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  1. Looks Amazing will make sure to stop by and have some fun!
  2. Same for me, New hire at the cities brothel, hope to see you all around sometime. XOXOXO Kirann
  3. You still around and doing photo shoots ?

  4. Kirann

    The Quiet Temple

    Looks Amazing, love the music list you have too.
  5. Well it is one of my favorite places to hang out , and Role-play in local chat. So I will do what i can to keep people entertained by dancing and chatting and all . I do love your stories Virl, so keep them coming and truth or dare sounds fun too.
  6. Ok this touches on some rp I did in FFXIV , now. Hunting down other people. It would be a little harder here to do this, but the idea of being hunted IC is exciting . What we did there was that those of us that were being hunted turned in a description of what we looked like and wore to the Game Masters. (GM) . They would take that information and then give out bits of it to all the hunting parties. If a hunting party felt they had their prey they sent the GM a description and the players name. The GM would check tell the prey in a PM they have been spotted and then tell the hunting party leader. From there it went to a PVP Dice system ..but that I doubt will be done here. again just my thoughts, Kirann
  7. This is why I suggest you start out small, and slowly build your community up. Your going to run into people that are here to try it and then drop it or do not go with the role play over all. If you start out small and slowly build up , you will ensure that the overall experience is more enjoyable as like minded Rpers will continue to come back. over a little time you will get to know the more dependable owners and slaves. My thoughts really. Kirann - Update - I do like the gift idea of purchasing more hirams. let's put the gold to use and let people build an amount to use in the auction. This is not a bad idea but perhaps people can earn Hiram's through RP . Maybe the house has jobs that need to be completed or contracts that need to be full filled ? Owners can then rent or lease out their slaves to complete said task , and the owner receives payment for it ? Jobs can be anything really to get things going from escort services to slave training ..to dealing with unruly slaves or even hosting a party or class on different techniques ?
  8. I love the idea a lot, as this hits on so many of my Kinks as well, but with out a way to track players Currency your going to run into problems . Kushiel points it out in his post as well, but I am going to give you some thoughts maybe to help or at least begin to brainstorm a way to make this happen, because OMG I would sooooo be there ..(SLAVE 4 LIFE) I would suggest that you start with some thing a bit different, try to bring the community together with owners and slaves that are already established . Perhaps letting the owners rent out their property for a night in exchange for XXXX amount of Hiram's. The price should be set by the owner and bartered until both sides agree. They can send the house a PM showing the transaction so the house can track all transactions. You will also need to come up with a way for people to earn Hirams weekly, otherwise your market is never going to grow much. I would suggest something simple like every week , all people earn say 750 hiram , those that have slaves can take their slaves hiram's as well ( its good to be the master/mistress). Hold a weekly or bi weekly event and let things build up slowly with maybe an auction at the end of each month ? Kirann
  9. Loved your guide , as I am a avid Role Player . To me playing here is nothing more then telling the continues story of my character . I started with a simple concept and then let events that happen while playing change her as I continue . The guide is great , lots of good advise and worth bringing some attention back to it, as you have newer players joining . Kirann
  10. Agreed always love to read them.
  11. Aww I only got to run into you one day, and that was at Sin, so i hope to see you around sometime still . After all your one of two people i know here that read the books ^.-
  12. Thanks you mistress , I will of course follow all rules they have there and inform them of the restriction you have imposed on me.. but i do not see it as a restriction mistress as you are just ensuring that my complexion is always to your high standards and that i am taking good care of myself for your touch. Kirann
  13. So I keep seeing your room around from time to time, and even walked in for a little while . So my question is , are pet/slaves permitted to wander in , if their owners are not members ? I have no restrictions from my owner and when she is not around i am free to play , but I always get the impression this would not be permitted by your club. I would come in as a more free to use / play slave . Anyway thank you for taking a look at this and let me know. Kirann
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