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    If you cant make a girl feel like a princess, you don't deserve to make her feel like your slut!

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  1. God Bless you bro. The Dive will be rocking on Saturday 28 May 2022!!!
  2. God Bless you Bro The Dive is rocking on Sat 28th May 2022!!!
  3. All are invited. Come Chill, dance & party with friends FRIDAY 13 AUGUST 2021 - ITS OUR BIRTHDAY - Yes born on the same day !!! 5pm EST onwards The Soap Factory. Live DJs - MOONDANCE ; BRYNLEE & HARLEY BIKER - Love you guys. Come blow bubbles, dance, party, sing and rave the night away... Enjoy it withy us. YOU ARE INVITED Love B & V xx00xx
  4. Happy Birthday Sweetheart








  5. Love is like water - we can fall in it, we can drown in it, and we cant live with out... you are my water. Happy 3rd anniversary B xx00xx


  6. It has been 3 beautiful years.  So many said they had fears.

    Yet I knew from the moment I saw your face no one would ever keep your pace.

    You stole me complete, he had no prayer to compete.

    You were just supposed to be some fun, but I could not deny our passion.

    We both swore we would never wed. Why would we when we break the bed?

    16 hour dates went so fast. No matter what we did we had a blast.

    Leaving you was painful if even for an hour. It was only you I wished to devour.

    The stars had it planned I am sure as only fate could have laid me on your plate.

    Fate knew your eyes, your touch, your voice, would surely give me no real choice.

    For only your laughter and depth could have me loving you more than breath.

    I would not change a day in the years since we met. Not a day of them would I choose to forget.

    Thank you for every moment. Thank you for every encouragement.

    It is an honor to stand at your side. It's been and continues to be an amazing ride!

    Always and in all ways, Forever and a day, your B.



  7. Jersey playing his guitar on his birthday





    1. OLESYA


      3DX COYOTE UGLY (dedicated to Shovelhead (RIP) by ShayRennie 

    2. OLESYA
    3. Vaughan_Rarius


      That's amazing. Thank You Olesya.

      And ShayRennies tribute club.

      Its fantastic.

      Jersey was an amazing man with amazing friends. 

      Thank you to all who took part yesterday.


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