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  1. Thanks @ColinDude for the heads up. I can also confirm that 3DX now isn't being blocked / deleted anymore by Kaspersky...
  2. Thanks for sharing that! I also ran into this issue yesterday and found out that I could actually reduce the exclusions for 3DX even a bit more. As I don't have any English interface either here where I changed what: Kaspersky => Cogwheel (lower left corner) => Enhanced (last left menu item) => Threats and Exclusions => Specify Trusted Applications ==> Add 3DXChat.exe with "Do not monitor application activity" settings only Kaspersky => Cogwheel (lower left corner) => Protection (2nd left menu item) ==> Web-Anti-Virus ==> Enhanced Settings (at the bo
  3. @ColinDude - really great work! Fantastic! Just wondering if the Uptime should be updated continuously - to me it looks like the value didn't change since the last status change - which would be a bit misleading...
  4. Hi Folks, Can anybody please be so kind to explain why - and under which conditions - the proposed usage of a VPN would help to ease the issues most of us are facing? I have some understanding of what a VPN is, how it basically works and how it's usually being used (establishing connections into a company network, circumvent geo-blocking, privacy aspects) - but I really don't get how a VPN that wouldn't include 3DX as an endpoint could help... Why and how would a VPN remediate DC's that seem to affect everybody as we noticed repeatedly lately...? Why and how would a VPN hel
  5. You are perfectly right - but you miss one point: Please define what is "standard". To me it's a question of time until peeps might take the effort to give up something they loved - once the alternatives seem to be more attractive (for what reason ever eg. features or simply stability). When this point in time arises, when pain gets too much, is another question (and probably very much up to the individual) - but it usually happens after they started to complain.... The more the "level of noise" should be taken in consideration as well... (BTW - calling those fools who believe lo
  6. I agree they should - but writing in a forum where hundreds of posts are are being made every day - or putting it directly on their desk could hopefully make a difference...
  7. I partially agree MeiLing - but I am convinced that if they are still fighting issues (as you assume?) then it's very much about shaping expectations. The "Keep quiet, be patient and be grateful for what you get" approach only works to some extent - especially if it's not about additional features but about basic functionality. While there have been improvements, communication hasn't often been their major strength - but if customers should have understanding, then they need to know what to expect. Releasing new functionality isn't really telling to be prepared for continuous nagging
  8. Guys, There is a lot of frustration for many due to the current situation and I fully understand everybody who is expressing this here on the forums. What I am wondering though is if things is also reported through http://3dxchat.com/support/ ? As we can't tell if or when the posts on the forum are being read by the Devs / Support, I'd assume taking the official approach might make most sense to raise awareness properly. I just sent this: Yes, I know there is no guarantee that this will help any better - but I guess it's the best we can do... - the more do, the bett
  9. Further feedback as I couldn't help but gave the uninstallation and reinstallation of the Visual C++ redistributable packages a try as well: Apart from the fact that finding the latest package versions wasn't really easy for me (although the link Mikey shared above was a great starting point) the outcome was sadly no breakthrough. I did try saving and loading Home files, after I had uninstalled all Visual C++ redistributable packages (with subsequent reboot) - but faced the same errors again (although it took some time). Afterwards I reinstalled the latest versions of the respecti
  10. Just for additional Input / as feedback: I basically now tried to install 3DX on a blank Win 10 Pro installation (1903 Build 18362.387) - no Visual C++ redistributable package there. 3DX itself doesnt install any C++ redistributable package either. Despite this I still happened to run into exactly the same errors as above (once out of a couple of trials). Based on this I am having a really hard time to believe in a linkage between the 3DX behaviour and the Visual C++ redistributable packages existing at other installations. I hope you agree that under these conditions a reinst
  11. Thanks for taking a look into this Mikey! I did run a full DISM/SFC cycle - things are reported to be good. Same applies to a chkdsk /f - all clean. So what remains are a 4 Visual C++ redistributable packages - both x86 and x64 - no idea which installation did bring those along. Honestly I am pretty scared of simply trying to remove them and try to reinstall - not having any idea what else might be impacted then. Seeing the same behaviour on 2 different machines, 3 installation, one just 1.5 months old I am also having a hard time to not link this to 3dx - especially as the e
  12. I am also randomly experiencing problems with saving my home to a file (looks like it’s more likely to run into these issues when storing/loading those files using network drives, but happens as well using local drives). I tried to do the following to get rid of this: - Set Filebrowser.exe as exception in my Virusscanner - Set an exception for Filebrowser.exe in the Firewall - Set an exception for FileBrowser.exe in Acronis Active Protection - Set 3DX to start with Admin Privileges (not possible for Filebrowser / Patcher though) Might be,
  13. Thanks for pointing this out MeiLing - hope this helps to have it fixed soon. What confuses me though is, that it looks like only public places are affected... at least I couldn't observe the same with my private stream in my home...
  14. Noticing those sound drops on pretty much every public place as well. At some places it takes longer until they occur, at others just a very tiny bit... I haven't had any drops in my home yet listening to my private stream...
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