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  1. And they still have not any guess when it can be done? I think BadWord posted a screen form Lisa being in world chat and stated not any work on the pose editor is ongoing. So your guesses about what they do would be completely wrong because they do nothing regarding the pose editor? Was all well before Corona and DDoS. And honestly: Where is any status update from SexGameDevil and why do we not get the ghosts as long as we do not have the pose editor?
  2. Well, for sure you cannot see at once if a link is promoting or kind of bashing, getting customers to other games or such. But automatic banning often leads to banning those who did no harm. I more would think keywords and maybe all kind links are censored and will not show up in the chat. That's what I know from other platforms.
  3. I think accidently he used "flud" but means "flaps"
  4. Well, I observed in one of my posts I had to resolve a captcha. It was a Cloudflare thing which makes me think there is another DDoS attack to shows us, SexGameDevil has still not done a good job and 3DXChat can be at its end anytime. Other sexgames do not face that amount of DDoS downs.
  5. Well, currently we are all banned: It's down again for no reason, 2 servers at the same time.
  6. It's down again, non scheduled down of 2 servers at the same time. Great work again from SGD.
  7. And so do you, when you have no arguments but calling me weird and other things!
  8. Did you talk in WC more than an hour? More than 60 posts? - Only a strange idea but regarding all the strange never fixed bugs everything should be taken into consideration when it comes to talking about the SGD Company.
  9. This post says we need no ghosts because a pose editor is better. Over a year later we have neither ghosts nor a pose editor. Don’t come with Corona and DDoS, the poll for a pose editor is back from March 2018, there was plenty of time in 2018/2019 to do it. Why is everybody asking to be patient anymore with this company?
  10. From https://3dxchat.com/game-rules.html which means automatically instant blocking just because mentioning another game is a violation of SGD own Terms and Conditions. I agree on they may do if it comes to stolen and hacked software of SGD but just because of mentioning other legal sexgames is simply unfair because SGD permits to do so.
  11. Not sure why you are mad to prove I am pointless. Ty 4 MMD again. 🤣
  12. In fact sending commands to the server is not a code injection. The server accepts commands I send with my client for my Ava A. When anybody sends the same command for Ava A, my Ava does this. There is not any code injection. The server just fails to prove authority because there is no authority check. It is no hack when you use another client. That would be like it was a hack if you visit Microsoft sites with Chrome instead of Edge.
  13. They don't care a shit as long people pay, that's the truth. And well, if you have been programmer you maybe can imagine how the codebase needs to look like if a simple update can always have uncounted side effects. I don't really think 3DX is done by any qualified software developer.
  14. Sure, I do. But do you? Btw.: I also know how script kiddies work. Can you differ between the software outcome of script kiddies and developers? Another btw.: Software development is not all about coding, coding is just the easiest part of it.
  15. 1st There are no hacks cause: No protection means no hack. It is simply using server functionality. Go to school and understand! 2nd “Weird”! Bit arrogant to judge others this way, right? You really are not better than that? Because you obviously cannot think in patterns and calling everything you do not understand “shit” and “weird”? Just because you are not able to find sense it does not mean there is none. 3rd You don't tell me when to be quiet! 4th Thank you for disqualify yourself again! 5th Now you go and take your own med and shush and show us all you are the cool big girl f
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