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  1. If so, then this build might interest you. It's still only about 50% complete, but I present to you: The Succubus Club Built according to the floorplans and descriptions laid out in "The Succubus Club" sourcebook, the Succubus Club is a faithful reproduction of the setting of so many stories in the World of Darkness. The build includes all 5 floors, including the basement Labyrinth, all rooms, everything. The only things missing are doors, because 3DXChat doesn't have them, and the elevator (shaft IS present, though).At this time the basement level is nearly 100% complete, and the main d
  2. The grand opening is underway, featuring 80s pop and rock for as long as I can stay awake!
  3. Everything is still on track for the Grand Opening on Saturday Night! Hope to see you there on July 18, 10 PM EST.
  4. So, let's try this again! Join me for the grand opening of The Bounty, this coming Saturday, July 18, 10 PM EST! The Bounty features: 3 levels, with a dance floor on each level. 6 bars, with the ability to get up on almost every one of them for dancing Fully lit up main dance floor Stage for bands Separate DJ Booth overlooking the main floor Mock-up of the aft half of the HMS Bounty adjoining the main dance floor, complete with bar, couches, rigging and dance area Staterooms in the interior of the HMS Bounty Variety of seating and table options Special play area under s
  5. Due to an unforseen situation, the Grand Opening will be delayed by 1 week. The new Grand Opening date will be Saturday, July 18. Sorry!
  6. Literally in this same sub...
  7. It was fixed this morning. I've been loading, editing, and using rooms all day.
  8. DJ MIdas has now taken over the stream and is mixing 80s music live at THE BOUNTY preview night! We are stress testing the music server for the Grand Opening Next weekend so join us, party and help us stress this thing out!
  9. Official Preview/Final Music Test tonight at 10:00 with live DJ spinning vinyl. Room's open with standard music now for any who want to visit and look things over!
  10. Preview of the club tomorrow night, July 3 at 10 with a live DJ spinning 80's on actual vinyl as I put the music server through a final test in preparation for next weekend!
  11. Was in Fresco and see these lights that move up on the ceiling. I don't see anything like them in World Editor. Are we not able to use them?
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