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  1. Right now the people who are really repsonsible for all of this are laughing about this whole discussion- and name calling. You can ban whoever you want, but you probably never get the people behind all of this, as usual. You only get a few bystander and fan-groups as it is always with terrorism no matter in what form.
  2. Better stable and new stockings! And Tattoos
  3. Baddie is not a member of the Offgang. She might be gettin off at times but thats something different...
  4. I would love to see more colorful ones like the 1st set we had.
  5. Thinking and using our brain was our responsiblity before the games and the internet did that for us. We used to call it Fantasy & Imagination. In other words: It doesent need to be an anatomic & bioligical correct simulation of the sex-life many of us dont have. If you need to figure out how a vagina looks to describe it better, theres books or I heard theees also some articles on the internet describing it in great detail. If everything fails, ask a gynocologist in case.
  6. I have no idea. Can you delete yourself from the list? If not contact support. I dont think its working correctly
  7. Looks like the 3DXchat blocked you Singleplayer Mode only now!
  8. Kudos to all that showed up in proper outfits (wich was the majority) Boo to all those that didnt and showed up in their pink and neon green pajama outfits. I really enjoyed the Event and cant wait to see more of thoose.
  9. I have two suggestion to fix many problems people have in 3DXChat at the moment... Stop talking & Advertising in Worldchat Stop caring if your room is on top or not I explain why thoose two suggestions are great. First of all the games worldchat is a magnet for trolls and drama llamas that will roast you and your room, and maybe your friends to. Reasoning or arguing with them is like spilling gasoline into a fire. Also advertising your room there in any fashion gets you banned currently. So not talking in Worldchat is great! Why you should stop caring if your room
  10. Love it! Are the toes and ankle color options or will they stay white? Thoose look better if they have the same color as the leg. Great work!
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