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  1. Hey Tika! Long time no see! Welcome back in the forum btw and have a great fuckin' weekend! lol
  2. Briana

    Smoke and Girls

    Vape girl is that ok or do I have to start a new topix?🔜why not, I'll do!
  3. Wrong, I'm a vet, sorry, but I think next one to posting will be Exxxxxxxxxxxx! who's the fish here?
  4. Bans Kait to be in contradiction of herself by replying us this kind of stuff and participate to that
  5. You can't have more saddest and depressed than this
  6. Bans Rodin cuz he stole the wrong person nukes"!!!
  7. Bans Rodin cuz it been a while I didn't do and better enjoy it while is still time
  8. I ban Nicci , cuz I will get a warning point for sure to participate and encourage her for the new not allowed topix she started! lol
  9. Briana

    User Reviews

    It's up to you to say what a noise you do
  10. Briana

    User Reviews

    How could you say this new comer is RobT? Please, don't start rumors,I rather think he's from Norway L@@K! TboR the Viking!
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