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  1. 2 Days 6 Years Anniversary of the BDSMetal Gang with 7 Years 3DX Anniversary of "The Boss" Icebox Celebrate with us one of the oldest music clubs ever in 3DXChat! 25th and 26h Februara at 7:30 pm CET / 1:30 pm EST / 10:30 am PST 2 Bands Rockwitch and Venom 2 Dance teams Sophisticats and Sweet Harmony 8 DJ Winglady PalpaTine-XS, janeuk, Pandion (Guest), Nettis, The Boss Icebox, Eyleen (Guest), Darkangel and Helandrine
  2. Since 2 days or saw loading time have been awful long with many disconnects on the European server yesterday. After the today's server re-boot others and I face awful lagging. So I need to report the game stability and performance is currently bad.
  3. First PETHUNTER issue 2022 Release party with music to party by Tine-XS, Riko Rennegade, Baghera, IriMaus Dancing: Devil Dancers, Eclipse, SophistiCats, Polecats We have rebuilt our HQ and the first release party in 2022 you can therefore celebrate in a rebuilt room!
  4. TODAY's THE DAAAY!!! Clodilla and The French Devel in WEDNESDAY ROCK RELOADED! 20:00 CET
  5. It seems like it is a matter of how many object have been/loaded moves which makes me guess the memory management if broken, not the stairs only. It's another bug showing up more often and turning things to the worse after an update.
  6. Sand, Sea and Palms go LOUD!!! Presenting Venom and Sweet Harmony Special Featuring DJ Crissly and Darkangel
  7. Deleted (no Text)
  8. The Best BDSMetal Gang Room 2020 and 2021 opens the doors one more time in 2021. Come and see the **Shadow Gallery 3.0** when cannon fire "For those about to rock" https://imgur.com/a/kiJrqyH
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