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  1. Club located in a lost cave in a remote place where only blues and rock can be heard, and where only true rockers and seekers of good blues music, know its location. The name of the club "Red Baron" is in honor of the mythical Spanish rock band of the 80s, "Baron Rojo". In memory of the mythical German pilot of the First World War "Manfred von Richthofen Red Baron, changing and mutating over time, has been in 3dx for three years, now property shared with BDSMetal gang Open only the first Friday of each month and always at night, according to CET schedule. When the evening ends, it closes its doors and remains in oblivion until the full moon returns. If you find its location, we are waiting for you this Friday, March 5, starting at 8:00 p.m. cet. A cold beer will be waiting for you!! https://sites.google.com/view/eyleen3dxbuildings/red-baron-club
  2. Dear Lords and Ladies, Knights and Peasants, The Royals of the BDSMetal Family welcome everyone at the Great Castle of Elynia, we have something for everyone, some Church, cheap Houses and expensive Houses, a Blacksmith, even a Dragon, a Market, a Tavern, small TrainingGround, some Armory and a Place for Special Events like Today, where everyone who would like to join us, could listen to some Medieval and Folk-rock, wich would have some slow and some louder pieces of Great Medievil music in different languages. You can get beer inside the Tavern and something to eat inside the Royal Chambers. So join us as long as the Gates to the Castle are opened and let us have some great time in peace together.
  3. Insatiable Clubs Present ılı✞»FALLEN Angel«✞ılı 20 Years Ago From Today We Remember A Heartbreaking Moment In History, The Mourning Of Those We Loss, The Tragedy That Brought Sadness, But The Strength That Was Brought Out Of Us Making Us United, That Made Us Never Forget & Live On For Those Who Were Effected We Will Be at the FALLEN ANGEL venue, doing a tribute to all of the Fallen Angels of Sept.11, 2001. Saturday (9/11/21) ~ 6PM EDT The Most Rockin, Deeply Metalized Devilish Tunes You Could Hope For By ılı♫DJ/Mommaʕ•ᴥ•ʔılı ılı♫DJ/Gremlinılı ılı♫DJ/CrashDownılı ılı♫DJ/SpicySweetılı ılı♫DJ/LinuXılı ılı♫DJ/Jammin'Jamieılı fallen_28.mp4 fallen_21.mp4
  4. Wet Angels hosts a rocking three hours, this Wednesday. Get on down with DJ's @Mulan and @danididit.
  5. Gast DJ ShaneDarko and Gang DJ Clodilla and the XS Shadow Lady PalpaTine will kick asses and make the Shadows dance!
  6. Welcome to the Opal Star hosted by Commodore AmyTrubblemaker and Captain Sinthea . All your futuristic needs brought here today! The Opal Star is a massive, fully realized, Interstellar Cruise Ship that roams the galaxy throwing party after party. The ship contains 4 internal venues which alternate depending on the theme of the week: Ballroom, The Mainframe, The Pool, and the Ängelhjärta Reactor Core. It also features a variety of amenities for lovers such as Massage room, medical examination room, a shuttle bay, public washroom, and aquarium with a dolphin, hot tubs, and deluxe private passengers cabins. It also features an arboretum nature park with a great view outside. Swing on a hammock or have a picnic while looking down on another planet, navigating a nebula, or flying through the atmosphere of an alien world. The ship visits somewhere new every week!" Don't forget to check on the command center of the bridge where CrewBots manage operations, and also visit the mainframe and meet the ship's holographic AI, often heard on the ship's P.A. system. but sometimes showing up as a hologram in her own special alcove! All brought you by the talented and special @AmyTrubblemaker The Opal Star opens Every Other Friday at 7pm ET. We have Live DJs every week including the Captain of the ship, AmyTrubblemaker, DJing as DJ Trubblemaker and other special guest DJs as well! This week: August 27th,2021, 7pm EDT, The Distant Frontier! Season 2 Epic Finale! Season 2: The Journey of the 0-57AR-B concludes! "Welcome to the Opal Star! Love! Dance! Explore! and thank you for travelling with us!" This ends our Season 2. From here on out, we will be opening monthly, last Friday of each month, starting with our TWO YEAR OPAL STAR ANNIVERSARY Celebration! We also would like to present our very own Opal Star Dance Team: The Opal Stars! Love! Dance! Explore! Today we are celebrating our White Breeze Opal Star event with something special. While it can be said that the Opal Star itself is a project of passion and love, this interview and magazine around it is precisely that. Our project, our lives, of passion and love. This magazine is a peek, a temporary and limited view into the lives that created (on Amy’s part) and helped propel (both Amy and myself) the Opal Star as a fixture in the 3DX community. We hope you enjoy a view into how the Opal Star came to be and the two lives that it intertwined into it's own and our mutual destiny. Download the PDF WeAreTheHMSOpalStar-Final-4-30-21.pdf Or visit the Anyflip version at: http://publications.radiofreeouterhaven.org/books/rrft/
