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  1. @Jade Kali, your sick brain is very well suited for the research of human abysses. You were the only member BANNED from BUNNy BOT. You have massively and repeatedly insulted admins. You have massively violated the rules. My god, your brain is so full of hate. You keep twisting facts. You identify yourself through 3DX. Your pathetic real life must be hell. I actually just feel sorry for you. Do something sensible here for once and just stay away from us, ok. Thanks.......
  2. gratz BUNNY BOT Admin XANAR and CHLOE.....awewome work
  3. A particularly beautiful moment was the marriage of CoraGaga and DaniEstrella. Congratulations to both of you on your wedding. It was a special honor for me that you got married in the BUNKER. Hugs & Kisses
  4. We had a consistently very high attendance yesterday. Even the server crash couldn't stop our party at the BUNKER. I was really exhausted after 2.5 hours of making music, but super happy. We closed the club at 2:30 and sent 50 happy people at home. A great night celebrating the 6th anniversary of the club. Thanks to all the guests and friends who came and supported us. Thanks also to the dance team SIRENS & SAILORS. Your performance is as always a pleasure. Many thanks to my DJ's Alizee, FrontDE and my treasure Chloe. You guys are the Best. Huggiez CHLOE & FELIA
  5. In 2 days it's that time again. The bunker opens the doors. It will be a special event. The original Rock BUNKER is celebrating its 6th anniversary. Chloe and I invite you and look forward to seeing you there. Hugs........ CHLOE & FELIA
  6. What a great party night last night. The club was very well attended throughout. We had to spontaneously extend yesterday by an hour and a half and closed the club only around 2.30am. Many thanks to my sweetheart Chloe and Xanar. A special thanks to DERAI from the Dangerous Divas for her great rock mix. Of course this party would be nothing without our friends and guests who celebrated the night with us in such numbers, thank you guys. Next month there will be a special Original Rock BUNKER Party. More information will follow. Until then, everyone stay healthy and...... rock it 🤘 hug &
  7. congratulations to the Dev's of BUNNY BOT. Eleven more new groups within a month using Bunny Bot for event announcement. Wohoooo...... this is a great success and Discord has verified BUNNY BOT as an official Bot. This is really a great achievement. Keep up the good work 👍
  8. Guten Morgen, ich und Chloe wissen sehr genau, welchen BUNKER Club du mit dieser Anspielung meintest. Wir werden hier mit Sicherheit in keine tiefere Diskussion mit Dir / Euch einsteigen, unsere Meinung dazu ist bekannt, aber vielleicht gehen auch Deine Party Ankündigungen ohne Stichelein gegen andere. Nur meine bescheidene Meinung......ach ja, dass DU und dein Umfeld meinen Club seit Monaten nicht mehr sehen könnt, liegt wohl auf der Hand, wenn ich den Club hoste oder 😉 Aber ich versichere Dir, der Club ist jeden Monat geöffnet 🙂 In diesem Sinne einen schönen Tag noch...........
  9. That was a nice party last night. I had a lot of fun. The club has a great atmosphere and should definitely be reopened. hug & Kisses Felia
  10. once again for you @Kemistry .....You have supported these people. you do not care which post with which topics are pending. Your dirty opinions and subliminal stings are always the same. You mention my name or my club, I react to it, notice you it. over and out..........
  11. I will refrain from replying to your post............ I will tell you in german now @Kemistry ...... Was hast du an diesen Worten nicht verstanden???? Leave me or my club out of your dirty quotes or opinions, otherwise...... Action - Reaction. and now pls....... back to the TOPIC
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