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  1. Nobody will care about moving yachts anymore once the servers go down again for a couple of hours. I can almost guarantee you that 😛
  2. What is normal... I dont find it normal that most of the services I use have problems right now. And they are not even related to each others... thus I was thinking that some use the same providers lol
  3. Almost any game I play online and almost any site I visit has loading problems at the moment. Seems like thoose attacks are going on larger scales.
  4. Allright now. Everyone hush to bed. Its been 4 days without sleep and constant lurking forums for some of you.
  5. Yes but there will be no year 2021 regardless Its Doomsyear and the world ends on 31.12.2020 as the bills werent paid.
  6. Theres no such things as next year. This is the last one.
  7. Good time for a vacation people. Book 3 weeks or so. When you returns you can resume your lewd activities as usual. Maybe.
  8. They said member services are currently unavailable. Current players play for free at the moment, new players cant subscribe. Thats how it is.
  9. Quoting trolls wont make them log out regardless of what you say. You just keep spilling gasoline in the fire thats all. I can only recommend as soon as you see the Talon Creature popping up again somewhere, hover over their username, choose ignore all option. Done.
  10. Nikki


    Do it until you sore, then sleep. Repeat next day
  11. Yeah better cholera then pest thats true
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