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  1. I just figured it out as soon as I read "Zoom out"
  2. Try the following: http://prntscr.com/spjyuu
  3. How about making changes to the games UI and controls OPTIONAL. having a choice between old fashioned ways and new controls would defo help
  4. Just keeps checking if you not Betty or Bob (or both)
  5. Looks like someone plays the single player campaign.
  6. @gizmo you heard the man
  7. Was already prepared as a draft
  8. So its your faul! Go unsub. NOW
  9. Also some peole might be actually lazy and dumb and use the same login credentials on the pirate version even, wich is not so smart Original is Original. Let me tell you that as an original haha
  10. It should be anything but that, but lets not go over this subject again.
  11. Nikki


    Tomorrow we hopefully find a rollback of this thread to friday morning
  12. Nikki


    Wont work here. Giz wont pay anything. Rather the game stays offline haha
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