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  1. great Place Thamea.......I can hardly wait to see this location live
  2. Those were 2 great party evenings in NEW BASEMENT. Many thanks to all DJs who were there. You are makers. There were great live Performence and Mixes thereby. Special thanks also to Xanar, which moderated the evenings live. Thank you my darling for all the work and time you invested in this event. hug Felia
  3. R.I.P. Eddy van Halen......your Rock Music will never die. 

  4. ......then a warm welcome to the Live DJ Event MIOBI.
  5. Thank you so much all DJ's, friends, SIRENS & SAILORS and Guest, who celebrated with us yesterday. A special thanks to our special DJ guest JessicaX. Your Rock Mix was great. See you at the next Party. hugs CHLOE & FELIA
  6. Woohoooo we have a B-Day DJ tonight. Happy Birthday Arran 😘
  7. Only humans can insult us. You certainly do not count among them little old man @R0bT
  8. Server up and down......what Kind of shit is this? 

    1. Davi


      Yes quicker then a whores knickers over last few days lol

  9. The BUNKER crew is back and ready for the next Party at ROCK BUNKER! DANGER ZONE 5 Years ROCK B U N K E R
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