not limited to: requesting users to transfer real money to the virtual wallet, asking for additional credits, and requests to transfer game gold. Also... it says Donate to the creator. Many rooms are not made by the host. So i think this is wrong. Then it should be Donate to the host. All world visitors will see a button that allows donating to the creator of the world:
  5. Hello @Gizmo and @Lisa I am replying to your message that daily rewards are fixed and working fine now. Thumbs up for that. But how about the rewards that i missed every day that i was online during test server and not online when servers went down ? Do we get gold compensation too ? Please respond because i am not the only person in game who asks this question. Dyllan
  6. Oh ok. i didn't know that .. no bueno
  7. Serious .. i dont know what WBC is
  8. @Lisa @Gizmo People who are in building editor are not kicked out of the game and are still connected. Can you do something with this information ? Greetz Dyllan
  9. chill .. servers are running again
  10. What are you saying ? you are ruining the game for other people now ?
  11. Relax... it will all work out!
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