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    I'm a Happy Person, I Lived Beautiful Experiences in This Game, and Adore and Care all the Friends i Made, Love to Chat and eventualy build, same as hanging out in parties or meeting new ppl.
    God Bless You All...=^,^=

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  1. Fabuloso!, me ha encantado ya tuve la oportunidad de recorrerlo todo y es inmenso, hay locaciones para todo, y de momentos experimentas la sensación de perderte en el bosque y en los laberintos, Muchas Felicidades Amor, y quiero estar ahí en la primera Fiesta BESOTES!!!! 🥰 Fabulous !, I loved it, I already had the opportunity to go through it all and it is immense, there are locations for everything, and from moments you experience the sensation of losing yourself in the forest and in the labyrinths, Many Congratulations Love, and I want to be there at the first Party KISS
  2. Sorprendente y Fabuloso, Jamas he visto algo asi antes en el 3DX desde que existe el editor de mundos y creeme que he visto plenitud de salas 😄 Felicitaciones Mi Amor, Para ser el primer room que abres a publico hecho por ti, es realmente Original, un hermoso medio ambiente, mucha compañia Amistosa, no puedo esperar a asistir a cada fiesta que realices BESOS Y ABRAZOS PARA TI MI AMOR!!! 🎔 🎔 🎔 Fabulous and AMAZING!!! i never saw something like this before in 3DX since te WorldEditr exists, and belveme i sa penty of rooms 😄 Congratulations my Love, for being you
  3. Yes, in the upper part says "Tattoo...Style 1" it means we will have many styles to choose from... Intensity to fade it or make it darker, i think ppl are gonna use it too, but for my personal taste, i tought they would do something more like the old SaintRow3 But This is the "3DX style", can't be similar to another things, so i think is a nice adition to the game, and i'm eager to see it updated... Just don't forget the LowBack ones...like in AChat or the regular 3DChat... HUGS!!
  4. As For my personal taste, The "Upper hip" tattoos for us are the best choice, So any of this kinds of desings would be an awesome adition to the game. Thank you Guys for finally consider this option! HUGS!!!!
  5. Well, We already have a "harstyles post", this one is for "cothes"but anything that takes our opinion to be done is pretty welcome no mater where it is... so is not my personalt taste, but being fair... since years, players have been asking for Pigtails/Ponytails So i Think is Good Moment to consider them...
  6. What did i Told you guys?.. YEEESSSS!!!! The First ones (SSF) Was Just The "Tip Of the Iceberg"n ow we have some REAL FFF animations, and as the recomendatons, not just me, but many players also did before.. "to use existant animations and modify them instead of creating from Cero to make it faster" everybody can see wich poses are, and now adapted into a Lesbian 3Some GOOD WORK GUYS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! But Pleaaaaaaaaaaase don't forget te TRIANGLE!!!... And a Big Thank also to Manyasha and Redji.. the old times when players contribue are back!!! HUUU
  7. Well, being Fair, we are been asking theFFF since i remember when i started at 2014, so this is the Longest period we have to wait to have something we asked as players, but we finally have someting... and the Gay comunity benefited too with the MMM adaptations... This poses was what i was asking in the past, "The Use of existant animations to make new ones faster than starting fron cero"...and now is done I Know this is just the "tip of the Iceberg", We have suggested a laaaaaaaaaaaarge amount of pictures showing what we want in an FFF, What makes a Good FFF is the Absense of a Pe
  8. Well i Suggested this feature long ago, and no matter if this past update is "not quite what i asked" it certainly gave us the capacity to add a "Building Texture" to objects we make, and that is gonna save us a lot of work everyime we want to buil a city enviroment, specially at night cuz they have enligted windows... I LOVE IT! Soooooo is like the Third Update in a Row you Inlcude someting I Suggested, so for Being That Nice Wit me... Much Obliged ...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Keep Up The Good Work Guys HUGS!!!
  9. Sure, I Totally Agree too... No Matter that the Ghost as been a tool I used a lot, the Pose Editor (or Animator, whatever) would be a better Feature in this game for my personal interest and i'm sure for the collective interest too, so may sacrifice it...😝 Just 3 Thing i would ask.. in That Pose Editor, 1.-As Ovious, to create from cero (starting with the avatars with both hands separated at the sides)... any kind of animation, in Solo, MF, FF, MM, MMF, MFF.(also with strapons).. BUT to allow is to create poses with the combinations FFF, and MMM, all of them, in any kind of su
  10. mmm mmm i Want more.. I need More... It's Sin I Hunger for...
    I Am Very Very Crazy, very Sure no One can Ever Stop me
    This Web is Craving the World.. and it Comsumes it Wanting More
    I Just Want to Eat!!!, How Tasty it is!!!

    1. Nefa


      Yes you are very very crazy.. I can definitely confirm! lol


    2. DeAngelo


      That a song?


  11. Exactly all posible explanations have been told... if you need a little bit more, take a look at the 50 poses I made using ghosts... http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/7982-pose-editor-we-already-made-with-the-we/ How it works?.. with Rochi's Dll and pressing F2(for a female ghost) or F3 (for a Male Ghost) you can bring in, to any room, an INVISIBLE Partner..(that's why the name ghost) with it, you may click any pose, MM, FF, MMF or FFM in couches, beds, walls, etc... but you will be seen as alone making the pose by yourself.... once you finish and to remove any lagg you press F4 With
  12. Enter and press again enter? then 1-2 to moan/cum? and then enter again?... nahhh to annoying for me.. :lol: a hot key allows write/enter/moan... write/enter/moan... write/enter/moan... write/enter/cum.... fast and easy, more practic... no need to click 3 times enter to moan one time...
  13. Well is a matter of preference and convenience, if you are having sex with your partner, You write and perform your descriptive sex in the Chat Tab right?... but then you want to moan and eventually squirt/cum Without the Dll you need to click out to the the Icons or press the 1-2 buttons, then click again in the chat tab to keep writting... and again Out to moan more.. click in to write... click out to moan and so... Thats not practic at all... With the Dll and the Hotkeys RePag/AvPag, you write, and just need to press the key to moan or cum.. and keep writting, moan more... write more,
  14. Hey Guys and Now 392/93 is here i may give a fair opinion... I'm Afraid nobody came Impressed by this because off al the Telegram Sopoilers... We knew what was about to come and now is here, everybody says "meeeeehhh no big deal... " However, and as For Me personally, I Think every advance is a nice advance, and you just need to take care of the few missed details, specially with the Rochi's Dll Features that are still missed NOW... considering in the past, My Friend Maxine and I asked for some SPANKING instead of the slaps on the face.. and purposed some ideas... Maxine's Mines
  15. I agree. that would be the second Male-Shemale/Strapon (MS) blowjob pose on wall, although the recent Female-Male version is HOT... and is the first.. we desperatly need some real FF.. and that means Lesbian Standing Fingering... Kissing or a CUNNILINGUS!... Or maybe an FFF?.... Just for an example Thank you Devs, HUGS!!!
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