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  1. Because EVERYONE seems to be having difficulty with this, PLEASE NOTE: we are NOT HIRING PORNSTARS, ESCORTS, CAMGIRLS AND MODELS. We are INTERVIEWING THEM for a show. A ONE-TIME thing. You come in. You get interviewed, you leave. Oh my god you people love to just read what you want and ignore the rest don't you...
  2. We've reached 30+ employees and on Monday, November 16th we will have been open for 1 month! To celebrate we're having an office party in our newly remodeled employee lounge! This Friday, November 13th through Sunday, November 15th. Food, drinks, music, dancing, newly expanded hot tub.
  3. Between The Sheets with Erica Hunter Episode 1 Erica chuckles softly and rolls her shoulders back, arching her back slightly to push up her bust for the camera before putting on a beautiful model grin and speaking up, "Hi everyone, I'm Erica Hunter, CEO and founder of Hunter Media, and I'm here tonight with my co-founders and good friends: Talon Dade and Lucilla Ripley!” Talon nods to the center camera and gives a slight smirk, while Lucilla looks at the camera with a big bright smile, giving it a little playful wave. “So, I'd just like to take this time to introduce everyone to you two and talk about how we came to work together! Lucilla? Tell a short story about your life after high school leading up to you founding Hunter Media with me.” Lucilla nods, looking between the two and the cameras with a smile. ”Of course. A lot of this is public but after high school I ended up getting into an amazing school in Zurich for Architecture and Design, so I made the big move to Europe. I’m always feeling the need to be over-busy so I took more classes and I ended up getting into business, around the same time I also ended up getting into modeling thanks to the help of Erica, I've done that on and off throughout school and since. But after school I got a really good job in building design... skip forward awhile and some unnecessary details but I was going through a difficult time and Erica and Hunter Media opened a door for me and provided me with this great opportunity." Erica grins and nods to Luci, "Great, and how about you, Talon?" Talon clears his throat quietly, pulling his eyes away from Luci after she finishes speaking and hears Erica's voice, "Umm, let's see... I went to Vice City Community College and studied Music Production Technology while working freelance in live sound and online doing mixing and mastering. I did some recording engineering as well... but umm..." he nods slowly, chewing his lower lip a moment, "All that alone wasn't really paying the bills, as much as I'd like it to, so... Erica came and asked me to come help her with this company, and told me I'd get to really put my skills to use and of course..." he gives the slightest shrug and smirk as he looks over at Lucilla, "Get to hang out with Luci again, so... I jumped at the chance, and here I am..." Lucilla looks down smiling as she nervously bites at her bottom lip before lifting her head back up after composing herself for the cameras as she watches on. Erica smiles happily and nods to Talon, "Great! And tell me what do you look forward to doing at Hunter Media, Talon?" Talon shakes his head slowly as he thinks, looking down into the water of the hot tub, "Oh you know, just getting to compose music for a living that everyone's going to get a chance to hear is a dream-come-true for me, but I definitely am also a big believer in Erica's philosophy of making sex less of a taboo and more of something everyone can talk about and share and be less uncomfortable about. I mean, we all do it, we all watch it, we all have companies using it to sell us products but we never really talk about it, so I think getting to be part of something that's working to change that is what I'm looking forward to the most." Erica looks very pleased with Talon's response and turns to Luci, "And how about you?" Lucilla, taking a deep breath, looks on "It's exciting everyday getting to come in and meet and the bright new faces coming in getting to meet them all. Sharing in a vision of something I stand behind with people that are important to me right now, I also can't wait to get on the road and see even more of the world and meet with some of the top companies in the world on our behalf and to everything I can to grow the company." Erica lets out a soft chuckle as she nods, "Well those are both fantastic answers. So since this is a company about sex I thought we'd all, you know... have sex right now for the camera." she snickers at her own stupid joke, "No, no but we're going to talk about some sort of personal sex things for fun and to let everyone start getting to know us better. I think we've all watched our share of porn. Who was your favorite pornstar when you were a teenager and first starting to get into like... figuring out what your favorite stuff to watch was? Lucilla?" Lucilla chuckles as well, lifting her head up slightly and thinking with a bright smile on her face as her head tilts a little to the side. Then, looking back at the camera and the two others, "See this is tough... I can't say I had one to be very honest. I've always much preferred real amateur stuff when you can really feel the real lust and passion between them, watching her react to taking a big cock in one of her holes. The real pleasure she gets from it not doing it for a job but because it