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  1. Thank you Xanar for this great idea. We wish you and all our friends a peaceful and quiet X-MAS season. Hugs CHLOE & FELIA
  2. Thank you to all our guests and friends for celebrating with us for so long yesterday at the ROCK BUNKER. The club was on fire from 9pm until 2am. Awesome, it was so much fun. Many thanks to our dance group SIRENS & SAILORS for their excellent show. Our special DJ guest Seherezade had his premiere in the club yesterday and immediately became the new resident DJ in the BUNKER crew. Congratulations Zade. The UMBRELLA crew wishes everyone a great weekend
  3. that was a great event. It was a lot of fun. The summer can begin
  4. Today is the day of days again..... it's Friday and party time at the original ROCK BUNKER. The steel door opens at 8.30pm
  5. Today is the day of days again..... it's Friday and party time at the original ROCK BUNKER. The steel door opens at 8.30pm

  6. I step on your dirty feet more than you want to admit to yourself here. The point is that it simply annoys you to get so much headwind. There are many rock clubs, that's true, but you can't participate in "THIS" rock club. As I said... live with it and maybe you will rethink your way of dealing with players here. You will never enter my club in this virtual life. But I'm glad if you are so interested in my life and club. Oh, it's an honor for you on sitting my Black List? LMAO..... you sitting quite lonely and abandoned on my BL, where such people like you belong. Have a nice day and end of attention for you.
  7. This MIOBI was something special. The event ran over 3 days, the BunnyBot Airport was inaugurated and 20 DJ's had to be coordinated. This could only be accomplished together by a great team led by Chloe. The success of this event was made perfect by the fantastic DJ's. All the effort was worth it, people got to know other DJ's through MIOBI and friendships were made. The goal of having a great time together was achieved. Thanks to Chloe, Front, Xanar, Dyllan, Delight, Icarus, the two dance teams Sirens & Sailors and Moonlight Stars and all the DJ's for this great event. A special thanks to all the guests and friends who celebrated with us in such large numbers over the 3 days. We are already looking forward to next year's MIOBI 2022. hugs CHLOE & FELIA
  8. Today is now the 3rd day of a fantastic event. MIOBI takes place today at NEW BASEMENT. I am sure that also today all DJ will give their best. I can't wait and look forward to all guests, friends, dancers and DJ's. See you at the NB Club.
  9. @Kemistry..... Kemistry.....yes i own a club, just what does that have to do in any way with your smear sheet? what does that have to do with you spreading fake news in your magazine? Are you running out of arguments? That's the way it is with people who don't know what to do. Then you just babble bullshit to distract from the actual topic. Oh yes, it annoys you that you are on my black list and my ROCK club may not enter..... I'm sorry for you, but so my club remains clean. Oh yeah, I told your partner the same thing when she asked me if I would remove you from my black list. No way for you .... live with it.... and yes, I'll keep stepping on your toes.
  10. @kemistry......You and your filthy rag have gotten enough attention now. If you continue to spread false information about people who have not given you permission to report on them, I will step on your toes until they are flat, got it. And honestly: I don't need your permission for anything.............. Lmao.....her serious @Kemistry? very interesting to read from you. You take the right to report on every player without permission? I'm very curious to see how many players put up with that. I'm already looking forward to the shitstorm.
  11. You and your stupid counter questions to questions. Your communication scheme is always the same and so easy to see through. You spread false information without having the permission of the people concerned to publish anything. That is the fact here. Again, if you are going to spread your dirty information in your smear sheet, at least do it professionally. Fake news remains fake news. You never had permission to report. That is a fact.
  12. For having such a big mouth here, you don't even admit your mistakes. You are so pathetic, but everyone here knows that by now. To blame it on an informant is very embarrassing as the person responsible for a magazine. You are spreading fake news in your so great magazine, and that is a fact. your task is to report truthfully, not to have others prove the opposite to you. think about it, if you are able to recognize it.
  13. what an overwhelming party night at ROCK BUNKER......The BUNKER Team Chloe, Xanar, CoraGaga and I say thank you to all our friends and guests for coming out so many yesterday. Thank you also to our dance group SIRENS & SAILORS. Your versatile and perfect performance delighted each and every guest. We look forward to opening the BUNKER Club for you again next month. Until then, stay healthy everyone and see you...... Hug CHLOE & FELIA Note..... the workmen will hopefully have repaired the burst water pipe by the next party.
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