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  1. The bed is a standard one, so no adding poses I'm afraid, happy you like them room!
  2. So, all done and ready for you to enjoy! The Suite is a comfy, cozy and romantic hotel suite, overlooking the city and part of the seaside. Lots of places to get cozy or sexy! Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14kqBAp-SJUzsl2jVf2_4T7j6-E0WlHqD And ofcourse, some more pictures Feel free to say hi in-game!
  3. Working on a new room, which should be done somewhere this weekend hopefully! It will be called The Suite, and it's a perfect place to take your date for a romantic evening, and mhmm it will perfectly for a GFE escort date too! Some pictures to tease
  4. It's time for another one of these, and yes, I totes spelled it like that for a reason, well, or two xD Come join us @BDSMetal for an evening of Dance 6 songs! I'll be throwing in a Guess the Tune every now and then! And you get to win prizes for guessing them! Also, I can pretty much promise a very lively local (well, mhmm, I tend to talk a lot....) and lots of happy people! So, see you there!
  5. So mhmmm, a new room for you all to enjoy! Welcome to the DanceX nightclub, not too big, not too small, plenty of parties to be had! You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uUkokOcMBSD5ZOkgvpoZW_8qteg_UfQA The font I used is Alexa's, you can get it here: https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/file/1298-alexas-abc-outlines Also! We need pictures, so here goes!
  6. Finally managed to build a new room! It's a Beach Club with a small condo Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EqkM5IViZp_M86ZE2iSatL08_ixig3zh/view?usp=sharing And ofcourse, we need some pictures, so here goes!
  7. You wanted to make me aroused, didnt you? 😂 I second that idea though!
  8. You need to run Patcher.exe as Administrator and then it works
  9. It's totes time for another night of Dance 6! And winning giftsies! Well, if you guess the tuuuuuune!
  10. Dance 6 for the win! And cuz it's fun, ofcourse! We'll have an hour of Guess the TUNE! And like, yush! You guess the tune? You win a GIFT! So! Be there! Also! This is the chance to SECHS with Emme and me
  11. I stand corrected, adding Filebrowser.exe to Windows Defender exceptions did the trick, thank you
  12. mhmm, ok, so I did that, but its not the solution. It has to do with running in Windowed mode or Fullscreen. In Fullscreen, all is well, in Windowed Mode it doesn't work -but- you can make it work by minimizing 3dxchat after hitting load or save, and then it works.
  13. Saving and loading is superwonky, like, its basically hit and miss to me. Ive added the filebrowser to the firewall exceptions and all, made it run as Administrator and it's still wonky.
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