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  1. Pretty much. There's enough cliquish backbiting without giving people a tool that will allow them to crap all over their competitors and enemies rooms.
  2. Holy hell,.... that was the step I was missing Izu. Thank you so much for posting your quick tutorial!
  3. Very nice! I think I have also seen one of the clubs from VtMB in 3DX.
  4. I use a modified version of The Forbidden Fruit Sex Bar for my club The Nevermore. Easily one of my favorite rooms that I have downloaded and tinkered with.
  5. I wanted to share my take on Amy's Island Villa, and this seemed a good place to do it. This is a world file I broke repeatedly while learning the World Builder. I gutted some stuff. Tuned some stuff. Added some stuff And repainted a lot. I hope yall enjoy. And I also added a few more pose hooks because I like perches and stuff. And this is how I normally leave the place lit.
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