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  1. So mhmm, a little teaser again for what I'm working on, and yes, it will be shared!
  2. I'll remember about a multibedroom room!
  3. So, usually I just post screenshots here for rooms that I've built and share, which in all honesty, are most of them. But I do build some rooms that are kept private, and there is one that I really just want to share some screenshots of with all of you. It's our little paradise, our little oasis to escape our busy social life in 3dx, a place for Kemistry and me to just be the two of us. Made with love, so mhmm, just some screenshots......
  4. So, I found something I worked on a loooong time ago, so mhmm, next room will be a themed one! Here's a little teaser :3
  5. And here it is, it's just a simple studio apartment but hope you'll enjoy it! You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1No0mxVaw335cFTB8rYSg22MjkEwzw2mG
  6. And another little teaser, this will be a pretty simple room, like, more of a studio kinda marina apartment
  7. So, the room is ready for you to enjoy! So mhmm! This is an Italian inspired room called The Palazzo! It's pretty spacious, lots of outdoor aread and 2 main buildings, one being a club and the other a restaurant with a cozy apartment on top! Enjoy! You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m_rYprjSQNGzqUNiR19WUTbVvejzVv8M And ofcourse, here are some picsies
  8. And one more teaser, it's kind of Italy inspired!
  9. Just a little preview on what I'm working on It's far from done, so will take a little while still!
  10. The bed is a standard one, so no adding poses I'm afraid, happy you like them room!
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