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  1. No one mentions the new garter belts, that do not match any of existing stockings? Those strings just hang there 2-5cm away from stockings
  2. Was faking "afk" in Sins for 6 years and will go on doing the same. My wall is nice, cozy and dark, I like it.
  3. I got my popularity when neither you nor that Sugar guy were even born here. So I do not care much about your cat-dog little fights here. Just telling you that choosing "best Dj" among non-factors is generally stupid. Have fun, take care.
  4. So much hype for nothing...) Unless there are Achilles, JessicaX, Eugene or Crix - there is no point to come listen "best" DJs, because there are none. Have fun anyway
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp9G5PUZi3A
  6. If my memory is right - there were only 3 persons on that cliff... And yes, I need a medal for the fastest spontaneous "I`m ready" wedding priest in 3dx
  7. This day has finally come! One year passed very fast: one year I`m here and one year I`m in love! Let me invite you to "Double Trouble" party, made together with SINsations and Angels of Desire We will have: - 4 hours of music with - 3 absolutely amazing DJs playing - 3 completely different music styles Saturday 27th August. 20:00CEST. Hosted by Eraphia
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