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  1. Because EVERYONE seems to be having difficulty with this, PLEASE NOTE: we are NOT HIRING PORNSTARS, ESCORTS, CAMGIRLS AND MODELS. We are INTERVIEWING THEM for a show. A ONE-TIME thing. You come in. You get interviewed, you leave. Oh my god you people love to just read what you want and ignore the rest don't you...
  2. We've reached 30+ employees and on Monday, November 16th we will have been open for 1 month! To celebrate we're having an office party in our newly remodeled employee lounge! This Friday, November 13th through Sunday, November 15th. Food, drinks, music, dancing, newly expanded hot tub.
  3. Between The Sheets with Erica Hunter Episode 1 Erica chuckles softly and rolls her shoulders back, arching her back slightly to push up her bust for the camera before putting on a beautiful model grin and speaking up, "Hi everyone, I'm Erica Hunter, CEO and founder of Hunter Media, and I'm here tonight with my co-founders and good friends: Talon Dade and Lucilla Ripley!” Talon nods to the center camera and gives a slight smirk, while Lucilla looks at the camera with a big bright smile, giving it a little playful wave. “So, I'd just like to take this time to introduce everyone to yo
  4. *NOTICE* Hunter Media is NOT a porn production company. We are NOT hiring actors and models. Frankly there are enough rooms on 3DX dedicated ENTIRELY to having sex and we're trying to provide something a little more in-depth for immersive role-playing. If you wish to play a camgirl, model or actor that is independent or represented by another company please feel free. Discord: https://discord.gg/ycWWytU Company Info: Hunter Media is an alternative adult entertainment media company, producers of the (fictional) website ThinkSexy.com- A web-based multimedia company that focuses on content
  5. I came up with this idea as a joke a long time ago and it's still... largely a joke but I'm amazed it hasn't been implemented because it would SERIOUSLY work. I have zero doubt that this would ACTUALLY work and make SGD and @Gizmo a ridiculous amount of money. Charge actual money to increase the size of your male avatar's penis. OKAY HEAR ME OUT. You create two sliders in the male avatar body customization menu. One for length and one for girth. Charge like... $20 for each inch a player wants to unlock on that slider to increase the length or girth past its current limit. I'm no penis e
  6. This dude links to a post from JUNE 19TH! lol that's his only response? "Hi here's something that's been happening for THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT, that should answer all your concerns!"
  7. I do worry that it's some sign that it's not making enough money to support what it needs to run and Gizmo won't say anything because he's afraid of a mass exodus if people think it's a sinking ship. Unfortunately staying silent and not even acknowledging that there is a problem let alone that they're doing anything about it may have the same effect. I'm seeing a decent amount of people on the servers... I feel like you could increase the sub price a little, make a little more money to support the game and maybe weed out some of the more casual players that just take up bandwidth, wander aro
  8. We're also subject to some of the LEAST communicative dev/support I've ever seen on a game in my life. Like SOME kind of acknowledgement that they know what's going on and are working on it would be great...
  9. I don't know what Kaspersky is and I don't have Kaspersky....
  10. Everyone's gallery looks like this to me now, (mine included). What's going on? 😮
  11. Having the option to not have your clothes automatically removed for poses would be nice. But I'D like to know if now that we have the girl on top straddling face the dude foreplay position if we're gonna get some vaginal and anal poses in that position as well, because I've been waiting for those
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