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  1. Welcome in the heart of Atlanta to fly with us into a Trance Night in the breathtaking Atlanta Club from White Clubs with WhiteXQueen, DJaven, Dota, ZhaNee & Laos.
  2. Crazy industrial-retro-psy club sound from Animay, Naglfar and Dota in a spectacular club down the rabbit hole on a magic island.
  3. A psychedelic journey with Dota & Laos playing sound in the sign of the ॐ
  4. When a quiet evening turns into a wet summer party. Thank you for this extraordinary night.
  5. Come together to dream and float. Pussy Quiet chills in a wonderful ambience with the beautiful sound of Biest, Dota & Danididit.
  6. Cool & cozy chilling on an enchanted isle with the sweet sound of @Animay, @MuffinPie & @Dota.
  7. Pussy Quiet on a trip, watch out for the ghost of Hanky-Spanky. Chillout and adventure with the affectionate sound of Naglfar, Mulan, Hazy & Dota.
  8. Feel the deep vibes of the beautiful Lake Keely. Dive with us into the dreamy and trippy sound of Dota, Eva Darkangel & Animay.
  9. Under the lighthouse we will gather to listen to some of our favorite quiet albums. Animay, MuffinPie, Naglfar, Mulan and Dota have chosen artists to chill and dream with you.
  10. The Enterprise is fully equipped, with a bridge, a warp core, crew rooms for your privacy, an infirmary for all cases and much more. The canteen is already prepared for a hot disco night. And there are some secrets and mysteries on board.
  11. Let us beam you up on the Enterprise for a whacky Disco in space. Feel the sleazy and spacey Disco sound of Naglfar, Animay, Dota & Hazy.
  12. Join our psychedelic journey with deep and trippy Psytrance of Dota and MelisaHoney.
  13. This Sunday will be our first Pussy Quiet this year. Meet us at the beautiful Lake Keely again with the dreamy and trippy sound of @Animay, @Mulan and @Dota.
  14. Floating in the Clouds with fluffy soundtracks of @Dota, @Mulan and @Animay.
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