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  1. I just figured out I can just turn all the silly names off. I still think the pricing is batshit crazy, but at least I don't have to see them.
  2. Alternately have a way to favorite clothing to put it at the top of the lists per category. That would work to. Or for poses for that matter.
  3. Being able to hide and unhide clothing items in the Character Editor would be convenient.
  4. That's not really relevant when the the prices are stupid levels of exorbitant and prohibitive. Do any of us need it? No. I personally think the feature is dumb. But that doesn't mean the pricing isn't pure lunacy.
  5. The Bottom edge of Print 57 bleeds over to the shoulders on the Male V-Neck T-Shirt. Not a good look choom.
  6. I was wondering about that, Stargazing is an awesome chill room.
  7. Yeah I can see what yall mean about privacy and stalker/drama issues.
  8. I saw the Steam Queen last week when you opened and I was again amazed by another of your builds!
  9. To keep on topic, when the heck are breasts going to stop defying gravity? I feel like this should be a real small thing to fix. Breast physics were fine before and now they are rediculous.
  10. Maybe a better alternative to the Friends Online thing is a Last Online field in an avatars profile. Effectively displaying the last date they were online. That way you can know if they have actually been around or if they haven't logged in for months. Optionally with a status of Online Now if they are. But I really don't want to be pinged every time someone logs on. IMO this should all be Avatar Profile level stuff: An Online/Offline indicator DND (Do Not Distrub) mode And a Last Online timestamp listing date only
  11. Not my specific fetish, but why not? I would not mind seeing more animal ears, skin patterns, or proper tails (not tail plugs).
  12. Wow, very impressive! I'm a nerd, but I'm not this big a nerd. XD
  13. Adding more clothes and wardrobe bugs to the list: The new t-shirt looks plastic or is missing it's proper texture. The t-shirt with the jumper/overalls has the same issue as above. The new t-shirt does not accept decals. The new swede knee high boots themselves look cool, but deform the calf to make the shape work within the avatar skeleton which looks bad. The lipstick textures are missing or not displaying.
  14. I like a lot of the new clothes, but some of it is very buggy. And while I don't care about the Lovesense module or Cage and related poses, I'm sure there is a percentage of the community that will make use of both.
  15. The room was an awesome recreation of multiple spaces from the trilogy!
  16. This is an amazing recreation of the space from the game!
  17. Yeah a lighting and shaders overhaul would be really nice and make things a hell of a lot nicer without builders having to get creative to light their spaces correctly. While this would increase the minimum requirements for playing 3DX, as it evolves that is going to happen sooner or later. It happens with every multiplayer environment that exists for a long time. EverQuest and World of Warcraft for example have eventually had full graphic overhauls which increased minimum requirements. And this is just asking for a lighting and shader update.
  18. They are all K/J-Pop or music video routines of some sort. Even so some of the dances look jerky because the animation is playing at the wrong speed.
  19. I think there are other things that require more attention, but this is a good idea.
  20. A few more couples dances would be great. Calling the one we have a dance at all is a joke.
  21. Pretty much. There's enough cliquish backbiting without giving people a tool that will allow them to crap all over their competitors and enemies rooms.
  22. Holy hell,.... that was the step I was missing Izu. Thank you so much for posting your quick tutorial!
  23. Very nice! I think I have also seen one of the clubs from VtMB in 3DX.
  24. I use a modified version of The Forbidden Fruit Sex Bar for my club The Nevermore. Easily one of my favorite rooms that I have downloaded and tinkered with.
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