  7. Lilystock rocks to the sounds of Lilylycan and guest DJ @LillianLangte I predict a RIOT!!!
  8. It is Saturday Rock again with DJ KJ, PalpaTine XS and DaniEstralla kicking our asses to wiggle!
  9. A.I.-3DX Presents WERE BACK London Tower Bridge Filled With Anticipation, Tasteful Thrilling Tunes, Tempting Grooves & Moves, All In This Build By DemiTx, The London Tower Bridge, The Elegant olden Refined Pleasing Looking Work Leading Around The Steel Frame, Feeding The Desires Within The Glow Stunning To The Eye Monday (8/16/21) - 7 PM EDT DJ MommaBear DJ Gremlin The FLAUNT Dancers london tower bridge_returns.mp4
  10. Studio Fantasy Label is proud to invite everyone to the biggest rock festival in the world. ROCK IN RIO 2021. Festival that began in the city of Rio de Janeiro / Brazil and spread to all countries of the world, Portugal, Spain etc. Let's play on 3dx with the same characteristics as the Original, in an amazing Room, with nice people who love Rock. Great DJs by SFL Group and Guest Dj's will have exclusive sections with the best artists of Rock Hostess DJ BIACAT. opening 14 and 15 August from 8.00 PM / CET-2.00 PM / EST. Come have fun and enjoy the best of ROCK WORLD Studio Fantasy Label est fier d'inviter tout le monde au plus grand festival de rock au monde. ROCK IN RIO 2021. Festival qui a commencé dans la ville de Rio de Janeiro / Brésil et s'est étendu à tous les pays du monde, Portugal, Espagne, etc. Jouons sur 3dx avec les mêmes caractéristiques que l'Original, dans une salle incroyable, avec de belles les gens qui aiment le rock. Les grands DJ du groupe SFL et les DJ invités auront des sections exclusives avec des artistes melhores du Rock Mundial. Hôtesse DJ BIACAT. ouverture les 14 et 15 août de 20h00 / CET-14h00 / EST. Venez vous amuser et profiter du meilleur de ROCK WORLD Studio Fantasy Label è orgoglioso di invitare tutti al più grande festival rock del mondo. ROCK IN RIO 2021. Festival che ha avuto inizio nella città di Rio de Janeiro / Brasile e si è diffuso in tutti i paesi del mondo, Portogallo, Spagna ecc. persone che amano il Rock. I grandi DJ di SFL Group e Guest Dj's avranno sezioni esclusive con i migliori artisti del Rock Mundial. Hostess DJ BIACAT. apertura 14 e 15 agosto dalle 20:00 / CET-14:00 / EST. Vieni a divertirti e goditi il meglio di ROCK WORLD Studio Fantasy Label se enorgullece de invitar a todos al festival de rock más grande del mundo. ROCK IN RIO 2021. Festival que comenzó en la ciudad de Rio de Janeiro / Brasil y se extendió a todos los países del mundo, Portugal, España, etc. Juguemos en 3dx con las mismas características que el Original, en una Sala asombrosa, con agradable gente que ama el Rock. Grandes DJs de SFL Group y Dj's invitados tendrán secciones exclusivas com os melhores artistas de Rock Mundial. Azafata DJ BIACAT. Apertura 14 y 15 de agosto de 20.00 h. / CET a 2.00 p. m. / EST. Ven a divertirte y disfruta de lo mejor de ROCK WORLD SPECIAL DANCE PERFORMANCE BY THE GROUP MOON DANCERS & MOONLIGHT STARS
  11. You are all cordially invited to THE SOAP FACTORY ooo0000ooo The Grand Opening of THE SOAP FACTORY. Too Dirty for Soap - Be there or be clean!!! All Are Welcome. FRIDAY 21 SEPT 2018 AT 7.00 PM EST. MIDNIGHT - GMT (+5) with the ONE & ONLY DJ SHOVEL - WILD & FREE WITH A LIL BIT OF DEVIL! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE and beyond !
  12. Join us at Wet Angels Wednesday Rock for a good selection of hard rock this Wednesday evening. Hosted by @danididit. Join DJs @Mulan, @LillianLangte, and @danididit for a rockin' night at Wet Angels...
  14. Join us at The Bridge for a good selection of hard rock this Friday evening to celebrate @danididit birthday, hosted by @Animay. Join DJs @Animay, @HazyRays, Lilylycan and @Mulan for a rockin' night at The Bridge...
  15. The Shadows will dance again when the doors of the Shadow Gallery will be opened for great rock music brought into our ears by Alathea, Lone★ and the great XS Shadow Lady DJ PalpaTine herself!
  16. The Craic MC opens every Wednesday from 8pm EST to around midnight
  17. Deep in Dota's forest, the stage is prepared for some hours of outstanding rock. Listen to the colourful music of Chammy, @clodilla @Animay and Paja. See you in the Rockin Woods. Edited just now by Animay
  19. Kicking off a little earlier than usual, Pussy Riot is back home and rocking with the silky skills of star DJs Dota,@Mulanand @danididit. Whoever you support, come celebrate rock and metal!
  20. Hello beautiful people, Orion Family is happy to open Orion ROCK NEBULA event on Friday 11/06 @ 21:30 CET to get together with you and have fun with lots of rock music, beautiful dancers and live DJs. A great opportunity to get together, listen to beautiful music and meet people. We are waiting you at Orion ROCK NEBULA , you are all welcome .
  21. 🆆🅴 🅰🆁🅴 🅾🅿🅴🅽 🆃🅾🅽🅸🅶🅷🆃 𝟏𝟏 𝐏𝐌 (𝐂𝐄𝐒𝐓) Looking forward to see you! Join us - let´s party! 🅳🅹 🅲🅰🆂🅴 🅻🅸🆅🅴! Infos: https://thebunker3dx.wordpress.com
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