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  1. Sand, Sea and Palms go LOUD!!! Presenting Venom and Sweet Harmony Special Featuring DJ Crissly and Darkangel
  2. The Best BDSMetal Gang Room 2020 and 2021 opens the doors one more time in 2021. Come and see the **Shadow Gallery 3.0** when cannon fire "For those about to rock" https://imgur.com/a/kiJrqyH
  3. I would like that because in no way I accept a change in functionality or sudden critical major bugs in updates. I am not a builder, when I built something I expect it to work over updates.
  4. It does not work for spiral stairs at all I was told. We have a real critical major bug here.
  5. It's already discussed here: As usual no reaction of SexGameDevil.
  6. It is unbelievably: Even in a general location (Fresco) there is the stairs bug and no fix yet.
  7. There might be workarounds but anyway this issue needs to be fixed asap, it is a fatal malfunction and makes places unusable, simply more immersion break like with the still existing jiggling in female breast physics.
  8. ColinDude reported in WordChat somebody said setting the z-scale of stairs from 1 down to 0.9999 will solve the problem. I did some tests and can confirm this observation.
  9. The walls do not really do the trick. It seems like as if in the stairs itself there are some invisible walls, collisions detection activated/deactivated randomly.
  10. I found a stair still working, another one fucked up though is is a copy of the working one.
  11. Do you use self made stairs or build in stairs? I tried to build a new stair, just one single element: It does not work at all.
  12. Well, the stairs are broken. At the connection point of 2 objects the avatar now stucks. It worked before the update, nothing in the room was changed. Thea avatar runs on spot, nothing was changed in the room. I think this is a serious critical or even fatal buck: Many user rooms are not usable anymore.
  13. The XS Shadow Lady, DJ Empress PalpaTine-XS herself will let the Shadows dance! Celebrate a great party again in the BDSMetal Gang's best room of the year 2020, in the Shadow Gallery!
  14. Sure, but there was plenty of time for bugfixes too. I think only the absolute minimum is done because 3DX has a monoploy. I have no other explanation for the silence on major critical bugs.
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