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    - I love being crazy, partying, chatting and dancing!!!
    - I love to smile and make other smile!!!
    - I love cute and lovely stuff, even as a boy >.< hehehe
    - I just wana enjoy who i am, in this crazy yet beautiful world :)


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  1. Dear Lazlo, Thank you for ur honest opinion!! Its like u said, at first i didn't thought about the ppl and their hearts on the other side of the screen....but after meeting so many great ppl and the one i fell in love... i couldn't lie anymore. I know that i hurt some very deeply and i hope that they are going to forgive me after some time and let me be their friend again. I too love this game and want to make it a better place! I wana smile and make others smile! Im will be honest with myself and with others in the Future and show them my true self! LadySweetheart
  2. I know and im so sorry that i didn't told it earlier... If i could i would punch my past self cuz of it...but i can't... Now I have to life with the consequences of my actions... The only thing i can do right now is to be honest and never lie about myself again... To prevent anymore hurtings in the future...
  3. Heya PPL, Its hard to say this out after almost 3 months in this fantastic game... but LadySweetheart is not a girl.... Im sorry to disappoint ya all and im sorry for the lies i told ya... When i started to play this game i never thought that i ever would connect my RL with this game so i created LadySweetheart and created a pokerface ''Nadia'' I wanted to be someone else, to have a break from RL... But now i hurted many PPL and the one i loved ... I told her about myself and broke her heart. I promised her and myself not to lie anymore and to be honest in the future... So here we are
  4. Heya Laraine, naja meine 10. Stimme spielt mir ständig irgendwelche japanischen Openingsongs von Animes XD also von dem her bist du weniger verrückter als ich =^.^= Ich heiße dich herzlich willkommen in unserer Gemeinde von lauter verrückten und liebevollen Menschen :3 Ich hoffe das wir gut miteinander auskommen werden NYA!!!! =^.^= MFG LS <3<3<3<3
  5. NYA!!!! NIXXXXXXXI <3<3<3<3<3<3 Im gona be ur Present *giggle* YAY!! Im gona party so hard on this day!!!
  6. NYA!!! im gona spam whole world with it when im on your party sugar :3
  7. YAY!!! GREAT PIC SUGAR <3<3<3<3<3 I love it very much =^.^=
  8. Thank you Ella, I hope u enjoy ur time in our crazy world =^.^=
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