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  1. Your birthday is coming<3

  2. BB...BB...BB......I love you!

    1. JaweL


      I love youuuuuuuuu

  3. I love you my sexy man!

  4. We made it 1 year! Here is to another year my love<3

  5. Hi my sexy woman ! I love you toooo

  6. Soooo Hi my sexy man! Just saying...I love you!!!

  7. Its almost 10 months and I still love you & prob even more if thats possible! lol

  8. It was very beautiful thank you Olesya dear -hugs & kisses-
  9. I love you so much

    1. Akali


      I love you too my sexy hubby<3

  10. You can wear your birthday suit, or bunny ears its up to you whatever you want pretty lady
  11. Hey hubby ya know what.....I love you!

    1. JaweL


      Hey my love, my babe, my wifey! I love you too


  12. Hop To See You There (\(\ /)/) ( ‘.’) (‘.’ ) o(_”)”) ("("_)o 14:00 EDT (2pm)20:00 CET (8pm) (◠‿◕)
  13. Hi my sexy hubby <3

    1. JaweL


      Hi my sexy wifey <3

  14. At least yall have a que my hubby cant even get in the game still and they havent answered him back. :'( WAHHHH but def agree with the first post lol
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