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  1. Very much support this, clothed blowjobs should be implemented! Merry Christmas!
  2. Hello hotmaya, this is the basic text file on building. World Editor - 3DXChat Learning Center - 3dxModz There are several introductions on Youtube to be found as well. Happy building!
  3. Agreed, have had that experience too. Copy and paste included.
  4. Something like a tab-function to change from first-to-third person at the start of your sentence would be grand indeed. Supported!
  5. Dear Developers, I wish you and the whole community here jolly festive days! On my wishlist * the ability to choose what clothes to keep on while engaging in sex! (used to be a mod for this but haven't seen anymore since bigger graphic update a longer while ago). * I'd love to be able to give boobjobs, players often want to roleplay it out, so it's a pretty popular addition pose (hard to program I assume, but still!) * more latex, pvc and leather garments, shiny surfaces is the way to go! Example: the tubeskirt attached. Much oblige!
  6. In any setting that encourages roleplay, weather effects add to the fun/drama, so yes, would be great!
  7. Same issue here, no music in Editor unless it's the music from last room visited, for me. Music in actual rooms tends to fall off more than before as well.
  8. Awesome, and indeed would like to see & know more, very K-pop that choreography!
  9. Hey there, while I agree at large with your statement, I do manage to find decent -indecent- roleplay often enough still, but it takes me effort in making contact. Bit of a trial and error, but can be surprising what roleplay can happen after poking such -standing around- folks Anyway, I hope you find more roleplay soon & keep the faith in it!
  10. Dancing is probably my biggest attraction to various music styles. And to deal with different moods. There is this balance in my listening, that swings a spectrum from uplifting tunes to downright doom-inspiring agression. I love it!
  11. The weekly trance-room by DJ Bonniemonella is always awesome, high spirits, a driven crowd. Truely fun atmosphere, with people just staying till the very end
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