feels so fucking good." Erica nods in approval, "That's fair and very understandable. How about you, Talon?" Talon watches Lucilla with that handsome half-smirk on his lips, eyes trailing slowly up and down her body but moving back to her lips and eyes as she speaks, then turns to Erica to answer, "Oh I've always been a sucker for the classic long-legged busty blonde... but actually, counter to that, my favorite pornstar growing up was Dani Woodward. For sort of similar reasons to what Luci said... she was the first pornstar I saw who really went for it and seemed to really enjoy what she was doing. One of my favorite things about sex, watching or participating, is watching and hearing the reactions of the woman and just getting to enjoy how much they're enjoying themselves. You know? Like... hearing them say how much they want you, grabbing you, pulling you in, screaming your name. She was the first pornstar that definitely made me realize how important my partner's enjoyment was going to be for me." Talon gives Erica a playful nudge, "You gotta answer this one, too. Come on." and smirks at her. Lucilla chuckles, watching on, "Yeah you can give the fans one." Erica lets out a breathy laugh, "Okay, fine! My favorite pornstar growing up was... honestly any blonde busty pornstar. I like imagining that it's me when I'm watching porn, and any woman who more resembles me makes imagining that easier, so like... names... um... Briana Banks? Crystal Rae? Umm... Michelle Barret? I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton but that's off the top of my head." she grins, "Okay... what's your favorite position? If you had to choose one, and tell us WHY it's your favorite. And BEFORE you start, I know I know we all like a bit of variety but for the sake of the question let's say you had to pick only one. Talon?" Talon smacks his lips quietly as he thinks, "I got these questions ahead of time and now that you're asking me I'm already second-guessing my choice..." he lets out a quiet chuckle and shakes his head slowly as he tries to decide, "Oh man, okay... um... I think... I think I have to go with..." he reaches over and puts his arms around Luci's waist, lifting her up onto his lap so her back is resting against his chest, "Something like this? Reverse cowgirl sorta but she's laying down on me?" he smiles over Lucilla's shoulder at her, his hands on her waist move up the sides of her body then back down her to her hips. Lucilla lets out a shocked gasp feeling his arms around her waist lifting her onto his lap, she looks at him with her back pressed to his chest in disbelief. Feeling his hands running along her waist she tries to muster words but can’t help but stare, speechless, as her heart pounds in her chest and she looks over to Erica with her mouth wide. Erica's jaw drops and she lets out a breathy giggle, reaching up to hold a few fingers over her lips as she watches the two, "Mmhmm... that's one of my favorites too..." Talon holds Lucilla on his lap now, "It gives me sort of free access to explore my partner's body with my hands while my hips are doing the work... I can reach her mouth with my fingers or play with her breasts or grab her butt or reach between her legs to play with her clit. I can even..." he slides his hands under her thighs and lifts her legs up into the air slightly before he lets go of her gently and lets her sit back down off his lap. Lucilla bites her lip feeling his hands slide under her thighs lifting her legs up out of the water sitting on his lap she takes a deep breath trying to wipe the shock and nervousness off her face. Erica smiles over at Lucilla, "How about you, Luci? What's your favorite position and why?" Lucilla runs her hands through her hair still trying to shake the look off her face forgetting she's still on his lap out of shock, clearing her throat, "...I love being in the moment just getting into it where you are, getting pushed or pushing someone against a wall both bodies pressed against each other as the heat builds between them, warm breath on your neck feeling that cock or fingers inside one of your holes over and over. Leaving things open to make your way to the nearest surface weather it be a counter or table or couch." Erica lets out a gentle purr, "Mmmm that sounds like fun... So tell us a story about the best sex you ever had and what made it so special, Luci?" Lucilla looks down, taking in a long pause. Then, putting her hands together, she lifts her head up to the camera. "...So...I don't think I've ever told this one, not publicly at least...This was back in High School, I was getting close to graduating at the time... Our school was a little weird, we had coed dorms. One night we made our way off to his room where we found his roommate she was already sound asleep, we were in too far at that point to turn back." Erica bites her lower lip softly as she listens and nods, eyes locked on Lucilla's eyes, "Mmhmm...?" Lucilla pauses again looking down,before looking back at Erica and the camera, "We had to be as quiet to try and not wake her, but there was one *big* problem: he was HUGE. Still the biggest cock I've seen... So we started going at it. I was doing everything in my power to stay quiet, biting my lip to cover my mouth. Nothing was stopping my moans until he turned me over and buried my head in the pillows as his cock filled me up over and over with his long deep thrusts..." Erica grins that mischievous sexy