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  1. Finde es heraus..........😝 Possiamo parlare anche in italiano. Spero che capisca quanto siano stati ridicoli i suoi commenti.
  2. du gloaa wicht kimmsd dia wohl aa ziemlich schlau do voa, oda? Wenn eppa auf deitsch frogt, dann bekimmd ea vo am deitschn Thread Eastäia a Antwoad auf deitsch. Wenn 's dia ned gefoid, dann lese 's oafach ned. Osonsdn bisd du aa grod so a gloae Blake, da ihr schbuizeig weg gnomma wurde und jetz do im Foarum oan auf Moaalapostl mimt. Im übrign is dei Koaeanisch ziemlich oafach zua übasetzn. I bezweifl moi, dass des vo am koaeana stammt. In da Regl is de Satzstäiung vo oana Fremdsproch übasetzt ins Deitsche niemois so gramadikalisch einwandfrei wia dei ogeblichs Koaeanisch. Ach jo, i schreibe do auf Deitsch, weil i 's konn, gloaa. back to the topic. I hope you could be helped.........Ich hoffe, Dir konnte geholfen werden @AmeyBlack
  3. ok guys, the BUNKER will be closed in August. The crew is in vacation mode. We wish all Hardrock fans a great time and we are looking forward to see you in September. Stay healthy hug & Kisss CHLOE & FELIA
  4. really great Job.....I watch it over and over again.....big hug for you ❤️
  5. What a great party last night. Thank you all for coming. It was great fun celebrating the 5th anniversary of the ROCK BUNKER Club with you all. Special thanks to our 3 DJ's XANAR, VenomousVixens, my treasure CHLOE and our dance group SIRENS & SAILORS. You were fantastic. Big thank you to BeatMaster for the VID for the 5th anniversary of the BUNKER Club. see ya all in the next Time Hugs....... CHLOE & FELIA
  6. what a awesome BUNKER Party last night. thank you all for coming. It was a lot of fun.

    1. Davi


      was a great party and WOWWWWWWWWW 5 years lol

  7. Yeah.....Today is the day of days. 5 years Rock Bunker Club in 3DX 

    1. chloe


      WOOHOOOOOO... can't wait :)


    2. VenomousVixens



      What she said!! Can't wait!!!💖🤘

  8. Yeah.....Today is the day of days. 5 years Rock Bunker Club in 3DX 🤘
  9. Many thanks to @BeatMasta for this great vid for the 5th anniversary of ROCK BUNKER! Danger Zone Club. Thanks to all DJs, supporters, friends and guests who have accompanied us all these years. Hope to see you all at the BUNKER Party. 🤘
  10. every day the same shit with the server crash 😠

  11. congratulations on your wedding. hugs 🤗
  12. We had a wonderful Party yesterday. The Club was very well attended throughout. Chloe and I would like to thank all the guests and friends who came in such large numbers and stayed until the club closed at 2.45am. Thanks also to Gizmo that the server did not go down 😀 Special thanks to my DJ's MartinP, Xanar and my treasure Chloe. Your mixes with different styles were so great. See you hopefully at the next Party at......... BUNKER- DANGER! ROCK ZONE since 5 years ROCK BUNKER Club Happy Weekend to all............. hugs CHLOE & FELIA
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