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  1. Am back for a little while hope to enjoy myself xxx

    1. SammyRay


      Welcome back, sweetie friend!!

  2. Accept with pleasure Gwen and Carol
  3. Yaaaaaaaaay Will be an amazing night of MUSIC TUNES and FUN love you Bunny & MysticAngeles & ccClub xxxxxxxxxx DJGwen & Carol
  4. To All Wishing Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas From Gwen and Carol
  5. Wish You Hapiness Wealth and of course Luck Love from Gwen and Carol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Thankyou to everyone for making our wedding day so special and a day we will cherish forever..
  7. Gwendoline and Carol would like to invite all our friends and 3dx community to our wedding to be held at our home on 14/12/201 Starting 20:00 GMT UK 21:00 European 1500 New York
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