grin of hers and nods again as she listens to Lucilla's story. Lucilla takes another deep breath as she takes a glance down in the water, but she lifts her head back up and, and- locking eyes again with Erica with a strong smirk on her face- continues her story, "That worked as long as expected, it let me get everything out on the pillows. That is... until he pulled my hair a little too hard and my mouth moved away from the pillow right as I came. My orgasm was heard down the dorm halls as his cock erupted- filling me up inside leaking out under me. I swear it was all I heard about for the next few weeks at school." Erica giggles again breathily and lets out something between a sigh and a moan, "Oohhhh that sounds amazing... and so hot, screaming so loud the whole school hears you? Mmmm... that's gonna be a tough story to top, Talon... what about you?" Talon nods and holds onto Luci's hips as she remains seated on his lap, "Yeah that is a tough one... and wow... the best sex I ever had? I couldn't possibly pick one time, but..." he purses his lips for a moment before looking back at Erica, "All the best sex I had was with this girl I met my last year of high school..." his gaze drifts away from Erica's gorgeous blue eyes to look out over the city skyline as he thinks. "And what made it special? Well... every time with her was special. I had just come out of a lot of really toxic relationships one after another, and she was patient with me, and so... just so sweet and kind and compassionate and... just made me really believe that it was ME she cared about and not the sex." looks at Lucilla over her shoulder, his hands on her hips slowly sliding forward and his arms wrapping around her from behind gently, down off-camera. "And when we did finally have sex...? Every single time was like... fireworks. I know that sounds cheesy but it was... intense, and passionate and hot and loving and sweet and wonderful all at the same time... just locking eyes and kissing and telling each other how much we loved each other while we just..." he shakes his head, "Grasped and clawed at each other in an attempt to pull ourselves as close to each other as we could possibly get. It was the kind of sex that sort of... transcends sex and becomes more like a form of communication that we use to show each other how much we want that person and love that person and just absolutely cherish every moment we spend together. I don't know if I could pick any one specific time..." Lucilla feels her heart pound in her chest as the camera picks up her face turning red through the night sky, feeling his hands slowly slide along her waist as she finally tilts her head to look back over her shoulder at Talon’s eyes, nodding along breathlessly. Erica lets out a sigh and smiles, watching the two, "Well... Talon, that was absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful answer. She sounds like an incredibly lucky girl..." Talon chuckles slightly and looks down for a moment before he looks back up and nods to Erica, "I'm lucky I got to spend even the short amount of time with her that I did... definitely some of the best days of my life." Erica turns back to the camera with a big smile, "Well there you have it. This is Talon Dade and Lucilla Ripley, and I can't wait to keep working with them and see what amazing things we're going to do with this company. Thanks for watching!" she holds for a moment with that smile, then relaxes.
  4. *NOTICE* Hunter Media is NOT a porn production company. We are NOT hiring actors and models. Frankly there are enough rooms on 3DX dedicated ENTIRELY to having sex and we're trying to provide something a little more in-depth for immersive role-playing. If you wish to play a camgirl, model or actor that is independent or represented by another company please feel free. Discord: https://discord.gg/ycWWytU Company Info: Hunter Media is an alternative adult entertainment media company, producers of the (fictional) website ThinkSexy.com- A web-based multimedia company that focuses on content about all-things-sex. Think of it as an X-rated Buzzfeed. Top 10 lists. Funny articles. Satirical news. Think pieces. Real journalism. Informative, educational, fun and sexy articles, galleries and short videos. Always looking for new content pitches for regular shows, segments, e.t.c.! Game Setting: The Hunter Media LLC building is located in uptown (Fictional) Miami in a beautiful ocean-front property. Modern day, real world (mostly). Sorry, no supernatural or sci-fi creatures. Company History: Vakker Media was originally founded in 2019 by Mr. Vakker after purchasing the studio from a bankrupt porn production company, with the intent of creating an adult entertainment company that didn't simply create more porn content in an already over-saturated marketplace, but one that delivered news and updates about all different kinds of adult entertainment in one place in a way that was engaging, informative, fun and sexy. After a particularly brutal divorce, Mr. Vakker was forced to sell off his assets and the company was sold to Ms. Hunter, who kept it running for several months before shutting it down and retaining ownership of the top floor studio and office. She has decided to try one more time, and lacking the money and experience to run the business entirely on her own, is desperately seeking employees and help while also HIGHLY encouraging employees to sign on as both their regular duties as