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  1. hmm I don't recall loading any avi's recently. But I'll test it out a bit. Thanks for the hint^^
  2. Adding new clothes seems to currently add random print upon selection. Considering there hasn't been an official patch in like a year or somthing I doubt its intentional. Is this going to be fixed / addressed? Not a fan of having to click my way back to print 0 every time^^
  3. I tried simply just adding the Hyphy once and nothing else and the room also broke.
  4. I was going to replace an old "Toy Selection Table" with models of the available Lovense toys in the editor. - As soon as I add a Lovense object, the editor keeps working normally but as soon as I either try to save or load the room things get weird. - If I try to save the room, the game starts lagging and no matter how long I wait, there will be no .world file actually created. Hence, all progress will be lost. The only way to stop the game from being caught in this laggy-mode is to close it entirely. - If I try to directly load into the room, it will keep me stuck at the loading screen. Again, only way to repair is to logout and once I open my room all changes have been discarded, the previous version will still be actively loaded instead. I haven't tried it with all the toys but can confirm that I'm able to recreate the issue continuously with adding either, the Dolce or the Hyphy model. Only adding one Lovense object alone already seems to cause the error. The room is of decent size yet not too big I think. 3'000 KB is prolly nothing compared to others. I have over 32GB Ram and 2 Graphic cards, GTX 1070's a lil older but still decent in this system.
  5. Lost another hour to an infinite loading screen after adding a Lovense toy and trying to load the map. Guess you always have to save before you load the map for testing. Hahaa.
  6. Happened for the first time to me now too. Lost 2 hours. Haha Fuck Me.
  7. Considering the sheer size of some of the new body accessories and the large number of potential clipping issues involved... I personally would enjoy it if you could take them off like clothes, on-the-go. Alternatively.... invest coding time into auto-hiding or auto-folding these things in poses where they now basically pierce through the other person. Like for example; when being hugged from behind while you got a tail, now just pierces the tail through the person behind you. All things considered, I found one or two things I like in this new update so thank you for that. Bye
  8. Kek, dunno if theres a better one and pretty sure promoting such would be against agb here. But it's more if you get to know the 3dx community and realize it's based on colders, illiterate peeps and trolls. Then yeah. This is gonna have a though chance to get running. It has one. But it's a though one. Seen room ideas like that cum and go by the dozens >_> And that includes the more public friendly ones. Keeping such a thing active in 3dx is a huge, huuge challange.
  9. Then make the character setup more complex. Explain the weakening of stats by an actual IC reason. Call it a spell that lingers over the town that puts everyone's combat strength down to square 1 and they can train it or not. Give the 'grandfathering' towards stats that make sense. Like charisma or so. Expand the character figure towards a system where there are 'aesthetic' stats and 'competative' stats. Where the latter can only be raised in actual IC progress. I'm just saying that the current set up might make feel some RP peeps excluded from being able to join in with their ideas and concepts. If you create a fertile ground for every type of RPer to be part of the daily stories, do their own thing. Move in the rooms. Participate in IC plot as they wish. That gives the room life and population. Returning players can set up their own plots and even contribute with their ideas. If they can stay away from being bullied by other users for whatever strange Strength-superstat they have. After all you can do an RP System as serious as you desire. Coming from experience I can tell you that 3dx is the wrong platform to get too serious about it. Make it more open to casual RP and it could positively influence and encourage people to participate in the fun bits. The too strict setup towards that you can only level while training makes domme characters sorta weird. I mean someone has to be able to raise exp while being domme from the start. Then again. As I said. None of the exp and leveling stuff are my taste of RP anyway. I will gladly visit the place and say hi and play in your rooms or enjoy the company of people there. Even while trying my best to stay within the always-rp boundaries. But I prefer freeform rp. Do my own thing. Raise my middle finger when anyone annoys me at the slightest and not discuss if I'm sleeping or not. Make use of the ignore button too. I'm just saying the context of an RP place doesn't have to be limited to the peeps following the character stat system. Allow some friendly non-participants that prolly won't show up in the events to just linger in the room and still contribute. If they end up being people that keep coming back over long time the 'admin' can still grant them a free stat based char 'grandfathered' in as some sort of reward for effort. If you do it that way, like a specific non-stat based part that is free to roam and experiment and only giving those stat perks to those who earn it. I see no problem there. PS: As for means of moderating the place, 3dx only allows one thing in that regard. Ignore. But if you can report a troll to the room admin, his room hosting char can ignore the person in question. They might not be instantly kicked (but people in the room can still ignore them on their own). But he cannot join the room anymore afterwards. In a heavy case of massive joy grieving you can always ignore a couple of trolls, close the room and open it up again anew.
  10. Not gonna kick the idea or the system. Probably not gonna fit into a serious RP theme myself anyway. So got no right to judge you lul. But I can maybe add a less, emotionally supported input. I can somewhat relate to the feeling that being put to lvl 1 while the character you play since.... (5 years of 3dx in my case?) seems kinda outgrown on that. I think you need a somewhat fleshed out way to deal with that and make it more attractive to the active RP community. A so called 'grandfathering' system, as other places name it, that somehow allows the creation of an advanced / leveled char with according powers to their experience or skill. Either based on screenshots, gifts, oldest gift date, xGold, some sort of test-rp or whatever. I'd use something you could measure easily and people won't whine about. I'd create an application process with a specific form to allow that. More for PM's than public forum. Advancing levels in form of trainers kinda implies the lvl 1 should be subservient or of lesser power/rank/stand than the higher level. This basically instantly breaks the spirit of our rather laaaarge bdsm userbase, as an ole' Mistressu surely wouldn't willingly become apprentice to a newbie profile equipped with 5 gifts and a smile. I'm not gonna push this. Or go deeper into the philosophy on how to determine who is actually worthy of a 'grandfathering'. All in all it's gonna be your room so you should be able to make that decision. I'm however gonna take the current map you uploaded and gladly steal it for exploration and my own themed play ideas. It's incredibly detailed and full of funny easter eggs. Congrats on that and good luck finding a working system for the 3dx community :3 PS: If you have updated versions to come I'd be interested. Also can offer you to introduce you to some peeps that might be willing to merge their own creations with you that could fit the theme. Hit me if interested. ~Aki Butt
  11. I guess this will go into the new subforum at some point. Considering this game has a ton of very skilled room builders that could do crazy layouts with the old modded / tweaked versions I'm pretty sure there will be those willing to share their creations with the open public. Also considering there will be lazy people like myself who prefer to snatch a good looking layout and eventually mod it a tiny bit to fit their own likes. The vanilla layout seems pretty basic anyhow. I see Tauri already started a topic for sharing a view of their own creations. If you wanna share the whole WORLD file with a description and/or a few screens please go ahead and post it here for now. Thank you darlings ❤
  12. Usually the folder location is the problem. Try to save the pictures to desktop or directly to C:/ and upload from there. Also the picture type can be a problem sometimes. Make sure to open it with paint or whatever and save the pics as JPEG Files. If all fails. It's really your client and all you can do is reinstall the game :3
  13. The DLL modders aren't really in hiding and well known to the admins. Funny easter egg anyway 3dx needs a few cowboy outfits with the saloon ! Or uhm, cowgirl? That sounds wrong.
  14. Well if you got a certain type of router and that other person has admin access to that router they could probably see the server adress your pc is interacting with. Just a thought !
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