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    Hi all, I have been off and on 3DX as work takes me away from time to time. Looking to get to know people. I enjoy hiking, running and the outdoors. Favorite music is EDM.
    I am A Bi male open for pretty much anything. (Usually top but I can be had) I love feet, leather, latex, horny guys and gals, straight, gay FUTA, trans. Or just a good conversation. See you around.

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  1. Baboo

    need friends

    Welcome Amanda! Key point to remember is this is a game so have fun and explore what best suits you!!
  2. Baboo

    Back to the game.

    Haha. Np Rickster
  3. Do you have any background programs running that may interfere?
  4. Hi everyone. After a long hiatus I will be back in game tomorrow. I can't wait to see all of you!!!!!
  5. Baboo

    New pose for FFF

    Lol. Now that would be something!!!
  6. Just something to wet your whistles. please feel free to add. Enjoy
  7. We are around but seriously it's kinda hard (pun intended) to balance three characters at the same time.
  8. Great point. The animations are very gender sided meaning MM FF etc. throwing a shemale while very fun may cause some animation issues. I'm excited to see what comes out of this.
  9. Sounds fun. I'm interested
  10. ive been trying to add more pics to my forum profile, anyone know how?
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