well as actors/models to save money and promote a more openly sexually liberated and positive workplace environment. RP Info: This is a long-term persistent world serious rp more suited for people into slow-burn character development, interaction and drama. We can and often do go days without engaging in sexual content of any kind. We realize that's not everyone's cup of tea and that we're the minority here on 3DX, but this is our sanctuary for that kind of role-playing. This RP is great for: Fans of public sex, exhibitionists, pornography, casual sex, Interpersonal character-development-driven RP, office drama Characters 21+ (employees) Characters 18+ (pornstars/models/camgirls/e.t.c.) NOT permanent employees. Features: Heavily customized map catering to long-term serious role-players Open office environment perfect for inclusive RP Map features customized to suit employee needs (employees get their own desk with personal stuff on top of it to set it apart from others.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Please feel free to pitch us other ideas for positions or ways you'd like to interact with the company! We're always open to ideas.) Doubles of certain positions are available! If you see something you REALLY want don't hesitate to ask. --THE STAFF LIST HAS BEEN MOVED TO OUR DISCORD SERVER and is updated regularly-- We're always looking for: -Receptionists -Content creators -Producers -Writers -IT -Security -Videographers/Camera operators -Photographers -Directors -Editors -Advertising specialists -Marketing specialists -HR Reps -Recruiters And always open to being pitched ideas for new content that you'd like to create/host/e.t.c. or any other job positions we may not have listed! If you made it this far and you're wondering where all the pornstar and model positions are: We are trying to fill out more of the roster BEFORE we really get into that, but if you're represented by another agency within 3DX feel free to contact us to set up interviews and other possible business interactions.
  5. I came up with this idea as a joke a long time ago and it's still... largely a joke but I'm amazed it hasn't been implemented because it would SERIOUSLY work. I have zero doubt that this would ACTUALLY work and make SGD and @Gizmo a ridiculous amount of money. Charge actual money to increase the size of your male avatar's penis. OKAY HEAR ME OUT. You create two sliders in the male avatar body customization menu. One for length and one for girth. Charge like... $20 for each inch a player wants to unlock on that slider to increase the length or girth past its current limit. I'm no penis expert but let's say for the sake of the example that the current penis length is like 7 inches long and 6 inches around. So you pay 20 bucks and you can increase the penis up to 8 inches long. Pay another and you can get it up to 7 inches around. Each time you pay for an unlock you can choose either length or girth to increase the cap. Now here's the kicker: Make the cap infinite. Here's ANOTHER kicker: DON'T OPTIMIZE IT AT ALL. DON'T EVEN TRY. Just put in some simple scaling thing and just let that thing get bigger and bigger as much as people want for as much as they want to pay. It will look STUPID. It will clip through bodies in sex poses. DON'T WORRY HOW STUPID IT LOOKS. I PROMISE YOU dudes will dump their entire life savings into this to walk around with gigantic dicks on their avatar no matter how stupid it looks. You can change the amount it costs to whatever you want but make it expensive and make it totally not worth it and I KNOW some insecure dudes who think having a gigantic dick on their avatar in a sex game is gonna be worth paying that extra cash. Then you can like... use that money to hire a dev team and get actual useful updates out a little faster?
  6. This dude links to a post from JUNE 19TH! lol that's his only response? "Hi here's something that's been happening for THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT, that should answer all your concerns!"
  7. I do worry that it's some sign that it's not making enough money to support what it needs to run and Gizmo won't say anything because he's afraid of a mass exodus if people think it's a sinking ship. Unfortunately staying silent and not even acknowledging that there is a problem let alone that they're doing anything about it may have the same effect. I'm seeing a decent amount of people on the servers... I feel like you could increase the sub price a little, make a little more money to support the game and maybe weed out some of the more casual players that just take up bandwidth, wander around the "colds only" rooms and don't even chat. Or hell... give those people an offline mode to play with.
  8. We're also subject to some of the LEAST communicative dev/support I've ever seen on a game in my life. Like SOME kind of acknowledgement that they know what's going on and are working on it would be great...
  9. I don't know what Kaspersky is and I don't have Kaspersky....
  10. Everyone's gallery looks like this to me now, (mine included). What's going on?
  11. Having the option to not have your clothes automatically removed for poses would be nice. But I'D like to know if now that we have the girl on top straddling face the dude foreplay position if we're gonna get some vaginal and anal poses in that position as well, because I've been waiting for those
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