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  1. It is the compensation for the 2nd DDoS down time. The test server we are currently on tacitly has become the regular server. I have a prepaid game time ticket and days are counting down. So the conclusion is: Yes, you pay for the test server. SexGameDevil has done not any communications about the fact they rate things fixes. Like usual. Do we hear anything about the "moderated rooms" thing, which was promised during the last crash? No... just another never mentioned again feature so far, only good to calm down moods.
  2. It was 15 days game time and 5,000 XGold: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/10815-news/&do=findComment&comment=402809
  3. I am far away from insulting you. I just look from a different point of you: SexGameDevil did not release a pose editor they polled for since over 2 years, are not even working of it, since over one year we never heard again about customizable clothes and hairstyles though they said we will be kept informed. Now we have a problem that stays since month and my conclusion is the company really does care as long they get our money. It has absolutely nothing to with the bad, bad hackers. The attack only shows what was already seen by the not released and no longer commented features: SexGameDevel doesn’t care as long as money flow is safe. If the company SexGameDevil would have acted reliable in the past I would have more patience now. But now they did not deserve any trust. The only reason for being quick to get it up again was earning money. Since then every communication if off again, not any new feature implemented, just some minor thingies like hair and tattoos. I think they do not what to do and do not tell us the truth either.
  4. This ist not for free, my prepaid game days are counting down again since weeks. They added 15 days compensation but we pay again.
  5. Oh... to have a good going car first it needs to stop the stealing of cars?
  6. Here for almost 5 years! And when it goes to unstable it's no reason to cheer for the past but to expect the company gets it fixed! The issue is over several month now. I payed 100% the last years, where is my stable service by 99% gone?
  7. I am not interested in guessing... I am interested in service or at least detailed communications why the fuck I do not get something for my money.
  8. Disconnects all over, the game is back to unstable and not any communication from SexGameDevil. My money is taken and every month the server becomes unstable or even went down for days and we are left alone with a not playable game.
  9. This was on discord (timestamp made UTC/GMT) Since then no more information of SexGameDevil and I think over 1.5 hours are a long re-start. So users are left alone with neither service nor information. Thank you again SexGameDevil for not caring at all.
  10. Well, how do you check login into game ist possible? If the login is possible that there is not the immediately disconnect issue?
  11. Can it check login ability? Website is behind a captcha thingie. So you may be able to ping it and go green but cannot login though. Same with Client and DC Check, does it work?
  12. Oh, a SexGameDevil supporter. A n00b but already knowing it all. Let me say it this way: I prefer nothing but SexGameDevil obviously prefers users running to the other version. People say there is one and it's for free.
  13. Nobody takes care. Giving information like in the last crash stopped when the flow of money was back for SexGameDevil. What do you expect of a company that keeps user's mood up by false flag operations like asking for features but if they are wanted per user vote to not even work on them?
  14. Thank you again for don't giving a fuck since hours.
  15. Did you ever notice hold, elevator and porn music is the same? I mean, you do one album and sell it 3 time!
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